Neeva's Blue Zimmerth
Dragonsfire's 58th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Meliaith and Paquith’s clutch
Hatching Date: August 13th, 2011
Or’nl and Brown Lloighrth
Jordan and Green Tallailath

Egg theme: Under the Sea!

Little Neeva,
We given you a pretty hard time and there’s been a lot of expectations put on your head and you have proven what a trooper you are by sticking with us through it all. We saw real effort and strides taken to improve and work your way into the fabric of Ista Weyr – this is why we created you this amazing dragon! We see the potential, especially the potential of Neeva with clever Zimmerth! We can’t wait to see you work your enthusiastic nature into our creation. We hope you love him as much as Ai’den does! Watch out for him!! We already caught him trying to steal Zimmerth once!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co


Terror from the Deep Egg
Soft azure mixes with gentle swirls of teal and pure, flowing sky blue. Soft jets of samite stream from the top of the egg to the bottom, growing broader as they go. Gentle mounds of a brassy sort of brown grace the base of the smooth curve of the egg, the high edges highlighted with a shimmer of brightness. Through the calm tableau breaks a form of darker blue and dull grey. Smooth, scaly curves draw ever closer, hard ridges and sharp teeth standing out only due to the streaming lights and fade imperceptibly into the distance. Centered on the egg is a beige-pink swath at angle, surrounded by long, sharp protrusions. And above that? Just the bright, red-gold flash of an eye, ever watchful.


Hatch Message:

Terror From The Deep Egg has remained passively dormant until this moment, with only the faintest of wiggles and wobbles letting anyone know of the stirring life within. A subtle vibration ripples through the watery shell now, giving hint to only the wary that something is afoot. Liquid azures and teals shift and shiver, a series of tiny, midnight cracks striating away from its very center and expanding outwards. Not a chip falls, no hint of claw or snout, only the ever intricately weaving web of fissures along its oceanic surface. The inky paths lure the innocent in curious, timeless terror, for oh yes.. something wicked this way comes. The raucous noise of the hatching grounds is distracting, and ever so silently this creature slips into existence beneath the din. A violent shiver shakes the ovoid one last time and its shell shatters into a million tiny bits, minuscule particles of azure that pool on the steaming black sands at foot. What remains is ironically no hideous monster ready to devour all, but a goo-covered, round-edged blue hatchling, sitting surprised and exposed in the suddenly lit world around him.

Hatchling Name:

Not of This World Blue Dragonet

Dragon Description:

Illusory form and lofty grace condenses into sleek muscles of deepest phthalo blue, brightened only by minuscule dapplings of starry patterns throughout his supple hide; clusters forming where shadows normally lie and the darkness of space absorbing the light. Lupine features are accentuated in the elongated muzzle and the arch of his brows, with exaggerated flares amongst headknobs and neckridges in lighter blues to match the scintillating gaze of his eyes. A long elegant neck gives way to broad shoulders and stocky hindquarters that belie the lithesome fore but contains the assurance of strength and stability with a tail more rudder than ribbon. Azure drapes the wide span of wings flowing from his sides, traced by electric lines along spar and fingerbones that all but glow with intensity.

Impression Pose (what the audience sees):

Not of This World Blue Dragonet pauses on his trek across the sands, streeeetching languidly in place, listening. A voice catches his attention, -the- voice, and he hardly manages to wiggle out of his stretch before he's pouncing forward, tottering in the direction of those white clad candidates. Shortly before he reaches them, he's already calling out to his new partner, a series of rumbles and growls that sounds like some odd play of errant notes, testing his vocal cords. In the last leg of the journey, he slips and trips up, spilling at the feet of one of the candidates, head twisting to the side as he sheepishly stares up at the One. He SO meant to do that.

Not of This World Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Jeneeva.

Impression Message (what you see):

The dimly lit cavern you were standing in just fades out into the shadows. There is darkness - the emptiness of a matrix waiting for light, for life. Light flares into existence, in your mind’s eye it sparkles and then there are more, thousands more. Optronic pathways connect like synapses in your own mind, a passage opening through the chaos and a new consciousness merges with your own, the start of a new exotic journey together. There is heat from this beam of power, but carries with it the allure and comfort of the warmth of fur, living fur rushing through chilly night air to bind to you, follow you for the rest of your days. « Neeva! There you are. There is so much to do. Must not waste a single minute! » The voice calls out to you, echos of a tuneful howl dwindling into a soft singer’s low croon.

« I am Zimmerth! »



"In that book which is my memory,

On the first page of the chapter that is the day when I first met you,

Appear the words, ‘Here begins a new life’."

-Dante Alighieri (Vita Nuova)

From the moment Zimmerth poked his head out from the shell, his destination was set. It is no coincidence or happenstance that his first, toddling steps made a bee-line directly to you. You are his Neeva, his world, and he is your new life. If that age-old question is asked, on how he knew that you were the one, his answer might differ from that of most dragons. You see, as much of his life will show, he never really knows what his end-goal will be, what the reward truly is, he only knows that he is driven to find it. He never doubts that powerful instinct, never questions his decisions and never looks back. Others may find this abundant self-assurance and unwavering opinion a bit over-confident or even annoying at times, but Zimmerth simply has no room for doubt and second-guessing, and no time for the nay-sayers.

« Neeva! When you know, that you know, that you know, why do you listen to them? It’s very simple. You are right, they are wrong. And if all else fails, -I- am right, and they are wherry-brained idiots. »

Zimmerth may be small in size compared to his big brown and bronze friends, but he lacks nothing in commanding presence. Whether it’s you, his siblings, or even those who out-rank him, if he believes he’s in the right (which he usually will, make no doubt about that!), he will state his opinion and expect it to be agreed upon. This has the unfortunate side effect of making him come across as something of .. an overbearing pain in the toosh some times, but he really does mean well! Zimmerth is a strong believer that there is a time for assertiveness, just as there is a time for temperance.

« No. We do not have time for this, Neeva. We have an important schedule to keep. Tell Lloighrth to follow my notes precisely and things will go exactly how they should. .. What? You didn’t give him my notes? You didn’t write them down? Well of course I know dragons can’t read but really! Lets go over this again, from the top.. »

Almost from the onset, as Zimmerth begins to understand, or at least thinks he understands how things work and flow together, he’ll be giving advice and direction to just about anyone who will listen, especially you. Need it be said, he is not shy. In the beginning, this will actually be cute. Rather then running around asking you a million questions about why the grass is green and the wherries are tasty, he’ll be postulating his own answers and tossing them at you left and right.

« You know.. I think the rain smells like that because that is what the sky smells like, and all those little droplets push it down to the ground. Do you think that’s what the sky smells like, Neeva? »
« The wind howls like that because it’s singing back. »
« The grass is not green, it’s actually blue. You just insist that it’s green because someone lied to you. »

Whether he’s right or wrong, such thoughts will seem profound to Zimmerth, and he will think on them long and hard. When he’s old enough to fly, he might even draw upon some fleeting memory of the scent of rain and announce with startling clarity that,

« Ah hah! I was right! Smell that tantalizing, refreshing air, Neeva! »

Above anything else, Zimmerth is -alive-! He will exceed any expectations and limitations put upon him. He will seek to add brilliance and mystery to the world around him. He can not be pushed into any one category because he has a spirit that goes beyond any pre-programmed plan. As time passes, his interests may fade or change, but his passion and determination never will.


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

-Helen Keller

Zimmerth is a daydreamer, an artist, and at times, a deviant. His interests are almost always centered on ways that he can express himself.

In his youth, this will often times surface in less then pleasant manners. For instance, he’ll find it rather amusing to knock over a bucket of oil and run his paws through the resulting gooey mess. If you let him get away with it, when he’s nice and full from a meal of sliced herdbeast parts, he’ll not be above tipping over -that- bucket and smushing the leftovers into a sloppy puddle on the ground. These are his fingerpaints! Nevermind that his creative outlet can be a downright inconvenience to the one who’ll have to clean all that up; he’s entitled to a little fun!


It looks like a tornado went through here!

- Every mother, everywhere.

Watch out, because Zimmerth’s devil’s-streak doesn’t end with finger painting! Got everything in place by your cot? All of your dragon grooming supplies and tools neatly set up by Zimmerth’s couch? Not for long! You see, it seems as though the weyrling barracks are full of little gremlins who sneak up every night, when everyone’s tucked nice and sound in their beds, and go to work misplacing and rearranging things. -Especially- in your area, Neeva. This is a result of the biggest gremlin of all, Zimmerth, who is simply not content to let things stagnate.

Make no mistake about it, Zimmerth is a neat and tidy dragon for the most part, and when all’s said and done he wants things organized just so. But the truth is, he’s a baby. A toddler, with only his mouth, his awkward paws, and his unruly tail to work with. Nothing is ever going to turn out exactly how he sees it in his head, and this will lead to a great deal of experimenting that you might be inclined to just call disasters.

Often times, not even his neighbors are spared from his creative genius. When he’s small enough, he might even be inclined to sneak into the Weyrlingmaster’s office and do a little ambitious re-ordering of the chaos in there. Just don’t expect I’deni to be happy about baby Zimmerth’s helpful efforts!


"Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do a thing, do it with all your might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful… . Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

There are those times in life when Zimmerth is serious, or devious, or just a plain pain in the butt, and there are times when he’s the happiest, most laid back creature on Pern. You’ll find, coincidentally enough, that he’s at his most generous at certain points of the month. No, he doesn’t suffer from some bizarre reversal of female PMS. His is more simplistic, and perhaps a heck of a lot saner. When the moons are full and shine their brightest upon Ista, Zimmerth comes alive. He romps! He dances through the skies of Pern! There’s an extra wiggle in his step and happy tune on his proverbial lips.

« Come! Be with me! The skies call to us and they are magnificent! »

Zimmerth will enjoy above anything else spending these times with you, Neeva. His chest will swell with pride and a deep, rebounding bugle will burst forth, just like the howl of wolves of Old. And long into the night, after most of the Weyr has gone to bed and his neighbors are trying to sleep (with an emphasis on Try), Zimmerth will lay out on his ledge beneath the full moons and sing in a dragonic voice that is far deeper and more rich then most of his kind.

It will be learned early on that Zimmerth is not your typical dragon. He can’t be classified into the usual stereotypes of blues, or indeed of any non-human beast. Woe be to you the first moment he learns that rolling around in things can be Super Fun! Anything squishy, anything unusual will attract this guy from afar and see him first sniffing at it (for as will be soon learned, he has his standards about what touches his body!), and then rolling in it. Not only rolling, but really /rolling/ in it. Flipping back and forth, nuzzling into it until it covers him from snout to tail tip. Sand and and dirt all are fine and fun, but mud? Oooh yes, he’ll be attracted to mud and all of its cool, slippery ways. Fear when Zimmerth inevitably finds his first unharvested numbweed patch, for these will become his all time favorite to tromp about in and flip onto his back upon. Nevermind that this activity makes him almost completely numb, rubber legs are half the fun!


Here’s where things become truly odd, however. You see, you have a dragon who prefers to be impeccably clean and to smell nice in the process. So when he’s not busy getting completely, filthy dirty in some unsuspecting mudslide, he’s going to want you to tend to his hide. This will sadly never be an easy task, Neeva, because he will demand perfection from you or whoever touches his hide. He’ll want all the nooks and crannies cleaned and all stench scrubbed out. His wings will demand extra fine care with a soft cloth, for he’ll never want the hard bristles of a dragon brush to touch the thin membranes. He’s just a bit ticklish there, so in the end, it may be only you who he wants to touch his wing sails, and for good reason. By the time you’re out of weyrlinghood, you’re the only one who’s going to know how to do it without having him squirming around the entire time trying to get away!

Of course.. until you learn how to clean and oil Zimmerth properly, be prepared for a nightmarish struggle.

« Oh oh.. No! Aah.. Neeva stop, that /tickles/! » It’ll become obvious early on that male dragons can giggle and bluster.
« You missed a spot. Its right..here. See? You didn’t.. » A huff of irritation from your loving lifemate as he noses you and shows you how to do it with his snout in your armpit. « You gotta really scrub there, Neeva. Right -there-! Oh, and there. There too. I don’t think you cleaned my tail well enough either. » Poke. Poke. Prod.

Just one last thing to mention about Zimmerth’s refined sense of cleanliness. There’s a reason he prefers to be so clean once he’s finished playing and having a good time. He can not -stand- bad smells! Anything that stinks or has an unnatural odor to it repels him. That’s right, he’ll be the very first one to tell you that you’ve got stinky socks. Or that so and so is in desperate need of a bath. Or that he has a pile of dragon ‘fun’ for you to clean up, and if you could please do so promptly, thanks!

This could have some nasty side effects down the line. Though he’ll chew firestone because he must, he’s not going to be the happiest camper about it, and as soon as Threadfall is over, you and he’ll be first in line to the beaches, a tub of soap in hand. Likewise, should he ever have an injury? Good luck getting that stinky Redwort on him! Numbweed he can handle, because it’s fun, but Redwort? Ppht.

« And what do you think you’re doing with -that-? No. No way! Stay back! » Meanwhile, he’ll be scooting towards the cave entrance, just as fast as he can slink.


I made my life my monument.

-Ben Johnson

Apparently someone went and told Zimmerth that in a former life, you were a Harper, and you’ll learn quite quickly just how thrilled he is with your obvious skills! Since he can’t write for himself, he deems himself your creative muse, your right-hand man. Stories should be told about him! About you! And most importantly, about you and him! And wouldn’t it be so great if you both could act those stories out? The great Wherry Caper, the Tunnelsnake Defeat and the Big Blue Paw of Death! He’ll make up his own story ideas (which may never be quite as thrilling as he thinks them to be), as well as lyrics to a song, and an ode to him and how charming he can be.

Inspiration! Every creative being needs inspiration, and Zimmerth’s no different. You’ll find that he’s keen on dragging you all over Pern to spark his muse and to add color and vibrancy to his life. He’ll try to take you into the strangest places too, those weird corners of Pern that no one’s explored. From giant cavern systems to far off jungles that he must all but trample through just to get a peek. Zimmerth loves to explore, to get away from the confines of his weyr whenever there’s time and see all that his world has to offer. Of course, until he’s old enough to leave Ista, you’re probably going to have to keep him in check and rein in those roaming tendencies, because if he had the option nothing would hold him back. Not even if he has to venture off on foot, since it’ll be a bit till he can fly, and even longer before he’s legally allowed outside Ista’s domain.


"Language is not subtle enough, tender enough, to express all that we feel; and when language fails, the highest and deepest longings are translated into music. Music is the sunshine – the climate – of the soul, and it floods the heart with a perfect June."

- Robert Ingersoll

Zimmerth is a dreamer, and strangely enough, he dreams about humanity and being more in tune with it. Perhaps this is due to his connection to you, Neeva, and his desire to be always more close to you, even at those times when he can’t truly understand you. While he wishes to be admired by his peers, to accomplish great feats in life, most of it stems from a need to fit in and be one of the gang. As brash as he might seem at times, as sharp as the sting of his whiplash tongue is, Zimmerth has a remarkably sensitive soul. He’ll never admit it to anyone, not even to himself, but there is an undeniable depth to his being. You are the only one who will ever understand him to this degree; you are the only one who will see him at his most vulnerable. Just as your joy is his joy, your pain is his pain, and his pain is your pain. When his abundant confidence fails him, it will fail him sharply and he will begin to second guess everything he’s done. Only you will be able to guide him through those murky doubts. When times are bad, he is not quick to forget or move on.

Did you know that your Zimmerth is afraid of the dark? It’s not merely a ‘turn on the night-light’ fear either, its a bone-deep seeded terror that may accompany him throughout his life. A bleak, unlit night will trap him deep within his weyr, where there must be enough glows or firelight to chase away those threatening shadows. The dim light of a star-lit and moon-bright night will suffice, however, and it’ll quickly become clear that this is one of the reasons he rejoices when the moons are full. It's why he sings while perched eagerly on his ledge, basking in moonlight. He craves radiance! Zimmerth is most certainly a ‘sun dragon’, must like his sire, and in the daytime he will spend hours sprawled beneath those rays of glowing warmth, soaking up warmth and life.

Unfortunately, this all leads to a more profound problem that you’ll discover as the rest of the weyrling class is eagerly jumping into the cold cusp of Between.. and your Zimmerth’s hovering nervously in place.

« Its so much easier just to /fly/ to the Starstones, Neeva. Why do we have to go through all that extra trouble? This is ridiculous! »

Zimmerth will insist on a daily basis to fly directly to wherever it is you want to go, no matter how long this takes. He’ll claim that it’s good for him to stretch his wings, that all that cold is bad for his hide, bad for you, bad for the vtol that just landed on his back. Really, he’ll make any excuse necessary to get you to reconsider. There may even come a point in weyrlinghood where it’ll take nothing short of Kaijuth’s horrendous breath to scare him Between! Imagine how hectic this will make flying Thread, when he’s diving and swooping about to avoid clumps instead of winking out of danger? Hope you’re not airsick!

Tsume: "What happened in there?"

Kiba: "Nothing. I simply met a nice woman."

Hige: "Eh? A woman? You?"

Aaah, life and love. We can not forget that these two elements are so closely linked. Unfortunately, Zimmerth is kind of a dud in this area. At least, he will be throughout weyrlinghood and very early in life, where he doesn’t quite grasp the concept of amour and all the rituals that go with it. He simply won’t have the time or interest to play into fantasies of first kisses, or in his case first, tail-twinings. Not while he’s an infant in so many ways. While he’ll not hamper you and any interests you may have or develop over time, he -is- going to be full of questions and misconceptions about what love means, physically, mentally, and emotionally.

« That goes -where-?? No no, that’s just… /what/? »

Poor Zimmerth will take a long time to grow into the spirit of things, and until he does he’ll be monitoring you in every way, trying to gain some understanding. You may strive for a minute alone with your love interest, but you’re not likely to find it easily! Privacy? Ppsh! Who needs that?

There will come a day, however, when Zimmerth begins to understand the nature of things. He’ll set his eyes on some pretty green or even a queen (because he’s just that ambitious!) and realize he’s developing feelings for her. Unlike many of his kind, he’ll be more likely to focus his interests on just one female at a time, and it’ll usually have nothing to do with your own personal opinions, Neeva. He is polite enough that when he senses a conflict of interests, he’ll try to block that portion of his bond to you to allow you to stay separate from the situation. But he’ll still be keen on wooing his lady love.

Song. Both vocal and mental, this is how he will strive to connect with the ladies. He may not always be successful, but there’s definitely a tenderness and respect in his efforts that should be supported, even applauded. No cheesy come-on lines from this blue! Well.. okay, maybe the occasional one. But he, as a skilled artist and proud dragon, need not always stoop to those levels.


"Sticks and stones won't break my bones, so you can imagine how I feel about being called names."

Arrogant! Irritable! These are two words that may be applied to Zimmerth when he’s in a contrary mood, or just in general by those ‘small minds’ that don’t understand or agree with him. He has a doctor’s bad bedside manner, and doesn’t sugar-coat things in the least. He simply doesn’t have time for all of that fluff, preferring to get right down to the meat of the matter.

« Tallailath, you’re dirty. Absolutely covered in filth! Get away from me, I don’t want any of -that- to rub off on me. »

*Smack!* « Your breath smells like something crawled into your mouth and died, got stuck between your teeth for a month, was swallowed, thrown back up, and eaten again! » Poor Kaijuth. In his case, it’s probably true! That’s no reason for Zimmerth to swat his snout with his tail though.

So as you can see, Zimmerth has a bit of a temper, and he’ll need his bond, his dearest lifemate, to keep him in check when it counts.



Zimmerth will go through many changes before he reaches his final stage of development. While it will be difficult to tell at first, he’ll become a rather stoutly built blue dragon - a bit larger than average due to his musculature, but lengthwise fairly normal despite the appearance of a shorter tail.

You’ll notice the dappling on his body; it’s subtle and most visible when standing next to him. There is no rhyme nor reason to the patterns, though like the night sky the spots do gather closer together here and there, particularly about the bends of his body, like a natural highlighting. The gaps where there aren’t any dapples appear darker, so there is a slight illusion of him being outlined in the lighter shades.

Zimmerth’s headknobs will be more prominent than most dragons, accented in lighter blues so that they almost appear to flare up from his head, but not so much as to make him seem abnormal. Likewise his neckridges protrude upwards with that same lighter contrast. Fortunately they flatten out before the shoulders, so you will not be too uncomfortable riding him.


His build is compact, made of heavy muscles across the shoulders and hindquarters, but not much elsewhere so that he does not seem too big to fly. Their bulk makes his limbs seem short, but there is nothing actually unbalanced with his proportions. The same goes for his tail - it’s thicker at the base and doesn’t taper much before it appears to abruptly end. There’s plenty of length for him to steer with in the air though, so it’s merely a cosmetic peculiarity unique to Zimmerth. The talons on his feet are a tad sharper than usual, but what really catches the eye is that unlike the rest of him, they are colored ultramarine, almost purple. They are also longer than average, closer to fingers than mere claws and combined with that, give him a little extra dexterity. He’ll be able to grasp objects with a delicate touch or use the claws to cut into his prey, whichever he’s inclined to do at that moment. It’s not to say that he could write with a giant pencil or go flying off with huge scissors, but they are quite nimble for a plane-sized dragon.

That lower center of gravity gives Zimmerth another interesting habit, it is quite easy for him to sit up like a canine, even rear up higher on his hindquarters without overbalancing himself or needing to spread his wings all the way out. With this ability, he finds being able to see over tree tops, large rocks. hills, walls, etc. quite easy without having to make the effort of flying up to see over them. It will be an interesting sight to behold, not many other dragons do this.


His wings are big, to make up for the bulk of his muscles, though they do taper off more sharply than usual for a blue. It gives him a certain edge of agility over most of his other blue brethren. He will need to build up on his stamina however, particularly given his aversion to Betweening. The sails of his wings are a lovely bright azure, so when they’re spread they make a rather magnificent canopy in contrast to his darkly shaded body. You’ll note that along the edges and the fingerbones, there are interesting lines in electric blue, flowing in parallel and sometimes meeting, crossing over. Think of a circuit board and you’ll not be far off.

His handsome hide isn’t perfect. It’s just a little thinner than usual and you’ll see that the root of some of his quirks stem from this fact. He likes to roll in odd things, so he gets the itches quite often and that’s why he likes to be cleaned up so much. Numbweed helps ease those itches, as does oily things and mud too. Cracks and fissures in the skin are also quite dangerous Between, so that’s another reason he doesn’t like to go there very often. You’ll have to keep a keen eye on him when he’s having a good roll, check him thoroughly after a wash (As if he’ll let you get away with not cleaning every nook and cranny to the utmost?!) and keep Zimmerth well oiled to make sure the little abrasions and flakings don’t turn into something more serious.

Mind voice/scent:


Electrifying, mechanized and chilly — the scent of crushed blooms strewn on cold metal. Lush violet and neroli spiked hard with eucalyptus and a sliver of mint.

Ultraviolet is the name of the game here! Your dragon’s mind surges with it in any and all degrees, it’s a reactor radiating waves of light, seen and unseen, mutating minds and reordering thought cells with each new combustive laser canon blast that rockets the rich baritone of his deep voice through the myriad of minds that cross his lupine-wandering path.

While different elements come into play at different times, the two underlying themes remain throughout – Ultraviolet and that deep resounding voice. The light changes, evolves to meet the situation, but the voice remains the steady core with which it all pivots around.


In those moments when darkness creeps in to lay its cold indifferent hand upon Zimmerth’s shoulder, rendering him uncomfortable, his mind will glow, illuminated with that eerie blue black light that hypnotically reaches out to paint florescent portraits of his thoughts, using the cheerful brightness to comfort his nervous soul. Little bright afterburner bursts shatter the darkness with ear ripping sound to chase away the secrets things that surely dwell in the gloom. If the darkness lingers too long the solid voice will be broken up by an inconsistent peppering of whimpers that claw and gnaw at the cloying tenebrosity.

When he feels dishonesty leak into the day or darkness, sensing the lie he’ll try and flush it out with a good old fashioned Wood’s lamp application and should he come upon the untruth the fungus will glow, growing luminous to expose the falsehood to all so that it may be eradicated!!


When angered, the ever present seen unseen-light will shift, waves compacting, focus sharpening, and his mind will hint at a growing luminosity that gives rise to violet violence, which will be heavily impacted by deep guttural growls that lengthen into a rolling roar as his mind tears through the turbulent skies faster and faster, matching the growth of his anger until it explodes in a sonic bang that renders his mind lost to oblivion. The breaking point.

Should an unclean mind invade, disgust and fear will translate into a throaty rumble as he retreats, shrinking back, flaring as it does to disinfect his mind and the mind that so rudely intrudes upon his continuous sterility, because sterility is key to sanity.

Playtime is yips and yaps, puppy pounces and over sharp teeth to playfully shred thoughts so that they might give fuel to the engine that will allow him to soar through a crystal blue ether that is pristine beyond imagination.

Patterns not typically seen by the naked eye, nature’s little delightful secrets, will be flushed out in florescence to create a backdrop for many a lively conversation, especially if it entails the topics of art or creativity. Music will play accompaniment, taking lead from most any genre that should suit his immediate fancy.

When threatened the UV will burn! It will cast forth and singe the threat, rendering it crisp should it not retract or shield. Even with the threat at a distance his mind will simmer, ready to blaze anew should the need arise.


He also likes bathing in his own light and will do so just for the sake of doing so, wallowing, humming a tune, rolling in it, coating his entire being because it feeds his need. Light, oh glorious light, the light that most cannot see, but because he is reptilian, it’s his, and at times his alone! Neeva won’t be able to see it except for when the Wood’s lamp glass is used to coat and contain the waves, but then she will see, the patterns and beauty, emanating with that glorious glow. It’s a breathtaking sight that he will happily share with her, his Neeva.

Physical Voice:
Hige's Theme Song

For Zimmerth, his physical voice encompasses two major points. First, there’s movement. That rap-tap of sharp talons on stone has its own beat; the swish of his stubby-ish tail, its own rhythm. He’s too large in bulk and general dragoness to ever be quiet, but there’s a certain pleasant background-noise quality to his movements that you’ll notice as he grows. Its a rustle of his hide that mimics fresh autumn leaves on concrete, a fluid play of wind beneath his wings. The ground its self will have a subtle vibration to it echoing his every step. These sounds and the way they’re presented to the world will be altogether unique to Zimmerth.

Another unique aspect to Zimmerth’s personality is tendency to vocalize regularly. It's his form of communication to his fellow dragons, as well as those humans not connected in the noggin like you and he. His voice is a little rough around the edges, with rugged trumpets and robust bugles. When he sings, for he will in his own dragonic way, and quite frequently at that, Zimmerth’s notes are often on the deeper end of the spectrum. He has a low baritone quality to his warbles and coos. His growls are rich and rolling, offered frequently whenever angry or annoyed, or just bored. Though he may never sound amazing to the human ear, Zimmerth’s physical voice carries a certain alluring, comforting quality that may draw you in to rest against his side just so you can feel the comforting rumble of his deep chest.


Zimmerth is going to have a confusing babyhood. Like any dragonet, he is awkward and clumsy, not quite sure where his feet are going or where parts of his body are really headed. Not unlike a rather young puppy. Compared to his clutchmates, this gawky period is going to last several sevendays longer. His head will seem a little undersized compared to the rest of him, his snout a touch smooshed in as if he’d pressed it too long to the inside of his shell, but like the rest of him, it’ll fill out and take on that wolfish cast. The wings are heavy, almost too much for him the first sevenday, making his movements even more difficult when he whacks them against things or even trips on them with his hind feet. This will bring no end of frustration so be prepared to tend to a rather sulky baby. Good thing he’ll grow rather quickly, just not all parts of him at the same rate.

Honestly, he is going to look a bit stubby to start with, his baby fat just seems to overlap his limbs. It’s a natural stockiness that will even out eventually, but at this point one might even suggest that Zimmerth looks kind of chubby. As he grows larger and less clumsy, that look will fade. He’ll build muscles and manage to romp around with less fear of taking a tumble. That thick-set tail of his will cause no end of troubles, however, and he’ll be prone to that childhood ailment..*drumroll!* Thicktail! He’ll no doubt need to be purged a few times before he gets big enough to fly, and we advise that you get Zimmerth over to the dung pile before he explodes! Otherwise you’ll have some of the worst messes in the world to clean up!

Zimmerth will hit a growth spurt during his second month. For a while you might even hope that he’s reached the right proportions, but wait! He’s going to get longer and longer, almost overcompensating for his natural bulk, and this will be a real trying time where he’s not going to be able to tell where his other end is going. You might even imagine that he’s more snake than dragon. But don’t worry, his appetite will adjust to all this growing by making him a voracious eater. By the time he’s big enough to start unmanned flights, he’ll have evened out and have no trouble taking to the air. You might consider reining in his eating to help with his thicktail issues - more staggered meals than letting him gorge all at once. You should also make sure that his diet is appropriate and without too many unusual additives like plants, fruit, your socks, spare riding gear…. Like any youngster, his curiosity might override good sense now and again.

His transformation will complete itself by the time you can actually fly on his back, with yet another growth spurt, only this time more width than length. You’ll see that Zimmerth is gaining more muscle mass than actual size as now he can work on flying instead of whomping around on the ground. It is a good thing that he’ll reach his maximum size so soon, because you won’t need to adjust or remake your riding straps as many times as your clutchmates who ride larger dragons.



Childhood clumsiness aside, Zimmerth will become a fairly graceful dragon. On the ground he is not inclined to move too much, but when he has to, he’ll take on a wolfish loping gait that definitely looks very cool, however it might be a little rough on your butt as he jars you up and down. It is also not a stealthy movement. While a real wolf might be able to run through the woods quietly, Zimmerth will grow to the size of an airplane and there’s no way to keep that silent!

In the air, Zimmerth becomes a totally different creature. Away goes the wolfishness and instead he becomes more of a precision flying, combat entity. With his interesting build and wing structure, he is above average when it comes to agility, making the hairpin turns and sharp dives appear effortless. Make sure your riding straps are good and sturdy, you’ll definitely need them in order to stay on his back! As was said above, Zimmerth does not like to go Between unless it is absolutely necessary. So he will make the most of those swift maneuvers, sudden swoops, sharp pull ups, and barrel rolls, anything to stay out of the path of danger. Sometimes he’ll have no choice but to go Between, but you can be sure he will gripe about it for hours after the Fall.

Zimmerth is a smooth flyer, he spends a good amount of time making the most of updrafts and air currents, doing a lot more gliding with those strong wings of his and only flapping when necessary to ascend or put on the brakes. This conservation of energies is a good strategy for him, compensating his increased agility versus his stamina. While he is larger than your average blue, he doesn’t quite match up against the browns of course, but against his blue brethren, he is a cut above and he knows it!


It will be quite apparent from the beginning that Zimmerth is a voracious eater. It will be up to you, Neeva, to control his appetite, especially in those first few days when hunger will be his driving force. The weyrlingmasters will provide the first couple buckets worth of meat, so you can keep check of his eating by handing pieces to him one by one rather than letting him stick his head in and gorging. Look out, for he might choke on those pieces if he doesn’t learn to slow down and chew. Within that first sevenday, you’ll be taught how to butcher the carcasses for more meat to feed your growing blue. The fun will be trying to chop up enough to keep up with Zimmerth’s appetite.


As he gets bigger, that appetite doesn’t seem to wane at all. He’s going to be a rapid grower and that takes a lot of food to compensate. Luckily, this will also mean that he’ll get big enough to hunt down his own food from the feeding pens as quickly as the naturally larger dragons. Around this time, that quirk of looking for interesting smelling things is going to extend to eating as well. Zimmerth will develop a taste for vegetation, just a slight craving now and again. Dragons aren’t meant to eat plants of course, so you’ll have to discourage him from attempting to eat too much beyond just tasting. Flowers are especially appetizing to him; the smell, the sweetness, particularly the pink ones. Keep him out of Lisya’s greenhouse however, or there will be heck to pay!
The Flowers of Life

Once Zimmerth starts flying, he’ll be up to eating full sized beasts. Though he can’t hold more than a couple in his belly at full growth, you’ll notice that he’ll get hungry again sooner than other blues. This is due to his preference for flying over betweening, needing a lot more fuel to power him. He will be a rather neat eater, very precise in his kills without needless chasing around and scaring the prey. Those extra sharp talons of his will be especially useful.


“There goes our first date!” - Max Sterling, Robotech ep 25 - Wedding Bells


While physically Zimmerth will reach his maximum size and length fairly early, his emotional growth is slower. He is one who will need to experience matters for himself before truly comprehending. And thus when it comes to flights, much of the same applies. The primary focus of his weyrlinghood is going to focus on growing up and maturing, training to be a good fighter against Thread. Wooing the girls is going to be second to that until the training is done, but that is not unusual for dragons as they are more biologically driven than humans.

When he does finally come across a green or queen that tickles his fancy, he will give all he's got to try and win her. If he has the chance, he will try to woo her a little before she actually rises and if he gets to know a special green before then, he'll not likely focus on any other till the matter is settled one way or another.

In the air itself, Zimmerth has the advantage of being nearly as acrobatic as those greens he might chase, so any aerial theatrics they might try to evade the chasers, he will undoubtedly try to match rather than simply trying to out last them. His expertise in finding the thermals and currents will help him sustain those punishing speeds and time needed to catch the green. His best chances would be trying to close in before he loses his advantage of agility instead of trying to hold out against the stamina of the larger browns and bronzes.

The effects of the mating flights will have an impact on you of course, but Zimmerth’s consideration for you will keep him from trying to drag you entirely into the experience if he senses your reluctance. At least he will once he gets the hang of it.



We need not repeat ourselves here, Zimmerth is an expert flier. When it comes to fighting Thread he is right in his element. Despite his dislike for the smell and hassle of firestone, he does rather love the flame as it is his primary weapon against the ancient enemy. He is good at conserving flame and using it when it will be most useful, no playing around just lighting up for the heck of it. That is just too much waste in his eyes. Not to mention he’ll fill up with ash far too quickly and like the smell, the taste of the ash coming back up just disgusts him. Zimmerth would be one of the first dragons to demand mouthwash if he could get enough.

As noted before, his build is well suited to his strengths and weaknesses. A real chop and change artist in the air, Zimmerth can avoid needing to Between most of the time. Of course when there is real danger to you or himself, he will bite the bullet and skip into the darkness. He spends a great deal of time flaming and dodging, which takes up most of his stamina, so in the end he is no better or worse than the other blues.

As a blue, he can’t hope to fly out the entire length of a long Threadfall like the larger dragons can. He will learn to gauge how much energy he has left and let you know when he starts to tire. Ista has swapping tactics for their blues and greens, where they take turns with their respective wings, letting fresher dragons replace their spots and assisting with firestone delivery, resting, etc. until they are ready to return or till the Fall ends.

Weyr Relationships:

Lloighrth. Protector and Avenger to Zimmerth’s Daydreamer, the two have the potential to get along fairly well. They will get on each other’s nerves occasionally - Zimmerth’s certainly against Lloighrth’s ego (and let’s not talk about his need to go after the ladies!), but there is something to be said for a protective clutchmate.

Battle-ready and not afraid to be on the front-lines, Tallailath is as likely to give Zimmerth advice as she is to give him a thump on the head when he isn’t paying attention. And Faranath forbid being on the other side of a fight with her - she’ll take no prisoners. Although, that can be a different kind of enjoyment if the battleground is a conversation.


Egg Inspiration:
Described by: Orinlatan
Egg Inspiration: The inspiration behind the picture/egg is the Leviathan. A large sea creature of legend said to haunt the deepest parts of the sea and surface only to attack unwary sailors.
Picture: http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e205/jaxxom87/Terror_of_the_Deep.jpghttp://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e205/jaxxom87/Terror_of_the_Deep.jpg

Dragon Name Inspiration:

Stars are said to shine with an iced blue color. Water is said to reflect in white-shaded blue. When it came to naming your Zimmerth, only one name could be said to fit, and how else? With the influence of the EHM, your own harper roots, the need to fly through the air or to send silvery notes into air, it was clear. Whatever name we came up with, it needed to sparkle, shine and zazz things up. However, two things really sold the name. The first was when we looked at the EHM - at his creator and whom he was based off of: Dr. Lewis Zimmerman. The second was what happened when we checked the meaning of your own name, Neeva.

Zimmerth suggests shimmering and shininess, but it’ll only be with you, Neeva, that he’ll be full of brilliant radiance.

Dragon Inspiration:

"In the beginning, there is darkness – the emptiness of a matrix waiting for the light. Then a single photon flares into existence. Then another. Soon, thousands more. Optronic pathways connect, subroutines emerge from the chaos and a holographic consciousness is born."

- The Doctor in 2378

Overall, Zimmerth is based on three separate genres, all connected by the clutch’s overlying theme, Anything Exotic. In this case, exotic journeys fits rather well for several reasons.

First off, you have the Doctor from Voyager, who is on one of the greatest journeys of existence, both in personal growth and by virtue of where Voyager is located. The Delta quadrant, and considering all the strange lifeforms and situations the crew runs into out there, you really can’t get more exotic then that! Couple that with the fact that the Doctor isn’t your typical lifeform, not by far. I had a blast researching him for your inspiration and it brought back a ton of wonderful memories from my childhood when I was an avid watcher of Voyager.

The Doctor is actually an Emergency Medical Hologram. He has no corporeal being, no soul as most might consider it, and yet he experiences events and emotions in his life that go far, -far- beyond his original programming. While Data from ST:TNG might be considered the epitome of artificial intelligence in his day, he actually has nothing on the Doctor. There are whole ranges of emotion and passions that Data never truly achieved which the Doctor dealt with on a daily basis.

The Doctor has vices. Fears. Joys. He experiences triumphs and even romance. He has a vast knowledge of the universe, because he is essentially the ‘physical’ embodiment of Voyager herself, and thus has access to a wealth of information unimaginable even if our own technological age.

I hope we’ve managed to express that special side of the Doctor through Zimmerth, showing all of his love for life and adventure, as well as all of the cantankerous doctor’s horrible bedside manner! I listened to tons of Youtube Doctor Montages to get a feel for who your Zimmerth will be, and other then the links peppered throughout the inspiration, here is some more eye-candy that I feel really conveys his depth, both on a comical side, and a serious one.

New Beginnings
The Doctor Will Rock You
Really deep Doc singing voice
Tribute to the Doctor

The second underlying theme to Zimmerth is Wolf’s Rain. A lot of his mannerisms can be likened to wolves, from the way he runs along the ground, to his more down and dirty playful side. Likewise, just as the wolves in WR are always in search of Paradise, he too is in search of that certain Something More. That place or concept that allows him to express himself the most. Some of the laid back, lazy songs of the wolves are linked to in the inspiration and they seem to add that certain ‘Umph’ quality to his body language and personality quirks. The wolves aren’t the only ones who like to howl at the moon in this case!

Thirdly, Zimmerth physical qualities are based off of the Robotech’s Veritech Valkryie. Specifically, Max Sterling and his blue custom VF and just a little taste of Protoculture.
Robotech: Dogfight

Overall, a lot of love and research went into Zimmerth, and we hope that he meets all of your expectations, and that he’ll be an absolute blast to play for years to come!


Zimmerth was created through the combined efforts of:
Ai’den, with the personality and various other messages and tidbits.
S’tao, with the bulk of the physical aspects and all things Robotech.
Lisya, with the name, its inspiration, relationships, and editing,
Q’luin, for keeping us all sane and focused and adding his own mark for the mindvoice and welcoming!

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