Born and raised at Southern Weyr, Yandra showed many promises in her young life. A weyrbrat, unsure of her parentage, she became favoured for running errands and messages, and began basic training under the Weyrharper, until she was old enough to make her own decisions.

Shortly after that fateful Turnday that she became independant, Yandra set out to explore Pern, traveling from here to there and all over the place, including a couple days at Boll, Fort Hold, and finally ended up at Ista Weyr to deliver a message. Liking the people she met, and the land surrounding, Yandra approached the staff, and set roots as a Messenger for the Weyr.

The very next day, a dragon of the weyr had other plans, and searched Yandra to Stand for the clutch that would turn out to be the last, for the weyrwoman of the time: Kabrielle.

The first Search, the first she stood, Yandra Impressed Blue Allegrith.

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