Al'tair's blue Veveshoth
Dragonsfire's 57th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Isyth and Sephiroth's clutch
Hatching Date: June 29th, 2010
Klohi and green Harquith
I’es and bronze Einarth
Lisya and gold Meliaith
Ai'den and bronze Kaijuth
K'thin and blue Gallifreth
D'yce and brown Chironath
T'yr's Bronze Zarielth
T'syn's bronze Tasunth
Syvia's brown Dakhanavarath

Egg theme: Motion pictures! Moving pictures! Better known as cinematic movies!

Al'tair's even better — knew a chicken named that once. I remember the day you created quite clearly which was rare because a) I don't always catch new people when they create and b) hardly ever remember anything. Ista values your sense of fun and initiative when creating things for everyone to enjoy whether it's spur of the moment events or newspaper hats. What? You didn't make us newspaper hats? I think that's in your future. Play hard with your dragon and boldly go where no one… okay I won't quite go there. But enjoy! Please. Please.

-From Ista Weyr Search Co


Otherworld Mystery Egg
Dark, aqua envelops this long, slender, almost angular egg. Flawless in its coverage, no imperfection mars the matte surface. Jagged, Harper blue stripes interrupt the background, running in parallel around the sides of the egg. Aqua does not meld seamlessly with the dark blue, leaving a faint mottled pattern around the outside of the stripes. The ends of the stripes do not meet to form a concentric ring around the egg; instead, the ends taper off gradually to a point, leaving a narrow channel of dark blue. Scattered randomly within that channel are small pinpoints of brilliant white that seem to emit an otherworldly glow. Overall, the egg exudes a feel of dark, brooding mystery.


Hatch Message:

Otherworld Mystery Egg splits in half but not evenly: there's a two-thirds ratio of the bottom portion to the crown. The blue transported onto the hatching sands sits dazed and unused to upheaval. His first breaths come in rapidly and shallow, skin pressed taut over the ribs beneath. With wing membrane clustered around stiff spars, Make It So Blue Dragonet lids his eyes twice and boldly goes where scores of dragons have gone before.

Hatchling Name:

Make It So Blue Dragonet

Dragon Description:


Fundamentals embark with cadet blue and give a dragon his pioneering grandeur. Chosen for the heavier spectrum of his color, brute bulk becomes no constituent. Instead, his size runs up and out from the celestial stern of tail to the gunmetal shine of compressed head knobs. Starshine pinpricks, blasts, the dome of his skull and hold of ridges where galaxies of electric blue make union with cobalt oxide, gold shine and rusty bronze. Muscle manifests, firms long limbs and augments a pair of wings the color of a flame’s coolest hue and hottest center. Slender and long they’ve formed as ideal gliders or the slash of a fencer’s dart. His breastbone has a soft chine leading to a tucked belly and stamina-bred ribs clouded by a length of spectra.

Impression Pose: (what the audience sees):

Make It So Blue Dragonet bursts through a column of candidate legs: one can scarcely see the trees through this forest. Most of them flinches, one seeks shelter behind an unhatched egg and the blue? He's fascinated by somethi- someone featured in the crowd. Bold steps, decisive ones, bear him to Alistair with an eager look to his face and crookedly placed wings. Engage!

Impression Message: (what you see):

Nerat's western coast at sundown. Red Butte's dome. Reliquary from the 3rd Pass. Fort Hold's Arabic arches. A Southern marina in high tide. A chain of white rock islands, glass as it's heard breaking, tapestries, a green flight, a VTOL and young, thirst, stretched tendons, a quick death, long life, torrential rain between a trio of rainbows. « More! » A youthful voice knowing how to command beams into your consciousness and pushes out many memories of what you did for the past two Turns to make room for this anticipated introduction. « Oh much more, Al'tair! » Recalling those incidences, or any assorted memory, will leave them brittle like the heirlooms they are.



There are some gemstones worth polishing, some faces worth a second look, some Tagus artifacts worth stealing. Veveshoth is a creature of flux regulated and reconciled by the circumstances he experiences. He's glorified not only as being shaped but able to shape as well. Your dragon will develop at the pace he gathers blocks of maturity to engineer a figurative tower. He will be, once fully mature and with your help, Al'tair, a dragon of colossal ability and understanding.

Out of the egg and as a young adult Veveshoth brims with unfocused ambition. He wants the sky to come to him rather than the other way around. He'll be found mooning over what's happening above, wishing to fly even before learning to walk. Cloud types, other dragon's style of ascents and descents, Vev will get to know dragons by their flight characteristics. Oh, and all the while privately reserving spaces of that atmosphere he'll some day visit. « The first time I fly I am visiting /that/ portion of Weyr rim and Inigoth's ledge second. » Exercise, meals, Weyr rhetoric, the evolution of fighting Wings, they come to him like air: plentiful if only you think to breathe. But Veveshoth either gulps or suffocates as an adolescent, not quite realizing early there's a natural order to things that's not to be short-cut.


Captain Jean-Luc Picard: Things are only impossible until they're not.

As your dragon matures physically so will his activity. After the third month notice Veveshoth's drive beginning to slowly crystallize. Simple acts like being oiled, digesting meat, learning his limbs, all are stepping stones to be airborne and above. Purpose, you'll find, will take many forms, in order that he can skip as much "childhood" as possible to be grown and accommodated into Weyr hierarchy. He'll not only have a chance to out fly senior weyrlings in a staged contest as a junior but be known to pin stronger clutch siblings during their common tussles. Though he won't be a muscular mountain like Kaijuth, Veveshoth is an inherent athlete, a gifted endurance flier and strategist. But don't be convinced your young dragon's bulletproof because weyrlinghood will be an explicit trial. When he fails at these imperious feats — such as bombing his very first flight — he'll need your support and that of others to stay the course.

[Picard is telling Wesley how he once, as an ensign, picked a fight with three Nausicaans]
Captain Picard: I stood toe-to-toe with the worst of the three. And I told him what I thought of him, his pals, his planet, and I possibly made some passing reference to his questionable parentage…

A young Veveshoth is impetuous and foolhardy: purposely chasing the herds away from a blooding queen, stealing hatching sands visits when Isyth's gone clutching, skirting Igen's closed borders, challenging Gallifreth to see who can actively sustain the longest flame in a Fall drill. It won't be just Veveshoth's flamboyance but impudence that will put a bruise to his skull or tatter to a wing sail. He'll think himself invincible because of his early wins and also superior. « Nice try catching that bovine, Chironath. Next time don't let him catch you first! »

Captain Picard: [about his time as an ensign] I was a different person in those days - arrogant, undisciplined… with far too much ego, but too little wisdom.

It will take his very first Fall to alter prevailing attitudes, triggering a direct metamorphosis that'll change Veveshoth's heart of being. The carnage and irrational nature of Thread, the loss of good comrades and wanton destruction will be the catalyst to inspire a great sense of obligation and commitment never before in evidence or circulation. He will not find purpose but make it his. The change will begin at once: orders will then be followed and mobilized, assignments fulfilled, decorum installed. It won't take long for the position of Wingsecond — or even greater authority some day. But every now and again, when circumstances warrant, a little bit of the old Veveshoth will come out, the impetuous rascal.

Captain Picard: I feel as though I've been handed a weapon, sent into a room and told to shoot a stranger. Well, I need some moral context to justify that action. And I don't have it. I'm not content simply to obey orders. I need to know that what I'm doing is right.


Captain Picard: I'm about to commit a direct violation of our orders. Those of you who wish to object, you do so now. It will be noted in my log.

Loyalty should not be blind, no command is worth an aberrant death sentence. Veveshoth, though he heeds most orders to the letter, has a very capable conscience. If there's a mandate or some sensed injustice he will not hesitate to take the steps to rectify said situation, even in direct violation of a superior. « Sephiroth is terrorizing the herd stock for no other reason than pleasure. This will stop. »

Captain Picard: There are times, sir, when… men of good conscience cannot blindly follow orders. You acknowledge their sentience, but… you ignore their personal liberties… and freedom. Order a man to hand his child over to the state? Not while I'm his Captain.

In your life-mate is a great sense of humanity. Although he is often an aloof, cool, dragon, he will indeed calmly socialize as if in Ten Forward and ask about Chaerath's healing Thread score or gain through Sorraiath about the loss of Seana's mother. He would never sing in a crowd, could he even sing, or laugh much, or have singular sympathies. Emotion is kept under tight restrictions. But Vev is very aware of what physical rights belong to everyone and will serve as champion for many causes in his lifetime.

Captain Picard: Will, Geordi: go back and put a face on what's happening here. Make the council see the Baku. It's too easy to turn a blind eye to the suffering of a people you don't know.

Despite emotional reserve Veveshoth fires off clear bits of wit when he wishes. He's simply a restrained dragon, not a dour one.

Commander Riker: Our guests have arrived. They're eating the floral arrangements on the banquet tables.
Dr. Beverly Crusher: I guess they don't believe in cocktails before dinner.
Counselor Deanna Troi: Oh, my God. Are they vegetarian? That's not in there.
Captain Picard: Perhaps we should have the chef whip up a light balsamic vinaigrette, something that goes well with chrysanthemums.

Dr. Beverly Crusher: So much for the Enterprise-E.
Captain Picard: We barely knew her.
Dr. Beverly Crusher: Think they'll build another one?
Captain Picard: Plenty of letters left in the alphabet.

Veveshoth is a lover, admirer, of things dragons are not fit to accomplish. Paintings, poetry, forms of dance and music, these are things of culture whose significance eludes many minds, even human ones. And because of his race's short memory his hunger for knowledge will be everlasting.

Kamala: My empathic powers can only sense a man of deep passion and conviction… So controlled, so disciplined. I'm simply curious to know what lies beneath.
Captain Picard: Nothing. Nothing lies beneath! I'm… I'm really… quite dull. I fall asleep each night with an old book in my hands.

« Can you read me the fifth article in the Charter again? Its context is especially cryptic and I wish to understand it better. » If you have little appreciation for such things, congratulations! Now you will be thoroughly exposed to it. « When I think about life as a grub, do you suppose the grub wonders what it is to be a dragon? »

Captain Picard: There's no greater challenge than the study of philosophy.
Wesley Crusher: But William James won't be on my Starfleet exams.
Captain Picard: The important things never will be. Anyone can be trained in the mechanics of piloting a starship.
Wesley Crusher: And Starfleet Academy…
Captain Picard: Takes more. Open your mind to the past — art, history, philosophy. And all this may mean something.



[Picard prepares to leave for Starbase 515 without giving a reason for his journey]
Commander Riker: Forgive my saying so, sir, but you're being rather enigmatic.
Captain Picard: Consider it captain's privilege.
Commander Riker: As first officer I have complete security clearance.
Captain Picard: This has nothing to do with ship's business, Number One. Suffice it to say, it is strictly a matter of… 'image'.

Sephiroth and Isyth bred dragons known for their vigor. Veveshoth ranks among those who have an advantage in size though his is expressed in certain criteria. In length he compares to small browns where being the source isn't only in the tail: his body's structure takes up a lot of volume and while not comparable to Zarielth in shoulder height, is profound for a blue. He is part endurance runner, part Greco-Roman wrestler — staggering amounts of muscle would hinder his speed and tax his strength during long hours aloft. Yet he could pin a stronger specimen by utilizing a strong pair of hind legs and using an opponent's advantages, their gifts, and center of gravity, to their own disadvantage.

In bearing your dragon appears stiff and unyielding: he's seldom bending down or slumping his spine or creating random gyrations of limbs. As an adult that is, young Veveshoth is going to be a powerhouse of movement and kinetics before strong discipline takes over his decorum.

Veveshoth has the sufficient stamina required to last a full Fall with the application of his color's famed agility. He has a fencer's prowess of evasion and offensive thrust which will provide a bounty of good fortune fighting Thread. Scoring is a very real threat that could still catch Veveshoth unaware. His dexterity and sense of space will keep most injuries to an average minimum.

Yours is a dragon who aches for adventure, has little time to sit idle unless you're reading to him. Preferring to keep active between sweep assignments, Falls, and fortuitous missions, he routinely flies straight to many locations off the island and over open ocean. During these sessions, and you're with him might I add though he can and will go alone, he's trying to dodge sea avians above and dolphins below. If another dragon his size (or greater) can be found, he'll agreeably spar with them with claws blunted and soft bites.


In concepts of color Veveshoth is a hushed sort of silvery-blue color like the sort you seen on horses, chickens, rats and some dogs. There are lighter points on his neck ridges and angles around his head. The dorsal area and all ridges are speckled with bright flecks: hot blues, and bits of orange gold and bronze. They're thickly layered while seeming transparent at the same like actual images of galaxies. On the sides of his body there are similar, more grainy and minute, specks: pale greens and more metallic flecks as if mineral dust. These are only visible a mere matter of inches from his body and especially give glint in natural sunlight.


Like Captain Picard's shiny dome, Veveshoth's skull looks pronounced because those low head knobs don't conceal much. He has the habit on the ground, when getting to his feet or changing direction, of shaking out his wings in a soft, deliberate snap.

Mind Voice:

The base of his voice, the actual words themselves will be spoken in the most amazing rich, deeply throaty, rumbling baritone voice that has a faint aristocratic sounding Yorkshire accent, and if you listen very hard, a hint of his s’s linger or are emphasized by slightly higher pitching. It is the voice of Captain Jean Luc Picard, and that is only the awesome beginning.

Your Veveshoth’s mind is absolutely stunning to behold, so broad, so complex, intricate in details to the point that is fantastically awe inspiring. Part of this comes from an interesting glitch in his draconic mind. Back in the day when Kitty Ping and her crew transformed firelizards into dragon embryos one particular trait was lost and that was memory. The original wild dragonets, now known as firelizards, had a memory string that strung all the way back through history, linking their memories together, which was surely nature’s way of assuring the survival of the tiny little amazing creatures. This was lost in the expansion of size, making room for other important aspects that were much more needed.

In Veveshoth this awesome detail transpires in a unique way – it isn’t that /he/ has the memories, but somehow the landscape of his mind does. It’s as if somehow, somewhere in the back of that amazingly vast draconic mind, he still has the faint hint of that link to the little cousins, flavoring the aura of his fantastic voice, giving it a vast spectrum of sights, sounds, textures, and smells that will be shared with anyone he converses with – anyone that feels the touch of his incredible mind.

Repeating just so it is very clear, your dragon doesn’t have these memories himself, and if asked about the tapestry of his voice, he’ll answer in his hearty tone « My voice remembers, not I. » It’s echoes of the past that are more like ghosts of a thought that won’t form completely. There is the faint haze of the firelizard’s memories, jumbled, confusing, skittish, but also that of other dragons, as if that string was still strung, but had somehow become invisible to all save for Veveshoth’s mind voice. These will be more stable, more vivid, and a lot more tangible to partake of.

He’ll mix and mingle the two, leaning heavily on one or the other depending on situation. The frenetic memories of the firelizard will take precedence when his mind is moving fast, either with excitement, fear, stress, or any of those more insistent moments when emotions are at a high pitch. The dragons will dominate in the mellower moments, and these clarion memories will be at the fore in the times of absolute strength when his confidence is at its fullest and the situation calls for a calm mind and clear thoughts.

So he has all of history to pull from, and he will, taking interesting walks back through time to places and moments Veveshoth has never himself experienced. All the way back to Landing, which will surely confuse and amaze anyone to witness his touch. Most significant will be the moments in history that left an indelible mark on the draconic string of both big and small, bringing into present these glorious events. His mind voice is so vast that it encompasses all flora, all fauna, all that walks, talks, grows, growls, was born, died, became extinct, and still thrives on Pern. Sights, sounds, textures, and scents. He will stun us all.

As with the others, Veveshoth has an addition of a Black Phoenix Laboratory scent that can be mingled within his mind voice. Severin - Dry black teas, Earl Gray, and leather.

Physical Voice:

You'll find it somewhere between a tenor and baritone and everyone else will find he doesn't use it much. Veveshoth communicates telepathically by choice and preference, almost exclusively as a full-grown adult. This scarcity ensures when a hollow roar is let loose all eyes will be on the quiet, composed dragon. Young Veveshoth won't have such taciturn conduct. Ohhhhh no. He'll be bleating and sounding off with the rest of his siblings and giving the herd animals hell when they run from him.


It might turn out that Veveshoth's skull is very attractive. And actually, you may think that it seems large because he wants the best to show first. In most aspects your blue will mature within normal parameters and his head won't really be any larger than it should be — that wonderful skull will just grow better than the rest which will catch up in time. Most certainly. But look out for butts, headbutts that is. It isn't that Vev finds merriment in ramming you, but accidents and exuberance happens. Any clutch siblings may catch the wrong end though.

Make it large for a blue, but no hulk, and his wings will have to play catch up during the sixth to eight month. Once they do they'll be thrown to good use! As a growing dragon yours will itch in earnest. Sometimes a few days will go by with only one particularly flaky elbow and the next sevenday he might as well have chicken pox. You'll have a time keeping his skin ailments in good order: chafing, cracking, sloughing, crusting, insect bites… While some people may insist he contracted an extinct form of leprosy, Veveshoth's hide is merely sensitive. But this 'attractive' condition will fade gradually so that by the time he's a Turn old it will best be forgotten!


[Picard, Data and Worf are attacked and pursued by Kolaran natives]
Picard: I think it's time to try some unsafe velocities.

When a juvenile and young dragon expect fierce flapping and some crash and burns. Not at first bothering with dynamics, Veveshoth won't have the stability he could have if he followed the Weyrlingmasters' guidance. Those winning races will depend on quasi-luck and skill. But with time, that controlled demeanor will crystallize. On the ground and during easy trips Veveshoth is stable and slow. Precise. But given cause otherwise, his speed will clearly manifest.

Veveshoth is a superior navigator in the sky where reference points abound. His affinity to hold and apply firelizard memory and images make it seem as though he were psychic, like he knew where he was going the whole time (perhaps even he does). Be prepared to go on many away missions for the Weyr where your life-mate's uncanny talent will boldly go… okay I'll stop there.



There will be no rampages through the beast pens — no overkill or needless, undue agony. Veveshoth is a dragon to get the job done so his kills are quick, clean, and he after all that is fastidious. He's a savorer: eating all that he kills except for the indigestible horns and hooves. Most of the time he eats in solitary order but will occasionally hunt in tandem or feed with another dragon or multiples if the spirit wills him. But regardless he'll either make you clean his hide or he'll bathe the rest away post haste. One mature animal will fully satiate the blue for a few days depending on how much Threadfall you both participate in. When it comes to drinking, here's a dragon who not only consumes water from a hot spring, but will choose that over tepid water if both are available. This is as close to Earl Grey tea as we could adapt to a dragon!


Captain Picard: From the moment I met you, I knew you were gonna be trouble.
Vash: You look like a man who could handle trouble.

Ah, females. Veveshoth's forthcoming reticence and formal conduct do not make relationships easy. When you weigh in the fact those'll be female relations well, let's just say things could get complicated. The arrogant, maturing Veveshoth will flatter freely without the obtuseness or persistent annoyance many cads present. He has too much intelligence for that. If he's missing late at night consider him paying a call to Granaith's ledge. Or maybe he's trying to get Kyraceth to agree to a dash around lesser Ista Hold. Or maybe he's engaging a visiting gold in grand fashion under the stars.

Lt. Cmdr. Data: Captain. I am seeking advice in how to…
Captain Picard: Yes, I've heard Data. And I would be delighted to offer any advice I can on understanding women. When I have some, I'll let you know.

But sooner or later when he takes his turn for the disciplined, Veveshoth does his best not to dally too much with the female kind — they'll effect his dedication to duty. Some may take his wisdom, hunger for life and adventurous spirit as objects of attraction. Or maybe it's because he's so damn untouchable. Lwaxana anyone? Ever the diplomat and quick-thinker, he'll try and shrug them off good-naturedly. Rising greens will be circumvented at any cost…

Attraction we know as a fickle thing often without sense. There will come times when there's a female captivating enough to draw out his awareness. They'll have some sort of integrity equal to his or vivacious charm or strength of will or it might be something else entirely that neither of you can come to terms with — perhaps, they can decant some of that rigid decency, tempt the brash youth to come out and play, start an internal fire we know is there to finally show itself on the outside. Getting him to let down his tell-tale guard would be a start…

Competing in flights will bring out the whole of Veveshoth. The risk-taker will meet the supreme strategist. The large blue will make the most of his given swiftness. And suddenly, the competition's odds just got a whole less worse. It's tough to foresee an exact style. I couldn't write that. He's too capricious for predictions. How much of his impetuous self unfolds will have a lot of variables: mainly being how much he cares for the female.



Commander Riker: Captain, I think this is one instance where you should suppress your natural tendencies.
Captain Picard: Oh, really?
Commander Riker: One of your strengths is your ability to… evaluate the dynamics of a situation, and then take a definitive, pre-emptive step, take charge. Now you're frustrated because you not only can't see the solution, you can't even define the problem.
Captain Picard: Hm… Go on.
Commander Riker: What we're facing is neither a person or a place, at least not yet. It's time.
Captain Picard: You're saying I should just sit down, shut up and wait.
Commander Riker: Well, I wouldn't have put it exactly like that.
Captain Picard: Not something I'd do easily.
Commander Riker: Your Persian flaw.
Captain Picard: Yes, perhaps it is.

Threadfall is much like fighting the Borg: both are merciless entities known for devouring organisms and cultures. As a dragonet Veveshoth has the inherent desire to kill what he has not yet met, but won't have the best methods. These will be taught by I'deni and his staff. As previously noted, Veveshoth's first Fall will transform him from a dragon without goal to an individual bent on seeing every last Thread filament lit by fire. This is where the beauty of his existence is. Veveshoth can overlap spatial coordinates with a great sense of timing, almost foreseeing events before they happen. Maneuvers will be named for him, that is certain.

Captain Picard: Stay sharp, no surprises. I would rather out-think them than out-fight them.

It'll obviously take Turns for Veveshoth to gain both the skills and application to ensure they reach maximum potential. His mind will roll over those specifics and consume their value to reveal an output Weyrleaders' lust for. Variables like how and where to position teams of riders, what local topography needs the most protection, which Wings are best suited for the circumstances of a Fall, even thinking to disassemble them entirely and reorganize if only temporarily. That probably won't go over well with his Wingleader, but we know Veveshoth will make his stance known regardless and if you're the Wingleader then you'll have to settle that on your own!

Vev makes it a personal cause to know riders and dragons of the Weyr where their merits and setbacks can be appraised. His greatest strength isn't the fire darting out of his mouth, but the power to delegate. « Chironath! Take Zarielth and use your widest flames to get that high altitude clump! » or « This Fall is stringy. Greens and little blues would be best. My size is too big, I would best be in the reserves. »

Lily Sloane: Jean-Luc blow up the damn ship!
Captain Picard: NO! Nooooooooooooo!
[He smashes the models on the conference room wall]
Captain Picard: I will not sacrifice the Enterprise. We've made too many compromises already; too many retreats. They invade our space and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far, no further! And I will make them pay for what they've done!

Do not back Veveshoth into a corner. And don't always think he's above vengeance for what is done to human and dragonkind. You'll search a long time finding a more moral dragon than yours, but he isn't indefectible. He's a creature of passion however repressed it might seem. His fighting style is a matter of letting you help him see what the "playing field" will look like before a Fall which means always making some sort of game plan the night before a Fall — when it's the freshest in his head. If there's a scene over the Nerat coast tomorrow he'll be there the day or morning before learning the land and weather before hand.


Weyr Relationships:

Call Ista lucky for having this dragon. Also consider Inter-Weyr Exchanges refused because Veveshoth's loss, even temporary, is another Weyr's immediate gain. He can find allies in adversaries, negotiate with the absurd, and don't put it past him to provide able counsel to veteran gold dragons. Veveshoth's hold on logic, patience and sensitivity to differences make him an amenable type to socialize with. Which isn't to say he won't have enemies, even a nemesis. He'll just do the very best he can while upholding what he stands for.

Dakhanavarath holds a curiosity in the world as Veveshoth, a likening in interest in the things above and blow. Their passions coincide, but also differ, and their expression might be a think that will keep them from ever truly bonding. Dakhanavarath is far too exaggerated and demonstrative.

Chironath's rules might possibly be something to be respected with age. He is a dragon with guidelines, even if he often bends those guidelines to suit his needs. Their tactician's minds find a common ground as well, for in the planning and out-thinking the fall of Thread, comrades are found.

Einarth is a brash creature, flashy and physical. He might be a good dragon to spar with, to test brute strength. He would be a reliable comrade in arms, if to be watched carefully for those instances of his gloryhound behavior within the wing.

Competitive! Oh boy, will he and Tasonth have some good times then, because that boy is all about competition and racing! Don’t be surprised if the bronze tries and goad Veveshoth into races quite often, and maybe a little mischief, but will your boy bite? Likely to be a bit of good conversation to go with that as well.


(The whys.)

Egg Inspiration:

Described by: Kelethin

Egg Inspiration: The Navi from Avatar. This film is one of my absolute favorite movies. I love the story, but I love the images and the world that was created. The detail that went into Pandora was amazing. The Navi themselves are interesting creatures, with their blue skin, long limbs and tails, ability to mentally link with any creature on the planet.


Dragon Name Inspiration:

I paid heed to the desire for a "soft" name that was luscious to pronounce. It was an absolute requirement it have a Star Trek affiliation so I searched. And I read until my eyes blurred until I got to to the Vulcan phrase ki'sarlah nash-veh which means "I have come". Vulcans are people of peace with a history of combat and guts. I had to struggle a little to work the "ev" in there you thought would be ideal but after encouragement from Co we liked it. He was originally named Vekashoth but it wasn't quite as "soft" as you may have preferred so bam! Changed easily. Though he had to wait a while to be properly named, Veveshoth won!

Dragon Inspiration:

You blue boy is created from none other than the Captain himself. It was fun getting to know what Picard was like as a young man because, whoa, never would have thought he'd challenge a Nausicaan. The pictures are from various sources over the internet so please don't sue. No credit is taken from their use nor are we making any money of 'em (I wish…)

B'ane took this one on head on. I'm a fan of Star Trek too and grew up watching TNG while eating Lucky Charms. The chance made me feel like I was doing a research paper again — hope I got an A. ;) Q'luin takes mad props for the mind voice running after a mere suggestion. And the rest of Co can take proper credit for working out the latter parts of the Weyr Relations.

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