Aadi's brown Torcoth
Dragonsfire's 53rd PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Naomith and Rhyolith’s clutch
Hatching Date: June 22rd, 2008
Egg theme: Freezeframes! Everyday moments as captured by a camera.

Shadow's Secrets Egg
A tangle of uninterrupted flesh kissed by voluptuous shadows tells little of the private whispers uttered or affections given. Is it lust or love? Familiar or stranger? One night or a lifetime? Innocent or not? A plethora of questions are left unanswered, but one thing is clear – sensuality is beautiful.

"I can forget my very existence in a deep kiss of you." —Byron Caldwell Smith

Hatch Message:
Shadow’s Secrets Egg snaps like a twig, shards falling in two perfect halves away from one another – coitus interruptus. With the barest flick of his tail, the lethally charming, good looking and utterly captivating, flirtatiously cunning, clever and just a bit of an action dragon, slips out onto the sands.

Hatchling Name:
Heinous Lupine Brown Dragonet

Dragon Description:


Sleek and sinuous planes of liquid chocolate slather across the hide of this stalwart dragon in continuous undulating tones designed to tease the senses, enrobing a long and seductive tail in a dark wave of bittersweet down to a blaze of white at tail's tip. Shoulders and hocks are shocked with grains of gunpowder as serious as any contact burn. Darkly dangerous, his wings unfurl to bathe the air in the power of midnight's caress, desire arching tantalizingly in the rich chestnut of rib and vein while talons of pewter glint softly, the dull sheen just an accent to overall potency and power.


Impression Pose (what the audience sees):
Heinous Lupine Brown Dragonet is waiting for her to notice him, but the sinuous planes of those expanded wings move just a little as he settles at this ones shuffling feet. The air is stirred and the breath that travels across the feet and up the valley of ribs will settle in the rise of her shoulder and the brush of her hair. Random is the path of that caress, the sweetest touch, for she is irrevocably his now and he demands those ribbons of fire to caress the length of his hide.

Impression Message (what you see):
The heavy weight of masculine voices in deep vibrato harmony echoes through a descending calm. At once the curtain of silence is dropped, leaving but one presence upon the stage of your mind. » Dia! « A nonchalant and oh so easy « You're looking particularly lovely over there. » crawls out of the hot air, a blend of nuances with only one goal. The purring voice sends you topsy turvy, almost spinning out of control, and then « Hold on. » Rays of light, rays of noise, come at you, envelope you, surround you, and there's that velvety voice wrapped around you. « You. I've got you. You're fine, just fine. You're mine.» «


"I stick to simple themes. Love. Hate. No nuances. I stay away from psychoanalyst's couch scenes. Couches are good for one thing." —John Wayne

This is a dragon with an ego. It's seriously all about him. He always knows best. « Aadi. Don't get involved. Walk away now. Because I /said/ so and what I say goes! » He's funny about that. When to get involved. When not to get involved. Whether he's right or whether he isn't - well, that depends on you. How far are you going to listen to him, or when are you going to decide that /you/ know best? (Two hotheads together - sparks will fly!)

"I won't be wronged, I won't be insulted, and I won't be laid a hand on. I don't do these things to other people, and I require the same from them." —John Wayne "The Shootist"

He doesn't take well to being told off, having to admit he's wrong, in any way, shape or form: it will, again, bring on sulking - just distract him with shiny things - like that boy. « You could sleep with him. » Or that girl, « you could sleep with her. » Or that herdbeast, « you could sleep with… oh go on. You're so unadventurous. »

Gender is a bit of a mystery to him. It's all about colour. He's brown. They're green, blue, gold, bronze. And people? Pink, brown, black. Herdbeast? Brown, black. See a pattern here? Brown comes up everywhere! He /knew/ it was the most important! So why does he only fly green (or possibly gold)? - They're the only colour that rise to be chased; that's how it works. He isn't actually sexually interested in other dragons outside of flights - although he'll drag you to EVERY one that he gets even the slightest sniff of, like a light going on in his mind - but he will try to pair /you/ up with everyone (or thing) left, right and centre. If you resist, well, that's your prerogative, he'll let you get away with it - just move right on to the next proposition. And if you score? Well, how could anyone resist you, paired to the wonderfully handsome dragon that is him?

He's a thief, too. Everything belongs to him, or to you, and from the very start of weyrlinghood your couch will be full of the possessions of others. (Have fun explaining that to everyone else in the barracks). Later on, your weyr will get filled up quite quickly of anything and everything that can be moved - whether it should be or not. It might be important now, it might be important later on. If it even looks the slightest bit like a gadget, he'll want that especially. He likes to know how they work, too, knives and hairpins and buttons and all these paraphernalia. So useless, yet so essential.

"If I insult you, you can be goddamn sure I intend to." —John Wayne

He's a flamboyant, not to mention fancy flier - perhaps unusual for a brown, but it's not like he has any time for stereotypes. He's a show-off too: « Hey ladies and gentlemen, look at /me/ go! » Look out for hair-raising last-minute loops up just when you thought a crash into the cliff was inevitable. And done with such panache it'll have you shrieking with glee. He's just as bad a showoff for you, too.

Other dragons will find him a bit odd, with all this tendency to extremes and this haughtiness, and though he'll put on the bravado and say he doesn't care, inside, he does, and you'll be the only one who knows this, and while at the same time you can help him soothe it, it will be a secret you'll have to keep very much to yourself. Because you know all his secrets - he let you know them, sure, but he trusts you with them the way he trusts no-one else. And he knows all your secrets too. Every last one of them and will care for you and protect you the way no one else has ever quite done before. Aadi's vulnerabilities just got outed in a big way to Torcoth! But he's the hero that'll be there for her.

When things got tough for Aadi, and there is no denying that she has had some big obstacles and pain that she has had to overcome in her life, she turned to rocks. No one has ever figured that out apparently. Well there was a purpose in that. Torcoth likes rocks - they are his chewing tobacco, his gum, his roll around in his cheek and spit at just the right moment t'baccy. Sure firestone has its uses, but it's the regular old rocks he uses for those every day moments of lounging with the guys and shooting the shit. Sometimes it's small, medium, or large rocks. Really, it depends on the moment and the mood. But then Aadi's had great practice sorting them, so we are confident she'll find them for him as well!

"What did you do without me?" —Captain Jack Harlness


If he wants the job done, he'll do it himself. If he delegates, it's the less important things. The less dangerous things. And if there's danger to be had, he's the first one in the mix. Living life in the fast lane.

And if he can't get his thrill with regular things, he'll get them other ways. Like timing it. Oh my, is this a dragon who likes to time it - although only in small ways, the ones he thinks you won't notice. He'll slip you through a day ahead or behind, a couple of hours here and there, and then /sit/. Extra time. It's a good thing, right? You'll forever be arriving at destinations and sitting around cooling your heels for a few hours. Or possibly even a day. But hey, that gives you more time to go and have an adventure! Not for him the mundane. Not when he can avoid it - which is most of the time.

"Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, hmm, nice, but could it be a bit more sonic?" —Captain Jack

Cocky arrogance is his calling card. Torcoth will be known far and wide for the smartalleck comments, and witty commentary for most any situation. You likely won’t be able to get through a whole day without him setting someone’s nerves on end with his brash swaggering dogmatic remarks.

Sidekicks are all well and good, but Torcoth is bred to be the hero, even if not everyone will always know it. He has his humble side, and most often it comes out in the form of humor. Not afraid to drop his drawers (metaphorically speaking) for the laugh (because what's under there is just that dam fine anyways and he's got no modesty to speak of), he'll find ways to keep you, himself and everyone else entertained, especially when his arrogance seems about to make him enemies. Well he'll try.

Torcoth is a solid mass of muscle and of good size unlike his sire, probably on the plus size of average. Not too big and not too small, he was designed to be the essence of Brown Dragon. He is all muscle and sinew combined with just enough bulk placed in just the right places to make him a force to be noticed. His wings are powerful and large. They batten down the air to push him forward with brute force and have the planes and muscle control for some spectacular aerodynamics. He is the Fireman's calendar of browns and he knows it to.

Mind Voice:
It is the sound of adrenaline. The loud throbbing pump of your heart beating fast in the rush of excitement, the roar of blood rushing to your ears and the tingle of expectation and danger. Extreme sports come to mind: the howl of the wind just before you leap from the plane; the swoosh of snow and ice before you careen snowboarding down a glacier; the flutter of canvas as you hand glide through air currents; the hum of a motor as you gear across the rocks and mud on an all terrain vehicle; the whisper of waves before you plummet down the rapids; the clink of metal against rock as you dangle in peril below the summit.

Mind Scent:
Stale dust, creosote bushes, crushed sagebrush, things connected to the arid Southwest. There are times when colorful flowers burst in salvos but, like their real counterparts, are rare and thereby more poignant to behold. Sometimes the scent of blood is expressed when he broods too much, a good sign that he needs imminent distraction.

Physical Voice:
The sibilant tones of polyphony are the seducer in this dragon's voice. Soft, velvety smooth and low they slither through ones mind like the snake of eden. Tempting, taunting, and enticing. At times angelic, at times seductive, always easy and loose. Nary a thought for the consequences, his cadence is rhythmic, flowing and steady; the act of making love brought to voice. Think of it as cowboys singing byzantine liturgy ;) Byzantine modern edge Dean Martin Byzantine Dean Martin AND Lorne Greene Lorne Greene

(Em is entirely responsible for this bizarrely insane blend of voices. Blame her, only her! Qi will have voted her out of the Music Nerd club and most everyone else is just hanging their heads and wincing!)

Growing will be uneventful for Torcoth, unlike many of the other weyrling dragons. He’ll grow in proportion, each spurt evolving evenly, going from cute dragonet to full grown dragon with mild repetitive jumps in size. None of those awkward stages for him.

This will be a good taunting point for fellow gawkily blooming dragons. « Nice tush, toots. Sit on a VTOL? »

He saunters, he sways, he struts. On the ground it's all in his hips baby, the centre of movement for this stud of a dragon when on the ground. In the air, it's wing movements and acrobatics and always always that sensuous swagger tail. He knows where it is at all times and it moves often with a will that might clearly be seen as independent of his brain. If you want to get somewhere in a hurry you'd best start early because Torcoth is a slow walker. Each foot placement is a direct representation between movement and the space he takes up. Many people can place him at a distance for this trait alone.

Torcoth is probably about the most normal eater in his group of clutchmates. When he's hungry, he eats, with gusto and enthusiasm to be sure, but it's just a necessity, sort of like breathing. When he hunts, he'll be swift, lethal, and quick about his choices. Why make a fuss over something you have to do regularly?

Get ready to spend a whole lot of time in ground weyrs Aadi, your boy is very interested in anything that can be flown. Lets just say that on occasion the firelizards might get a wee bit nervous - You now have a very nervous Prissy on occasion. We talked a bit about this in personality, because it is such a big part of his personality too. He's going to drag you to every flight that is out there. And it doesn't really matter if that dragon's rider is part of your family or extended, he's there, ready to throw himself into the chase.

Bold and brash and experimental with no boundaries and no limitations. He's going to take risks, be adventurous and be daring in the goal to catch. But after he catches and the deed is done (and a glorious deed it will have been for all involved), it's a hot and cold thing too, no mooning around after the flight is done - sort of a wham bam thank you ma'am and we're off « I hear Benden's queen is rising! »

If he catches a green/gold for the second (or third or fourth) time, he's just as remarkable, but it's still all about the moment. If you're interested in the rider and YOU happen to want to linger, he may deign to sit on a ledge, but really he won't be that thrilled about it. Find something to keep him occupied. If/When he manages to catch a Gold, he's not the partner that sticks around. Once she's in the family way, it's her problem. For him, there are new adventures to pursue just around the corner or over in the next Weyr.

Em's indulged in some oddly chosen (but she feels appropriate) flight music (and you can ignore every last one of them! She gets a little manic about it): Lorne Green Sexbomb by Tom Jones (oh I know, this is just mean but heeee) Lou Bega, Mambo No. 5 Sam Cooke, Takes a lot of woman Ameno - Era Hot House Flowers Lee Marvin, I was born under a wandering star. Pavoratti and James Brown, It's a man's world Canto gregoriana, Enigma Lifehouse, Hanging by a moment J. Lennon Thin Lizzy, The Cowboy Song Gordon Lightfight, Railroad Trilogy and Song for a Winter's Night


"He was a good man. Make sure that it says so on the patrol report." —John Wayne "Operation Pacific"

Completely dedicated to Threadfall, this is all out war for him. And he's in it for the win. It'll be a challenge to keep him in position and a challenge not to have him moving about into the other wings, the blues and the greens and even down to the golds. And he doesn't listen all that well, so you'll probably take the fallout for that too. When there's a dragon or rider lost to injury Torcoth will feel it personally. His keen will lament first and longest and everyone had better keep up or they'll get a charge of his temper. Respect merits respect.

"If you've got them by the balls their hearts and minds will follow." —John Wayne

You'll have to keep him busy. Left alone, he finds time to mope about what-ifs and might-have-beens and the comrades lost in Threadfall. Threadfall's a war and he sure as hell is going to win it. He's got drive, too, within the wing and he'll be trying to take over Wingleading and Wingsecond positions from the word go. « Follow me! » And in certain situations, he'll be trying to do the whole wing's job - he'll have more eyes on his wingmates and what they're doing than what he's doing. He thinks he's invincible - and it doesn't matter how many trips to the infirmary you have to take, he'll never stop believing it. « Better I get Threadscored than Asryth or Saironth. » Expect to be demoted first and promoted later, and then watch him shake up the entire wing system.

Weyr Relationships:

"See you in hell." —Captain Jack Harkness

Well. Doesn't that just explain everything. Torcoth is often aloof though not altogether a snob. He'll interact with those that seek interaction and will certainly say what he wants to say to whomever he pleases. Not to be mean, to be honest. Female dragons will always be esteemed over males, the latter looking up to him or hating him, one or the other. His clutch sister Kyraceth and he will either get along famously or will fight tooth, nail, and tongue. He shares similarities with Sorraiath who's also based on horses and gritty Westerns.


Egg Inspiration:


"There is no end. There is no beginning. There is only the passion of life." —Federico Fellini

Egg Inspiration: I spent a long time looking for a picture to represent one of the most beautiful things known to humanity. This one was perfect. You have to stare at it for awhile to actually see what is happening in the photo, and I thought it’d look fantastic on an egg. Besides, it’s /me/ that’s writing it. What did you expect? Fluffy bunnies? —Q'luin

Dragon Name Inspiration:
Torcoth - was inspired by "Torchwood". Enough said, we hope you like it. And N'lon likes it because he thought it sounded just like torque.

Dragon Inspiration:
You wanted a dragon based on Dr. Who. So we tried to blend some of the characteristics of the show and character into your special guy. Kezia is the brilliant mastermind behind all the Captain Jack Harkness personality and Wullan and Q'luin filled in the details, because Em just went "Wha?". The colour of Torcoth came from wild horses because Aadi had a special touch with runnerbeasts and the photo above was just too beautiful to pass up. We blended the hero of the future with the hero of old so that's where the cowboy parts came in. N'lon Waynified him and everyone went in and sexed him up (Torcoth, not N'lon!).

Please pass on Search Co's apologies to M'cay for Torcoth; we’re too scared to do it ourselves. Thanks!


I don't know why I act the way I do
Like I ain't got a single thing to lose
Sometimes I'm my own worst enemy
I guess that's just the cowboy in me

I got a life that most would love to have
But sometimes I still wake up fightin' mad
At where this road I'm heading down might lead
I guess that's just the cowboy in me

The urge to run, the restlessness
The heart of stone I sometimes get
The things I've done for foolish pride
The me that's never satisfied
The face that's in the mirror when I don't like what I see
I guess that's just the cowboy in me

Girl I know there's times you must have thought
There ain't a line you've drawn I haven't crossed
But you set your mind to see this love on through
I guess that's just the cowboy in you

We ride and never worry about the fall
I guess that's just the cowboy in us all

—Tim McGraw "The Cowboy in Me"

Emilia, Kezia, Wullan, Q'luin and N'lon worked on the dragon and inspiration but EVERYONE helped and chipped in on something, cause DF is a team and an oddly weird family in and of itself; oh, and Q'luin did the egg. Thank N'lon for the John Wayne parts and country song. Q'luin came up with the Jack Harkness quotes and Emilia is solely responsible for the awful music, cause she thought you'd laugh and maybe even enjoy some of it! The lovely drawing of Torcoth was created for you by Corana.

Much hootin and hollerin occurred when writing this dragon. We enjoyed it very much, but like any good man, he's moldable by a good woman. Take what you like and change the rest if you feel you have to. He is ultimately all yours!

Tia and green Kyraceth
Rh'iad and green Atsuth
Carolyna and green Granaith
S'tao and bronze Sephiroth
Sharyna and blue Koryuth
Dia and brown Torcoth
Ly'nar's and green Evarinth

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