Her earliest memories are of being a wild child amidst a clan of traders that operated out of the Nerat Peninsula. When she was only five, a group of holdless bandits wiped out nearly every member of Clan Dimitru. Her parents managed to escape with her in tow, believing every last relative that had been part of their trading family was dead.

Years later, they found themselves in the Fort Area, managing a messenger station that Tia became a part of as soon as she was old enough and had grown in enough stamina to do the cross-continent travel that was required of a messenger. It was her then-misfortune that she sustained an injury due to needlethorn that put her out of commission for some time, and she chose a change of atmosphere in which to recouperate and rebuild; Ista Weyr.

Change is something she definitely found, as she found herself waylaid by bronzerider Q'luin only months into her residency after Zhoreth lost a flight. Needless to say, nine months later the twins Qylia and Qisanti arrived in the world. But it was during that pregnancy that she discovered Tiago. Or, as he had been known to her a lifetime ago, cousin Santiago whom they often called Santi. Finding that she still had family alive was a blessing that she clung to, and Rhikiad would also find himself considered a part of her extended family as she spent more time in their company.

The next hatching seemed to ensure they would all remain close as all three of them impressed; her lifemate Kyraceth has had what some would call a naughty influence on her. But she can't have turned out too badly, since she proudly carries the knot of Weyrsecond, appointed by S'tao to be his right hand gal in running Ista Weyr.

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