T'syn's bronze Tasunth
Dragonsfire's 57th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Isyth and Sephiroth's clutch
Hatching Date: June 29th, 2010
Al'tair and blue Veveshoth
Klohi and green Harquith
I’es and bronze Einarth
Lisya and gold Meliaith
Ai'den and bronze Kaijuth
K'thin and blue Gallifreth
D'yce and brown Chironath
T'yr's Bronze Zarielth
Syvia's brown Dakhanavarath

Egg theme: Motion pictures! Moving pictures! Better known as cinematic movies!

T’syn, T’syn, Ta’sin,
What can we say? You captured our imagination and our hearts. Your character is interesting, unique, and something we definitely think would add really fantastically to the tapestry of Ista Weyr. The same goes for you. We want all that you got to give, and this is our bribe! A bribe that was carefully and enthusiastically crafted with many many hours of love poured in. We hope you love him, and more importantly – love your new home! But as in anything, this is simply a guideline. We worked tirelessly off of what you requested, and tried to do a good job with it. In the end, it is up to you to play your new dragon as you see fit! Welcome to Crazy Town!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co


Viva la Revolution! Egg
Voila! Voracious sable vexed by the virtual strikes of gory vermilion vivify this visage in unending voracity. A vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain attempts, in vain to van-guard against the vicissitudes of Fate. Valorous visitations, no mere veneer of vanity have vowed to vanquish these virulent vermin by vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition.


Hatch Message:

Viva la Revolution! Egg rebels in a glorious display of an absolutely fantastic explosion! The facade of V’s seemingly combusts from beneath as if a subway car sized bomb had been set off by a masked bandit. Pure and simple it’s a triumphant celebration of freedom as the occupant launches out, tired of being cooped up and more than ready to rock’n roll!

Hatchling Name: Lawless Street Savvy Bronze Dragonet

Dragon Description:

A diminutive personification of a bygone stallion, carefully molded by the loving hand of nature into a stylishly curvaceous copper bronze which is all broad sweeping strokes of the artist’s brush compacted onto a smaller than conventional canvas. The palette paints a star strewn equine bay, with black points trimmed in polished chrome that rides the sleek fastback ridge from his nebula brow to the flashy tail. As it spreads into the wings the silver takes a higher precedence than elsewhere, especially along the network of bones. Patina stratifies the cosmic void which reasserts dominance to darken along the trailing edge of windswept sails, but then loses again to the shine of scimitar piebald talons.


Impression Pose: (what the audience sees):

Lawless Street Savvy Bronze Dragonet gives the white haired girl what looks like a wink in passing as he heads on, seeking the one who will hold his reins, start his engine, and help him one day terrify the skies. Then it's there - he saw it! A flash of flesh, and the bronze is intrigued flowing forth as the leggy colt is eyed. Coming up close, the dragonet's snout is shoved up under Tryslan's robe, but only the hem so when he straightens again they are eye to eye. You'll do.
Lawless Street Savvy Bronze Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Tryslan.

Impression Message: (what you see):

A hazy noxious cloud of fumes overcomes your senses, rendering you momentarily hypoxic, drawing you into an all consuming ethereal euphoria that’ll leave you dizzy on your feet and blind to the world around you. An infusion of a hedonistic rhythm oxygenates your blood and reanimates your mind, taking over your soul, while your body is quick to follow as your pulse recalibrates to the luxurious throbbing bass line, and soon your heart beats to an entirely different tune than that of your own. The syncopate presence aims to alter your universe, starting one simplistic yet revolutionary thought at a time that is delivered with a sensual growl modified by the faintest twang. « We got things to do. » Dramatic pause. « Bad things. » Smirking silence. « Oooh so /good/ things. » There’s an enthusiastic build up « /Everything/. » When it finally comes, you know it’s coming, but still, it’s that moment you’ve been waiting for « T’syn, I want to do them with /you/. »

Set to: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vxINMuOgAu8



A compact, fastback, don’t give me any smack – put the peddle to the metal bronze. Out of the wild, crazy child, anything but mild! The body of a feral and a four wheeled mustang, the soul of a rebel, and the spirit of a stallion! That’s your boy!

If you have any lack of confidence at all, Tasunth will make up for it in spades. Confidence is something he has in boundless quantity. Don’t confuse this with arrogance; though he of course has that too, after all he’s a handsome boy, one of the most handsome, if not /the/ most handsome of his clutch – which in a few cases isn’t saying much, but back to the confidence! He’s born with the confidence of a full grown street rat turned master thief. We’re not talking petty theft here, we’re talking professional runner/horse/wagon/car thief.

Along with gaining the confidence from that quarter, he’ll also have excellent street smarts and will be able to get you both out of some really tricky situations with a little fantastic double talking. He’ll be cool headed and handling the moment either directly, or by filtering words and ideas into your head. « I got this. »

His eyes are cold and restless
His wounds have almost healed
And she'd give half of Texas
Just to change the way he feels
Well she knows his love's in Tulsa
And she knows he's gonna go
Well, it ain't no woman, in flesh and blood
It's that damned old rodeo

-Garth Brooks "Rodeo"

This slickness will be spent wisely, if copiously on the ladies as well, both his and /yours/ - no matter the gender, it’s the idea behind it. Make a mere mention of someone’s attractiveness and he’ll be stepping in and stepping forward « Hey, my boy over here has got an eye on yours. He thinks he/she’s pretty /hot/. How’s about we grab some wine and hit the beach? A little vino, a nice sunset, some good conversation… see where things go, ya know? »

These are the innate instincts of one born of the wild, born into a very dangerous world. He’s feral, he’s a party boy, but not a stupid one. Tasunth is keenly aware of everything around him at all times. It’s damn hard to catch him off guard, and even harder pull any sort of wool over his eyes.


He can spot a liar a mile off, and he’ll know when you’re bullshitting him too. This is not a dragon that will put up with that sort of thing. Sure he’ll go along with pretty much any misdeed you might have in mind, and will have plenty to drag you into too, but there’s a certain level of immorality that he will not partake of. Lying, browbeating, and the disrespecting of the innocent, especially physically, will not be tolerated. He is not a bully and will have an intense distaste for those that are, human or dragon, might even give them a taste of their own medicine. A firelizard that bullies will find themselves the recipient of some very unwanted attention by an angry dragon.

Honor is what you’d call it. Ever heard of ‘honor amongst thieves’? It applies to him. Sure, he’ll color the town purple, but will do so honorably! Sure he’ll steal the Lord Holder blind, but after all the fun is over, it’ll be spread around to the less fortunate – not all of it of course. The very best will go to you and him. You gotta live, right? And he expects to live /well/. Well and wild!


While he’s keeping an eye out and being honorable, Tasunth will be going balls out buck wild! Tear through the air, terrorize the skies, down and dirty wild. He wants to race /everywhere/ and /everyone/. « Come on, we can beat him! » It’s foot to the floor galore and no matter how much the Weyrlingmaster/Wingleader/Authoritarian-of-whatever-sort might want him to /slow down/, he’ll fight it. Not the unclever blatant way, but the sneaky ‘lets-go-where-they-can’t-see-us’ sort. Sneaking isn’t lying! It’s creative manipulating of matters.

Tasunth will always push for creative avoidance in lieu of flatout lying. That’s his philosophy – do not lie, just tell the truth in a creative manner that gives the answer that you need. That or don’t say anything at all. Silence is the essence of the art of avoidance. When the Wingleader says, “Fly slow and straight,” you don’t say, “Okay,” you smile an oversized smile that /seems/ reassuring that you’re agreeing, but in all reality it’s just a mask to cover what might be going on in your dragon’s head « Oh s/hell no! » This is what he has to teach and /will/.

You are a student of the mean streets of life and he is Professor/Master of Mayhem. He will teach you how to live la vida loca, but the safe and smart way because he wants you and he to live a really really long and very fulfilling life. But that doesn’t mean he’ll lecture you – nope, no way – he’ll educate you in his school of hard knocks with short witty bursts of knowledge and then it’ll be dropped. If you don’t listen that’s your problem, though if you get both of you into a situation, or in trouble, then he’s going to ride you like a pony until you drop! A constant stream of snark. Always inventive little biting comments that will make your eyes roll to the point they’ll want to pop, and his favorite saying will be the most annoying of all « I told you so! »

Above all, Tasunth adores his freedom and will want you to relish in yours too. Trying to tie him down, set up rules, give him parameters, will never ever work. He likes to run/drive/fly/live free in the wind with the top down enjoying the wild world around him. He’s an easy going fellow that will live (big) and let live until he, or you, what’s yours, or an innocent is threatened, and then he becomes dangerous. Teeth bared, hooves/talons flying, straight forward, take-care-of-my-own no bullshit. This will be /rare/. It’s only extreme cases, because yea it’s not fun and life is about free wheelin’ fun, but sometimes you gotta take care of business.


Tasunth won’t just be a bad influence on you (if that’s even possible), he’ll want to educate his clutchmates on the art of ‘making trouble; not mistakes’ as well, getting them to spread their wings, take some risks, live on the edge and yea, this’ll likely get you both in trouble, but he’ll try and do it really clandestinely, teaching them how to get around rules and regulations to have their fun.

/IF/ anyone gets busted though, he’ll own up. Again, the honor! He’ll do it gracefully too – wrists out and ready for the cuffs – just don’t expect him to stick around for the punishment once the punisher turns their back. It’s kind of a catch 22 that will have you spinning in circles in a constant state of trouble, especially at first while you both work each other out. First though, as he’s being cuffed he /will/ try and talk everyone out of the mess. Remember the silver tongue!

The clutch is his herd and he’s the stallion, right? This could cause major conflict with some of the other males in the weyrling class, especially the other bronzes who might want to claim the same bit of real estate. This /could/ possibly expand to the Weyr at large when he’s older. Don’t get it in your heard that he’s dying to be the Weyrleader’s dragon though, cause that job isn’t fun at all. If he does happen to end up there one day, he’ll do his duty, but /always/ with flair and always always always with enjoyment in mind. He’d be ‘the fun dad’ or ‘the fun teacher’ who educates and takes care of his kids in ways that are inventively pleasurable. Why take the fun out of life just to live? To exist? Heck no! Even firestone bagging can be fun if done right!




Flying with you lifemate will be a real adventure. If you thought Zhoreth’s little ride was thrilling, wait until Tasunth reaches the skies; that’s when the feral really comes to the fore. It’ll be rip roaring speed with adrenaline white-knuckle maneuvers in spades. Who would expect that from a bronze after all?! Make BIG bets while people are unawares! You'll clean up!

When I bestride him, I soar, I am a hawk: he trots the air; the earth sings when he touches it; the basest horn of his hoof is more musical than the pipe of Hermes.
~William Shakespeare, Henry V.

Tactician? Not a chance! It's all balls out, peddle to the metal, headlong, bit in the teeth crazy! Control? You’ll have next to none in the off hours, and while he’ll be more cautious during training and threadfall due to the others, there’s never been a more surefooted/winged bronze in all of history – or so he thinks. It’s that confidence rearing its head again.

It isn’t so much agility – he won’t be able to turn on a dime, he’s too big, even though he’s incredibly small for his color genre, but Tasunth’s still bronze, not blue or green – it will be more along the lines of - he’s so damn /aware/ that he’ll know right where to be long before anyone else does and will know exactly the ideal path to get there - right where to put each theoretical hoof.


He’s also incredibly good on foot, unlike the majority of dragons. He can cling to cliffs like those trees you see that appear to grow straight from the rock. Tasunth knows /exactly/ where and how to tuck those piebald ebony and ivory talons into nearly unseen niches. He’ll be « There’s a good spot, land there. » The other dragons will be more « There’s nothing to land on. » And your boy will mentally smirk and respond « Sure there is. » and will prove it, leaving the others perplexed as to how he managed it.

This ability will not just develop in cliff hangers, but all around. Clumsy? Not a chance. From birth he’ll be quite confident and capable of handling himself. You know those people who just have that innate ability to do something or another from the very first try? It always boggles the mind how natural it comes to them, and this is how he is on foot and in the air. It’s nature’s work at its best.

While Tasunth will do great on the ground, it’ll be the skies that he froths for, and will go there every chance he gets. The rule breaker? Yes. Wait for permission? No. Fly before everyone else? Probably. Those awesomely proportioned silvery black wings are the perfect tools of the trade, shaped for atypical maneuvering, ungodly unusual speed, and they’re pretty damn striking as well.

The only real problem is… those wings aren’t going to help him out in the longevity category that is usually innate to bronzes. He’ll still outlast any blue, and probably most browns, but outlast say… his sire? Probably not. He’s a compact male for his coloring, even pretty much flatout /small/, maybe the smallest bronze at Ista, if not Pern. Will this bother him? No. You? Could be. It means /yours/ is the /smallest/, maybe even a runt. There will be snickers, there will be concerns, there will be questions as to the authenticity of his actual coloring – you can count on it. For him it’s a point of pride that he can cross over pretty much all color genres (to a point) physically. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, but nowhere near all that they have to give. To Tasunth though, he /is/ The Awesome, who cares about size? Size doesn’t matter, it’s how you use it!


He’s an oldtime mini-muscle sports car, a GT500 to be exact, mixed and mingled with a wild horse, so he’s got those sleek lines following the stylishly curved angle of his sloe and chrome-spiked back, mimicking that of a fastback, with the long lean black stocking legs of a runner, though keeping with the compact proportions of his overall diminutive size. Tasunth is built like the little hotrod that he is, all svelte flashy muscle built for raw road racing.


With all this raw power at his disposal and that overwhelming need to fly hard and fast, you’ll be hard put to keep him contained – yes we’re back to that, but there was more to say. Tasunth is feral after all and will act every inch of it before a race or a flight: rearing against your hold, (abstractly speaking) ‘grabbing the bit in his teeth’, throwing his head around, making those bizarre defiant almost neighing sounds, derisively snorting, even pawing at the air at times. Good luck holding him back if you ‘give’ even the slightest, and well, even a lot of the time when you don’t!

In short terms his coloring is that of a bay, all coppery bronze, with silvery black points. The black comes in strongest as it rises up his legs, though the further it ascends the more invasive the reddish body color becomes until it disintegrates completely. It comes about again on his narrow crown, flowing freely with silver highlights down the line of his ridges right to that glorious tail that is a special point of pride for Tasunth. As it spreads into the wings the chrome takes a higher precedence than elsewhere, especially along the network of bones. Patina stratifies the cosmic black that reasserts dominance to darken along the trailing edge of sails.


One of his favorite times to fly/drive/ride is at night, sailing amongst the stars, racing the ones that streak across the sky, even though he knows he’d have no chance to win – it’s the act that counts – the /trying/. If you won’t go, he’ll go by himself because those stars, they are the end all, beat all, so magical, so so very far away, and such an amazing mystery. A mystery that is echoed all across his beautiful coppery bronzed hide in little gleaming pin points of white that sometimes cluster, like that which blazes upon the ridge of his face between the hypnotic eyes. Another example would be the keen scimitars at the end of Tasunth’s feet; his talons are piebald black and white and these he will want polished and oiled quite often - they are gloriously cool after all!

Speaking of he’ll want to be in ‘show’ form at all times, which means more baths than normal, and that translates into gallon after gallon of oil, and lots of buffing once it’s applied too! He’ll gleam like a copper pot or you’re going nowhere! « My hide is dull. » “The Weyrleader said we have to deliver this message right away!” « My /hide/ /is/ /dull/. » He’ll park his butt right there and won’t move until he’s challenging Rukbat with his shine. « Now, was it /that/ hard? » “…..” « You know, you could use a little buffing too. » Always with the wisecracks!

Mind Voice:

Badass, whoop ass, ‘most likely to kick ass’ in the class, party rock, wearin’ only a sock, country tahlkin’, trouble hockin’ crooner. That’s what he is, or what his voice is. A little bit country, a little bit rock n’ roll! It’s that powerful somewhat crusty, somewhat husky, somewhat twangy, somewhat yowling, somewhat raunchy voice you hear every time there’s a raging party in someone’s backyard, or out on the back acres, or up in the barn, wherever it is, everyone is drinkin’, dancin’, causin’ trouble, and havin’ a hell of a lot of fun!

Crank it up! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BxgeSv88c2w


The atmospheric elements are in tune with the two types of mustangs, both horse and car. Flip open the hood, crack a beer, strip down to your waist, and crank up the rowdy tunes! Toss on some jeans, your craggy cowboy boots, grab your tack and some grain for a bribe. We’re goin in! Here you’ll find the heady scent and oily texture of grease, the putrid nasal burn of gasoline, neon green antifreeze, cloying exhaust, oil pan murk, break smoke, burning rubber, the scent of hot sticky streets as the asphalt radiates heat waves in the dead of summer, new car smell, old car smell, the scent, sights, and sounds of the track during race season, the sour scent of a looser, the excited vibrations of a winner, the sound of a car horn, the feel of the saddle horn in your hand, thundering hooves, snorts that spray, hooves on planks, the rattle of a stall door, the texture of grain, the slush of bran mush, sprigs of wiry tail hairs, rangy winter coats, the soothing salty scent of a horse’s hide, the scent and texture of naturally mown grass, the scent and texture of ‘processed’ naturally mown grass, the sensation of runnin’, buckin’, rearin’, truckin’ through the fields, hoofrot, horse snot, whatever the hell you got! The list goes on, and on, and on, and on… The sky is the limit, put your head in it!

But /don't/ don't don't forget the leather! Freshly oiled leather on a hot summer day - the smell you get when you open that door for the first time, or climb onto that saddle after strapping it to his back. And the /wax/ (especially canuba wax). Because only the true racer and car lover knows that waxing your car maximizes speed to the finite second. Get it polished bright and /gleaming/, the sun glinting off chrome details of car and saddle/bridle alike.

He also has his own bpal scent: Highwayman

A brace of loaded pistols
He carried night and day;
He never robbed a poor man
Upon the king's highway;
But what he'd taken from the rich,
Like Turpin and Black Bess,
He always did divide it
With the widow in distress.

Stand and deliver! Vetiver with gardenia, blood red rose, night-blooming jasmine, a dash of cinnamon and a faint hint of leather.


Physical Voice:


Your Tasunth is a physical talker – he likes to make noise and let be known his wants and thoughts to the beings not connected to his brain. So he’s prone to make a whole slew of sometimes embarrassing noises that are better off left in the barn yard or the garage.

When idling his voice is more a rumbling sputtering purr, and as he starts to take off it rolls faster and faster until it builds into a full throttle throaty roar.

Idling: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yPiIuajEkoY
Taking off: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1_MUi4B2sk

He’ll make a mind bogglingly loud roaring sounds, mixed with sharp ear piercing screams when angered or challenging.


When flirting, or calling to the females it’s a friendly flickering nicker:: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FgJnW_fFwcQ


He’ll even be noisy when he sleeps! Good luck trying to sleep during weyrlinghood! Though, once you get used to it, maybe it’ll be a soothing sound in the end? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o2zh7BesS34&NR=1

Then you have the absolute AWESOME when things are not quite right, giving him that itchy twitchy feeling (The slowed down bit is damn like a horse and car mixed, but you have to wait for it – the sound comes at 1:37 and again at 2:28. The part to follow is when he’s little and gets into the sugar jar. ;-) ) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9tUc9QrHco

When he’s in a good mood, goofing around, it’s reverse farting/burping, also known as cribbing. It could be a sound used when surprised too. : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hWGU9Cqkt4I

A useful research link:


Tasunth will grow like a runner when he grows at all. It’ll be in stages that move along so slow it’s hard to tell he’s growing at all, but as you compare sizes of straps, or how the empty space in the couch is shrinking, you’ll realize that he actually /is/ growing, even if no one else believes it. That’ll be a point of contention. You’ll likely hear it from all around, because ‘they’ (whoever they are) think he’s a runt, think he won’t grow, think he’ll be smaller than a green /forever/ - or at least they’ll tease you about it. Tasunth won’t give a bunny’s ass about any of it and he’ll proudly point out the small accomplishments that he /is/ making in growth, but only to /you/, to make you feel better if you get bothered by it, he doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. If you don’t care – then it’s all smooth sailing!


The first few stages will be very coltish – all gangly, knobby knees, wiry. The very first being the newborn foal, though he will obviously not have the instability with those bizarrely long legs… the legs that are wildly out of proportion with the rest of him, and that oversized head that he’ll eventually grow into.


Then onto the awkward looking weanling who has almost grown into those parts, but is still pretty rough looking.


But then Tasunth will start growing into himself, though will remain really lean through the yearling stage, yet showing really great promise for the full handsome glory that he will eventually become once those muscles have thickened, fleshing him out into one very handsome boy that the others will only be able tease about size, and even only then because of absolute jealousy of his overall awesome.



Movement, ooooooh movement. Say that all sexy like, ooooooooooooooooouuhhhhhhh mooooovemennnnnnnnnnntahhhhhh. Sounds stupid, but seriously, he’s one sexy beast and he moves in such a way that even the males will have avert their eyes in fear of a chemical reaction.

Graceful is such a feminine word for something that is so absolutely masc-U-line. Capitol U there for Undeniably masculine. He moves like a stallion in all their brilliance: feral, powerful, yet amazingly aesthetically lissome, with smooth flowing motion that is much like the passive ripples on the surface of a breezy lake.

And Allah took a handful of southerly wind, blew His breath over it, and created the horse….
Thou shall fly without wings, and conquer without any sword. Oh, horse.
~Bedouin Legend

Exquisitely skilled at any speed, Tasunth will absolutely kill in fourth gear. It’s raging loco-motion that is balls out brilliant to behold. He’s a racer - one that knows how to hold himself in around corners, only to slam the peddle down on the straightaways. Sure he’ll slide a bit going ‘round, but that’s a great time to swing the tail around to stick it in another’s face – it’s called Drift and he does it sharding brilliantly!! With his weight + size ratio + flying skill, he’ll pretty much clean house on the Drift.

His gate in the skies is curvaceously controlled; the elasticity of his sinew making him surprisingly dexterous for his color genre. This will help with the bigger boys. He’ll kill Zarielth and Sephiroth in a head to head on a shorter track, but there’s some blues and maybe greens that will do likewise to him. Over them he has range though, and that killer Drift!


We already talked about his abilities on the ground, and he’s really decent there too. Better than most, and yea, he’ll race there too!! Especially the off-road sort of races, because he’s got the edge with his crazy sure-footed wild horse skills. Feral horses know exactly when to grip, and when to let go, how to travel paths through the mountains most people couldn’t even spot, and they can JUMP! It’s a crazy hop that they do, sort of run, lunge into the air kinda leap, then all four feet down rolling motion that sets them off on the other side at a fast clip.

(They're a bit confused about the arab but motion nice!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_dszWTQgCHI



Tasunth is a grazer, obviously not because he’s lazy, but rather food is something to be savored, mealtime is a moment to be /experienced/, enjoyed, and shared with friends if at all possible. Eating is an /event/ that will take /for/ever/ - don’t rush him! Only the mention of a race could break him away from this pleasure, and even then it will be with a couple remorseful backward glances and a weighty sigh « It was sooo good. »

For him it will be quality /and/ quantity, because your boy burns a lot of energy and we all know where energy comes from. Flesh is fuel and he’ll need only the highest grade that can be found on Pern. Tasunth’ll be choosy, taking his time, and eventually mixing and mingling the elements of his meal, going for the high octane, performance enhancing mixture of caprine and herdbeast that is going to guarantee his speed and endurance will be unlimited. Should you try and pass off regular (stringy wherry) for premium (fatted calf), he’ll bulk and buck, snort and fart until you comply with his tastes.

Your boy is a hotrod, a muscle car, a lean mean /fuel/ burning machine. Lack of fuel economy is definitely an issue, and while he /loves/ to eat it takes quite a bit of effort to get him there because he knows once he is, he’s there for a good long time - Tasunth knows himself really well – so you’ll have a struggle on your hands. “Time to eat.” « In a bit; I’m busy. » “You’re running low.” Gusty dragon sigh « I’m /fine/. » He’ll putter along for awhile and then out of nowhere start sputtering, and almost instantly stalls out completely (wonky fuel gauge). « I’m hungry. » “!!!!” Now he can’t move, so you’ll have to /bring/ him the meat, and once he’s big enough for the pens there could be times when you’ll have to shove and push and heave him to the corrals, and then actually chase a beast at him so he can take it down with those scimitar talons. He’s quick, he’s efficient, but if he misses, well, « Run it at me again. I’ll get it this time. ». Eventually he might learn to gauge his levels, but at the start it’s going to be a lot of frustration – at least for /you/.



Flights are one of Tasunth rare times where he’ll get really worked up, but you can’t really blame him, there are SO many factors involved here: the /race/ factor (Race for a prize?! Oh hell yea!), the instinctual breeding factor, the damsel in distress factor – because yes, in his mind, the damsel needs saving from some of these sinister males that have sprouted up all over the place. What if one of them won? What if she had to endure their less-than-honorable intentions? Okay, his intentions aren’t all that honorable either, but they aren’t flat out wickedly lecherous. Greens and golds are damn sexy, the way they move, those lusty curves, the way their tail seductively winds about his mind —— oh wait, where was I? Yes, he’s a lech like anyone else, but not a wicked one!

He’ll start out bonkers enthused (see what was said about the inability to contain the crazy), and then it will build, and build, slowly consuming him until Tasunth’s feral stallion instincts take over mind, body, and soul, bringing to the fore the /need/ to /own/ this female. Crazy wild eyes, flaring nostrils, tensed muscles, nickering need! She must be part of his herd, and so that’s exactly what he’ll try and do time and time again, herd her away from the rest, tear her out of the pack and make her /his/. At least for the monumental moment.

When the moment is over, so slowly dissolves the need of ownership. Herd? He’s once again fine being the bachelor stallion wandering the plains with his homie – you. Your boy is not one to linger long, but not because he’s that wham bam thankyouma’am lech, it’s more a ‘I got places to go, people to see, things to do’ and lying around here cuddling just ain’t his thing. Instincts are over, it’s time to roll.



Tasunth is a great flyer, so of course he’s going to be good at fighting Thread, especially since he goes at it differently than others. To him it’s a game, a very serious one, but a game nonetheless. A competition even. Sear as many strands as you can in the allotted space of time – the allotted space of time would be worked by the size of his fuel tank and the rate of drain on energy stores. This is a game he’ll really enjoy and will incorporate everyone around him, even if /they/ aren’t playing along.

Flame! « That’s 14! I’m one ahead of you Zhoreth! »
A burst of flame nearby « Oh! Great burnage, Dakhanavarath! That puts you in the lead! »
« I got this one! » Sear! « That’s and even 20! »

Even while in the moment – in the game – he’ll be watching his every move with a keen eye, knowing right where he is, right where his wingmates are, and will cleverly know exactly where to be when that clump tangles down from, writhing all nasty-like right up to the moment that he sure-footedly slides into place to burn it all to hell. Satan would be amused.

Never send a man to do a horse's job. - Mr. Ed

While the competition continues he will not be careless, oh shells no, Tasunth is not the careless sort. The WILD sort yes, the crazy sort, absolutely, but never careless with you or others. Too many horror stories, too much Kitty Ping invested instinct to ever be stupid while flying a Fall. It’ll be crazy cool flying right up to the point before it becomes idiotic. Later? When there’s no creepy nuisance being flung from that repulsive glaring Red Planet - oh yea! “Crazy Horse” is his name, but not now, no way. You can’t call him “Sensible Sam” either, but maybe “Balanced Baltrek”. The right amount of crazy mixed with the perfect seasoning of sensible. – Back to the competition!

« Gotcha, you ugly lame excuse for a menace! Not so sharding menacing when you’re ash now are ya?! » Affecting arrogance « Gallifreth! Are you going to let me outdo you like that, buddy?! »

When he comes to an end, it’s The End – get out right now before the last sputter or Game Over!


Sputter. To T’ry’s « We gotta hurry! Sephiroth is ahead of us! I’m almost out! » Sputter. Spuuutttttteeerrr »Blink« and you’re gone ::between:: in the last second and he has to coast to a land on the other side, fuel spent to the last drop.

Weyr Relationships:

This part is really easy, because he’ll pretty much get along with anyone who isn’t an asshole. The ones that are, well he’ll be okay with them as well as long as they aren’t an asshole to him, or even more so, an asshole bully.

This means he’ll get along famously with Meliaith, because you can’t find any dragon within the clutch further from the definition of a bully. That means he’ll likely really like her and enjoy trying to pull her into his brand of mischief.

Harquith and he will get along good. Well, most of the time! She’s got that tendency that when it reaches its extreme might put him off, but he’ll understand her good. They got a lot in common, especially the devil may care attitude.

Veveshoth is a good guy, with an interesting mind that Tasonth can easily respect. They should get along just fine, and will have some great conversations. Will they part ways when it comes to mischief and mayhem? Maybe, maybe not. The tamer sort, maybe Veveshoth can be talked into, but we'll see! More so! They're both competitive, so go in for the races!

Kaijuth can be easily lead into things, so this would be a prime target for some mischief mentoring! It won’t take a whole lot to set him off, especially if there is some destruction involved.

Einarth is the sort of dragon just about anyone can get along with, if you can get past that ego. But lets just ignore than and have some fun hotdoggin'. Einarth is the go-to dragon when a guy just wants to get out and break a few rules, have some good laughs, and raise a little hell.

Dakhanavarath is a trip. Probably about the nicest guy in the clutch, 'til he goes all nutters and freaky. He can be a riot though when he gets going.


Zarielth! Oh boy, if it wasn’t bad that T’syn and T’yr had the big brother little brother thing going on, but now it’s spread to the dragons too! This could very easily cause a conflict, a hell of a lot of it really. Word has it that if Tasunth isn't inclined to something Zarielth wants, he might literally try domineering over his smaller brother. GRRR! Bully of the worst sort! Bully big brother!! Well, lets see how it fleshes out.


Egg Inspiration:

Described by: Madri

Egg Inspiration: I am and always have been a lover of this particular film, especially the language used within. And the visuals. To me it's one of those rare films that can be watched over and over and over again and never lose that same level of fascination for me. I have never based characters off of this theme, so the egg gets to be my first real exploration into that, but /oh/ how one day I'd love to bring 'V' on camera in Pernese version. (Just don't expect me to try and use 'v's all the time).

Picture: http://jazimomo.files.wordpress.com/2008/09/v-for-vendetta-logo-wallpaper1.jpg

Dragon Name Inspiration:

This name made me crazy for quite a long time, a long long time actually, and I didn’t find it until the very end and when I did I thumped myself hard in the head. A real ‘duh’ moment! I wanted a name that fit everything about your dragon, fit what you wanted, and well, sounded nice. I hope I managed!

It comes from Tasunke Witko – Crazy Horse (Lakota: Tȟašúŋke Witkó (in Standard Lakota Orthography), literally "His-Horse-is-Crazy"; ca. 1840 – September 5, 1877) was a respected war leader of the Oglala Lakota.

A little cool extra I found: As a Native American symbol, the Horse symbol meanings combine the grounded power of the earth with the whispers of wisdom found in the spirit winds. The Horse has long been honored has helper, messenger, and harbinger of spirit knowledge to the Native American. Considered wild and an emblem of freedom, the Native American sees many potentialities in the symbolic nature of this noble creature.

Dragon Inspiration:

Tasunth actually started out very different in the notes and ideas than he evolved and that was because we saw that you wanted Tryslan to be the ‘devil may care’ sort and we wanted to let that continue to develop, but give him a designated driver, the really fun sort that doesn’t sulk and sit in the corner, but rather parties far better than all the mindless drunks who won’t remember anything the next day. He’s that guy. He’s the one who remembers his wild and crazy youth, and actually never grew out of it, just ‘evolved’. The eternal big kid. Not the bonkers dad that embarrasses their kids, but the one whose kid hears, “Your dad is SO /awesome/!” all the time and promptly responds, “I know!” The teacher that everyone fights to get into their class. The boss that so easily rallies the masses to steal 50 cars in one night.

Tasunth is based on the genre of Car Chase Movies. The original thought evolved from two things you said/showed in your questionnaire and my (Qi) bonkers way of thinking. You said Tryslan would be a GT350 (go mustang!) and you presented that picture of a horse, which to me looked a lot like a wild mustang, SO! It evolved into a mustang car and a mustang horse, which rolled around in my head and came out as Eleanor…


From Gone in 60 Seconds…


Which is a GT500 (Close!)…


Which flowed into – you got it — high octane car chase movies! So you got a bit of Smokey and The Bandit, The Italian Job, The Blues Brothers, The Road Warrior, and many many more. So your Tasunth is a little bit country, and a little bit rock ‘n roll!

Just in case you are not aware, when I say silvery black ‘points’, I mean that in equine terminology. While I’m well aware of what they are, I wanted to make sure you were, so I turn it over to Wikipedia! ‘Bay is a hair coat color of horses, characterized by a reddish brown body color with a black mane, tail, ear edges, and lower legs.’ /and/ ‘The black areas of a bay horse's hair coat are called "black points", and without them, a horse cannot be a bay.’

Play list:

Wyn found this and we thought it was interesting enough trivia to put it here: A little less known fact about the origin of Ford's Mustang: Its predecessor was the Ford Falcon, but this pony car was actually named after a fighter aircraft turned racing aircraft. The North American Aviation P-51 Mustang was an American long-range single-seat World War II fighter aircraft. After World War II and the Korean War, many Mustangs were converted for civilian use, especially air racing. The Mustang's reputation was such that, in the mid-1960s, Ford Motor Company's Designer John Najjar proposed a new youth-oriented coupe automobile be named after the fighter.

Useful link: http://screencrave.com/2009-01-05/best-car-chase-scenes-ever/

A lame representation of his awesome hooves/talons: http://www.naf-uk.com/img/products/range/hooves-1.jpg


Credit! That should be given to every stunt man/woman/person in the long long long history of the car chase. I’d also like to give thanks to evolution and the Spanish for bringing all those crazy horses over here and accidentally unleashing them. To the Native Americans for seeing a grand opportunity and taking it! In otherwords credit goes to the mustangs and their makers of every sort. As for the abuse of words, photos, and quotes? That’s all Q’luin’s fault, with Wyn throwing in some great ideas. The car chase theme is totally Qi’s fault too, and you KNOW the music choices belong to him as well. *WickedGrin*


Bellow written by: Antuan Goodwin - CNET

The Keystone Cops

The silent Keystone Cop films, produced between 1912 and 1917, practically invented the movie car chase. These bumbling lawmen were often depicted crowded onto their jalopy to the point of overflowing into the street as they chased down the baddies.

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