Lyanisra was born at Telgar Hold, the daughter of a very wealthy set of parents; her father a master jeweler, her mother the Headwoman. A little girl with a silver spoon in hand, she spent time with the Blooded and intermingled comfortably with those of wealth /and/ rank, not just wealth. Her childhood was full of simple, pure delights; her true goal in life at the time was the same as her parents' was for her. To properly marry into the Blood, of course. Lyanisra was /certain/ she would be a Lady Holder someday, if, perhaps, not of Telgar.

By the time she was fourteen, though, she was bored with this plan. Her father had shown her the Smith Hall many a time, and she over the years became more and more fascinated with glasscrafting. On seemingly a whim she apprenticed; it turned out, after her acceptance, that she had a great gift for glassblowing indeed. On the fast track to promotion, or so she hoped, she completely forgot about her hopes and dreams of marriage. While she was still a bit of a snob, glassblowing had all of her focus.

Life at the Hall was good for Lyanisra. She made senior apprentice, and right around then found herself falling right into her old life plan: she fell in love with a minor Lord's son, and he with her. While they did not wed, they made teenage promises of staying together forever — promises that lasted until about two weeks after Lyanisra was made Journeyman at 21. Her lover was Searched for Telgar's recent clutch, and he agreed on one condition: Lyanisra come along, too.

Begrudgingly, she did. She thought she would do anything for love, after all. And she didn't think either of them would Impress. As it turned out, she was wrong, and so had the Search dragon been, for while her boyfriend was left standing, Art Lover's Holiday Green Mahuizoth found her lifemate on those sands and turned Journeyman Lyanisra into Weyrling Sra.

Her weyrlinghood was anything but uneventful. Mahuizoth was wild and difficult to control; she loved Sra and always wanted to make her happy, but it was a difficult bond, as 'the rules' were not something Mahuizoth was all that interested in, and if Sra advised against something, the green would often ignore her, citing 'fun.' Nevertheless they graduated, and somehow despite this tendency to be intractable in personality and action, when it came to proper Weyr duties, Mahuizoth was perfect. They were tapped and lived quite well as a wingriding pair; when Sra was twenty-seven and Mahuizoth six, they were promoted to Weyrlingmaster's assistants, and second-in-command for training the latest clutches.

This job suited Sra just as well as glassblowing — though that was something she had never stopped doing, frequently visiting the hall and making pieces as gifts or for herself. (The fact that she stopped selling works certainly bothered some of her fans!) Shortly after her thirtieth turnday, though, trouble hit the two: Sra came down with pneumonia and Mahuizoth decided to rise at about the same time. The flight resulted in an injury to the impetuous dragon on top of her rider's illness. Healers advised a departure from the harsh weather of Telgar, and Sra put in a request to transfer to Ista Weyr.

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