Soteria was born and raised in Southern Weyr, one of many weyr children with rather anonymous parantage, though chances are they were one of the many riders who've taken residency there or even retired there from Ista. She has garnered a reputation as a shy child, a little eccentric and odd, though not without some sense of responsibility. Primarily she has turned fashion and taste into her outlet for rebellion, often dressing in dark or exotic colors with wild hairdos, not to mention tending towards lurking around at night and avoiding too much sun. As the heat in Southern makes life in the evenings far more bearable than during the day, this was not overly disturbing behavior. Like most weyr children, she took on chores where and whenever needed, learning various skills useful to those living down in Southern, with a particular interest in weaving and sewing, though never formally apprenticed to the Weavercraft.


By chance sometime after her eighteenth turn, a newly retired queen at Southern rose again to everyone's surprise, resulting in a small clutch laid in the Sands but astonishingly also including a queen egg. All available youngsters residing at the Weyr were presented at the Hatching. The golden dragonet who hatched was as exotically patterned as a queen could get and so closely matched Soteria in looks that there was little surprise that Lilyth Impressed her. The next few turns were spent in training with the rest of the clutch till they were old enough to go North and join the forces at Ista Weyr.

Lilyth's first maiden flight and resulting clutch were laid in Southern, not a large one but not unusual for a young queen. However more recently, her second flight was at Ista Weyr and it was Q'luin's Zhoreth who caught her, resulting in a clutch of forty eggs. As to a relationship with the bronzerider, much yet remains to be seen, though it appears that the two of them have gotten along rather well and have been seen speaking comfortably together while watching over the eggs on the sands.

The flight resulted in more than just a clutch, Soteria also birthed a son named Qiterin. It was a few turns later however, that Southern Weyr required their former junior back and Soteria returned to her original home as a temporary transfer. She chose to foster her son at Ista however, so that the boy could stay with his many half-siblings and father as well.

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