E'siac's Brown Shaarth
Dragonsfire's 55th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Lilyth and Zhoreth’s clutch
Hatching Date: May, 30 2009
Egg theme: Cultural Celebrations

E'siac buddy,
You are definitely a player that gets into the challenge of the game. The bigger the challenge, the more enthused you seem to be. We like this. The grand hope is that you will carry this on and continue to challenge others. We’re wanting to harness some of that frenetic energy you exude for ourselves, and most definitely Ista and everyone who follows. We’re not just spending hours upon hours on an awesome dragon for you for our own health, the fantastic hope is that you will be inspired and stay with us for the long haul, and share your abilities, energy, and experience with future generations of Ista Weyr. Welcome!

Your dragon has a fullon soundtrack, but this is the main attraction! Listen to it while reading, and enjoy! -

-From Ista Weyr Search Co


Up-Helly-Aa Egg
Engulfed by bright flame, licks of orange and yellow writhe and hiss, spit and consume this egg, leeching copper from dusk-brown planks and splinters. Smudges of silhouetted horns and wings and dragon's heads are reflected and magnified in the fiery contours, amber sparks threatening to ignite even the inky-black that halos the shell.

Hatch Message:
Up Helly Aa Egg is engulfed by the flames that writhe around it, expanding in the heat almost to white before collapsing in upon itself, hot dry winds escaping and rolling away to leave nothing but sand dusted all over the dragonet within. A little shudder clears the sand from a wingtip, the second shakes enough away from the head to reveal a Sahara brown hatchling.

Hatchling Name: Desert Labyrinth Brown Dragonet

Dragon Description:


Languid suede undulates over a sandy landscape of sinew that forms dunes, variegated in hue from sun warmed buff across the austere plains, to a shadowy camel which defines the shifting peaks. Sepia wings with sweeping sails augment an already imposing silhouette; lubs’ impressive length darkened only faintly by dun lowlights. Immensity gains intensity in the presence of subdued lines that etch an indomitable poise upon the vast hide, unadorned until reaching the tiled intricacies of the cobra which mark his long mesmerizing tail, a hint to inner wealth.

Impression Pose: (what the audience sees):
Desert Labyrinth Brown Dragonet has no pause, for he already 'knew long before he was born upon the world. There is only one, and that one is right in front of him, now moving away. Hey wait a minute! With a hearty headbutt into Essiach's mid-region, his presence is inflicted with atomic force! The black-haired boy is tagged. You're it!

Impression Message: (what you see):
An overbearing sepia light consumes the world, banishing sights, sounds, and thought. You are at once transported to a vast expanse of nothingness, not shattering cold like ::between::, but rather intensely hotter than hot: searing your mind, burning at your soul, burrowing down deep to your very core. All at once there is a single sound, a distant whirring roar that slowly rises in volume until your ears hurt, and your head aches. Then it comes, a nimbostratus cloud of sand, bearing down on you in a storm of emotion. Soon your skin stings from the granules of thought that pepper, finding microscopic rifts in your flesh to invade, tearing right to the base of your existence to deliver a single all-consuming statement in your mind: « You, E’siac, have much to learn. We’ve many miles to travel, but through every last one we will be together! »

Based on a sandstorm:


On the surface your dragon looks austere, maybe even boring to folks without an eye for the true beauty of the desert, but if you were to turn Shaarth inside out, the magnificence would be unmistakable. A complex creature, with a mind like a maze, and thoughts so ornate that sometimes his rhetoric can overwhelm. This can be worked to your advantage. For there is no better salesman than the one that can talk people under with embellishments that are meant to lose them much like one can in the labyrinth souks of Morocco.

« Oh have a cup of tea, we'll be friends, you are my friend but if you buy something you will be my friend a thousand times. »

Maybe you can market him out, because he has the inside track on dragonriders via their lifemates. A shrewd businessman who can be annoyingly polite when in the throes of a sale. Shaarth has the habit of barking things out, reallysuperfast, meant to stun the folks around him and throw them off balance so they will land right where he wants them.

But why would you need a salesman? Because Shaarth is a collector of things – sometimes fine, and sometimes just /things/. Things which he will in turn want to sell. You do realize that this means /YOU/? He will badger you into buying things he thinks are deals, adding to the vast eclectic collection you already have stored up in your weyr. There will be this drive to find things never seen before. That thing that no one /needs/, but ohmygosh want! That thing that makes people double-take, and gawk, and oh! outloud. Cause they /want/ that! Each time they do he’ll preen loudly. « I knew it. »

Like the salesmen in those souks, he’ll get right in your face when he’s talking REALLY LOUDLY in your head. Directly in your space, crowding in. Right up close! You and everyone else. On the outside it might look as if he’s really angry and arguing with someone, when in all reality he’s just REALLY EXCITED about something.

But like those old men, and the hidden treasures of Marrakesh’s medina, there is so much more to him than that.

Family is his weakness, as well as his strength. You are number one in his world, just like the first born son. The sun rises and sets because you exist. He’ll also be very protective, of you and his clutchmates. Mother and father he doesn’t remember so much, but they still hold a place inside of him. That protectiveness though, translates to ‘place’ as well. Family space is family space, so your little-big brown will be the one who will most likely ‘guard’ the barracks. Don’t anyone interfere here! Then it will be transferred to your weyr. Strangers are barely tolerated and definitely watched very closely and suspiciously. The same person he was just talking to in the bowl about being “best friends” walks into the barracks uninvited and WHAM! He’s on it and angry.

You do /not/ want to mess with a Moroccan, and the same is true with Shaarth. Fierce, volatile, and relentless! The family won’t be immune to this, which could result in some serious rows that might bring the weyr down. Thankfully that won’t happen often.

Arguments are pretty much useless with him. HE WILL WIN! And if somehow he doesn’t, oh man, you don’t want to be around him. Everyone from that point on will get /attitude/. Afterall, he knows /everything/, and /everyone/. If he doesn’t know someone, he’ll know someone who does. You know, the ole: « I know someone, who knows someone, and I can get you the /best/ deal! »

About the bit of him knowing everything – he’s assured on this. Even if you aren’t, he is. He’s positive his knowledge is better than the written word, even if he can’t remember what happened last month. This will appear often in a strange brew of home remedies. Shaarth will have a remedy for /everything/. Sometimes crazy, and sometimes you might wonder if there isn’t a bit of knowledge backing it, but for him it’s always the /right/ thing to do.

You have a stomach ache and diarrhea? « Stick a clove of garlic in your butt. » « No, serious. One clove. It works every time!! » Very adamant.

This can get a bit out of hand when he’s poking and prodding you for his own ailments, which are numerous. Even though dragons aren’t supposed to get sick, he manages to whip himself up into a frenzy because /he is/. That’ll drive the dragonhealers nuts too.

« Go get The Dark One. » His title for Q’luin. « We flew too long in the wind and I think I have a tickle. » He and Zhoreth will probably get to know one another quite well through this.

This will be transferred on you as well. Hypochondria touches everyone around the infected. Cause you all /are/ /INFECTED/.

« You seem a bit pale today. Did you sleep okay? How does your head feel? You seem dizzy. » ”I just woke up.” « Yes, but you seem more dizzy than usual. » ”I JUST woke up! Lay off until I’ve had my klah!” « But klah will make you twitchy. Then you’ll get edgy, and then you’l- » ”STOP ALREADY!” « —yell at me. » Sulk. « I was just trying to help. You’re unwell. I can tell because you’re testy. Go see the healers. » ”!!!!!!!” It’ll never end.

Shaarth will want in everyone’s business. Very nosy. Poking around where he probably shouldn’t, but he /has to know/! « Why is Minalth following Elinth around so much? I think I need to go check. » Maybe she’s proddy? Maybe they are playing and he’s not been invited? Maybe it’s just one of those things that he just /needs to know/?! This will also have him out on the ledge a lot. A whole lot. That ledge that overlooks the entire bowl where he can /see it all/. /Know it all/.

Your lifemate also likes to watch humans. Shaarth is interested in other people's relationships because they give clues to human motivation and emotion, which is a grand universal Truth. Which in turn doesn't mean anything unless there are people to act it out in their daily lives.

He finds the concept of authority fascinating. Not that he necessarily reveres the person/dragon in charge, but he appreciates the concept. Because we have to have a system. And what does that mean about who we are? What makes us tick? That we need order?

There’s another soft side to this old man other than family, and that’s for all things manmade. He’s not just pitching because it’ll assure you a good mark, but because he genuinely appreciates the craftsmanship and the amount of work that goes into those objects. The love will be for all handmade items, including that one the little girl that wandered past him just now was holding that she very obviously made herself. She put her heart into it, and so will he.

That will lead him in many directions, often literally. « Look at that… thing! » ”Wagon.” « Yea, that /wagon/, it’s amazing! How do they make trees bend like that?! » « Lets go see! » This will happen often, and strangely he’ll remember these things better than he remembers most other things. A sad product of dragon-memory is their inability to remember things, but he does remember those special things he sees, and he’ll recant the details verbatim to anyone who will listen. Usually you. On and on.

Over time his head will fill with a vast knowledge of all the things he’s seen, and he’ll happily sit for hours telling long tales of how these special things were found, about the maker, and maybe even how it can be utilized. Again, to /anyone/ who will listen. He likes talking to anyone who passes by. Can sit in the bowl for hours while you are “busy” and chat up anyone that comes within range of his vision. This may get dragons finding detour routes around him after awhile. Visitors are free game though! Just so long as they don’t come uninvited in private family spaces. Invited? — Game on!

The process. He loves the process. Everything to do with it, from the first thoughts, to the planning, the picking out of materials, and every detail of crafting. To the crafter he’ll /urge/ you to ask: « How does he plan on joining this? Pegs or metal pins? » This is how he sees life. All the details, tiny details, all add up to a beautiful whole. A mosaic.

This may end up being a bonding point between you and J’rlen, because Shaarth really really likes him! A crafter of the best kind! Except that little strange idiosyncrasy about taking everything apart. « You need to talk to him about that. He’s always focuses on taking things apart. Could he put it back together? Don’t you even think that it might be better whole? And its function? Talk to him for me, will you? » If you don’t, it’ll be relayed to Calafath. « Why is he always taking things apart? Doesn’t he know that that is only one part of the puzzle? » Unrelenting.

A baby is born, how wonderful, but he wants to view it from conception to completion, which comes about with the burial ceremony, or lack thereof. The End. Or is it? Each birth will be delighted in, and each death observed, as will everything in between, but every time, while you are focusing on these events he will remind you of the whole picture. Life. Sure they died, but look how they lived! Look how they affected everyone around them. A flower buds, blooms, dies, becomes one with the earth, and then nourishes the next. It’s the great circle of life and he won’t let you forget it. The big picture. The REALLY REALLY /BIG/ picture. Details are beautiful and to be cherished, but only as part of the whole.

Each trip ::between:: will be time to reflect: What /is/ ::between::? When things go there, where do they end up? Do they collect somewhere else? Is this just a path to a destination? Or is it the destination itself? Yes there is nothing :between: but we all know that /we/ are between, and so are /they/, so there is something. What else could there be? It is the time between time, which allows for us to jump times, but should we really? Is this cheating? Is this what was meant to /be/? If it is what is meant to /be/, then why wasn’t it already? - It will turn out to be the longest three seconds of your lives. /Every/ /single/ /time/.

He’ll urge you to a constant change in perspective. Sure, look at it this way, but now if you turn it! Look! A whole different perspective. This is where he gets really nosy. He wants to see all the perspectives, all the possibilities. The whys, the hows, the whens, the wheres, but what if we shift everything a little to the left, does that change the whys?

You see a round carved object from what appears to be the back. « You think he made it for a ball? » He asks you to spin it « Oh no! There’s an upside down face! It’s a doll head! » You are then asked to flip it right side up and there’s a hole. He ponders the hole. « No. No, this isn’t working. It isn’t a doll. » So he asks you to step back, take in the whole room and everything in it, with all the tools, and other finished or half finished pieces strewn about, and there you see furniture. Amongst them is a chair, almost like a throne, with three wooden heads for feet, and an empty spot where another would obviously go. « See, it is just a part of the whole. » It might not look like an important part, but without it the whole thing would be awkward.

When you fly, it’s all about the geography. Maps are art, and once it’s brought to life, it’s all that more amazing. You’re stuck on a sweep in winter where there’s snow. ”It’s cold!” « But do you realize you are not even at the start of it all? It comes from the sky, which comes from the clouds, but now it’s /snow/, and the snow will melt into creeks, which will flow into rivers that spill into the sea! All of which give life to fish that nourish humans that care for dragons who save all of Pern so the snow has somewhere to fall! Beautiful. » I can absolutely hear E’siac in my head responding ”You suck. It’s cold!”

He hums while he flies too. If he isn’t telling you about where you are flying, or why you are flying, or some other profound thought, he’ll be humming the last complicated Harper ballad he heard, because he really can’t remember the one he heard before that.

In short (hahaha, I know) Shaarth has a mind that loves intricacy but only as the avenue to seeing more, a picture, the completed mosaic and then how that represents infinity, which represents the unknown, which represents…



His size will end at ‘intense’. Not larger than a bronze, but bronzes are alarmingly large, and with all that desert dune color, he’ll look even larger. Once he’s grown it’ll be much like being a solitary human in a vast desert, quite overwhelming and the size can act as a grounding force for his rider. You are a tall man, but a speck almost compared.

Shaarth would have to get right up against Zhoreth to tell that the bronze is bigger, what with the darkness of the web of the spiderdragon’s hide. He’ll positively /loom/ over the largest of blues. This of course will work against him in speed, but will work absolutely for him in longevity. Still, he’ll whip his bronzed counterparts, as well as gold, when it comes to velocity. You won’t lose that ‘edge’ that browns have traditionally had with being excellent multitaskers.

He’ll always be sinuously rounded, as in there’s not a sharp angle in sight – it’s all sweeping curves that mimic the Sahara dunes. Long long curving lines, almost lethargic strokes of a pencil that sketches your dragon. This could leave him seeming nearly featureless, especially close up. But no bump on a log will he be. No way. What he lacks for in draconic physical expression will be made up in gestures. That’s the one thing Italians and Moroccans have in common – they do not lack physical communication. As you already know his verbal communication skills are as vast as he is.

The wings! Those wings! Even as a babe they will be impressive, but the change in hues are so minute that you’ll find dragonhealers actually having to find the smaller bones by feel rather than sight. At first when they are spread it’ll knock him off kilter – he’ll have to learn to grow into them. Shaarth’s wing expanse will outdistance his length from tailtip to snout, so mind your gaps closely during wing exercises! That tail is an issue too! Sooooo long, and sometimes TOO long. The sudden appearance of cobra detail, and the way it is mosaicked works out to be a bit of an optical illusion for gauging distances. Make sure to check the small writing on his mirrors: Objects may be closer than they appear.

Dry. Dry as the desert itself! /That/ is not an illusion. His hide is always dry. Itchitchitch, dry! One of his constant complaints. You’ll end up oiling endlessly, but at least he’s not real keen on water. Especially COLD water! NO COLD WATER! Imagine how that will work with baths in the winter? It’s the opposite of his sire; Zhoreth loves baths and hates oilings. You’ll see Shaarth spending a lot of time on the beach watching the others in the water. « No. I’m good right here. » Come on in, the water’s fine! « It’s okay. You enjoy it. I’m going to watch this little boy make a sandhold. »

But that /ITCH/. Maybe he’ll roll in the sand a lot, any sand, for its abrasive factor. Oh lovely sand. So when you oil, it’ll likely be coated in black sand in no time. That’ll surely give him a really odd appearance. There’s a green loitering in the northeastern portion of the bowl and he’s stalking her, then suddenly he gets an itch. Twitch. Twitch. « There’s no eggs on the sands. » Don’t do it! « But I gotta. » and in he goes to roll on the hatching sands.

Mind Voice:
His mind is the desert! His mind is the Medina. Most especially, his mind is the souks and all that you can find there.


Like everything else Shaarth voice is spiced for Morocco. The sights, scents, textures, and tastes of the spice merchant are unmistakable. Tiliouine zaafrane beldi (saffron), Fez orange and lemon, karfa (cinnamon), kamoun (cumin), kharkoum (turmeric), skingbir (ginger), libzar (pepper) , tahmira (paprika), anis seed, sesame seed, kasbour (coriander), nutmeg, ginger, cumin, curry, and maadnous (parsley) will dazzle the senses with vivid color as well. Meknes mint, steeped in tea is the most persistent thread found in his mind, while another herb of a wholly different sort will also become a reoccurring trend: kif (marijuana) billows and streams throughout when he’s in a really mellow kicked back mood.


Souks are hot, dark, close, winding, caverns so stuffed full with merchandise every inch of a wall, bench, table, or floor is utilized. Color and texture are rampant, and homegrown, homeflown goods from every corner of the country/world can be found.*VbcpGnI7yLhmMBfgsXYDzaRrgv94I4l4RudONzXSljZxuApurJ46dhHfzgpEwN31lJ-Vt0f7AP4p5P/snakecharmer_cm_di.jpg

What do you smell in the desert? Sweat for one, and yea, he'll smell of sweat, but good healthy sweat that reeks of curry and other desert spices. You'll also smell brittle sun-bleached bones reverting to dust. Camels, and of course dried flakey dung. It smells surprisingly sweet and grassy. You’ll smell the dates too. The dry hot wind that peppers your skin with stinging sand. I can smell it, can you? Desert wildflowers, and that metallic twang you get when one of those very rare rains kisses the earth. The great big empty. You imagine it’s silent? But even silence has a sound, and in the desert it is unique.

Do you have a wish to wear Morocco? Experience your lifemate through your thriving olfactory sense? We picked out a perfume for you below:
MOROCCO: The intoxicating perfume of exotic incenses wafting on warm desert breezes. Arabian spices wind through a blend of warm musk, carnation, red sandalwood and cassia.

Physical Voice:
His physical voice is haunting, and very much unlike any other dragon's. You (and everyone else) can tell your dragon from a mile away by the sound because it carries. It defies his size, not rumbling and dense as you might expect, but instead an odd high singsong tone that's reedy and hypnotizing, just like a snake charmer's pipes. Alluring and seductive, he'll try to charm more than just the ladies, he'll turn it on with every dragon, person and firelizard he meets - at least at first and with about as much success as any beginner on a reed instrument, (ie. none). Later he'll become more refined both in quality of tone and those he tries to charm.

Alternatively he'll be prone to the other side of the spectrum as well, the Cobra's side, with a lot of spitting and hissing when annoyed or frustrated. Then it's you who'll be trying to charm /him/ into a better state of mind. Fortunately those venomous moments don't last over long, but they could just spring out of nowhere, so you'll always need to be on your toes around him.

Those gigantic wings will drag. There’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. Until muscle is built up, and he grows into them, they will be really bothersome. You may even need help oiling them until those muscles develop enough for him to hold them up for you, and still he’ll grow tired of doing so rather quickly, so you’ll definitely need to come up with clever ways to either get the job done fast or prop them open. They’d come in really handy in the rain if he wasn’t so bothered by rain itself that he’ll flee the scene when it pours. Put your wings up to shield me like everyone else’s dragons! « I’m out of here! » It’s the dreaded /water/ afterall.

Oil. Oil. Oil. I know it’s redundant, and has been said, but OIL! He’ll be growing SO fast it’ll be impossible to keep up, and his skin will itch and hurt constantly because of it. His bones too. Just like a human boy meant to be tall, he’ll have all those growth issues. He’ll need constant massages, yea that /oil/ thing, and maybe a lot of heat. The hatching caverns heat is good for this. Dry dry heat that goes right to the bone and soothes. This will end with him spending a fair amount of time trying to lure you back to the scene of the crime. « I want to go hunt for my shell again. » No you don’t. You just want to go in there again. When you peg him, Shaarth will go silent, but that won’t keep him from going in anyways!

Other than wings, and the large amount of growth in the short amount of time allotted, your lifemate will grow pretty evenly all over. Sure he’ll go through the lanky period where he just looks wrong, head too big, wings too big, too skinny in parts, and kinda pudgy elsewhere, but it’s all in the normal trend of growing. Nothing overly dramatic there. Good luck keeping up with it all though!

Big dragon movement. He lumbers everywhere. Slowly, methodical, and hardly in a hurry to get anywhere. Not when there is so much to see! What’s the rush? Sloooooow down and look around. He will not be the one that rushes to the top of the dune, but rather he’ll experience the entire venture, much like a canine, stopping to sniff anything that can be found – a grain of sand that seems discolored compared – did it come from somewhere else? Did something carry it here? What? How? Why? So it takes awhile to get anywhere. Then when he gets to the top he will savor what he saw, and add it to what he sees. « So vast, all of it. I am big, but I feel like a grain of sand in the world. »

Obviously at first he’ll move even slower, dragging those wings, and you’ll need to help. If you do that, it’ll be awkward, but so much faster! Though even then, his ‘fast’ is not. Remember, he’s worse than a cross-town buss, Shaarth will have to stop almost constantly.

Languid is his existence, as will be his movements when he grows into himself. Doesn’t mean he can’t hop around and have fun, or really get goin for a flight, but BIG dragons eat up a lot of energy, and so they must reserve if they wish to make it to the very end, which he does. The very end of /everything/. The day. The week. The month. The year. Life. The party. The threadfall. The flight. Endure he will. Slow and steady. No blinding quickness to be had.

Shaarth eats a LOT. He has to, he’s a big boy. But he also gets this weird urge to play with his food. Taunt the herdbeast, dog the wherry, herd the caprine until one drops. It’s always the weak ones that he’ll eat. Not because he is any sort of saint, but because that betters the breed, right? Cull the weak so the herd will thrive. Once he’s had his fill of what he’s driven into the ground, the rest will be offered to a family member. Feed the family. If there’s no family about, he’ll try and barter a lazy dragon for the remainder.

But there are times… times when he’s in that ‘kif’ mood, when he’ll go play in the feeding pens for the sheer want to play. Sure he has the typical kif cravings, but strangely he's not really hungry, he won’t eat it. I mean, he just had that HUGE meal yesterday/this morning and he's still stuffed. Lick, gnaw, mangle a bit, getting the need for taste out of the way, but he won't eat, so when he is done having his fun it’ll be presented to a family member. A gift. See? I take care of you. I’m the mighty hunter and I’ve killed for you. Think ‘feline’.



He’ll flare and bow his neck, and do other elaborate displays to catch her attention. Again, think of the cobra. This is when his voice becomes the most exaggeratedly different. He will be both snake ‘charmer’ in this. Persistent, ruthless, unrelenting, but always the charmer, with the sly words, mesmerizing movements, and an intense courage that is unbelievable. He’ll weave through the air, trying to be hypnotic with his body in an effort of distraction, working away at the concentration of the other chasers.

And now she turns
This way she moves in the logic of all my dreams
This fire burns
I realize that nothing's as it seems

-Sting "Desert Rose"

Like his sire he will be a stalker. As soon as it’s obvious (and sometimes not so obvious) a female is proddy, he’ll be there, watching, waiting, ready to spring at any second. Planning in advance, taking into consideration the female in question, her personality, prior flights – using what he knows about her, or what he can gleam from watching her to prepare for how he might strike.

Threadfall is the most important factor in all dragon creation and he knows this. He knows he was /born/ to ride the currents to save Pern. Sure, yea, he was born for you, but you too/two were born for that ultimate purpose – Save Pern. Banish Thread forever! Part of that amazing thought process will go into this endeavor.

He will want you to become rather hidebound when it comes to working out this enormous puzzle. Read anything and everything you can get your hands on because the clue is in there. Then he’ll urge you to step back from the hides, step back from your personal experiences and see the whole picture. See the progress. Maybe he’ll even /EVENTUALLY/ work out that it has to be stopped at the source. It’ll take many many many turns of conversation and study to get to this point though, if he/you ever do.

So you can imagine when it comes to fighting Thread he is a demon! That hissing, spitting, angry cobra that will fight, but fight carefully. You ever watch a cobra? It’s careful, doesn’t use up any reserve, and keeps a very close eye on whatever is threatening. So will he. If there’s to be any Thread scoring, it’ll have to be someone else’s mistake, or he’ll have to be really tired, or the elements will have to be really really a factor, because he’s going to be very careful, but strike he will!

Another way to look at it from his view would be: Threadfall is a factor of family. Protect the family! Protect the nation! Protect the beautiful things! Protect the creators! Protect Pern.

Weyr Relationships:


"I and my brothers against my cousins, I and my brothers and my cousins against the world."


Elinth and Shaarth will have an interesting relationship. She’s the magpie to his snooty art collector. She’s the one who collects anything, and can find beauty in it all. He’s the one who only collects what he deems special, and can see far more value in a Monaco vase, than the sweet baubles she picks up here and there, though he appreciates that /she/ appreciates.

Shaarth can go through her collection every once in awhile, all haughty, mumbling about how most of it was crap, and then come along something rare, a big surprise, and he keeps it all quiet, trying to haggle with Elinth cause she doesn't know what she has! Doesn't know how valuable. Like hers’ is a garage sale and he's the old dude that haunts them looking for that one big find.

Shaarth, a dragon that sees things in a wider focus than most, spies that part of Sazanamith that makes her dangerous. When she plays at pretending to repent for her mirth gone wrong, he’ll see right through the guise. He’ll watch, and it will cause him to ‘itch’. That kind of itch that you can’t scratch – the internal type. Why does this one keep such a keen eye on her? Because he doesn’t trust her and thinks one day her antics and personality will lead to cataclysmic consequences. Will he do anything about it? No. Shaarth will just watch her from afar, keeping a keen eye on any situation so he can try and put a halt to things before they get out of hand and anyone gets hurt. They are ‘family’, as is she, and he would protect her forever, so long as she doesn’t threaten ‘the family’.

Now Minalth – Shaarth and Minalth will get along well. Both are great protectors and cheerleaders, even if on completely different levels. They have different ways of getting to the same goals, and both will respect the other’s path. The ‘kid’ will have a strange way about him that triggers your lifemate’s curiosity time and again. He gets all friendly, which he always is, but then has this habit of talking really strange, and saying things that induce Shaarth into a state of euphoric quiet. We’ll call it the ‘kif’ state. One day your dragon is liable to work it out, but then maybe not. He’s very intelligent, but not always 100% clued in.

He likes Isyth, and can’t help but respect her drive for brilliance, but he won’t be completely and totally taken to the point that he won’t see ‘what she can be’ at times. Like her much smaller sister, the queen has her manipulative side, and while he won’t be totally immune, he will be aware in many cases. That’s not saying he won’t go along with it! Why not? This one he doesn’t feel will do any harm to the family, because she isn’t careless, and well, he might just be able to work in another piece of her great puzzle if he goes along to work out her motivations behind the act.

Paquith 1.0 will just make him shake his head. Not that he’ll turn his back on the boy or anything, because after all, he’s family, and not unlikable in some ways. Paquith 2.0 though! Yes! He will have absolute respect for this one. He, maybe more than many others, will /see/ that bronze for what he really is, boring right to the ‘heart’ of the matter, beyond the illusion that is spun for everyone else. Hopefully this will allow them some good interactive conversation.

Calafath is both someone Shaarth will cheer for, and /watch/. Again, he can see the overall picture when others might not, but that doesn’t leave him any more capable to fully understand the entire puzzle of a dragon in one go. It’ll take a really long time, and well, dragons/people evolve, so the puzzle will grow with it. This will be very intriguing to a dragon who enjoys exploring the labyrinth.


Moroccan music of /every/ sort! A big mix of variety:


Amnat Azawan
(This link that follows is for the band, and also gives access to a bunch more:

Jil Jdid - El Wali (One of my favorites)

Imazighene - Ighousse Oulinou

Les Frères Megri - El Harib

Ouiness - Zina

Gnawa Lila

Gnawa with E.lam Jay (Freaking awesome!!!)

Fnaire - Yed el Henna

Senhaji - Shaabi

Mohamed Lamine - Mon bled (I'm quite addicted to this one!)

H-Kayne - Issawa Style

Moroccan Womens' Music and Dance Troupe

Moroccan National Anthem

A Zuhal style education on Moroccan music:

Gnawa music:

Gnawa music is a mixture of sub-Saharan African, Berber, and Arabic religious songs and rhythms. It combines music and acrobatic dancing. The music is both a prayer and a celebration of life. Though many of the influences that formed this music can be traced to sub-Saharan Africa, and specifically, the Western Sahel, its practice is concentrated in north Africa, mainly Morocco and Algeria.

Nass el Ghiwane - major Moroccan music band from the late 60s.

Important bits stolen and abbreviated from Wiki:

Whenever mentioned in the Western literature, they are referred to as The Rolling Stones of Africa, as American producer Martin Scorsese once put it. They are living legends who merged the rich repertoire of traditional music of Morocco with modern subjects.

Nass el Ghiwane specialized in writing colloquial poetry about topics related to the social and political climate, and arranging its music in the Moroccan tradition.

They have played a big role in the renewal of the Maghrebi music. Although their music is much less instrumental than the Raï music and is mainly based on voices and chorus, they can be considered among the influences which led to this new kind of music. Nass El Ghiwane was influential in the modernization and popularization of traditional Moroccan and Maghrebi music, especially Gnawa.

Nass El Ghiwane - Zad al ham

Nass El Ghiwane - Wach Hna Houma Hna

Nass El Ghiwane - Chams Tal3a

Jil Jilala:

"If Nass el Ghiwane are to be called The Rolling Stones of Africa, then Jil Jilala should be The Beatles of Africa! Not just for the fact that they were just as good but also because of different parallelisms that exist between the bands. El Ghiwane's wild delivery onstage, and their explicit lyrics remind of the rawness of the Stones, while Jilala's polite manners and assorted costumes remind of the subtlety of the Beatles." -

Jil Jilala is a Moroccan musical group which rose to prominence in the 1970s among the movement created by Nass El Ghiwane and Lem Chaheb.
In 1976 they wrote Laayoune Ayniya about the Green March, and the song became immensely popular. The Green March was a strategic mass demonstration in November 1975, coordinated by the Moroccan government, to force Spain to hand over the disputed, autonomous Spanish Sahara.

Contrary to Nass El Ghiwane, who were primarily influenced by the Gnawa music, Jil Jilala took their inspiration from other form of traditional Moroccan music like the Malhun, sung in a classical and old form of Moroccan Arabic, or the spiritual music of Jilala, a traditional sufi brotherhood. The goal of these groups was the rejuvenation of traditional Moroccan music.

Jil Jilala - Chem3a

Jil Jilala—-ila da9 al 7al

Jil Jilala - العيون عينية

Nass El Ghiwane et Jil Jilala - Koun M3a llah

Nass El Ghiwane et Jil Jilala - Askina Arwina

Nass El Ghiwane et Jil Jilala - Sadma 1

Nass El Ghiwane et Jil Jilala - Sadma 2

Lots more of all the above on Youtube!

Pertinent non-Moroccan music:

I was so excited about this! I’m not a big U2 fan, but Zuhal told me about this song, and said, “One of the Arabic profs pulled me in to the office to proudly show me the video.” and “And wax lyrical about how it was about the city gradually unveiling itself like the woman in the song as you get to know her.” This is pretty much exactly what I was going for with Shaarth. This was ‘after’ the dragon was completely written, done, finished. I was stunned how perfect the song and video were for your guy, so this is now his theme song! As corny as that is! It was also /just/ released!

U2 - U2 - Magnificent

Page and Plant - City Don't Cry

Sting - Desert Rose

Egg Inspiration:
Described by: Iona
Egg Inspiration:




Dragon Name Inspiration:
Shaarth is from the word Shaarf, a Moroccan word for two separate, but comparable things. The first, which fits obviously well is that it is the word for ‘aged’. Aged older wise man. Then you have the meaning of ‘honor’. In all Arabic societies honor has meanings far beyond what western society can relate. There are certain codes of honor that cannot be broken, and are so absolutely important to their civilization. So you can see, Shaarth is an honorable old man in ways that must be explored. Here is the Bedouin Code of Honor:

And just because I’m me (Qi), and must have some sort of quirky kick to throw in: It's ever so handy that your dragon's name hedges on a familiar oath — Shaaaar-th it! You Shaaarthing ass! Oh Shaarth!

Dragon Inspiration:


Your dragon was based on Morocco, or more pointedly, Marrakesh. He’s the wise old man with that knowing twinkle in his eye that has this overwhelming need to pass on his wisdom before time has its way with him. Sometimes a little cranky, quite overpowering, and somehow all over the place, in your face, and everywhere. That special special old man you want to sit for hours with and just /talk/, and he’ll do it too.


Physically he’s based on the Moroccan desert /and/, more importantly, on the medina of Marrakesh. From the outside the homes are very plain, and almost boring, but you walk through that door and you’re transported to what is /inside/.



Amazing beautiful courtyards with ornate details – even in the most common of homes! It’s a shock to the senses. He’s also the maze of the souks, and streets of the medina. People are always getting lost there, and so will you.,-7.984657&spn=0.002051,0.003455&t=h&z=18

Have fun exploring. These are some of my favorite places: - (Check out the story and how they embedded it in metal and laced the walls with it.)

Sneaking in one more picture because, holy hell that's awesome!


Here's the link for it too, because it looks even better full size:

Inspiration written by Q’luin. Zuhal, who is living in Morocco, was a point of reference, and found the name. Kezia kicked a sentence around so it’d read properly in the description, and wrote the hatch message! Apollyon donated quotes! The last picture above was borrowed from yet another friend. Go Morocco!

Zerra and Brown Minalth
Lila and Green Elinth
E'siac and Brown Shaarth
I'deni and Bronze Paquith
M'foy and Green Sazanamith
Wyn and Gold Isyth
J'rlen and Brown Calafath

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