S'tao's Bronze Sephiroth
Dragonsfire's 53rd PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Naomith and Rhyolith’s clutch
Hatching Date: June 22rd, 2008
Egg theme: Freezeframes! Everyday moments as captured by a camera.

Lightning Strikes the Lone Tree Egg
Mottled darkly in tones of stormy gray, this egg could be easily overlooked but for the eye-catching split down its center. Is it cracked, is that a flaw? The smooth shell plays host to no obvious imperfections, and yet that jagged streak of blazing, white-hot glory seems almost defiantly displayed, impossible to ignore and magnificent in its irregularity. Towards the rounded base of this surface, it kisses green and merges there; here, one can hardly untangle the upward flow of black limbs and leafy green flashes as it cradles and eventually devours the shaft of light. They consume one another, each in their own way taking the other's life, but for this single captured moment where they meet.

Hatch Message:
Lightning Strikes the Lone Tree Egg shudders, and then at long last the imperfection proves that it was a crack all along, slicing jaggedly through the ovoid. The dim light of the outer world filters in to the occupant, eliciting the dramatic appearance of a taunt sword-sharp silvery tail, piercing the shell with a warriors triumphant thrust. A shadow-cloaked body is quick to follow, rendering the blackened tree to nothing more than splintered debris on the hatching sands.

Hatchling Name:
Guardian Warrior Bronze Dragonet

Dragon Description:
The night-cloaked bronze of his hide lends itself to darkness and shadow, embracing both the broad stretch of his barrel chest and the muscled might of his haunches. Smudged half-circles of true ebony partially ring his whirling eyes, while three streaks of ghostly white adorn the heavy wedge-shaped head, fading into nothingness just before the deep crimson that spreads across his powerful shoulders to enshroud the wide stretch of wings that are touched with bits of gleaming sterling along their edges. His tail is a length of whipcord strength, made dangerous by the razor sharpness of the silvery tip.


Impression Pose (what the audience sees):
Guardian Warrior Bronze Dragonet barely deems to give most of the boys a whiff as he paces right by, weaving through legs and sandaled feet with a certain grace that belies his age. It's boots he'll finally come to a stop at, far from the straggling pack of Candidates who belong there on the sands. Striking a solid stance and looking upwards, he meets piercing blue with his own hunger-reddened eyes. The young bronze sits at Tiago's feet patiently, gazing up with the stillness and assurance that few other hatchlings would possess.

Impression Message (what you see):
The roar of the crowd parts like the sea in the wake of an earthquake, and for a moment it swells on either side with crushing pressure, before all is washed away in an ocean of silence. A white light floods your mind, within that light forms a vague aura that grows denser with the seconds. Before long the strength builds to a powerfully masculine force, emanating with the sound of grating metal, and the scent that follows as deadly whirling shards of silver are forged together into a unified solidity that inundates your every sense. Time passes as the vision draws slowly back until there stuck in the black sands before you is the sword of truth - which is that you will never, from this day forth, be alone again. « This is your world now, S'tao. »

"Now! This is it! Now is the time to choose! Die and be free of pain or live and fight your sorrow! Now is the time to shape your stories! Your fate is in your hands!" –-Auron

Sephiroth. The fighter, the protector, the guardian. From the moment you meet and Impression is made, his adoration of you will be constant, and uniquely yours.

One could never call Auron the affectionate type, and the same will be true of your Sephiroth. In cool and assertive stance, he'll watch over you as you go about your day, physically interfering very little and only when necessary. But there will be no mistaking his interest in your activities and his affection for you, for at the first sign of trouble he'll be there to back you up, be it in Threadfall, disputes or quarrels. Ever respectful, he's smart enough to stay out of problems he can't help with but ready to offer his thoughts on them when asked. « That rider giving you grief again? We'll teach him to mess with us. Get your sword. »

"Outside the dream world, life can be harsh—even cruel, but it is life." –-Auron

Not that Sephiroth is all that violent; okay, maybe a little. He never shies from a fight and it's quite true that he's physically quite the contender, but he's not hotheaded. He knows when it's necessary to get involved, and is content to walk away when the situation calls for that, too. This trait could be infuriating at times. He will always support you, but not always your battles. If there's a quarrel where no physical danger is threatened, you may not always find him interested. Truly, he knows how to pick them.

If there's one thing this bronze truly lives for, though, it's fighting. He was born to fight Thread, like any dragon, but you'll find as he grows and develops his skill that he's, quite simply, a natural. His skills will improve markedly during weyrling training. He knows how to concentrate and focus, and after the rigors of weyrlinghood are over you will find it gives way into infallible confidence in his abilities. Some will inevitably interpret it as arrogance, but you will always know he deserves to think of himself as capable, for he truly is.

While no one would call Sephiroth passionate, he certainly is protective, perhaps to a fault. You will be his first and foremost concern. Your interests, your activities, your actions, while not always participated in or commented upon by the bronze, will always be watched over either physically or mentally. And should there ever be real danger, his typical reaction will be level-headed and fit the circumstance, but be nothing less than completely involved, be it swooping in to swat away the pirates who had you at swordpoint, or call upon the aid of a flight of firelizards to scratch and claw if you're somewhere he can't get to. But truly, panic and disorientation are not emotions he'll often - if ever - display.

Sleeping and getting ready to sleep is the one time Sephiroth will demand your presence, though probably more to keep an eye on you than because he is needy for companionship. He'll hate the weyrling barracks and dislike your proximity to others when at your most vulnerable - asleep. There will, of course, be exceptions to this; Sephiroth knows whom you trust and like and those whom you don't. The latter will receive disapproval and growls should they come near you while unconscious. Depending on your level of affection for the others, he may even come to see them as help in guarding you. Capable though you may be, it's never enough to satisfy Sephiroth.

He can't get enough of the stories about your travels, either. He wants to hear about every experience that you've had, every place that you've visited, every interesting person you've ever met. What's more, as soon as you're allowed to fly (and later, go ::between::), he'll want to go visit all those places you've talked about, and find new adventures for the two of you to share. Then he'll begin to tell his own stories - though only to his inner circle, those few that he trusts, and it may well be surprising how adept he becomes with words, for all that he chooses not to use many of them most of the time.

He may seem, at first, like like he's a very serious dragon, and when he's young, that's definitely true. He'll have to learn how to have fun, how to let loose, how to make jokes. As he gets older, he'll become a little less serious, a little more willing, but there will be times when he cracks jokes and nobody will get them because it can be hard to tell when he's joking. He won't like that one bit, though he'd never admit that it upset him in the least.

Sephiroth is supposed to look a bit like Auron. He's got those white streaks on his head that mimic those in Auron's hair, the red cloak over his wings, and that tail of his for a weapon. He's not the biggest of bronzes, though he's fairly large, but his bulk makes him quite an imposing figure. That hide of his is a dark sort of shadowy bronze, more matte than shiny, but it is most definitely not black. And those bits of black under his eyes? His sunglasses, of course!

His musculature is pure fighter brawn, with broad stout shoulders, and powerful sinewy mass through his arms and haunches. The neck is pure strength; so much so, the density of muscle pushes veins to bulge, which flare menacingly when angered. A sure warning sign that you can pick up right away.

The daunting wings spread to impressive width that can be a hindrance at times, but the texture of the sails are gossamer fine; the one attribute that you will find on this creature that is fragile. Be aware, small snags can lead to large tears in no time with such delicate fiber. Seek your Dragonhealer at the earliest possible moment!

Because of his bulk, Sephiroth has an issue with chafing. Especially under the arms, where muscle slides against muscle, under the belly, where his tail drags on the ground. He will learn to hold his wings out away from his body, because that too is another place he will rub.

Mind Scent:

"Some just can't wait to die!" –-Auron

Stop and breathe in the scents of a warrior. The tangy aroma of grinding steel, sweaty leather, lurid fresh blood, even fear. You can't forget the smell of fear. Foliage crushed under foot, burning oil, the humid scent of overly excited runners, dirty hair wet with exertion. Picture the battle scene, and bottle the scent – that is what he will exude when revved up.

The guardian at the forge: smelt metal, acrid steam, smoke, more sweat, heat. Yes, you can smell heat when it's at its hottest. The fire, don't overlook fire.

The fighter in repose: ale, whiskey, women, perfume, soap, clean sheets, the forest, the sea, and meadows full of flowers. Put yourself in Auron's mind when at peace, and put to work his nose - that is Sephiroth's mind scent.

Mind Voice:
Sephiroth, for all his devotion to you, will never be a chatty dragon. You won't often hear his voice unless requested, and it's truly rare that he'll deliver long messages to you. He's concise. No wasted words here, he's straight forward and to the point. Additionally, it's truly rare he will bespeak other humans, often preferring to replay his messages through you, if at all. If he does bespeak another person, they will only be people he - or you - truly trust or admire. The rest he simply doesn't waste time on.

His mind voice will be husky and deep, and decidedly masculine. Alongside any speech he gives comes the low rumbling of thunder or grinding of stone, merely ambiance in the background for the most part. Often his voice expresses little other than the utmost calm. It will be in the images he sends that he truly communicates the feelings he doesn't express verbally or show. Positive moods send images of cascading waterfalls over rocks, rolling white clouds that go on endlessly, a floating, crystalline spheres that drift like wisps. Then things are more ominous, those clouds seem black, blacker than smoke or smog, and boil over the skies.

Physical Voice:

"Pray… NOW!" —Auron

Physically, Sephiroth is a big bronze, and he's got a big set of lungs… when he chooses to employ them. To call the attention of wingmates, his rider, or rising females, he can bellow fit to shake the stones in the earth, but, like his mind voice, he doesn't use it very often. He's quiet, making use of that rumbling voice only when he needs to: to warn someone during Threadfall, to challenge another bronze during a flight, and, rarely, occasionally, to rumble his affection to you.

The rare sound of his anger and frustration comes out in a loud, drawn out, hollow, metallic, breathy roar:

Sephiroth will be born big. If you can imagine a puppy when it's young, with big feet and proportions that don't quite match, this may well be Sephiroth at a young age, before he begins growing. And he'll be slow; agonizingly slow. Much like the process of leveling up in any of the Final Fantasy games, the initial spurt may go quickly, but once he gets into his fifth or so month, things are going to slow down immensely. For a long while, perhaps you will think that Sephiroth will remain a small bronze and not gain much more after his first turn, but advancing into his second, he'll gradually be honed into a robust and formidable shape, and leave all those doubts in the dust.

Sephiroth has the mentality of a fighter, and the motions to go along with it. Certainly he'll have his awkward turn or two, where he's getting used to the size that's constantly gaining on him, but he'll always possess a certain type of grace, not catlike fluidity but a smooth assurance in his stride nonetheless. He holds his head with an arrogant arch, features often seeming stern when impassive, and unless he is fighting thread or chasing a female, he will be slow, calculated, and cool in most things.

A notable feature of his movements is his innate ability to counter situations. He reacts quickly and smoothly, and with a warrior's poise, moves into the appropriate defense or offense without so much as a second thought. With his quick reaction time and tendency to remain cool under pressure; this bronze will likely never be touched by the sear of Thread.

Eating Habits:
He loves to hunt. The excitement of the chase, the thrill of winning, the desire to taste blood, all of these will drive Sephiroth to often pick the biggest or fastest of the herd for his hunting pleasure. He prefers herdbeasts to wherries, and likes especially to come up behind the whole herd to get them to stampede away from him. Once he's caught his chosen beast (which he almost always will when older, though his first attempts may well not be as successful), death is quick and merciful, and he wastes no time in bolting his meal down. The fun is in the chase for him, not in the eating.

We all know that Auron never had much of a romantic life that we know of, but that doesn't mean your Sephiroth won't be noticing those glowing greens and golds that may clamor for his attention. And certainly, he will be noticing, but might be hard pressed to admit it. Sneaking casual glances out of the corners of his vision might be the best indication you have that Sephiroth is interested in a female. He won't be chatty or upfront about his affairs, nor embarrassed if inquired about. He would likely shrug it off as a matter of no importance at all. « Yes, Aiyath is glowing. I noticed. But there are more pressing matters at hand. » There may not always be more important matters, but Sephiroth is not above the occasional diversionary tactic to move off a conversation that he's truly uninterested in… Or perhaps wants you to believe he is.

You'll find that his passions may flare at the actual /rising/ of said females, however. Gold and green alike, when he goes for blood and chases them through the sky, they are of the utmost importance. Sephiroth does not chase to brag a win, nor to prove his worth. He needs no such validation. Mating flights will be one of the rare moments he is unrestrained and pursues just because he wants to. In losing the flights, he will shrug it off and go on about business, unbothered, not to comment upon it again unless directly asked. When he does catch, the intimacy is often short-lived. Females, clingy or no, are usually forgotten about shortly after the flight has ended, and any lasting attachment to one or more in particular may be rare and perhaps only possible when fostered by you.

Sephiroth gets a great pleasure out of fighting thread, often having a glow of satisfaction after flaming a particularly thick clump or completing a tricky move correctly. He's got all sorts of ideas on wing formations, ways to improve casualty rates, new moves to try, and he's not afraid to experiment.

He also has an almost uncanny ability to know exactly when to duck, dive, or flash into ::between:: to escape injury. It's almost like a sixth sense, though really it's a combination of knowing exactly where he is in the air, the location of all the dragons around him, and how Thread is flying. He will rarely, if ever, get injured, especially after he gains experience. If he ever is injured, expect him to shrug it off as nothing at first, completely ignore it as it heals, and entirely forget about it after all evidence is gone.

Weyr Relationships:
Like Koryuth, Sephiroth is intensely loyal to Rhyolith. Unlike Koryuth, this loyalty does not follow every Weyrleader or Weyrwoman, but Rhyolith in particular. It's not so much that he'll bug his clutch sire, or try especially to impress him, but that anything Rhyolith says is greeted gravely, considered seriously, and rejected rarely.

Auron is to Tidus, as Sephiroth is to Kyraceth. Or, if you spin it around, as Commander Adama is to Kara. Protective, understanding maybe to a fault with her quirks, but pretty hands off. There’s affection, but it isn’t voiced; rather it’s just sort of a known element of their relationship.

Likewise, Auron is to Yuna, as Sephiroth is to Atsuth. A mentor, a guardian, a father figure. He’ll push Atsuth to success, and pull him from danger; always with an understanding quiet, and affection.

The rest are a little vague. Siblings generally have some sort of relationship, even if distant. There’s a certain respect for Torcoth, but the brown’s arrogance keeps it quiet. Koryuth’s ego is a worry, but admiration is always on the blue’s side in his eagerness for the security of all. Evarinth’s intense femininity is an uncomfortable fit to Sephiroth, but he has appreciation for her beauty and grace. Granaith he understands slightly more than Evarinth, but to him they are both feminine anomalies that he just can’t quite get a grasp on, therefore it’s possible that a distance will be kept while working it out. It doesn’t mean he’ll be unfriendly, but rather just that they are the ones he watches out of the corner of his eye with a certain aloof air that is the product of discomfort.

"Every story must have an ending." —Auron


Egg Inspiration:


So I got this idea while brainstorming for eggs that lightning would make a perfect frozen moment egg. I mean, if you think about it, lightning is something that in and of itself lasts only a second, but has a lasting impact on whatever it hits. Think of a stormy sky suddenly slashed by a jagged streak of light, which often enough is imprinted for a while on her retinas and lasts even longer in your vision. ;) So, while looking for pictures of lightning, I happened across this poster… Lighting striking a tree. I thought, not only is it an attractive image, but truly how much more lasting of an impact could a lightning strike make than to split a tree? - Corana

Dragon Name Inspiration:
Well, you wanted the name Sephiroth, and we think it's pretty neat too. Beyond the name of the Final Fantasy 7 villain that we are all so fond of, here's a little blurb I found on the internet of the meaning behind that character's name itself:

"At the Creation," explains Kabbalist spokesman Steve Edelman, "God sent out a pulse of energy into the void. It presently branched and sorted into ten distinct spheres or aspects, corresponding to the numbers 1-10. These are known as the Sephiroth. To return to God, the soul must negotiate each of the Sephiroth, from ten back to one. Armed with magic and faith, Kabbalists have set out to conquer the Sephiroth. Many Kabbalist secrets have to do with making the trip successfully.

"Now the Sephiroth fall into a pattern, which is called the Tree of Life. It is also the body of God. Drawn among the ten spheres are 22 paths. Each path corresponds to a letter of the Hebrew alphabet, and also to one of the cards called 'Major Arcana' in the Tarot.

"Some Sephiroth are active or masculine, others passive or feminine. But the Tree itself is a unity, rooted exactly at the Bodenplatte. It is the axis of a particular Earth, a new dispensation, brought into being by the Great Firing."

Needless to say, Sephiroth's name has any number of cosmological connotations. In many ways the Sephiroth could be interpreted as similar to the cosmological worlds of Norse tradition, such as Midgard or Nifelheim, or of the worlds of Buddhist cosmology.

The literal meaning of Sephiroth, however is "numbered", which could be a reference to the fact that Sephiroth's various clones have tattoos numbered on them."

That web page did a lot more detail than I would have. Heh, so I cheated!

Dragon Inspiration:
Sephiroth may have taken his name from the villain of FF7, but his personality is the match of Auron of FFX more than anything else. We took a bit from Auron, a pinch of what we know about fighters in general, and a dash of our knowledge about S'tao to create a dragon that we think you'll enjoy, that suits you but is flexible enough to grow and change even as you do. It's like you said in your questionnaire - characters have a habit of running off in directions that we players never even knew existed, and we think Sephiroth will be a great companion on those journeys.

That being said, we know that you know Auron, and your Sephiroth, way better than we do. We hope you like what we've created, but that if you don't, you'll go ahead and change it. What we'd like most of all is for you to be happy with your lifemate, and only you know best how to make that happen.

Corana, R'ki, Abigail, and Q'luin plowed the field, while other search coers shoveled the rest out!

This lovely drawing of Sephiroth was created for you by Corana.

Tia and green Kyraceth
Rh'iad and green Atsuth
Carolyna and green Granaith
S'tao and bronze Sephiroth
Sharyna and blue Koryuth
Dia and brown Torcoth
Ly'nar and green Evarinth

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