Fantasy Remix Brown Dragonet

Name: Seiketh

The name is derived from the Japanese word seiken, which translates to holy sword, as included in such titles as Seiken Densetsu (Holy Sword Legend), which fits with the overall theme I choose for this inspiration, as this particular title was originally released in the United States as Final Fantasy Adventure. It's also fairly close to Seiko, a name meaning truth.

Egg description:

I'll take you to the highest heights. Let's spread our wings and fly away over strobe-flecked, acid-trip tones of this egg's shell. This egg seems to be a multitude of many colors all quite bright for eggs. They almost seem to pulse. It's going to fill your world with ecstasy, touch your dreams way down inside, if only you'll take a trip to this egg's wonderland.

Hatch message:

Let Me Be Your Fantasy continues to pulse in rhythm to it's unheard beat, rocking back and forth in time until it falls over on it's side, now rolling back and forth slightly on the sands, it's colors now blending together in the movement in a psychadelic mix. It stops, if only briefly as another crack appears, then starts to pulse again more frantically. Another crack, and a rather large head bursts forth, creeling a shrill descant to the music only it can hear. Tiny cracks crawl over the surface of the egg until it bursts open, and a dark brown, goo covered dragonet lays on it's back on the sands, a well earned break from it's frantic dance to escape the confines of it's egg.

Hatchling description:

Prominent for this dragonet are slightly larger than usual head and wings. The rest of the body is smaller, save for his feet which seem a bit ungainly for his smaller size. The dragonet's legs and wingspars are a deep chocolate brown, setting the base of the dragonet. His underbelly is a slightly lighter burnt sienna color. A lighter brown contribute to the rest of the hide covering the body, mingled with burgandy tones on his hindquarters and shoulders. Wingsails are a lighter tan color, in contrast to the darker wingspars. His head has more reddish, mahogany tones.with headknobs that have an auburn quality to the color.

The Dragonet's description is largely inspired by the super-deformed characters of the early Final Fantasy series. I thought it would be fun to play with this, even though certainly this is not how the dragon will age, but with a large head and seemingly underdeveloped body will only hold him back briefly . The rest of the description continues with the musical theme, particularly the deep bass beats of techno music in the darker tones.

Impression pose:

Thump! Fantasy Remix Brown Dragonet falls again at the feet of the Candidates, looking up. It's time for the fantasy to truly begin, though certainly this won't be the final one for this pair as the brown locks its eyes on Ryskim, and they join one in soul and mind, forever from this day forward setting each other free.

Impression message:

Before, there was nothing, an empty void where you couldn't even imagine there was one before, now filled to the brim crying out to you, a call to adventure, to go beyond this world and join together forever, souls joining as one, and in your head a voice calls out to you, crystal clear, «I am Seiketh». And you know he will be there for you, a partner for all your adventures and all your fantasies fulfilled. The greeting gives way to intense feelings of hunger, burning red through your mind, « I am so hungry, can we eat now? I am so very hungry ».

Physical details:

Body growth potential/color/muscle, etc..

This a dragon who has a lot of growing to do. He'll always be smaller than the most of the other browns, but this will never hold him back. He'll work harder to overcome his size, and will most certainly grow into that ungainly head through his own drive to become better than the others, and you'll be the one to keep him from overdoing it, especially when he's young. You'll be dragging him off the training grounds, while he'll just want one more attempt at that somersault which he'll master in just one more go «Just one more, I can get it this time!». This will ultimately result in dragon who can outfly many of the other dragons in the air. On the ground, he'll be just as awkward as any other dragon, but even this won't be acceptable to him. Failure is never an option for him, and he'll keep going until he gets it right every time.

When young, no one can truly call him, beautiful, except perhaps you, to which he'll always be the best looking dragon in the Weyr. As he ages, his potential will be fully realized, and he'll be both strong and beautiful, the ugly duckling growing into the beautiful swan, and you knew it the whole time.

Mind voice/color/scent, etc..

His voice comes to you as a wind blowing over crystal caverns, echoing in your mind, an airy quality in times of optimism, happiness and adventurousness, which is nearly constant.

The other major quality echoes with determination, a deeper earthy feeling as he works hard on the training fields. The echo here is more of a vibration, a humming of crystal, something that you will no doubt become very familiar with as you spend a lot of time on the fields with him.

The tone can turn colder, as the same wind now blowing with a wintery coldness echoes as if off icicles, this occurs when he is unhappy with another, either because they are being lazy or mastering things faster than he. When he's older this can likely occur when dealing with younger dragons, who he is no doubt trying to offer his advice about, whether they are not working hard enough or not learning things fast enough for his taste.

Hunger is a hot, fiery tone touching your mind, this won't happen often after he's grown a bit and stops needing to east as much. But when it comes it will be sudden, as if he was so focused earlier on what he was doing, he simply hadn't noticed. But now he is hungry and it will burn hot through your mind, his voice taking on an almost flame-like quality as it echoes through the caverns.

Depression will rarely be present, except perhaps when showing his insecurities which he keeps just for you, these provide an almost drowning sensation, the echoes muffled as the voice doesn't ring quite as clear. This occurs most often late at night, when he allows his mind to settle for sleep, but can also occur in his younger clumsier days, as he finds himself tripping over his feet or not quite landing as smoothly as he wanted to.

Anger is a sharp bolt thundering across the caverns in your mind, but this will be rare, as there is little that truly angers Seiketh, except having you or his clutch or wingmates in danger



Seiketh is highly driven, and highly adventurous. As a weyrling he'll always want to know what is beyond the Weyr, then beyond the Island, always wanting to know what is over the horizon, never content with what is there, with what he knows. This also presents itself in small ways, which means a lot of questions when he's young. These will taper off slightly as he grows, but there will always be something new to discover, and he wants to leave no stone unturned.

As I indicated before, he loves to train. Not so much for the training itself, as that can be somewhat of a chore, but more to be better himself. This leads him to be somewhat competitive with the other dragons, especially Qiluin's bronze. He might be smaller, but he wants to fly faster and further than the larger dragons. This type of competition never turns nasty, as he's also fairly protective of his clutchmates (and later his wingmates). As he pushes himself harder, he'll want to push the others harder as well. He'll always want to keep working, not always knowing what his limits are. You will have to be very careful to make certain that he doesn't over do as he's growing, but ultimately, with a little push here and there, you'll be able to drag him from the skies or the training grounds and rest. Of course, once off the training field, he'll begin the endless stream of questions, as he wants to know everything! This can result in many sleepless nights for you, until you are able to coax him into sleep

This is not to say that Seiketh never has any fun. His favorites will be to explore or to race with other dragons. He'll rarely find himself sunning, at least not consciously. But he will enjoy to sit in the sun while you take your meals, thinking about new manuevers he can try and sharing them with you as he thinks of them, perhaps even talking to the next dragon over about his ideas.


Seiketh puts on a brave face for the others, always wanting to push them as hard as he pushes himself, but in truth underneath it all, he can be fairly insecure. This he'll only ever share with you, in the dark of the night, wondering why he isn't as large as the other browns or even the bronzes. In these times, you'll need to provide him with gentle reassurances. His response will often be to go and work even harder

Seiketh is a leader, but he'll never realize it, nor does he really want it. He pushes others because he doesn't always understand why they won't push themselves like he does. Largely he takes lead by example, training harder, taking to his duties to the Weyr. This is not a dragon who takes much in the way of downtime. but tackles any task given with a seriousness and a real sense of duty. As I've mentioned, he can be highly protective of other dragons, especially those in his wing, or his current beau, should he have one.

Flight Habits:

He'll rise in flight, but when it's beginning, before either of you gets caught in the moment of the flight, but because he feels he has something to prove: That he is just as good as they are, despite his smaller size. In the build up to the flight, he will likely be the last to realize that the females are proddy, to the point where it might seem to you that he isn't even interested in them. This is not actually true, but he works himself so hard that there's not always time to pursue them. He can come off oblivious to advances by the females, prodding him into flight, and even should he realize this, he is awkward with them, not being much of a flirt. However, once the flight begins, he chases them with even more zeal, and once he catches one, he can become fiercely loyal to them until they lose interest in him, because despite his loyalty, his first loves are always going to be you and the constant training, and so it will be easy for his paramours to feel ignored by him as he is most certainly a work-a-holic. This can lead him to feel rejected, and he'll work even harder, then he'll be able to catch her again next time.

Feeding Habits

Seiketh will grow into a fairly effcient feeder, but this won't immediately be true. There will be times that he even forgets that he is hungry as he pushes himself, but then once you get him off the training grounds, he is HUNGRY, and will attack voraciously, often trying to eat much too quickly to sate his appetite and get back to the training fields. This will mean that you have to watch him carefully, and eventually he'll learn the correllation between eating and having more energy to work harder and longer. Once he learns this, his feeding will be quick, efficient, and clean, a necessary evil to get back to training.


Grooming will be much the same as feeding, something that he would rather not have to worry about, another necessary problem that will require some gentle coaxing from you, especially when young. As he can be a bit clumsy on the ground, he'll often find himself dirty. This is not something that he necessarily minds, he'll be more concerned about the fact that he fell over in the first place. Once older he won't find himself nearly as messy as he once was, as he gains more sure footing. While he's being cleaned he'll likely be restless, not able to wait to get it over with and move on.

Oiling will be slightly less of a chore, as he'll be bothered by the itching so much that it interferes with his training. He'll be restless to start until you can settle him enough to get him properly oiled, fidgetting about much like a small child. Paradoxically, he wants this to be a quick process, both for his own relief as well as to get him back in the air as fast as possible.

Perception of other dragons/lifemate

Bronzes and browns he is most likely to be jealous of. They are seen as leaders, even though in his eyes, they do not always deserve to be so. He is just as good as them, better even. He works twice as hard as them to get where he is. That is not to say that he is not respectful of them, he always listens to them, takes what advice he feels will help him better himself, but won't be afraid to tell them how he sees it » Look at that lazy bronze, just lounging in the sun when there's work to be done! « It's not that's he's bitter, he's just very focused and can find himself frustrated when others don't share his drive. He will engage in competition with them, but this is always in a friendly manner, and usually to gauge where he is in his training by comparison.

Blues and greens he doesn't get jealous of, except perhaps when Allegrith masters that quarter wingtip turn before he does, with half the work. He has no problems with taking charge over them, sometimes even becoming a bit bossy. But this is done always with their best interests in mind, and he'll try to offer his constructive criticism whenever he feels appropriate. Occasionally, when another is struggling to keep up with him, he'll offer his words of encouragement to them, something he'd be less apt to do with the larger colors. He doesn't engage in as much competition as them, because not as much is expected of them. That is not to say that he doesn't expect them to pull their own weight in flight, he expects perfection out of himself and doesn't accept less of others either.

As I said before, he'll be protective of his clutchmates, in particular, he looks up to Qiluin's bronze, but also engages in friendly competition with him. He's respectful of Corana's gold and perhaps somewhat jealous of the attention she gets from others, but is otherwise largely indifferent of her, at least until she rises in flight. The others he'll want to push as hard as he does himself, and can get frustrated when they want to leave the training fields before he is ready, before they have done as well as he can do. He'll certainly be jealous of those who don't have to work as hard as he does to get to where he is, but there is never any meanness about him, he simply doesn't understand

You, he adores. You are his world, his trainer, his partner that he wants to go on all his adventures with. You whom he trusts implicitly. In your dark moments, he is there encouraging you. He'll push you hard, as hard as he pushes himself, because he won't be content for you to be second best at anything the way he doesn't like being second best. This will most certainly be a challenge for you, to help him find the balance in his life. He'll hate to be apart from you for any extended period, as he can feel lost when you are not nearby. He'll always be in your mind, talking to you, but this is mostly so that he can know that you are always there for him.



Seiketh will be a sight to behold once in flight, but this will be some time coming. At first his wings seem too small to support him and he seems too off balance to be a good flyer, but this only prompts him to work harder. Eventually, he'll grow into one of the best flyers in the Weyr, having the strength and stamina of the larger browns and bronzes and some of the speed and maneuverability of the smaller sizes as well, even though he'll never be quite as fast or quite as strong as the other colors. It's the combination of these factors that makes him such a great flyer.


This will be a clumsy weyrling, especially on the ground, finding himself falling over and losing his balance. He'll never have quite the grace that he has in the air but as he grows into himself, and with constant worry about not being good enough, he'll certainly be passable on the ground with a stature like he is always trying to be taller than he is. Once fully grown, with proper training, he'll never fall over like he used to, with a stature that befits the most noble of the bronzes.


Seiketh is not terribly fond of water. It is something for baths and not much more. Of course, he won't know this at first and be just as curious about what is under the water as he is with everything above. After a few of these forays below the waves, he'll lose interest. It's much too wet and he lacks any real sort of grace on the water. He doesn't understand the recreational use for it either, and might be puzzled by both human and dragon playing in it. He much prefers to be in the air, and to 'play' in the air.


By and large, Seiketh is inspired by the Final Fantasy series, in particular one of your favorites, Final Fantasy XI. His workaholic nature represents the long constant grind to improve your character, just one more level today, just a few more pulls tonight, sometimes to the point where other things are disregarded (personal hygiene, eating, sleeping). I've tried to include other elements from the series as well, the other aspects of his personality represents the sometimes reluctant heroes of the series, who are caught up in events that are greater than themselves. This is not always something they desire, but something they are certainly suited to as they embark on an adventure to save the world. I couldn't help but think largely of the Squall Leonheart from Final Fantasy VIII and his reluctance to lead even though he pushes himself hard,.follows orders, and eventually grows into a leader himself. I did eschew his more taciturn elements, mostly in an attempt for the dragon to help bring Ryskim out of his shell, and Ryskim is certain quiet enough for them both. His adventurous nature hearkens to the exploratory nature of the series, searching every pot for hidden items and treasure, a need to find everything! It also captures the wonder of discovering the new environments of the games, setting out across the world and being in awe of experience new and sometimes foreign environments. These are things that your dragon will experience as he sees snow for the first time, a child-like sense of wonder. Of course, always remember, this is your dragon, I've given you the framework, the rest is up to you. I hope you enjoy playing this dragon as much as I've enjoyed writing him for you!

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