M'ro's Green Sazanamith
Dragonsfire's 55th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Lilyth and Zhoreth’s clutch
Hatching Date:
Egg theme: Cultural Celebrations

Welcome, M'ro!

Now, this time, is the start of your future here at Ista, and we welcome you. We've enjoyed your presence here, and the contrasts you bring with your character's personality: He brings a taste of imperfection to give a true zeal and dimension to roleplay which we've all enjoyed! With the tough shell you have built around your character, we see the gentle, tenderness of both character and player. No candy coating! With this refreshing character building, we hope you'll also enjoy this dragon who is just as unconventional and delightfully acerbic.

May your Sazanamith be a light that draws you to Ista, time and time again, to intertwine with, and slither off of, with so many possibilities for Role Play! She is yours, made solely with you in mind. Enjoy!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co

Eid al-Adha Egg
Moody streams of crimson run together in an endless river to wash the circumference of this egg in sacrificial hue. Some rivulets run so deep and thick they're nearly black, while others thin to grainy pale sanguine. Drowned splotches of grey come up for air in a reminder of what lies beneath. Macabre as it may seem, the blood bath drips with charitable intentions.

Hatch Message:
Eid al-Adha Egg lies deceptively still, sanguine pools reflecting the passing of time by the mottled black of coagulating clots. It starts with a ripple that ebbs outwards through all the crimson lochs, a shockwave that passes over the entire ovoid before all is silent once again. The beast within has awoken, however, so it isn’t long before splashes of plasma start raining down upon the black diamond sand. All at once a clash of cultures results in a passionate explosion that reveals the dominant nature of the viper green that is ceremoniously delivered unto the unsuspecting world.

Hatchling Name:
Tenebrous Imperialist Green Dragonet

Dragon Description:


Subtle serpentine solidifies in dark silhouettes of watermarks and waves traced upon deep green hide like the darkness of a forest stream. Rouge tints the hollows about the eyes highlighting the spectral gleam and adding to the aura of unearthly supremacy to her haughty bearing. Silvery coils trickle down from her headknobs and spread to each spar of her long attenuated wings, ornamented by faint patterns of triangular scales in aqua and translucent blue. Lithe form delineates into a ribbon tail like the trailing end of a kimono-obi painted in maple leaves, to an arrowheaded tail tip dipped in carmine.


Impression Pose: (what the audience sees):

Tenebrous Imperialist Green Dragonet has no qualms about pushing away the pair of gushing girls hoping to catch her eye, not at all worried about 'accidentally' harming either of them as she hears a voice with a tone just as laden with disparagement as her own opinions of them. Then with surprising speed for one so newly hatched, the green strikes with serpentine swiftness, shoving aside the sibling pair nearest the tall lanky boy to circle him, almost twining before rearing her head back enough to look up into his own sinister gaze. She heard his comment about her and boy is she going to make him pay for that.

Impression Message: (what you see):
The pervasive clamor is absorbed as you are dropped into a blackened void that sucks away all sight, sound, texture, and sensation. You’re numb, and then the cold invades, stinging to the bitter core as your soul is consumed. Just when all seems lost a single note lingers long into the air, rising and falling onto a delicate melody that persists with occasional thrums of an unearthly drum. Without warning a voice, high and full of youthful giggling charm, erupts unto your mind. « M’rrrrrooooooo. » Mirth chimes throughout. « Come to me. We will be united. You need me, my M’ro. /My/ M’ro. »



Sazanamith is a dragon of complex motivations and possesses a dark but playful spirit. On the outside, she carries with her an almost otherworldly demeanor with a hint of sultry coyness. But woe to any who dares to cross her path or thwart her plans. Then she is like a vengeful spirit who nurses a grudge till she can take her revenge, a dish she likes served very cold indeed. When she does finally strike, it will be truly epic and dramatic, a sight that would astound anyone witnessing her outburst. After all, like you requested, she is based off of Jenova the "crisis from the sky".

There is no doubt in her mind that she should have been a queen and you are her ultimate knight, her cohort and conspirator all in one. There is a great amount of pride that she carries and a stubborn adherence to anything she believes to be true. One thing that she will never be swayed from, is the belief that you are the light of her life. While she knows deep in her heart that neither of you are actually perfect, she will not fail to croon in your mind that you are never the less the most wonderful rider and lifemate ever. And indeed you are, for her.

"With her superior power, knowledge, and magic, Mother was destined to become the ruler of the Planet." - Sephiroth, FFVII

Sazanamith is a manipulator at heart, whether it is to mold you to her liking, or just to see what she can get away with. She’ll be in your mind egging you on to do crazy things, urging her clutchmates to jump off of cliffs before they can fly, scaring the herdbeasts around the corral just to see them run, tripping people passing by with her tail, etc. But she really just wants to see if she can get away with it, not always thinking that she’d succeed. When she does, she’ll be madly cackling with glee in your head, but if anyone actually gets hurt as a result, she’ll act real surprised and even contrite. Sometimes she'll even mean it when she says she's sorry. Then she'll be on her best behavior for a while… then start up all over again.

« M'ro, look over there. That herdbeast is actually SLEEPING! If you push it right there on the shoulder, it would fall right over! Why don't you give it a try? »


Indeed, she is a very chatty dragon. There will be whispers in your mind at the oddest moments, a running commentary through your day both on whatever it is you are doing, or whatever catches her attention wherever she might be. She will even speak to others quite often, not always giving away her identity. Her favorite trick will be to murmur in the heads of unsuspecting nonriders, all the while pretending that she wasn't toying with them.

« This is your subconscious speaking. You want to bring that nice herd of wherries over into the Gather field. No, do not look at the 'sleeping' green on the right. That's right, just leave the wherries there. They will be taken care of very very soon. »

Sazanamith really enjoys the heat in Ista, anything cooler tends to make her a bit lethargic as if she were a true reptile. While it does not actually affect her physically, she will play up her condition to the point of pretending to be narcoleptic if she has to. She'll even prefer to fly straight rather than betweening if she can get away with it, and when it is unavoidable, she'll make her complaint known loud and clear. The Japanese influence comes through here, brought in by the historical legends of Kiyohime. Some say she was a princess, others say that she was a goddess, but in all the tales, she falls in love with a mortal who first loved her back, then spurned her. In her rage, she chased him to a temple, changing into a serpent to cross a river on the way. So Sazanamith shares this rage and serpentine qualities, but the Japanese people also live in a climate of warmth and humidity on their islands and find the cold rather devastating.

To strangers, she presents that queenly reserve, a wary distrust of anything she is not familiar with. To friends and family however, she is coy and artful, but not one to demand the center of attention, prefering instead to nudge the situation to her liking more subtlely and quietly. Like the Japanese culture that influences this inspiration, to outsiders she is formal and regal, adhering to traditions and strict guidelines, but in the home, there is a vibrant and sometimes extreme passion that comes out when it comes to those she loves.

Have a care though, she is all domineering and loving to you, and extremely attentive, but should you contradict her or go against her, she will not hesitate to get her revenge! Nothing that would actually harm you of course, she does love you so incredibly much, but she would go out of her way to annoy the heck out of you. Everyone else that sets her off will not be so lucky. Like Kiyohime, when her lover cast her off, he hid within a temple bell, which she rang and rang before she crushed it, so will Sazanamith lash out.

« Oh did my tail knock over that barrel of oil and it spilled all over the middle of the barracks? Looks like you'll have to spend the next few candlemarks cleaning it up. You know, you really should have worn that blue tunic instead like I told you. Now you're going to get oil all over that nasty grey one instead. What a shame… »


There is definitely a keen likeness to a serpent in Sazanamith's physique. Like many of her clutchmates she is slender, just a bit lankier and longer than most, but not too disproportionate. She may appear thin, but there is a wiry strength to her, not putting on bulk no matter how much she might try to gorge. And gorge she will, preferring to stuff herself in one sitting, then go without for days at a time without ill effect.


Her wings are as long as the rest of her, the skin over the finger bones a pale silver touched color that contrasts sharply to the darker green shades of her body. Her sails are a bit more narrow, adding to her overall agility but it also means that she has to work a little harder than average to stay aloft. As such, she is prone to wing strain when the air is heavy and still, so you must look out on those days that she doesn't overwork herself. In high winds, she is in her element, using the strong currents to aid her flight and the narrow spars of her wings cut through the air with much greater ease than those of her clutchmates.

That is an advantage during her flights as well, she'll find it easy to mock and taunt the heavier males, flying in literal circles around the slower clods. Her capricious nature only making her more irritable and well to put it frankly, bitchier than usual. Once she's had her flight however, her hormones will balance out and she will be unusually complacent and mellow for a few days before returning to her normal state.

Her talons are long, with a tendency to outgrow what wear and tear a dragon would normally go through and as a result, they have a tendency to catch on things, making her trip and sometimes stumble. This is a frustration as you will well know Sazanamith is very proud and just hates appearing less than supremely graceful. On a bad day, this could even make her break out into violence, taking out her stress on whatever unfortunate piece of scenery that caused her to falter, or sometimes some unwitting innocent bystander too stupid to get out of range. She won't take it out on you though, even if she will complain in your head, very loudly and frequently. The occasional visit to the dragonhealers may be in order, to trim the talons down to more manageable lengths.

Her hide too will need special attention, it is after all one of the most important features indicating a dragon's health. Unlike what you might imagine in a serpent, her hide is not dry at all. In fact she has a tendency to be kind of slick, just a little oily without much help. So despite her uniquely large size for a green, you won't be spending too much time oiling her, however this condition will require more bathing than others. Look out for build up in her more sensitive areas, for the last thing anyone needs is a moody green with a rash or acne.

While there is nothing really wrong with Sazanamith's eyesight, she has a tendency to want to see things up close, as if she were slightly nearsighted. This will affect her a bit while fighting Thread, causing her to wait a little longer than most to start flaming and makes it a bit more risky. This seems the most apparent when the light is the brightest, for there seems to be nothing wrong with her night vision. So she will also favor night risings and flights.

Mind Voice:

Sazanamith speaks to you early on with a voice like a young Japanese school girl's, a little high and giggling. As she reaches maturity though, it changes to a husky sultry tone. Often when she is feeling irritable, or even if she's just being naughty, you can all but hear that evil growl and hiss. Alone with you though, sometimes she slips back into that amused high voice that sounds almost too cute to be real, but that is her private voice to you and only you.

The best example of her husky adult tone would be the voice of Lee Meriwether (Original Catwoman in the TV Batman series.) Without too much kitty purr or Russian accent, but her lilting lower tones.

The background sounds behind her words is rather otherworldly and eerie, a hint of haunting wooden flute, the pattering of what first sounds like rain drops but is actually an offbeat tapping of taiko drums, and the lilting whine of slow bow drawn strings. It combines to emulate the traditional Japanese Gagaku music. The tempo of the drums, pace of the strings, and the trills of the flutes increase and decrease depending on Sazanamith's moods.

There is a pervading scent that fills your senses when she speaks to you that is very distinctive. It is an actual perfume called ironically enough, 'Kiyohime Changes From a Serpent' based on a famous Japanese artist Yoshitoshi's painting. Salty ocean spray, red kelp, black plum, lychee, sea moss, green musk, hachiya, plum blossom, and matcha. Different elements of the scent are emphasized at different times, the ocean elements roiling strong when she is excited, but more sweet and floral when she is calm or trying to be persuasive.

Physical Voice:
A little raspy normally, an extension of the occasional hissing she does mentally. She doesn't make a lot of noise as she prefers to sneak her mind into others when they lease expect it, so sounds would give her away too quickly. When she does rumble and speak physically though, it is a low almost growling sound. But when she's proddy or in flight, she'll scream and shriek at the boys with abandon, an almost alien sound that would no doubt unnerve any human close enough to hear her.

Listen to the effects at 1:10-1:18 for her normal tone.
Her shrieking tone comes immediately after 1:18-1:24

Oh by the egg, her growing will be slower than molasses in bitter winter. You’ll probably start to wonder /if/ she will ever grow - /at all/. Of course she will, but by such tiny increments it’s nearly immeasurable. Sazanamith will eat and eat and eat, ravaging bucket after bucket of food, trying to force the issue, but alas it will all mostly just come out the other side. Of course this’ll mean you’ll probably need to claim your very own muck shovel. Try the ones with the square mouth – they scoop rather fabulously.

Time will tick, life will move, but she will not grow. Then one day you will wake up and swear she’s somewhat bigger than she was last night. As the day passes her shadow will grow longer, but obviously that’s an illusion, right? When you go back to your couch your lifemate will be taking up more than she had the night before! So try measuring her, because tomorrow morning? She’ll be bigger still!


Sazanamith will all the sudden just /explode/ with growth, in every direction at first, and then only in lean angles. At some point her tail will decide to hit the accelerator and suddenly be awkwardly long. If people should be tripping over it more than usual – well then you have an excuse. “Really, her tail is too long for her body and she can’t control it very well. Honest!” Soon though it’ll all catch up to her tail and all will be well, though maybe /she/ won’t stop using that excuse. *Thump!* « Oops. » “Was your tail in someone’s way again?” Sazanamith affects innocence with guilty silence.

Nothing will rage more than her talons though. They will always, always, always be a trouble. You’ll have them rasped by the dragonhealers, which is a pretty big job, and then have to return all too soon for another rasping. In this you’ll become well acquainted with the dragon infirmary.

Because of this, like her tail, everything will hook up on them. With the claws though, it’s a much more dire situation, so keep up on them! Think of what damage she can do with those mammoth talons during her flight! So make sure the minute she shows any glowing tendency, you get her right to the infirmary. This’ll be a serious chore, and oh will they learn quickly! You’ll see every low ranking dragonhealer on Pern diving behind tall objects at the very sight of your glowing dragon near the infirmary!


Very slinky, there is a supple agility to Sazanamith's movements. She tends to start of slow, almost lazy as if she could not possibly be made to hurry anywhere. But when inclined, she can move with lightening speed, almost shocking how quickly she can move for a dragon her size once she reaches full growth. However, she seems completely incapable of moving in a straight line, though she'll always reach her target, she tends to weave from side to side. Which means being on her back as she crosses from one end of the bowl to the other is a real jerky ride.

With her vision being sometimes poor in bright light, this adds to her side to side movement as she weaves in order to bring those more distant objects into view. Additionally, her long talons tend to catch on things, thus the movement is to help keep them from digging too deeply into the ground and end up catching or tripping her.

In the air she is a very smooth flyer when flying in formation. There is no need to focus sharply to see where the position of the other dragons are, therefore she has no problems staying in place. Her long narrow wings give her the edge on sharp hairpin turns, which are hell on you and your straps. You'll no doubt sport many bruises from where they're tied around you. She loves to fly at night though, without the bright sun jabbing in her eyes, she really enters her element. Thankfully the air around Ista tends to be warm even in the early evening so this will be her prime time, when she'll most likely rise, and when she'll often ask you to just go enjoy the winds with her.

All female dragons have issues with wanting to eat when they should be blooding, but not many as much as yours does. Or well, no rider has as much problem as /you/ do controlling her. It will absolutely be a battle of wills because she wants to /eat/. She wants that /flesh/.

Her appetite is Voracious, with a capitol V. She’s ‘ravenous’ not only for the flesh and blood, but for all the edible parts too. By the time she is done that beast she fed on will be nonexistent except for the inedible bones, and even the cartilage will be utilized, which isn’t a bad thing. It’s good for her.

She’ll eat and eat and eat, surprising the crap out of everyone with how much food goes into a body that doesn’t seem to be in proportion with her portions. Should you have her feed at a Hold, the holders will be dumbfounded, and outright aghast at how much of the herd she cleared by the end. So don’t expect to be invited to dinner often.

That’s okay because her absolute favorite is /fish/. Fish of every sort. If they are small fish, it’ll be a /LOT/ of fish, but with her spunky nature, you’ll find her going for the largest, because they will be a true conquest, and their meat is abundant. Fish is the one ‘gotta have’ in her life, and she gotta have it every day. Even if it means you snagging one from the kitchens to sedate her need. Think of it like a One-A-Day fishoil vitamin. This /could/ be part of her oily skin issue.

Oh, and by the time she’s flying she will either be friend or foe to the fishermen. Either she will constantly get caught raiding their nets and ‘pots’, or they will enjoy sharing their throwbacks with her and a bond will be created. Only time will tell.



Sazanamith is a creature of the night when it comes to flights, and she will go up in the depths of darkness almost every single time. Sure she has the disadvantage of her wings, but she has all the advantage in the world with her stealth and cunning. That is her dark coloring acts as camouflage (especially low over the jungle), and she will exploit every advantage she gets. Every single one, including her talons.

Her flights can often become a blood bath as ‘flight’ hedges on becoming ‘fight’ – it’s only one letter away after all! Never will she stand an impertinent male coming too close too soon, and she’ll not only challenge, but maybe take a claw swipe or a vicious teeth clanking snap to ward them off.

Even the catcher won’t escape the violence. After a flight so full of wild tension and aggression, you can imagine the mating will be a whirlwind of passion carried over with the same dynamics.

Her flights might be a crazy carnal ride, but when it’s over, it’s over. Good bye, see ya! Your lifemate is going to want her patch of real estate with a wide perimeter around. No dragon-spooning lovefest I’m afraid. The male has served his purpose and now his job is done. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

For inspiration, we've chosen the song "Rising" by the Yoshida Brothers who use traditional Japanese Tsugaru-jamisen style which is more lively and tonal than Sazanamith's usual mind voice, but the combination of traditional shamisen three-stringed guitar and modern rock music is truly uplifting.


Sazanamith will have a clear advantage to other greens when it comes to combat in threadfall especially in the middle stratosphere where the air currents are thickest and doesn't put quite as much strain on her wings. There her size and endurance will let her shine, when other greens are tiring and not as quick, she will still be going strong.

As stubborn as she is, you'll have a difficult time convincing her when it's a good idea to pull back with the other green wings and switch out to rest, convinced of course that she can stay the length of the Fall as well as any of the boys. But it will be best for the both of you if she does not try to over do it and risk getting scored or worse.

She strikes with surgical precision, those narrow wings of her cut through the air like a scalpel, allowing her to change direction at will. It sounds like a great advantage, but for you M'ro, you'd better make sure you have really strong straps as not to get thrown off in one of her wild spins and sharp turns.

Her eyesight is not the best though, like a reptile, her sense of smell is her strongest, which is not as useful during Threadfall. She often waits till the last second to flame that patch of Threads that you're about to collide into, not just because she's a risk taker but because she doesn't always see them until that moment. Be prepared to duck a lot of ash since they'll come flying at you a lot closer than others might face because of this.

She hates the cold and the near absolute of Between is the worst of all. So if she can duck and swerve to avoid a clump, she'll do so. Better hang on tight just in case. When circumstances force her to actually have to skip, she'll come out complaining and flaming mad of course, so be prepared to have to deal with one irritable green by the end of a Fall.

On a good run though, there is no exhilaration to a dragon that can match fighting Thread. Not even a mating flight, so this is where Sazanamith will be at the peak of her euphoria. She will commit to a Fall with deadly intent, reluctant to leave till it is absolutely certain that the threat is gone.

For inspiration during Threadfall, the final fight against Jenova is actually impressively appropriate. (Original Game midi) (Advent Children version)

Weyr Relationships:
Paquith will be Sazanamith’s one weakness. Not only are they both creatures who share a love of heat, but he’s quite interesting to her. As he goes through his changes she will watch closely, keeping an eye on the evolution. The fact that they’re siblings won’t even cross her mind. As a matter of fact she’ll even try and distance herself from the whole idea – more so the older they get, and the more ‘fond’ she becomes of him. Think of Catwoman and Batman. She’s infatuated with him, but the second he turns his back, her desire to be the dominate badgirl force will just sort of take over. Then she’ll be back to that repentance once again when he gets angry at whatever she did. And the whole cycle will cycle through, right back to her adoration for him.

Your girl obviously has the love of fish, which will put her at exact odds with Minalth. As a matter-of-fact, this could cause some long term tension due to the fact she likes them SO MUCH. Tasty. So maybe, if you care, you’ll have to work out a deal with her to eat fish when he’s not looking – that or deal with the constant controversy. Even with that though, her little manipulations will be most affective with Minalth, because he is a daredevil of a sort. Jump off a cliff? Sure! Get a running start? Right on! So she’ll focus a lot of those mischievous moods on this particular sibling.

Sazanamith has issue with Isyth, even if it doesn’t completely go the other way around. Isyth respects your green’s intensity, and once they are fighting thread, she’ll respect her drive and abilities. Isyth wants to flame, and Sazanamith wants to be queen, so there will be jealousies between them, but your lifemate will hold the grudge the most. This could make their interactions tense. Throw in the fact they are both grade A manipulators and it should be a really interesting Weyrlinghood.

Elinth will admire your lifemate, but you can imagine there is no great love going the other way. BUT, Elinth is not a threat, not in the slightest, in any fashion, so she will tolerate, and even sometimes humor the green for a bit of company. As soon as her sibling gets out of hand, though, and overly bouncy, girly, or otherwise very ‘Elinth’, she’ll be seeking any excuse to get gone.

Calafath she can understand. She is a green that should have been queen, and he is a brown that should be king, even if not /her/ king. They will bond well in this, and they both travel somewhat through the same wave length to the darker side - they just seek it in different manners, but it’ll be mutual admiration for them both.

Shaarth, a dragon that sees things in a wider focus than most spies that part of your lifemate that makes her dangerous. When she plays at pretending to repent for her mirth gone wrong, he’ll see right through the guise. Isyth might to a point, but she won’t dwell on it as much, after all, she’s a manipulator too. That brown will though. Why does this one keep such a keen eye on her? Because he doesn’t trust her and thinks one day her antics and personality will lead to cataclysmic consequences. Will he do anything about it? No. Shaarth will just watch her from afar, keeping a keen eye on any situation so he can try and put a halt to things before they get out of hand and anyone gets hurt. They are ‘family’, as is she, and he would protect her forever, so long as she doesn’t threaten ‘the family’.

(The whys.)

Egg Inspiration:
Described by:Q'luin
Zuhal's player told me about her experience in Morocco with Eid al-Adha and it stuck very vividly in my mind. She had said, "The streets literally run with blood" I decided that I'd like to try and introduce an unknown celebration, so I picked this, and wanted it to be known that it wasn't a wasteful slaughter, but rather this marks Abraham's total submission to God. I thought that most clearly relayed the beauty behind Muslims and what I so admire about them - their total and complete faith and devotion to God. Only the very highest of quality livestock are slaughtered and those that can, share with those that can not.

Dragon Name Inspiration:

Sazanamith is based on the word 'sazanami' which is Japanese for 'rippling' with connotations of water. Thus translations will come across as 'ripples on water'.

'Ai no Sazanami' - Love Ripples

'Raijin Taiko Sazanami' - A rippling traditional drumming piece.

The Sazanami is also the name of a Fubuki-class Destroyer built for the Imperial Japanese Navy, at the time one of the most powerful in the world. As Sazanamith is a powerful fighter too, this is quite the appropriate name for her!


It is also the common name for a species of Japanese Maple - Acer palmatum 'Sazanami'


Dragon Inspiration:
Sazanamith was inspired by the mythology and culture of Japan, with a dash of the Japanese video game Final Fantasy VII's Jenova. The painting Kiyohime Changes from a Serpent by Yoshitoshi Tsukioka

Kiyohime was a lady of Japanese folklore who fell in love with a priest. But after a time, he refused to continue their relationship and he fled to a river. He told a boatman to refuse her to cross, but she dove into the river and swam instead. In her rage she changed into a serpent and chased the priest into a temple where he hid in a giant temple bell. She coiled around it and rang it three times before belching forth a great ball of flame, melting the bell and killing her finicky lover.
Jenova is an alien entity who fell to the planet some 2000 years before the start of Final Fantasy VII. She possesses many powers of control and manipulation, but mostly she lurks in the mind of her 'children' who hear her calling to join the Reunion that would set her free let her take over the planet.

Japanese National Anthem

Gackt - Redemption

L' Arc en Ciel - Heaven's Drive

Arashi - Pikanchi

Gackt - Lust for Blood

Do as infinity - Desire

Do as infinity - Gates of Heaven

Arashi - Truth

Yoshida Brothers - Rising (Qi recommended!)

Yoshida Brothers - KODO

Yoshida Brothers - Kodo (Inside the Sun Remix) (You get the second cause it's a COOL remix)

Yoshida Brothers - Storm

Eminence Symphony - One Winged Angel

Final Fantasy X - Sad Violin

Cockatiel sings Theme of Chocobo

柯有倫 - Zero

Yuki Kajiura - Ensei

Tia and Yandra helped to banter around ideas and names, S'tao and Q'luin wrote up the dragon. Egg desced by Q'luin, dragonet by Soteria.

Zerra and Brown Minalth
Lila and Green Elinth
E'siac and Brown Shaarth
I'deni and Bronze Paquith
M'ro and Green Sazanamith
Wyn and Gold Isyth
J'rlen and Brown Calafath

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