Roonie Father
Ellie Mother
Ro'z (Rolzer) Brother
Marsilikos Foster Brother

Royce hails from a small fishing Cothold (aptly named Fantail Bayou) on the northern portion of Ista Island. Her father, called Roonie by all those who know him well, runs a small fishing trade, while her mother, Ellie, dabbles in ale-making (think a kind of Pernese moonshine). As Royce would surely tell you, her mother's ale is the strongest on the island, and has been known to best even the highest of tolerances in only a few sips. Having been raised in such a boisterous environment, and invariably lacking most female influences, save for her mother, Royce has developed her own somewhat archaic notions of the female role in society.

Royce's older brother, now Ro'z, an NPC brownrider at Ista Weyr, was first to leave their settlement, searched by a passerby dragonrider who perhaps had too much of Ellie's ale before asking the boy to stand. The idea for her to follow Ro'z to the weyr was formulated by her parents, noticing how drunken attentions were beginning to be paid to their now womanly-figured daughter, and by Marsilikos, her foster-brother and stalwart protector.

Thus, the two came together to the now dark weyr of Ista, and Royce still struggles to find a place there, having previously only helped around the Cothold and served part time for her mother.

Royce has a very thick accent, born from a hybridization of her father's Bitran roots and her mother's own Istan slang. She is very naive to the ways of the world, especially of the weyr, but doesn't seem to mind her ignorance, curiosity one of her main vices, as she watches those around her. She talks up a storm, whether to attempt to hide her own shyness or simply out of habit.

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