The majority of information I prefer people learning via RP, but some things could be known through gossip, so it is that which I post below.

Qiluin grew up son of both Weyrwoman and Weyrleader of Igen Weyr. He spent most every waking and sleeping moment with his mother who was the senior dragonhealer as well. This is how a man so young could become a dragonhealer, and a damn good one, at such an early age.


But one needs a dragon for full rank, and after standing two times at Igen with disastrous failure, he and his twin sister Quorra relocated to Ista Weyr. Here he met with success and impressed bronze Zhoreth. Life was good until his mother died, and this sorrowful information was delivered to him by Lord Sterling of Ista Hold who then announced that /he/ was actually Quorra and Q’luin’s father. This was the start of a strange rocky relationship between father and son.


Since then Q’luin rose in the ranks to become a senior dragonhealer, and now he tends to not only Ista’s dragon infirmary, but Igen’s as well after the two ranking dragonhealers of the desert weyr were put out of commission (one died).

Zhoreth has fathered a clutch with queen Lilyth, amounting to a hefty 40 eggs. The resulting dragonets have grown and gone on to become protectors of Pern.


Q'luin has two tattoos by the ink artist Rh'iad. One on his back, dreamed up by the artist and one on his face of his own design.

The first was a thoughtful sentiment to help keep the displaced desert born man always in touch with his roots. It is a tattoo of the Igen sun that will now always be at his back.


Stylized ink etches a tribal territory on the bronzed visage to encircle one of his smoldering coal eyes.


He has had 6 children:


Qihael, his oldest son was born after Q’luin left Igen and he didn’t know of his existence until sometime later. An ironic parallel to his own father. The boy’s mother is Haelah, who is a beautiful desert born woman that the bronzerider still has connections to when in Igen. The name is obviously a mix of both parents.


Then comes Qalon, named for part Q’luin and part his secret (or not so secret) hero N’lon, deceased former Weyrleader of Ista Weyr and rider of Rhyolith. The mother was then weyrling Corana, now Weyrwoman of Ista Weyr. She too is beautiful.


After came Qylia and Qisanti, a set of twins to mimic Quorra and Q’luin, named for Shaylora (Qi’s mother), Q’luin, Tia, and strangely enough (not Q’luin’s choice), Santiago, also known as S’tao, present Weyrleader of Ista Weyr and cousin to Tia, their beautiful mother. Notice the trends?


Then there would be Qilura, which is a combination of mother and father, most obviously. She was the result of a won greenflight of Glissiereth and Velura.


Qiterin is the bronzerider’s newest pride. Conceived from a goldflight that gave life to probably one of the least volatile relationships Q’luin has ever had with the mothers of his children. Soteria’s sweetness is the culprit.


Other PC family:


Sweet flower wielding Lisyana. Sister or cousin?




Prancing cousin E'siac, aka Dimples.




Q'luin's queen Quorra, his twin



Lord Sterling, /the father/.


Q'ten - step father and Weyrleader of Igen Weyr
Q'ade - half brother, brownrider at Igen Weyr, Q'luin's bane.
Quinterra - half sister, brownrider at Igen Weyr, fabulous young woman.
Uncle Aleister - Essiach's father. (Missing)
Many many many others.


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