Ista Weyr Policies

To become a resident at Ista Weyr, new players will need to send in a short biography to the Weyr Staff mailer in game. As long as there are no conflicting reasons as to why the character may not reside at the Weyr, then staff members will be able to grant residency. (Conflicting reasons may include needing permissions from craft leaders, previous area staff permissions, etc.)

Activity Policies

Instariders have a three month probationary period. If there is an activity issue during this time, a reminder of this rule should be issued to the rider. At the three month mark, staff would evaluate whether or not they have met the activity requirements. If not, then the character may be revoked, ICly returned to whatever Weyr they came from.

Activity requirements for instas are 3 RPs a month at the minimal. We’d prefer much much more.

Goldrider activity should be evaluated every 6 months and before each Search cycle (approximately 2 times a year) to determine not only who would be a likely choice for clutch mother but also if they have been active enough over all. Unlike other dragons, golds rise and produce clutches, without the active participation of these riders, the Weyr is left to speculation as to what has occurred. Rather than have conflicting stories, inactive goldriders should be transferred to an NPC Weyr. (Traditionally Southern for Ista, but this may vary.) Should they become active again, it would a simple matter for them to transfer back. Being sent to an NPC area will not keep them from RP, and would in some ways make it much easier for them to RP without the knowledge of what was happening at the Weyr during their absence/inactivity.

Activity for goldriders are 3 RPs a month at the minimal. They will be expected to participate in most Weyr-wide events, not just Search. It is suggested that their RP include the occasional public outing to encourage activity at our Weyr. When the decision of clutch mother is made, this will be a consideration.

Addendum: goldriders that are retired and have put in an active term of service to Ista Weyr and the game are exempt of the move to an NPC Weyr, except for in cases stated below. Retired goldriders will not be eligible for clutches or Senior positions until they have been active for three months according to the above activity requirements. To be abundantly clear, if they are going for Senior, they must meet the Senior position activity requirements for three months prior to taking the position. For clutches they must meet the general goldrider activity requirements for three months prior. Staff will have the final decision as to who will become or remain in the Senior position. To come out of retirement, one must meet the general gold activity requirements for the three months prior.

To maintain retired gold status at the Weyr you must put forth three RPs in a 6-month period, though we encourage more. Since they are allowed at any time to come out of retirement, this Retired Goldrider rule is to be fair to all other goldriders, be they inactive and moved, or active within the Weyr.

Ranking Positions:

Characters holding a prominent position in the Weyr (ie. those listed in "news Ista Weyr") should also be evaluated. The 6-month cycle seems appropriate here. If there are no replacements for these positions, considerations to place in NPCs may be an option.

Activity requirements for these positions are once a week RP. It is suggested that their scenes include the occasional public outing to encourage activity at our Weyr.

Staff Positions:

These positions are OOC in nature and have no bearing on the IC position of the character. It is the area policy that anyone interested in volunteering to be staff must have been a member of Ista Weyr for a minimum of 6 months prior to the staff call.

Activity is also important to remain a staff member. Rp is expected at least once a week just like with ranking positions. Staff is expected to respond to posts to the mailers in a timely manner and decisions normally made within three days. (Guideline)

If a character has been deemed inactive, and the player protests, they will get a 1 month probationary period to reestablish themselves. If at that point they haven't shown improvement, then staff will go ahead with changing their position or transferring them to an NPC location, which for riders of non-gold status will be to the inactive wing, and for goldriders they will be demoted to Junior position and are subject to Goldrider Activity rules as stated above. Leaders will simply be demoted and then fall under the typical guidelines for a rider.

The intention of these policies aren't to regulate players and their behaviors, but rather to give staff the ability to improve the health of the Weyr by moving those holding important roles. Characters transferred or demoted are not being nuked in any way, but given a reasonable explanation for their absence. They will however still be subject to the game's general idle nuking policy.

We understand that RL comes first and will make allowances for warned absences. This will not include people who have consistent activity on other alts while proclaiming RL needs of their attention. Repeated absences, even with warning, will elicit a revoking of a waiver of the rules.

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