I'deni's Bronze Paquith
Dragonsfire's 55th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Lilyth and Zhoreth’s clutch
Hatching Date: May 30, 2009
Egg theme: Cultural Celebrations


Although sometimes the bane of some characters' existence, we have fallen so much in love with your angsty young man. From Jailbird to rebel without a clue, lovable troublemaker, and family. Through him, YOU are family, and we plan on extorting you in every way we can!

So many things came out of your requests for your big boy, that he pulled us in many different ways, but the most surprising of these, is how easily he was named. As a Search Co, we were pretty much sold on the first thing that came up. Another nice surprise is just how opposite and competitive your Paquith is towards your sister's Isyth. Family is important to all of us, and we've tied you so thick with Ista that we hope you never WANT to let go of us!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co

Tonacayotl Egg
Shapes of stairs ascend a squat round egg as evenly as any heartbeat. Faded crimson, water-washed, gives color to what otherwise would look very much like modest pale limestone. Bits of turquoise and gold pulse around a generous circumference as sacrifices for vividness. What remains beyond the bared teeth of coiled serpents is grave obsidian providing a debt of flinty coldness to what is only a possibility.

Hatch Message:
Tonacayotl Egg bulges to the extremes of its thickened shell's limitations and then begins to violently shudder as the inhabitant batters its way out. All at once the container is shattered, sending sharp fragments flying when the bold bronze beast erupts unto the sands.

Hatchling Name:
Aztec Automaton Bronze Dragonet

Dragon Description:
A binary nature is constructed in dark bronze and raw iron stratums upon the rough-hewn expanse with a certain rugged charm. Feline form lends grace to what would otherwise appear ponderous, power and bulk across the broad shoulders, but streamlining through to the statuesque hindquarters. Blackened joints are bent by stiff lines of delineation, matching the solder lines drawing together to form wings made of riveted panels, soot darkened and rusted. The head is well rounded, features subtle, but what draws recognition is the incandescent patch of green glowing against his chest from which spirals of patterned glyphs radiate outwards in more ferrous streaks that span towards the lithe segments forming the tail.


Impression Pose: (what the audience sees):
Aztec Automaton Bronze Dragonet keeps to that negligent pace as periphery appendages are field-tested. His wings fan to proportions of menace and a small tail is held just as high as Ms. Moon's is. Closer they all come to Ista's presentation of candidates and their merits (or what lacks among them) are screened. Now there's a soul: a bit debauched, all of galling. Huh. Ildenin. That's kind of catchy. It's got a nice ring to it.

Impression Message: (what you see):
The warning blare of a conch horn singles the arrival of palatable arrogance into your head, eclipsing your own, only to feather the line between the two into obscurity. Further inhabitation into your mind is marked by the rhythmic beat of drums that resets your pulse to accommodate two hearts that now beat as one. A metallic tang pervades your tongue, soon to ring throughout all your senses until it finally explodes into a solid rich timbre that shatters any doubt in your mind. « Okay, this is where I don't want to be. » Already on the move, pulling your mind with him, the presence enforces. « We gotta go. Come on, move with me, I'deni. »


Christine Everheart: You've been called the Da Vinci of our time. What do you say to that?
Tony Stark: Absolutely ridiculous. I don't paint.
Christine Everheart: And what do you say to your other nickname, the Merchant of Death?
Tony Stark: That's not bad.

Paquith 1.0
Your lifemate broke straight from the shell arrogant, completely confident in his intelligence, and his place among the pack, which in his mind is way ahead any other, including his own sire. He is sure that even at birth he could outwit any, especially the half-wits in his clutch. After all he’s a genius. You can throw any question at him and it will be flung back almost instantly with an answer. As dragons are not great in the memory department, his brilliance is innate. If he doesn’t know the answer, he knows right where to find it, but this will be kept under wraps, and it will be delivered as if it came fresh out of his own mind as he plucks it from someone else’s.

He is the best of the best in all ways, including when it comes to passing on the genetics, or at least trying, which will make him rabid for greens and golds, all except for his own sister who as it turns out is his antithesis. He's bright, blaring, shining sun to her cold, manipulative moon.

There won’t be a lot of effort put in to lessons, because he already knows it all, right? It’s right there in that hard head, so why bother? If he shows at all it will be to make trouble for whomever is teaching the lesson, and poke fun at his siblings who try so hard to get it right. « Riiight. Give it up already. »

That arrogance for himself includes you. The only person who truly makes the cut in Paquith’s mind is you. « You will be Weyrleader one day. » It’s assured, especially with him at your side. « We’re in like Flin. » It’ll never be a question, and if you question, he’ll just laugh you off. Only because /that/ is just how sure he is.

He loves you, but not in a wishy washy manner – rather it’s hermano y hermano. You are equals, you are compadres. You are family. More family than /his/ family. Homies. There is /nothing/ tighter than homies.

It’ll be with you that he wants to spend the vast majority of his time, and during your time together he’ll be goading you to push the envelope in all things. « Let's cause some trouble. /This/ is bunk. I’m bored. » Be it hitting on the ladies, hitting the bottle, or just hitting someone, he’ll be urging you into it. Coaxing you to the dark side, and if an argument should occur, /you/ will be the one in the right, so why not? Have at it!

Paquith 2.0


Threadfall. Something is going to click when Paquith comes face to face with Thread, that menace that kills. By the time he makes it through his first Fall there will be a sudden quiet. This will work out as a segue to something. You’ll feel it coming on, creeping up your spine – something dramatic is about to happen. For quite a few days after he will introvert, and sure he’ll answer questions, but when it comes to "What is wrong?" your lifemate will evade at first. He has to work out what is going on in his mind before he can share, but there’s no want to play around, no wish to glom on the females, no goading, no nothing, really. He won’t eat, he won’t sleep (much), he won’t do anything but sit around and think.

You’ll get inklings of what is going on by pieces that slip out into your head. 'Thread' 'Thread' 'Thread' 'Kills' 'Innocents' 'Wrong' 'Change' and all the sudden, like a blink, his mind will erupt into the flame of inspiration! Burned is his youth! Burned is his feckless childishness! Burned is his carelessness! Burned, all of it! Out of the flames rises a new Paquith, still arrogant, but not stupidly so. This arrogance is put in the right place, in the right times, for he’s been humbled by the immensity of Thread, and the immensity of the problem of saving Pern. Your lifemate has selfishly sacrificed his youth for the good of all, and most importantly, the good of you. « You could have been killed. » Pause. « What have I done? »

Tony Stark: I finally know what I have to do.

All the sudden he will want to be in every lesson, paying attention, quizzing the Weyrlingmaster, practicing. He’ll know most of it, sure, but maybe if he doesn’t listen he’ll miss something? He’ll quiz the Weyrleader’s dragon, Wingleaders' dragons, and any wise dragon that he comes across. Something is building. An idea is spawning.

Obadiah Stane: Tony, you know, the best thing about Tony is also the worst thing - he's always working.

The intensity of his dedication is not only awe-inspiring, but tiring. Sleep will still be a distant memory, and that could work out bad when he’s waking dragons up, or having you wake people up when a sudden inspiration hits. « Come on! Wake 'em up! I don’t want to forget! » Food will be eaten because it’s a necessity, but it won’t be savored. Wham bam thank you ma’am, and it’s done. Green flights will be pretty much the same thing, and Golds too. Sex is about mating now, and mating is about children, and children are about adult dragons, and adult dragons are all about fighting Thread. The end. Sure greens can’t have babies, but you can practice on them, and you have to keep up the fictitious facade. But why?

Protecting others has become a big part of the personality too, obviously. Not just Pern, but his siblings, and all the people he’s mistreated will become a focus. There won’t be any grand apologies, but they will know by the way he watches over them, the way he /now/ acts towards them that there is an unspoken apology. Maybe you can force him into one if you see a need, but do /you/ care? Anyway, this is the ‘why’. Greens are as important as any other dragon, and therefore their flights are just important as the golds, or such is the ‘intent’. Respect is shown by being present for greenflights, and so that is what he does /when/ he can.

But there’s no want or need to get really close to any of the greens or golds. He won’t be the stalker, he won’t be the cuddler. So he creates this facade that he’s still the playboy, still the asshole that flits from bed to bed, uncaring, here for the thrill, gone tomorrow. This is so no one will get close. This is the wall he creates to keep everyone at bay so he can keep working on what he needs to -– saving Pern. Sure he’ll no longer be the /complete/ asshole, as in he won’t be outright unkind, but not really friendly either. Conversations will happen, but again and again it will always turn to the betterment of the Weyr.

The Aztecs raised colossal shrines and pyramids, created on a swamp a city rivaling Paris and Constantinople, charted the heavens, and perfected mass-agriculture without the wheel or beasts of burden. Like them Paquith will bloom into a brilliant tactician when it comes to Threadfall patterns and the best formations to use against it. He'll be spot on when it comes to gauging others strengths and weaknesses as well? As in – he’ll know just know Elinth would make a better rescue dragon, and it's sooo obvious that Kyraceth and Torcoth are amazing fliers therefore are best in the specialty wings for erratic Threadfalls, while Sephiroth is a born leader. Minalth will be best in bottom wing to catch the strays because he knows how to work the air the best! Shaarth is the one best to see the /big/ picture, therefore Paquith will see him best positioned as a Wingleader, or a Weyrlingmaster. Yes! A Weyrlingmaster because there’s no picture bigger than the future! On and on, he will know. It will be innate, and beautiful, making him a good point man to go to when Wingleaders, or Weyrleaders are trying to set up the wings, etc…

Paquith 3.0

There will be an honestly unique suave part of his nature, but it will come out more and more after he’s settled into this new rhythm of life. The quirky flavor shows that he’s grown into his own skin, and relaxed a bit. At first he was bent on just being reckless, and then totally intensely focused on becoming a better man/dragon, but now he’s comfortable with who and what he is, and pleased with the product all the way around.

From the very start Paquith wanted the best of everything, because he is, so why not? Over time it will simply be because – why not? He can, it’s the dragon’s/dragonrider’s right, and he works hard enough for it, so again – why not? Q’luin will have some serious competition if your lifemate has any say at all, — when it comes to dressing well, living well, playing hard – but he will insist it is done ‘well’. Classy. Don’t sink to any other level, because only you are better than that. He is better than that. You’ve worked hard, been kicked around, and now the Holds owe you both a little bit of the easy life between all that hardcore dedication to saving them, and their lifestyle.

It’s at this point, when he’s relaxed, when he’s settled, as we said, that the pleasures in life, which includes the ladies will set in. The good ole magic charm will surface, but this time with clever charm and inimitable panache that is all his own. Sephiroth will have some serious competition, especially since Paquith oozes that charisma as innately as he does the genius.


The Aztec mythos, there were many suns, but the final two were Tecciztecatl (who was proud and powerful) and Nanauatl (who was humble). His name means "full of sores". The first was asked to sacrifice himself by jumping into a fire, but after many attempts, he couldn't bring himself to do it. So Nanauatl was asked to jump and he did so immediately. Tecciztecatl was shamed and leaped into the fire after Nanauatl. So now they had two suns and the other gods couldn't stand this, so Nanauatl threw a rabbit into Tecciztecatl's face and darkened him, changing him into the moon.

Now the problem with Nanauatl as the sun was that he did not move, so Ehecatl the wind god sacrificed the other Aztec gods in order to move the Sun. Like I'deni, who made himself the willing sacrifice for Lord Sterling's schemes and who was willing to sacrifice the other renegades to save his future. Thus idea of sacrifice should be inherent in Paquith.

So Paquith does not begin life as a shining god, but rather comes from a more humble, less perfect beginning, just like his rider. Through the sacrifice of his youth, he will become more. And like the Aztec sun gods, his contender is the moon, symbolic of his relationship to Isyth, together yet in constant contention.

Paquith appears to be quite the collection of miscellaneous parts at first sight. As a young dragon he is rather unwieldy and clunky, still unused to getting all of his limbs moving in the same direction at the right times. In contrast to most of his clutchmates, he does appear rather chunky, taking after his mother rather than the clutch sire. He slims as he grows however, ultimately reaching a very well proportioned shape that bears a distinct likeness to that of jungle cat. Sleek muscles but trim long limbs that gives him a certain rolling grace once he's learned how to move his body to best advantage. This is a combination of both the proud jaguar warriors of the Aztecs and of course Iron Man's first prototype suit.


His wings are broad, strong pinons that are well suited to lifting a dragon of his eventual size. While the panel sections that form them look off centered from each other and dotted with rivets, it is just colorization as they are in actuality well proportioned. In the beginning they may be a little over sized, with a tendency to drag on the ground till the rest of his body catches up and he can keep them tucked higher and out of the way. Look out for wear and scuffing that might form calluses along his finger spars. Those wing bones are particularly fine and narrow at the tips, the hide stretching over them resembling the bulgy lines of welding solder.

His veins bulge a bit over his muscles, particularly as he builds more strength, standing out a bit like wires along his joints and where his limbs meet his body. The hide is very dark bronze there indeed, but there tends to be a slight weakness to some of those junctions, a sign of strain if he must walk around too much since his long limbs are not as well suited towards carrying a heavier dragon. He was meant to fly, not walk and it shows in his physique.

The circular patch on his chest is the only bit of real brightness on his hide, nothing particularly special about it other than being an interesting blend of blue and green that seems to glow due to the stark contrast of the dark bronze surrounding it. The patterns of rusty red that streak out from there are broken dashes, not a solid color, forming suggestions of Aztec glyphs all the way down his chest and ends at his tail tip.

3568602379_9c1cd5a328_m.jpg the illusion of protective armor that his hide gives off, Paquith is actually prone to skin aliments, particularly to sores formed from rubbing together awkwardly. His riding straps are going to have to be adjusted to fit perfectly or they'll rub him raw. You'll be spending many many hours redoing his straps till they're just right or he'll fill your ears with his frustrated demands. After all, he is based off of the Aztec god Nanautl, the god of sores! And a sun god.

Because of that influence, Paquith really enjoys the heat, it keeps the aches out of his joints, and makes him feel pumped and lively when he's not basking under the sun, even if he has to share the best warmed rock with his clutchmate Sazanamith. Betweening is a pain, not that he has any problems visualizing, but rather the cold is as much a weakness as it was for Iron Man's suit.

Mind Voice:
Deep and dark, the sounds of the jungle filters through every inch of your mind, with hints of drums, chanting, and the long deep notes of the Aztec trumpets. Hypnotic rhythms beat through Paquith's mind voice as close as if it were your own heartbeat. With his passion, sensations grow until they make you dizzy, the sounds and smells twisting and twirling in a dance meant to please and disturb, at the same time. Big, ancient temple drums boom loud and conch shells bray at those rare moments when he has something to say to all.

Thick and smothering one moment, then dry and metallic the next, stone scraping against stone, the sting of obsidian, the clang of metal. Bright colors flash, as decorative feathers on a shield flash while protecting from an enemy's blow. As a hatchling, Paquith is the best at all, the strongest, the smartest, none can compare to him, and this blind confidence whirls around you in all of your senses.

Sarcasm and arrogance comes easy to his voice’s charismatic flair. Punch lines will be dropped low and smirking, while comic resonance flickers with roguish purpose. Sobriety rumbles with various inflections from stern severity to fierce serration that cuts through the mind like gargled glass. Pride purrs with a rattle, but when reality hits, a surreal note of awed breathiness blows on through. This is the voice of Stony Stark in all his moods and manners.

Be aware of these dominant scents:

The greatest of all Aztec cities, and capital of their empire. Amber, hyssop, coriander, epazote, Mexican sage, prickly pear and Mexican tulip poppy.

Physical Voice:


Paquith has a more artificial, inorganic timbre to his physical voice. Whirs, clicks, throaty hums, clanks, hisses, growls that gradually rev — try not to be astonished if a smith asks when you last oiled the inside of your dragon! His vocal spectrum is impressive decibel-wise and you'll be sure to be an expert on what the most rambunctious of notes sound like when Paquith is most frustrated. So will everyone else. As a rule your life-mate isn't as chatty as a caged bird it's just his outbursts are memorable from their intensity, not abundance.

Paquith will evolve physically quite like he does mentally, in two distinctive stages. At first growth will be slow and awkward, making him often times awfully clunky and gawky. Wingbones will expand slower than proportionate to sails, therefore they will hang from the mast like heavy weights, which will make him prone to keeping them in tight during this period – unseen. He’s not keen on the oddity of it.

When he’s born the paws will be disproportionate to the rest of his body, but eventually he’ll grow right into them – which should be impressive once it all comes about. A head too big, a tail too thin, popping out in all sorts of odd directions until —-

All that bulk finds balance. Lines will start to run a little smoother, muscles will find their place, and harmony will be found all around, turning your lifemate into one serious Thread fighting machine. A streamlined flying demon!

Tony Stark: Yeah. I can fly

With eggshells asunder at his feet Paquith had to get used to that transition from cramped quarters to complete freedom of movement. It'll take the bronze a month, maybe two, to fully capitalize on the conversion. Until that time his movements are stilted and looking like hesitancy from an external perspective. His awareness of how muscle, tendon, and bone are manipulated comes appreciated early. Once these fundamentals are understood then they come into play. Hardcore.

Tony Stark: [to Jarvis, before doing a flying test run] Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk.

Blast-off! He's not going to wait for the Weyrlingmaster's clearance to try out his wings but if you have any better luck keeping all four feet on the ground then godspeed. Paquith may be thoughtful about how his body progresses over terra firma but in the sky there's little stopping him from trying to achieve mach 3. His jets will cool after a mellowing three or four Turn mark but won't quite get speed totally out of their system.

All in all for a bronze, Paquith is exceptionally fast, however he sacrifices agility for it. Hairpin turns and quick stops are definitely not his forte. In fact, his landings tend to suck, leaving furrows in the ground from his claws and jarring the heck out of you from the lurching when he hits the brakes.

Voracious. It takes a lot of fuel to power a machine, and so it takes a lot of food to satisfy Paquith. While he isn't driven to try different kinds of food, he is very indiscriminate as to what he'll eat. You'd better be prepared to get your hands dirty because your life-mate has what's referred to as a hollow leg, an inexhaustible reserve tank. Beyond being satiated he'll finish whatever meat there is left, his or anyone else s. Prepare yourself for an introduction to thick tail 101.

Tony Stark: There are two things I want to do. One, I want an American cheeseburger, and the other…
Virginia 'Pepper' Potts: That's not going to happen.

When he can physically take down his own animals Paquith keeps breeding populations low. During the rigors of his persistent work "mode" sometimes he won't eat for a week, maybe longer. When the time is taken it will be an orgy — maybe even the first textbook example of adult thick tail in a healthy dragon. Keep Q'luin handy just in case.

« Is that a tunnel snake? Haha, it shouldn't have come out from under that rock. *Snap!*Gulp* Not bad. A little wiggly, but really not filling. Do you see about five-hundred more anywhere? »


Pratt: Is it true that you went twelve-for-twelve with the Maxim Girls last year?
Tony Stark: That is an excellent question. Yes and no. March and I had a scheduling conflict but fortunately the Christmas cover was twins.

Paquith is going to mature early so by the time most of his brothers catch up he'll have had enough flights to already qualify for the Mile High Club. He's his father's son, eager to give chase to any green or gold dragon who shows sign of a flashy hide. Courtship is every bit as bold and forward as he is in any other relation. Oh, and to the point.

Blonde Girl: Tony! Remember me?
Tony Stark: [walking by] Sure don't.

Quantity not quality. One use only. Paquith loves freely and is just as prone to forget said acts of love — if you even call it love. Dragons won't. He doesn't concern himself with females unless it has to do with mating with them. Before or after the stunt, well, he's got more important matters that need his attention.

Christine Everheart: And a lot of people would also call that war-profiteering. Have you ever lost an hour of sleep your whole life?
Tony Stark: I'd be prepared to lose a few with you.
[cut to Stark's bedroom]

You've got a good solid flier on your hands, but he's really best in the middle atmosphere where there are a lot of currents to coast on. He suffers and flounders a bit in the upper stratosphere so any females that soar really really high into the cold will tend to leave him behind. His stamina has limits unheard of which is convenient because of how much mass he appropriates into motion.


That is why we were born!
That is why we go to battle!
That is the blessed death which our ancestors extolled!

-Aztec saying

Guns ablaze. That is how Paquith will meet his first few Falls. But his grand illusions will fall quickly into grand delusions. The biggest flame doesn't won't char every Thread. Good intentions will not save a Wingmate. Fast isn't fast enough. Energy fails. Currents change. Weyrlings lose themselves between. A weyrling's Blooding, when he's involved in a Fall for the first time, is apropos. Paquith's transformation, baptism, will be a bath by blood — a young heart bitterly sacrificed so that an adult's perception might live.

Tony Stark: I had my eyes opened. I came to realize that I had more to offer this world than just making things that blow up. And that is why, effective immediately, I am shutting down the weapons manufacturing division of Stark Industries.

This will translate into him being BIGGER and BOLDER, but careful and smart at the same time. The temper becomes even, as his mind evens out. Violence is no longer the answer, but rather he’ll use his mind, and push you to use your to solve the problems when you can, and only /if/ there is an extreme need will he resort to any sort of extreme physical action.

Weyr Relationships:
He’ll have no appreciation for his mutant siblings at all at first.

Elinth is just fat and 'wrong' in oh so many ways — a complete waste of space and breath. He’ll pretend she doesn’t even exist most times.

Minalth speaks to his extreme side, which might help them bond a bit, but overall, his brown brother is half the dragon he is, therefore not of much importance.

While Calafath works too hard — work horses are often snubbed. « Brown-noser. » but when he works out the dragon’s true nature, a competition might get started. Still! Not as good, but one must be slightly wary.

Sazanamith is interesting to him on some level, she’s a green after all, so she won’t be automatically shunned, but she’s a green — and well, no female is quite up to the level of males, especially /his/ superbly high level. Quality and quantity trumps every time, and he’s got both in spades. One place they find common ground is in a dislike for the cold. So they might be found basking in the heat together.

Isyth deserves her own subheading. This is where more Mesoamerican mythology features prominently. In addition to Tecciztecatl and Nanauatl there was another creation story. Coatlicue, mother of the gods, became pregnant with Mixcoatl (or alternatively a ball of feathers. Pick your favorite.) Her daughter, Coyolxauhqui, ashamed of the pregnancy, tried to stop it but Huitzilopochtli, the sun god, was born fully-armed. He punished his sister by making her the moon and stars out of their many siblings.

There is always rivalry between the two, total opposites that have to divide up a sky that isn't large enough for both of them. Isyth and Paquith bicker openly, scheme, undercut, thrash, and resist one another. But deep down they share blood as well as a sky and are fierce family when crossed.



Egg Inspiration:
Described by Apollyon.
Many many Mesoamerican cultures practiced human sacrifice to their gods. This wasn't just homage it was inherent for survival. Their belief systems roughly agreed that life and the universe were built on sacrifice and "bodily presence" (tonacayotl). The sun and rains wouldn't come if the gods weren't properly honored. Great stone pyramids were the most popular sites for bloodshed based entirely on ritual. These pyramids were continuously added onto over many centuries with precious stones and metals incorporated into some structures. There were many versions of rites depending on what god or day was being honored.



Dragon Name Inspiration:
Paqui in Nahuatl, language of the Aztecs, means "to be happy" and that's exactly how we're hoping you react after getting your very own Istan dragon! As was stated way up above, this name was chosen almost instantly be the /entire/ search co. That’s almost an impossibility – but we say 'almost' because obviously it happened! It was snappy, it had a cool meaning, and it just ‘fit’ very nicely. We hope you like it as much as we do. ;)

Dragon Inspiration:
Your dragon is obviously of two separate themes, and that wasn’t so easy to shove together until suddenly someone said something (that I can’t remember) that sort of brought it all together, and then that dragon just took off!

So you have Iron Man! That’s more physical. Tony Stark is more for the personality, but obviously he is /both/, so it works!


Then we had Aztec, and that’s where it got complicated and confusing at first. How do you marry these two themes? Well, both Iron Man and Tony Stark became warriors, and we know Aztecs were warriors, so that was a natural marriage there. But then S’tao found this awesome stuff on the Gods, and Pol found a bit more, and from there it just sailed.


Obviously part of his mind voice is Tony Stark’s own voice, but it also involves a lot of Aztec music and sounds, as well as textures and other sensations. Just use your imagination, and if you need some more hints, poke at Pol because he’s the Aztec educated one. But Yandra did find this awesome bit that helps a whole lot!:

“Music and dance were a significant part of Aztec life. Music and dance were closely linked to religion. The most common instruments were rattles, whistles, trumpets, flutes, copper bells, and shells. Everyone took part in dances performed especially for the gods, including peasants. An Aztec 'orchestra' was usually made of different types of rattles and different types of drums. Aztec children between ages 12 and 15 were taught to dance, sing, and play musical instruments. Specific Aztec instruments were used for specific things. The trumpet sounded long, deep notes while the percussion created hypnotic rhythms. The big temple drums could be heard for several kilometers. Their wind instruments included pan pipes, whistles, and flutes.”


Some of him is based on the jungle, and the jaguar, which you can see in his description along with the Iron Man bulk and texture. He isn't /too/ sleek or sexy, but heck, you got Tony Stark! Mr Charisma, as your choice personality, so you couldn't have /no/ sex appeal at all. That and the Aztec Jaguar Warriors were a part of the whole.


So you got Iron Man and Tony Stark landing in an Aztec village and staying awhile, learning their ways, emulating some of their behaviors, and most definitely taking on some of the intensity of their courageousness. There is your Paquith, Aztec Automaton!

I know we sort of rewrote the book on writing inspirations a bit in that we gave you a dragon that will do a drastic 180 and go the complete opposite direction, but we want you to know that you are absolutely free to ignore any and all of it. Just because we thought it’d be interesting doesn’t mean you will! We want you happy.

Aztec related music:

Danza Azteca de Anahuac

Danza Azteca Ocelotl - Venado

Aztec Fire Dance

San Antonio Vocal Arts Ensemble - Teponazcuicatl

Aztec Solo dance

Iron Man music:

Black Sabbath - Iron Man

Alternative version of Iron Man

Driving With the Top Down - Soundtrack

A must listen:

Big Band version - Original Cartoon Theme - Soundtrack

Merchant of Death - Soundtrack

Trinkets to Kill a Prince - Soundtrack

Mark 1 - Soundtrack

Fireman - Soundtrack

Vacation's Over - Soundtrack

Golden Egg - Soundtrack

DJ Boborobo - Damn Kid

Mark II - Soundtrack

Extra Dry, Extra Olives - Soundtrack

Gulmira - Soundtrack

Are those Bullet Holes - Soundtrack

Section 16 - Soundtrack

Iron Monger - Soundtrack

Arc Reactor - Soundtrack

Suicidal Tendencies - Institutionalized (From the Soundtrack, and a personal favorite!)

In the movie, but not on the soundtrack:

AC/DC - Back in Black

Ghostface Killah - Slept on Tony

Filter - Hey Man Nice Shot

Audioslave - Cochise

Curve - Hell Above The Water

Celldweller - Birthright

We were inspired by:

Absolute awesomeness:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3

Just about everyone in searchco had a hand in this one. Tia, Soteria, and Yandra tossed in ideas and suggestions all over the place, Pol researched the Aztecs extensively, Q'luin hunted out music, S'tao wove the desc together, and the guys all took various sections to build him into one heck of a dragon!

Zerra and Brown Minalth
Lila and Green Elinth
E'siac and Brown Shaarth
I'deni and Bronze Paquith
M'foy and Green Sazanamith
Wyn and Gold Isyth
J'rlen and Brown Calafath

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