Casting Call Tony Oller
Sex Male
Height 5'7" - 5'8"
Weight Average
Eyes Blue-Green
Hair Light Brown/Dark Sandy Blonde
Rank Brownrider
Firelizard(s) Trin
Home Ista Weyr


Orinlatan, or Orin as he seems to prefer to be known, is growing taller every day and now stands a little over six foot and at least fills that out reasonably. He has a clean, angular frame toned by walking and running. His months of candidacy have started to broaden his shoulders and tighten his muscles, lending an increased sense of strength to his frame. His sandy brown hair has finally been trimmed to a reasonable length, out of his blue-green eyes, and cropped short in the back. Despite his best efforts, though, it stands up more than it lays flat.

The cuteness of youth is fading as his features take on a harder edge and a certain smooth curve through the angles of jaw and chin that mark him as nearing adulthood. His feet, when uncovered, are much darker in color than the rest of his skin, a testament to his childhood on Ista's beaches, and this is especially true the thick, calloused soles. But, like many of the older residents, he now at least tries to wear boots most of the time.

A single-looped tailless strand of white comprises the extent of his knot. He's a candidate, clearly.

Orin usually wears clothes that don't fit quite right, as is often the right of a weyrbrat to rummage through the bins of hand-me-downs and gently used clothing. None of it's horrid, really, but clearly not tailored for his frame. He usually wears little more than a tunic and trousers. The tunic is always of light cloth, breathable in Ista's usually hot environs. Further, his tunic is always brightly-colored, and sometimes multi-colored. Once people do notice him, they tend to wonder how they could have missed him with his choice in shirts. A talent, perhaps. His trousers are the exact opposite, durable, thicker fabric of dark, muted tones. Though he prefers black, greys and browns are also in regular evidence in his wardrobe.



Relation (rel. age) Name Rank
Mother (NPC, +24t) Rinata Lower Caverns Worker
Father Unknown Rider
Adoptive Father (~ +15.5t) Q'luin Weyrleader at Ista
Half-Brother (NPC, +6t) R'tov (Rintovan) Rider to Blue Volitroth at Ista
Half-Sister (~ +3.5t) Natasya (Asya) Jman Smith at Fort
Half-Brother (~ +1t) Darius (Dar) Asst. Bartender at Ista
Adoptive Brother (~ -2.5t) Jacey Candidate at Ista
Half-Sister (NPC, -5t) Ranita (Nita) Weyrbrat at Ista
Half Brother (NPC, -8t) Tranvis (Tran) Weyrbrat at Ista

Half-siblings may exist on his father's side, but truthfully he'll never know


Golden Eagle Bronze Trin


When is a Door not a Door Brown Lloighrth


Amateur artistry (sketching)
Hiding from the person in charge of the kitchens

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