Niles is one of many grandsons belonging to Lord Keroon Sea Hold and a member of the Ashcroft family traders. That pattern, has since changed with the onset of the 10th Pass and his mother's illness in recent turns. He does have siblings. Four of them in fact who are all female. Only Niles and Saari are fully related by blood. The youngest (Eliza, Alinne and Melisa) are half-blooded sisters between his stepfather, Tephan and their mother Dani.

Jamin succumbed to illness when Niles was only seven turns and his mother remarried some time after. Things between his new stepfather and himself became tense as he grew into his teen years. Never could the two see eye to eye in the past and present - a situation that only compounded itself. Where Niles would dote and watch out for his sisters and mother, the growing conflict between the two men caused no shortage of harsh conversations and expectations that would never come to fruition between them. For all of the dislike, Tephan never treated his children and wife poorly within the eyes of others.

As Niles reached his sixteenth year, his ability for trading and fending for himself became reasons for him to propose traveling ahead of the family to various locations. It was accepted under the guise of finding his own path. The reality was to get away from the expectations of his family - immediate and his extended, to include paternal aunts and uncles.

So when he found him himself at Ista Weyr, the intent was to make a different life for himself, and no longer bound by obligation of traveling with his family. Little did he know how that would change after spending a Turn or two, finding himself asked to stand for Isyth and Sephiroth's clutch. Not that he really expected to impress, but Einarth had other ideas. To say that man and hatching stared each other down would be exactly… right.

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