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Ista Weyr News - Summer 2011

The transfered riders had no sooner returned to their original Weyrs when Jr. Queen Meliaith rose on her maiden flight, only to be caught by I'deni's bronze Paquith.

Newly promoted Weyrleader Q'luin caused a massive setback to Ista's welfare with a misplaced update to the Threadfall charts. Consequently disaster struck over lower Nerat resulting in several casualties amongst the wings and property damage over the land. Windjammer wing was hit the hardest, both wingleader and second sidelined with score and broken bones after a collision with another wing.

The resulting clutch of the season proved to be on the small side, but hopes were never the less high for the potential of those scant eggs.

Weather continues to be somewhat arduous at Ista. First a punishing heat wave over the region, followed by weeks of spotty torrential rains. This has caused an outbreak of insectoids, all kinds of creepy crawlies and winged things getting into everything. This latest plague has also begun another invasion of tunnelsnakes emerging from the damp undergrowth.

Likewise the plague of incoming candidates has resulted in the usual series of pranks all over the Weyr, but the Hatching put an end to such shenanigans.
Green Tallailath - Jordan
Brown Lloighrth - Or'nl (Orinlatan)
Blue Zimmerth - Neeva (Jeneeva)

Ista Weyr News - Winter 2010 - Spring 2011

Quiet months have overcome the Island for a while as life goes on, with only the occasional odd weather patterns to keep everyone on their toes. The weyrlings have all graduated, leaving the barracks empty and waiting for the next clutch to come. This also confirms goldrider Lisya as a Jr. Weyrwoman. Weyrwoman Wyn gave birth to triplets. Former candidate Jordan was hired on as an assistant headwoman. More of Q'luin's spawn have emerged from the woodwork. There was an influx of youngsters from the outlying cotholds, some passing through various crafthalls before being stationed at the Weyr.

As Senior Queen Isyth rose into the sky on her mating flight again, the Weyr was turned around greatly as ten-turn veteran S'tao was deposed as Weyrleader when Q'luin's bronze Zhoreth caught instead. This resulted in a number of personnel changes as can be expected. Rumors say that the confrontation between the old leader and the new was rather loud and volatile at first, but seemed to end on a positive note. Weyrsecond Tia resigned and followed her cousin into semi-retirement. Bronzerider B’ane was then selected as her successor and Baysweeper wingleader. S’tao retained his Windjammer wing with Tia as wingsecond.

Amongst Q’luin’s first actions as Weyrleader was also to hire on a new headchef rather sight unseen. Fortunately for all, the youngster Gavreel has proven his ability to all despite grumblings about expanding waistlines. Additional workers in the lower caverns were also hired, Darius in the Klahpot. Xavena in the laundry. Orinlatan as an assistant/messenger. Twins Janessa and Jeneeva as apprentice weaver and harper.

The interWeyr exchange continues, with the new round of transfers including bronzrider I'es heading up to Fort Weyr for a few months.

Ista Weyr News - August 18, 2010

Weyrlife has returned to normal, or at least as normal as it gets. The rambunctious weyrlings were unprecedently more destructive than most, but there were miraculously no casualties thus far. As they reached nearly flight age, a dozen were caught outside during another one of the unpredicatable Threadfalls, forcing them to take shelter in a sink hole while the Weyr flew overhead in defense. Ironically, amongst them was former starcrafter D'yce who really should have seen it coming.

Southern Weyr has approached Ista to bargain back the young riders that were transfered up several turns ago, claiming need for their experienced learned at Ista as well as a few clutches to bolster their own aging ranks. Thus Soteria and Lilyth joins the other former Istan Weyrwoman Corana down south for a few seasons, leaving her son to be raised at Ista still and therefore guarenteeing that we'll not see the last of her.

Ista Weyr News - June 29, 2010

The clutches of the Istan queens finally hatched. The twenty three from Lilyth's clutch paired off quickly, but there were more than enough candidates left for the 40 eggs that Isyth had laid.

Congratulations go to:

Gold Meliaith Lisya (Lisyana)
Bronze Zarielth T'yr (Tyrar)
Bronze Tasunth T'syn (Tryslan)
Bronze Kaijuth Ai'den (Baiden)
Bronze Einarth I'es (Niles)
Brown Chironath D'yce (Daycen)
Brown Dakhanavarath Syvia (Syvriella)
Blue Veveshoth Al'tair (Alistair)
Blue Gallifreth K'thin (Kelethin)
Green Harquith Klohi

Ista Weyr News - May 20, 2010

The strange weather continued, with an increasing cold that caught most of the native Istans by surprise, especially as snow started to fall and accumulated deep enough to make life both more miserable, yet entertaining to the dragons and people who'd never experienced it before. However the loss of many delicate subtropical plants all over region prompted construction of a greenhouse in the southern end of the Bowl to protect some of the more fragile and rare medicinal and food plants grown locally by the Weyr. The project was headed by Lisyana, candidate and Lord Sterling's daughter with the assistance of the Smithcraft builders.

Ista Weyr News - April 8, 2010

With the arrival of the spring season, both of Ista's younger queens rose to mate. Soteria's Lilyth first, caught by I'deni who had finally returned from Fort's exchange program. Then Wyn's Isyth rose and was caught by Sephiroth, confirming S'tao as Weyrleader for another Turn. Search immediately began, with many of the new residents at Ista being moved into the candidate barracks as well as those brought in from all around Pern.

Ista Weyr News - March 25, 2010

Bad weather in the form of unending rain accompanied the continuance of unpredictable shifts in Threadfall. Several new residents arrived at Ista seeking shelter as ships barely made dock at the Island before sinking, taking out the Weyr's docking pier as well as washing up tons of debris upon the beaches. A call was made to the smithhall for a starcrafter to explain the changes in Falls and to calculate new charts. Alas, the Weyrleader's temper was still rather poor and much of the grievances of the Weyr fell upon Daycen despite his best efforts to placate him.

Ista Weyr News - February 14, 2010

Autumn came and with it, one last Gather for the Turn at Ista Hold. Festivities were well enjoyed despite a near poisoning of the Weyrleader during the cooking competition which was deemed accidental. However on the last day of the Gather, an unexpected Threadfall fell upon the Island and the ensuing chaos resulted in several accidents, the loss of several fields around the Hold (the wine harvest will be skanty for turns to come!), and many injuries. The most notable of which were Lord Sterling who was knocked down under a collapsed tent and Weyrleader S'tao who took a bad hit by Thread in a near repeat of the incident which claimed the life of his predecessor N'lon.

Ista Weyr News - October, 24, 2010

At the end of summer, the watchrider on duty reported the startling arrival of a here unto unknown rider and dragon bearing Istan origins. B'ane and his bronze Aboleoth apparently arrived here from some 50 turns in the past before Thread ever fell. The records did show that the former Istan weyrleader had vanished under mysterious circumstances and so it was decided that he indeed never returned to the past and has stayed on in this time where there was Thread to fight.

Ista Weyr News - September 23, 2010

The agreement for trading riders to share experience and tactics was extended between Fort and Ista, resulting in a temporary transfer of several individuals. The benefits of this trade are still in debate, though no doubt the Weyrleaders were glad to see I'deni off of their hands for a few months.

The arrival of a trader some months prior has improved Weyr morale greatly with an influx of items previously difficult to obtain through tithe. With it came the Istan Ale-fest sponsored by Weyrsecond Tia that featured a large selection of various brews and liquors from all corners of Pern.

Ista Weyr News - October 23, 2009

It was late in the day when the first of the proddy queens finally rose in flight, Isyth tearing her way skyward for her maiden flight and thus sealing weyrwoman Wyn's fate as the next Senior. Tensions were high as the chasing riders surrounded the weyrwoman for her own safety as well as the watchful eyes of the newly hired guards. During the flight, Bronze Goreanth of Fort Weyr did indeed appear from Between in an attempt to capture the queen, but he was thwarted by the efforts of Ista's own bronzes and the timely arrival of Fort's own gold Eviath. Indeed Goreanth was injured before escaping again, flamed by Isyth's own brother Paquith who was flying in wait, watching for such treachery by orders of the Weyrleader.

Indeed in the end, through the confusion of twisting bodies, Sephiroth emerged twined with Isyth, confirming S'tao for yet another term as Weyrleader.

Ista Weyr News - October 9, 2009

Rumors abound once again as Weyrleader S'tao has taken several unusual steps in tightening up Weyr security. Several new guards have been seen in the practice yard and training has been in earnest. Meanwhile Weyrwoman Corana was still in the infirmary, now several months into her coma.

Q'luin returned in haste one evening with a possible cure, fostered by a similar case with another rider up in Benden. Soon Corana awoke, but the healers determined that she would not be able to return to full health for many months. So it was decided that the weyrwoman would be transfered to Southern Weyr to recouperate.

A beach party send off was held and Corana taken aboard the ship that would carry her and several candidates to Southern Weyr where her queen Naomith would clutch. Istan candidates would be expected to return to Ista sometime after weyrlinghood if they wished. At the height of the party, S'tao announced that a new senior would be selected by fate. The next to rise will become the new senior weyrwoman! Immediately residents started taking bets as to whether it will be Soteria or Wyn who will take the position.

Ista Weyr News - Sept 20, 2009

Queen Naomith rose at last with Bronze Sephiroth catching once again, reconfirming S'tao as Weyrleader. But the celebrations at Ista were cut short when Corana the Sr. WW collapsed in a mysterious coma. The healers were unable to wake her and rumors abound that the weyrwoman was possibly poisoned.

A new trader has arrived at Ista and made a permanent post within the lower caverns, offering trade goods that are generally not available to the weyrfolk outside of a Gather. Business has already been brisk as the rummaging of the storage rooms had come to a screeching halt due to the diligence of the assistant headwoman Vyune.

Several riders were exchanged to Fort Weyr as part of a effort to foster better relationships between the Weyrs, however ominous reports of the Fortian Weyrleader mistreating his own people and others are now circulating.

Ista Weyr News - August 30, 2009

Life at Ista Weyr has continued through a blistering summer with it's weyrlings progressing at a break neck speed towards becoming full riders. The new queen and her clutchmates were taken to an offshore island to complete their ground training before returning to the Weyr on their own wing power.

As a welcome change of pace the Weyrleader and his weyrmate lead an expedition into the Southern Continent to hunt for furs, a trip that was ultimately successful as they brought home a good supply for the weyr leatherworkers to fashion into new trim, coverings, and blankets.

As Autumn arrived, the Tithes arrived on schedule following the Weyrlings' first official Threadfall. Only minor injuries occurred to Weyrlingmaster R'co's credit. Celebration plans are in the making for the upcoming graduation and harvest ending.

Rumors are buzzing though, that Sr. Weyrwoman Corana's Naomith is now overdue for her next flight. Perhaps there will be a change in Weyrleader soon, or perhaps S'tao will see yet another season in that position. Only time will tell.

Ista Weyr News - May 30, 2009

The forty eggs on Ista's Sands have finally hatched! Lilyth and Zhoreth are both proud and relieved to see their progeny emerge and pair off with their new weyrlings without incident. Newly appointed Weyrlingmaster R'co will have his hands full with these guys, though he has reported that so far they all appear to be in good health. Most of the remaining Candidates have returned to their home holds and crafts, though as usual a fair number have decided to stay at Ista to wait for the next clutch.

Congratulations to the new Weyrlings!
Wyn (Gwynne) impressed Gold Isyth
I'deni (Ildenin) impressed Bronze Paquith
Zerra (Azerra) impressed Brown Minalth
E'siac (Essiach) impressed Brown Shaarth
J'rlen (Jorlen) impressed Brown Calafath
M'ro (Mycroft) impressed Green Sazanamith
Lila (Gunilla) impressed Green Elinth

Ista Weyr News - May 20, 2009

Life continues to be interesting at Ista Weyr as it was discovered that one of the hard to find candidates 'Ona' was actually the Weyrwoman Iona from Fort Weyr in disguise while having a vacation/lark. Unfortunately while running about in the forest on her own, she was mistaken for a runaway wherry and accidentally shot by bronzerider Q'luin. Fortunately she was only slightly injured and taken to the infirmary to recover. Another Fortian goldrider was seen visiting the Weyrleader regarding the mishap and rumor has it that the meeting did not go well judging by the yelling and the speed at which Eleni was seen vacating Ista. Iona was forced to return to Fort as well shortly after.

In other home news, junior weyrwoman Soteria who's queen is still watching over the eggs on the Sands had finally delivered her first child, a boy who has been named Qiterin following tradition set by his father. As the eggs continue to harden, tensions rise and caused some rather unacceptable behavior. Several riders and Candidates were seen getting drunk and rowdy in the Klah Pot, damaging some of the newly installed decor. Consequently, Weyrleader S'tao has mandated a return of the 'no alcohol' rule for the Candidates and even took it a step further and declared Ista a 'dry' Weyr till the eggs have finally hatched.

Ista Weyr News - May 4, 2009

Following a large aftershock from the earthquake, an attendance count of the candidates revealed that a good dozen of them were missing. It took several days of searching before a previously buried tunnel system was discovered as well as an old weyr. Rescuers were able to pull all the candidates out with only one serious injury.

Following further clean up of the lower caverns. The Weyrsecond enlisted the aid of the candidates to reconstruct and redesign the old Klah Pot in the lower caverns. The new decor was considered decidedly modern and tasteful.

Ista Weyr News - April 19, 2009

Spring arrived at long last and Ista was all set to celebrate when they were struck by a massive earthquake. The large smoking island south of the Weyr had apparently errupted, which was the cause of all the ground shakes that had been plaguing island for the past turn. Unfortunately the resulting tsunami struck the Weyr minutes afterwards and swept up over the plateau and into the Bowl. Ashfall arrived hours later and lasted into the next day.

While the vital areas of the Weyr such as the Hatching Grounds, Infirmaries, and Storage were sand bagged, there was still significant flooding damage caused to the lower caverns including various dorms, workrooms, baths, and offices. Clean up has been slow but the toxic water has receded, leaving most of the lower Weyr coated in mud. Ash and mud in the bowl have mixed together into a nasty layer of sludge to the disgust of most of the Weyr's inhabitants.

The eggs on the Sands continue to harden, saved from tragedy by the combined efforts of the candidates, riders, and the clutch parents. It seems the search wings have also finally picked up enough potentials to give the dragonets a good choice of Candidates come Hatching Day.

Ista Weyr News - April 10, 2009

Ista Island has been beset by several minor earthquakes the past several months. There has been only minor damage recorded at the Weyr and Hold, though it does appear that the magnitude of the ground shakes have been increasing as time goes by.

Soteria's Lilyth, a transfer from Southern Weyr rose for a mating flight, a few days after the latest ground shake. It was native son Zhoreth who caught. Lilyth laid a brilliant 40 eggs on the sands, and candidates have been coming in by the droves.

A Conclave of all of Pern’s Leaders has been called by Ista Hold’s Lord Sterling, and the Weyrleaders in specific have been asked to attend. No one knows as of yet what will be discussed. Maybe it is the earthquakes?

March 29, 2009

Ista Island has been beset by several minor earthquakes the past several months. There has been only minor damage recorded at the Weyr and Hold, though it does appear that the magnitude of the ground shakes have been increasing as time goes by.

Recently the Weyrleaders have announced a window of several weeks where Thread is not expected to fall over the Island or the territories it watches over the Nerat Peninsula. Islanders have been using this time to clear out the storage caverns at the Weyr while the holders gather in the remaining harvests of the seasons. One last tithe before winter season is expected with a celebration planned before Threadfall resumes.

The festivities were excellent, featuring stomping grapes for wine, dancing, music, and lots of food. However celebrations were momentarily halted as another ground shake hit the Weyr. No injuries were reported, however it appears that there were rocks and debris that fell into the Lake from the bowl side of the Waterfall. Also the waters pouring into the Lake appears to be partially blocked, reducing it to a mere trickle.

Soteria's Lilyth, a transfer from Southern Weyr rose for a mating flight, a few days after the latest ground shake. It was native son Zhoreth who caught her and eggs are expected on the black sands of Ista's hatching ground soon.

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