Zerra's Brown Minalth -
Dragonsfire's 55th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Lilyth and Zhoreth’s clutch
Hatching Date: May 30, 2009
Egg theme: Cultural Celebrations

Zerra, Zerra, Zerra.. You are amazing. Your dedication, both to your family, and to your country inspire us. Life's not easy, especially when a wee one is sick, but you kept coming back, even with such issues. And leaving the babe home, and going back to work? A tough thing to do, and yet another hardship through this candidacy that has heartened you in our minds. As a SearchCo, we realize how hard it is, dealing with timezone differences, but we hope to overcome them, and try to work around them.

Your dragon, born of your patriotism to Australia, the home you obviously love and adore, is our gift to you. We hope you love him, as much as we adore you!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co

Dance Around the Maypole Egg
Rings of ribbons stream bright rivers around this shell, variegated patterns crossing over and under. Tightly woven tops unravel into sashaying satin stripes that billow across the wider base, twisted and tangling. Atop the tapered end a garland of mixed petals crowns the multicoloured morass.

Hatch Message:
Dance around the Maypole Egg taps, taps, taps and unwraps, its ribbons sliding slowly off in all directions. The hatchling within still makes hard work of his escape, clambering ungainly out of the top of the shell, dragging several strings of shards along with him in bright trails that eventually tumble off to reveal the mottled patchwork of the dragonet thus presented.

Hatchling Name: Turtling Gromet Brown Dragonet

Dragon Description:


Oxidized pearl saturates the base, intertwining with concentrated bursts of rust to create an illusion of fractured hide across his archetypal stature, while smaller deposits of spiced rum dapple along the ridge of his long neck, and stipple a slender tail. The crescent of mottled calico wings stem from a husky barrel; a sharp contrast to slim ungainly legs. Simple shades of eggshell smooth along the underbelly, a refreshing diversion from the busy overtones covering the rest of his form, but then playfully obstinate cocoa brushes against eyeridges and tailtip to keep humor intact.

Impression Pose: (what the audience sees):
(Starts with hatchling name)

Impression Message: (what you see):
The soft tumbling hiss of lapping waves stirs the imagination, tickling the senses into a state of awareness as you begin to float and your surroundings fade. Your mind is buoyant, the currents of your thoughts almost lethargic. Ever so faintly something builds, welling inside you with a spine-tingling sensation to taunt your nerves, which begin to flare until they are screaming! « Do it!! » Higher you rise as you’re carried to the apex that is nowhere near the climax, but merely the start of a endless thrill ride. « We can do it!! » A presence grabs you, washing protectively all around with a liquid warmth, and then you are thrust headlong over a gnarly drop, gliding on a glassy mirror of thoughts that curl around and threaten to consume. Instead, at the last second they twine with your own, and two become one for all eternity. « We did it! Together we have no limits, not even the sky! We can do /anything/, Zerra!! »


The three main points of the Surfers Code of ethics are:
• Respect the Ocean
• Respect the Land
• Respect each Other

Respect the Ocean


He's crazy about the sea. From the very beginning he'll know there's something out there just outside the Weyr and he'll be desperate to get to it. And once he's first seen it he'll be hooked. No more lake for him! And those baths that you bathe in? No way! Hopefully Zerra's a good swimmer - if not, she'll become one fast (he'll coach). Any and every bit of spare time will be spent down on the beach and by, on or in the water. He'll find his own little patch of beach each time he goes down there and stake it out as his own. Fellow ocean-lovers only please, none of these day-trippers who only come down every so often! After all, they're only there to eat the fish, aren't they? And he can't let that happen! Fishing firelizards and humans can expect to be quickly chased away - although only from /his/ specified area. Out of sight is out of mind. That's draconic memory for you.

He won't quite know what to make of seacrafters - they love the ocean, but they go /on/ it rather than /in/ it - what's up with that? When you're flying over the ocean, he'll be off to inspect every little fishing boat he sees and if he spots anyone throwing anything over the side, or catches them in the act of hauling up fishing nets - well, you'll have a job to stop him capsizing the thing. Or perhaps you can persuade him to give them just a cheeky splash and a remonstration to behave better in future. That kind of thing appeals to him - much better the approach of humor than the approach of anger.

Then there's his own waves and currents - those of the air. Turtles are slow and ungainly on land, but put them in water and they whizz off - and he'll be the same when he gets in the air, surfing off thermals. When on land however, getting around's a total effort and he won't walk far. Getting across the bowl will take /ages/ as a weyrling, but he'll want to go, drawn down to the beaches as if pulled by something magnetic, hearing the call of the sea.

Although he's a slow and lumbering walker - those legs of his really weren't built to support his body, let alone for walking - he'll have no trouble calling attention to himself. « Bet you can't walk as slow as I can! How slow can you go? » Notice how he's changed the competition rules so he's still winning? He's competitive. He'll start hopping through the air as soon as ever he can. « Flying? This ain't flying. I come down between wingbeats. » Those small legs are easily tucked into his body in the air however, giving him a real flying advantage. Getting off the ground is quite an ordeal and may involve a lot of thrashing of the wings to get airborne, but once he's up there he turns into something else altogether. Strong winds? Yes please! High thermals? Yes please! The bigger the better, as far as he's concerned, with those airwaves. And he wants to ride them all. Surf's up!

Respect the Land


He won't get territorial in the weyrling barracks, but his weyr will be his castle. A nice little piece of real estate with a view of the ocean. Wipe your feet before you come in, visitors should call before entering, and it's all got to be kept just so - extremely cluttered, but just so. It's all about having a little piece of serenity.

He has a collection of treasure objects - anything which has meaning to you or him will be prized and put in one particular area of the weyr. He'll be particular about keeping them clean and polished and just in the right place each time. He'll make you go through them again and again telling him what each one is for and the meanings and memories it has for the both of you. They might not be anything special to anyone else - an egg shard from his hatching, a piece of work you had to write out in your weyrling studies that you were commended on, a shell from that time on the beach where you saw off those two bronzes - they'll all go to that special place.

Then there's the weyr itself. The rock it's carved from. It's old. It's been here forever. He's fascinated by that - the breakers of the sea come and go in an instant, but the land is there forever, unchanging. Which is a good excuse for when he has to land in the bowl, for him to sit right where he lands and not move either. Just like a rock. Just like a rock whose tail might try and trip you up if you're not watching… although if you do happen to fall and anyone sees you, he'll be the first to cover up. « What's that on the ground, Zerra? Wow! It's a piece of rock. It's the best piece of rock I've ever seen! Hey, Dragonth! Come and have a look at this piece of rock that Zerra found! » And then he'll trip Dragonth's rider up and think it's the funniest thing ever.

Respect Each Other


First and foremost, Zerra, that's him and you. Male and female, dragon and rider, yin and yang. One plus one makes three. (By the way, his math is terrible. « This lesson is 60% boring, 25% concentration and 30% luck. » « The sea is 80% water, 50% wave and 3% sand… and all that sand is in my mouth right now. » )

He's a strong male, secure in himself, you should be a strong female, secure in… whatever it is females are secure in. He might not know what that is, but he'll support to the very end your right to be it! Anything he doesn't understand about you he'll put down to you being a woman - but not in a negative sense, always in a positive way. Go Zerra Go!

"Oh, dude. You're ridin' it, dude! Check it out!" - Crush

Remember the bit about cheering for the underdog? Well, if you fit into that category at any time, or /feel/ you do, you will have no bigger cheerleader than he. That’s his job, to bolster you in the rough, tough times. To bring you back up when you are down! Then to raise you even higher than you’ve ever been! « You can do it! You can do /anything/! »

He feels the same way about Ista - one of the smallest Weyrs, and not even at full fighting strength, but he'll cheerlead for the home team too. « Go Ista! We're the best! Let's flame that Thread! Go get 'em guys! Good on ya! » If any dragon from another weyr ever says anything disparaging about Ista, he'll be the first to jump in and stand up for his home.

The little mysteries of femininity completely escape him, but for the most part he'll ignore them, until he's found a green he's interested in, and then he'll want all your help. However woe betide any man or woman (it's a weyr after all) who takes an interest in you. He's very protective. Only the best is good enough for his Zerra! Any one with any interest in you has got to respect you. No fly by night drunken one night stands for his Zerra. This includes flights, by the way. If he wins one, he'll be right back with that green the next day trying to persuade her that she's the one and it wasn't just lust. (Give it a sevenday or so, and it'll peter out. )

But he also respects his fellow dragons. He's not one to pick arguments. Dragons just want to have fun! He'll want to get in there and sort out other people's and dragons' problems - or at least he'll get in there and volunteer /you/ to sort out problems and arguments. He's very easy-going and everyone's his mate. Just as long as they're not attacking you, the sea, or him… in that order!

Much like Australian comedian Adam Hills, he has a very dry sense of humor, and will always be willing to have a bit of a go at himself or others. Be it shortcomings, to draconic memory, to his own too-short legs, he'll gladly draw attention to and poke fun at himself, or someone else, to take your mind, and your friends', off of the uncomfortable. This can get to flatout clowning around! The things he will do for a laugh. That laugh — the fruit of life - the thing that nourishes not only his soul, but everyone else's. Nothing more cleansing and healthy than a good long loud laugh! Especially yours - that's the sound he likes to hear most of all!

"Saw the whole thing, dude. First you were all like "whoa", and we were like "/whoa/",
and you were like "whoooooa…"" - Crush

When you're alone, by contrast, sometimes starting a conversation with him can be hard work.

"How are you today?"
« good. »
"How's your clutchmates?"
« good. »
"How are your wings?"
« good. »
"And your tail?"
« good. »
"And those little patches on your…?"
« good. »
« good! »
(He calls this chatty. Notice how you're doing all the work?)




He looks like a turtle - somewhat ungainly, interesting rather than beautiful - but oh, is he ever interesting! There's that rounded, barrel body, those legs that don't seem like they should be able to bear his weight, and the strange textured pattern on his legs or neck that makes him look permanently as if he's dried out - but he isn't, it's perfectly supple and healthy skin. It might still make you worry about it though, and focusing on these areas most of all when oiling and bathing him.

The legs are more of a concern, however, as he just doesn't seem that interested in walking generally. To be honest he's not even really the right shape for it, with his chubby rounded body. He'll drag himself (not literally) round everywhere with a great amount of huffing and puffing, but won't take any worries you might have seriously. « I'm going slow so that you can keep up! Your legs are smaller than mine. » Perhaps he's just a little bit lazy, but he'll take flying over walking any day. Walking is boring.

Flying's quite another matter. Browns traditionally have plenty of stamina, but this one, although he's nothing special size-wise, can always give the larger bronzes a run for their money. His wings are glorious with the full sun on them, bringing out all the different mottled shades that are mixed together on the sails. On the ground, if you can persuade him to stretch them out, it'll be fun to lie under them like they're a sun umbrella, and you can stare up, finding patterns in the blotches just like you'd stare up looking for pictures in the clouds. He's wasted on Istan black sands really - he stands out far too much. Take him to beaches with more golden or brownish sand, however, at Boll, Southern, and above all the deserts of Igen, and he'll blend right in, nearly invisible from the air (but a little too big to camouflage well on the ground, unless he digs a really big hole… you never know!).

Mind Voice:


The throbbing of the didgeridoo will be a constant in your head. His mind voice is a little like listening to it funneled through a seashell, with the curves and crashes of the sound of the sea that come along with it. His voice is hot, too. It keeps your head blazing warm, and infuses all his mental connections with bright sunrays and mirror-type reflections of the sun shining on the surface of the water. Sometimes you might even taste a bit of salt in your mouth. Speckles of light, brightness, every color of the rainbow - no, colors of all living creatures, be them finned or coral, flash through his thoughts. Even as a hatchling his voice will feel older than he is - it has some kind of connection with the earth, well baked in the sun, as if he's channeling all the life in the planet through his veins. Long conversations with him invariably involve some kind of trance as that repetitive sound bewitches you, serene and all-knowing. The dust and rock of the Outback swirls through the words, in these longer conversations.

Even if what he /says/ can sometimes be very stupid. « Let's see if I can low-fly the length of the weyrling barracks! Last one in the air's a total wuss! »

When Minalth's on a particularly comedic bent he'll start to get lighter and the didgeridoo will instead translate into a more chuckling kind of sound. He sounds his most human in those moments, think something like Adam Hills, far less ethereal but a lot more entertaining, and even while he's cracking jokes, sometimes in this mood he's no less profound. In rare upset moments he'll sound like this as well, because he'll be trying to laugh it off. It is the odd times, while someone might be encroaching on HIS space, that you might find just a hint of coral-sharpness, possessiveness, in those vocalizations.

Adam Hills: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KpBYnL5fAXE

Didgeridoo: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9g592I-p-dc

His own personal perfume that /you/ can wear:
Sunrise With Sea-Monsters - Ocean mist, kelp, ambergris, amber, white pear, osmanthus, freesia, and seafoam accord. Based on a painting by Joseph Mallord William Turner.

Physical Voice:


His physical voice is the carrying ululations of the didgeridoo that bounces almost between registers - when young he will get quite out of control and jar to juddering halts, but with age (and many hours of practice that might just drive you mad) comes the ability to control that booming voice that comes from deep inside his chest. He likes the sound of it, too, and once he's found out which areas of the bowl have the best acoustics, he'll land and sun himself in those places and no others. (And if you want to be over the other side of the bowl, too bad!) Excitement is another thing that causes the control of his voice to slip, ascending up the scale into the repetitive merry call of the kookaburra - and many's the time you'll have to explain that he's not actually /laughing/ - not at this weyrling's idea, not at that girl's skimpy clothes, not at the watchrider of the weyr you just betweened into for the very first time - it's just the way he is.


As he and his clutchmates grow, the other weyrlings will mostly grow out of the gangly, awkward stages on the ground. Minalth, however, will not. Instead, he will simply remain with the proportions he has now, short legs, and a rounded body. Just bigger. Both as a hatchling, and once he is grown, your lifemate will be far from spectacular with physical proportions, he is typical in size, pudgy in stature, and will remain that way for all times. But damn, isn’t he cool? Maybe he won’t ‘grow’ with a whole lot of excitement, but he is one fabulous dragon to look at. Not like ‘all the others’, but his own special brand of ‘cool’.

He won’t be bothered by it either. « I’m round and sound! » When some people might not be able to see the beauty he is, he’ll snicker and make jokes, poking fun at himself because really, Minalth knows all about his awesomeness, and the ladies loooove a boy/man/dragonet/dragon that can ride the waves of life like nobodies’ business!



As short legs will stay short, barreled body will remain as such, and as time goes on, your lifemate will find no respite from the laborious task that walking across dry land will leave him. Similar to the great sea turtles he looks like, however, when you let him take to the currents (Be them sea or air) a totally new grace will become apparent, with a spring and a glide. Much like the smooth sailing of a surfboard on the waves, Minalth thrives, where legs are not important. That is why you'll find it hard to get him to 'walk' anywhere. Fly! Fly! Take to the sky! You'll even find him flying along just above the ground, /anything/ to keep from having to walk! Besides, the awesomeness of his wings! « That's why I got em! Use what you got, I say! »


He really really likes 'weather'. Weather makes flying really extreme, so when it's pouring outside, he wants to be flying. The bigger the wave, the better. Lets hope there's no more tsunamis for a while, or else he's going to want to be in the middle of it!

"You, Mini-Man, takin' on the jellies. You've got serious thrill issues, dude. Awesome." -Crush




He doesn't like being spoon-fed. None of that cutting meat up into tiny little pieces for him that everyone else will be doing. He'll insist on a whole haunch, and he'll tear it up little strip by little strip, making a grand old mess of his couch, the feeding area, and probably you as well. And then he'll want to lumber off to the ocean to clean himself up. Any excuse for a bath! Sometimes you might wonder if he's not making messes of himself just to get a soak! (He's so slow you'll have time to clear up before running after him, and he won't connect the mess he makes to the cleaning you have to do.)

Raw meat isn't his favorite thing either. He'll get a taste for the cooked meat that you eat right from the beginning, and whereas other weyrlings might end up with a hurting stomach from ingesting too much raw meat, he'll be the one having trouble with thicktail from too much cooked meat. But it won't stop him. And once he's learnt how to flame - well, he'll be down the beach with his kill quicker than you can say barbecue! Dragon-flamed herdbeast, followed by a dip in the ocean and perhaps a game or two on the beach after is his idea of a perfect day.




As Minalth matures, and it comes to flights, he'll ride the air currents like a wave, right to the farthest reaches, so long as it brings him to his final goal: The Perfect Wave.

He can get so into "the moment" though, that he gets distracted by the pure pleasure of things, especially flying -he's riding the current, he's enjoying it, the day is good, everything’s good… « Oh yea! I'm supposed to be chasing that green! » It'll distract him from fishing, from flights, but he'll look damn good doing it!

"Dude? Dude? Focus dude… Dude?" - Crush

Don’t confuse enthusiasm for life, for the /experience/, for the moment as being unintelligent. Your lifemate is far from stupid bludger. In fact he’s really quiet clever. Exceptionally clever for a dragon his size. That is why once he finally finds his focus and comes into the present situation, he’ll tear up the skies, because no one knows those currents quite like him. They will spin him around like a washing machine, and it could at times look ungainly, but it isn’t. It’s beautifully elegant, and exceptionally clever. In the end he’ll be the one that has expended the least amount of energy because of maximum use of thermals. .



Minalth is far from stupid. In fact, when you can get him to focus on the important things, like thread, he's as sharp as coral. It's getting him to that focused state that will cause the problems. For him, even Thread is like a thrill ride, and more often than not, you may need to approach fighting it like a game. You’ll have to use that awesome mind of yours to figure out ways to get him into the moment, but since he has such a love of all – ocean, land, people – this would be a good place to start.

"The thread will burrow and ruin the land. It will kill the crops. People will starve."

« Not good, but everyone else is so good at it! It won’t happen. »

"But they need /you/ too."

« I know, but it’s not a lot of fun. »

"Then lets make it fun. Picture each squirming strand as someone you’ve seen abuse your beach. Then FRY EM!."

« YEA! No abusing my beach!! » A burst of flame! A roar!

« No eating the little helpless fish!! » Another burst of flame! And oh, he does love the flaming! « Gotcha, sucker! »

It’ll only make him dangerous in the skies during Threadfall, and then all that aggression will be gone and your lifemate will be back to the mellow dude you adore. « Can I have a bath now? »

Weyr Relationships:


By and large, you Minalth will get along with most everyone. Why the heck not?! I mean, life is good, and he’s good to life, and well… why the heck not?!

There are exceptions to every rule, and Sazanamith is one. While she may not end up being the only – that green hits right to the very core of the very fabric of who he is – The Protector. Respect the Ocean! She will have absolutely no respect for anything in this ballpark except for the /taste/ of fish. FISH. Little ones, big ones, pretty ones, ugly ones – all of them will at some point find a way to her ravenous belly and THAT JUST PISSES HIM OFF! Thankfully dragons have short memories, and because of this, he’ll forget the transgression time and time again, and will be up for all the crazy ideas she comes up with, harkening to his daredevil ‘extreme’ spirit. BONZAI!

Now Shaarth – Shaarth and Minalth will get along well. Both are great protectors and cheerleaders, even if on completely different levels. They have different ways of getting to the same goals, and both will respect the other’s path. There are many things they enjoy about one another – it’s a really long list – but there’s one particular thing about the other brown that will have him talking up a storm with his big buddy all the time, trying to work him into the right mellow mood. The more kicked back the desert dragon gets, the more Minalth will talk, rustling up that ‘aspect’ that he really really digs on.

Minalth« Lets go watch the fish. »
Shaarth« Okaaaay. »
Minalth« It’ll make you mellllloooww. »
Shaarth« I’m fine. Placid as plankton. »
Minath« Naaaah, just relax. Watch the fish. Focus … fiiiiish. Waaaaatch theeeeem swiiiimmmm. »
Shaarth« Why do you do that? You trying to put me to sleep? »
Minalth« Noooooo. Ooooh, yeaa… taaalk to meee. Niiice. »

Calafath shares allegiance, but that dragon is a confusing one to your Minalth. It’s like the brown is two different dragons, and not only that, there are moods within the mood switches that are complex beyond what your lifemate cares to try and decode. So when they interact, there’s a good bet he’ll be trying to keep it on a base level.

Paquith. PaquiTH. Paaaaquith. Paquith? There’s another confusing character. At first they will likely get along fine, not that they never won’t, but the bronze’s drive to live a life of ‘la vida loca’ is something he can grasp. Maybe they’ll even bond in that. But then… « What happened to you?! » Pure confusion. It could settle though, and a balance between them will be had once again.

Elinth! Oh man, he’ll dig Elinth. These are two peas in a pod, and they will roll around in life together, reveling in the good, the better, and the best of times! They can become better than family – they have a great chance of being best friends. But if he ever catches her sneaking his fish!!!!!!!

Mom – I mean, Isyth will be treated like all motherly types – respected from a distance. Doesn’t mean he won’t interact with her, but when she starts getting all puffed up like mothers can, a beeline will be made for the first beach he can find –——> waaaaay over there. Mother’s are /too/ intense!


Egg Inspiration:
Described by: Kezia
Maypole dancing is traditionally part of the May Day celebrations in England, and is thought to derive from an ancient fertility dance. Each dancer holds a piece of ribbon and dances about the pole, weaving the ribbons into a pattern. The dance can then be reversed to let all the ribbons free again.


* http://i630.photobucket.com/albums/uu30/dfistaweyr/Eggs09/maypole2.jpg

A little story on the picture. As you know there were two Maypole eggs, written by two different people on two different continents, but somehow they had managed to pick the SAME picture out of all the thousands of pictures on that particular topic, so S'tao found another one for this one. Very interesting!

Dragon Name Inspiration:
Naming your dragon was quite possibly the hardest dragon in the history of Pern games to name. We all went round and round and round and round but no one could agree, or find ‘just the right name’. Just before the umpire called foul and shut down the project someone came up with one that everyone thought pretty much rocked! Then we paired it down to your tastes. ;)

Minhala, which is what his name was derived from, is an aboriginal word for turtle. I’m sure you recognize the name, but if not, we’ve some links for you. Anyway, we all agreed on Minalath, but then clever Yandra pointed out your predilection for no more than two syllables, so we cut him down to Minalth, which is just as cool!


Scroll to bottom (Wanted to leave in the whole page so you could see all the cool art): http://www.mossgreen.com.au/gallery/past.asp?idExhibition=188

Dragon Inspiration:
Your dragon was honestly quite hard from the start because we were trying really hard to give you something you wanted, but didn’t expect. What fun is in that?! So you got it! We hope. You got your Aussie loving patriotic dragon! It’s based on all things Australia ocean! Haha!

A funny little story. We were sitting around chatting about what to base it on. We went through so many angles, some of them quite obvious for Australia, and then at the same exact time Yandra and Q’luin came up with the Great Barrier Reef. Then someone said, “Green Sea Turtle!” The most awesome picture was found and that became the base.



But then we needed more, so someone said, “A surfer!” Everyone knows Australia has the best surfing in the world!! So yea! Everyone said, “Yea! A turtle that surfs!” So it was set.


Then one day someone put two and two together, and I swear it didn’t start out this way, but when you put a turtle together with a surfer and the EAC, what do you get?

CRUSH!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjtcbO3NqlE

It wasn’t purposeful, we just arrived there. It was Kismet!

Some big wave action to inspire!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uk6GpgtFjQ


Some Aussie surf music for you!

Angry Tradesmen - Big Wave

The Atlantics - Bombora (One of my favorites (Qi) and one of the very best Surf bands /ever/!)

The Dan Rumour Band - The Drift

The Dan Rumour Band/Cruel Sea

Cruel Sea (Gotta watch this one for the cool 9 year old playing with them!)

Beau Young - Just a Memory

Pigram Brothers - Blue Bay Blues

Andrew Kidman & The Brown Birds from Windy Hill - Thread

The Denvermen - Surf City Stomp

Celibate Rifles — Bill Bonney Regrets

Peter Howe and Tim Gaze

This is awesome! You might want to buy it and use it to get into the spirit! Plus lots of Aussie surf history!

Australian National Anthem

This is some not-so-Aussie-but-quite-awesome surf music (I know, cause it's straight out of my collection! (Qi):

Secret Chiefs 3 - Castles of Sand (This counts in a couple ways! It's surf, obviously, it's IN Australia, and has Australians playing! The band is just not Aussie. But they ARE one of my absolute favorite bands (Qi), so I had to put it in!)

Secret Chiefs 3 - Exodus (Soundtrack song surfed up.)

Daikaiju - Zombie Harem

The Astroglides - (Click Turkish Delight, it's my favorite. Israeli surf punk!)

Bambi Molesters - Theme From Slaying Beauty (Croatian)

Dick Dale & The Del Tones - Misirlou (This is "THE" surf song)

The Beach Boys! - Surfin USA!

Hawaii Five-0 — (Can't have surf music without this!)

Don Ho! - The Days Of My Youth

And just because it was so absolutely "Whoooooooooa."



Yandra, Q’luin, and Kezia brought your boy to life. Pol found the cool slang bits!

Zerra and Brown Minalth
Lila and Green Elinth
E'siac and Brown Shaarth
I'deni and Bronze Paquith
M'foy and Green Sazanamith
Wyn and Gold Isyth
J'rlen and Brown Calafath

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