Lisya's gold Meliaith
Dragonsfire's 57th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Isyth and Sephiroth's clutch
Hatching Date: June 29th, 2010
Al'tair and blue Veveshoth
Klohi and green Harquith
I’es and bronze Einarth
Ai'den and bronze Kaijuth
K'thin and blue Gallifreth
D'yce and brown Chironath
T'yr's bronze Zarielth
T'syn's bronze Tasunth
Syvia's brown Dakhanavarath

Egg theme: Motion pictures! Moving pictures! Better known as cinematic movies!

Welcome, Lisya!

You are one seriously tenacious trooper! Stuck through standing three times before impressing! Super extraordinary and put that together with your awesome attitude, willingness to foster RP all over the game, and your devotion to The Island itself, how could we pass that up? But as in anything, this is simply a guideline. We worked tirelessly off of what you requested, and tried to do a good job with it. In the end, it is up to you to play your new dragon as you see fit! You are a proven tried and true player and we’re super happy we’re lucky enough to be able to say – Welcome! We hope you love her!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co

Heal the Crystal! Egg
Watercolor tumbaga bleeds over timeworn parchment, coalescing into geometric shapes that tell of a fantastical world split apart. The Great Sun, the Rose Sun, and the Dying Sun, all orbit towards the cinnamon-kissed center of a great conjunction. Ordained by the Mystics, a soul's fate has been sealed: Heal what was sundered and undone, returning two back into one.


Hatch Message:

Heal the Crystal! Egg shifts. It's that time. The great conjunction is upon one and all, coming in to form the perfect line that separates the shell's surface neatly in two. Destiny plays a hand as the great spirit within is set free, sundering the remnants of her prison by spreading those rose-gold wings in a far reaching sweep. All is not quite right though, there is something missing still. Some small shard of life that must be found, connected and forever joined to heal at the very heart of that which gives her life. /Now/ is the time. Now is when she will step forward in all her glory and heal two souls, making them one.

Hatchling Name: Spirit Of The Trees Gold Dragonet

Dragon Description:

A thicket of tiger’s eye wildwood; dragon's goldenoak thrives among flowered willow and fey ash. The branching reach of headknobs and knotty ridges are stretched above a dappling of broom and meadowsweet petals along the sweep of her lithe figure, blossoms set a'flutter by the kiss of a swirling summer's breeze. Her slight form plays upon the whimsy of this dryad's weald, svelte and ethereal. Goldenchain blooms flirt with honeysuckle between the draw of her wide, radiant eyes, flowers draping to the soft curve of her muzzle while the hue flourishes once more upon the very tip of her long creeping-vine tail. Weeping cherry distinguishes her wide wings with generous, extending spars, dark and dramatic, drawn heavy with the delicate rose-gold blush of her sails' canopy.

Impression Pose:

Spirit Of The Trees Gold Dragonet isn't going to bother searching through the crowd. She knows. She always knew. The One is here, right /there/ as a matter of fact and the need to make that bond is almost painful. She trills out her find, calling out to Lisyana just as the girl stumbles at the expense of her bronzed sibling. That won't do and so with an extended muzzle, one more shall be claimed.

Impression Message:

The voices of the world fade out of mind, carrying away the sights and smells as well, leaving behind a blank canvas filled with naught but the purity of white light that appears to stream straight from your beautiful core, swirling and dancing as little by little sensations return. First comes the gentle sound of a flute, streaming through your mind before mutating into the lilting song of a tiny bird singing of its greatest desires. This is soon followed by the heady scents of spring which bloom into a glorious dreamlike landscape that pops with a plethora of brightly colored flowers that sweep and sway to the music of your mind and the song of your soul. The stems stand aside as a gentle presence passes through to curl about you with a sweet loving embrace « Lovely Lisya, oh what beautiful things we’ll do together. I know your mind now and it’s as wonderful as I knew it’d be! » The scene in your mind starts to stretch and the colors begin to blur together until nothing makes sense except for the straightforward concept of hunger as it hits you hard. « We’re hungry; we should eat. »



Her mind is aflutter at all times, like the wings of a hummingbird, buzzing about, touching onto this or that on a whim, pausing to peruse a blossoming thought, tending to its needs, but quickly skipping on, pollinating another thought into fruition. Don’t get the idea that she’s unintelligent because her attention is fleeting, quite the opposite actually, she’s brilliant, as bright as a field of sunflowers and doesn’t have to tarry too long on any given thought before it blooms on its own. It only takes a sunshine moment of her attention to seed a thought that could grow into a mountain of morning glories.

This is how she rolls, quick decisive action that wastes not a moment. Picture the serfs and servants lined up before the Queen, each holding something that needs her attention. She steps from one to another with very little time to tarry in between « Yes. » On to the next. « Yes. » Next. « Yes. » Another « Oh certainly not! » Next « Yes and yes! Whose next?! » She won’t wait for them, but will move of her own accord to each and every one, not leaving a single care or worry unattended. They’re all deserving of her time!

Though she is quick and decisive, it isn’t out of a lack of concern that she moves in such a manner, it’s purely that buzzing little motor of her mind, because in truth /your/ concerns are /her/ concerns, right down to the paltry points of one’s love life, or lack thereof. This could be a real issue if certain someone’s get a hold on that little tidbit of information and start coming to her for /every/ /little/ /thing/ to yammer her to death. She’ll stick, she’ll stay, but she’ll flutter about while doing so, tending to that which she can while she listens, responding with quick little sound bites « Heeee /didn’t/?! » then on she goes again.

What does this mean to you? Lots and lots and looooooots of waiting around for her. "You said you'd be here at noon." « I’m coming! Dakhanavarath has discovered something new and interesting! » An hour passes “Where are you?” « Oh! On my way! Isyth just told me the Weyrwoman is pregnant /again/! » Quite awhile later “Are you coming?!” « Sorry! Got stopped by a firelizard who got lost on a message mission and I showed him the way! Then he showed me the most interesting pictures of…. who knows what?! /He/ thought they were important! » And still you wait.

I’d like to be, be like the wind singing around
I’d like to be, be like the wind dancing around
Like the wind, touch everything
Just like the wind

I’d like to be, be like a cloud floating by
I’d like to be, be like a cloud in the sunshine
A cloud that seeks your haunting face
Just like a cloud
-Faun Fables

Meliaith is above all an integral component of Pern nature, no matter her alien makers, and of this she is very keenly aware. Unlike her dam whom is pulled by the tides, she will be /one/ with the elements, /one/ with the weather, /one/ with the planet. It won’t ‘pull’ her in one direction or another, she will be /of/ it. Making her own choices based on wants and needs. She /will/ feel the changes though, know deep down inside when the seasons come and go before anyone else will be able to sense it. People will pine for spring during the long reach of winter that stretches beyond the norm, but she will be static and perceptively calm, vocally sharing with the Weyr the instant there is the slightest crackle to the air that signifies the shift. It won’t be obvious to anyone else, but /she/ will be quite assured as she calls out « Spring comes! »

All the magic of creation exists within a single, tiny seed. —Magi, Fern Gully

For it will be /spring/ that she lives for – summer too, but spring gives birth to the warm seasons and unlike her dam and her icy rider, Meliaith delights in Rukbat’s persistent embrace. Spring is the moment when the cycle of the wheel of the Turn rolls over, leaving the death of winter behind for the new dawning day and all it’s delights, from flowering buds, to spawning beasts, to longer days with brighter light, and yes, even the oncoming humidity – she revels in it! Spring is a time to dance, up high in the sky, down low amongst the trees, she will not care for clumsy strides or bumpy rides, it’s all about the Dance of Spring!

This is a time she will use her physical voice the most, calling to the youth of both flora and fauna. Come forth little ones! Grace the world with your charming little wonders! She will trill and chime, stand on her ledge and sing! And oh by the egg will her neighbors learn to loathe those moments. Sure there’s a beauty to it, though the beauty comes from the simple fact that she’s willing to do it, the sweet intent, and enthusiasm with which she delivers her song, but Dawn Sisters save us! It’s a /dragon/ /singing/! /Not/ the most enticing sound you’ve ever heard.


Meliaith likes summer too! Though summer is a time for relaxing in the sun more than singing, so the Weyr at large will be much relieved when it rolls around. Still, she adores summer and will try and foster a fondness in anyone who will listen for the loooooong grueling hot days as the wheel keeps turning to ‘The Dog Days’. The sun is the sultry sister to the moon after all, and like Meliaith will love her mother, she will love the moon as well, but the sun! Rukbat! Summer is the time when both Rukbat and Meliaith shine brightest, and they will be very much in love with one another, one worshiping the other every possible moment.

Before the days reach their apex it is quite likely that Meliaith will go in ‘heat’, for this is /her/ time, so spring or summer, whichever trips her off that Turn will be the trigger. As time passes it’ll be obvious and you can pretty much set your calendar by it. It doesn’t mean stress or something else won’t kick things off kilter a time or two, but by and large the ‘S’ seasons will be /her/ season. Who knows exactly what it is that sets her off, maybe the heat or just the 'vibe' in the air setting off her urge to have offspring of her own? Whatever it is, it’s very obviously her and her system’s preference.

Winter by counterpoint will have her seeking out sunnier places, warmer too - and otherwise it’ll be the closest she'll ever be to grumbling. She won't go as far as to hate winter, it having its own place in life as well… but it won't be her favorite time of year either. The cold that gets into your bones, and while Ista is a tropical island, it’s all humid cold – the /worst/ kind of cold – it digs deep into muscles and makes your teeth ache.

She’ll be more or less dormant this time of Turn, much like the rest of the Island. It’s not that she won’t do /anything/, it’ll just be with a /slight/ bit more of a sluggishness that she moves through the day. Still spry to the naked eye, but at times she can become melancholy and moody, watching the horizon that Rukbat hugs so closely, pinning for her to rise into the sky so Meliaith can once again sing to the little ones and revel in the warmth and wonders of the world.

Go North or into the mountains during this time of Turn? Not a chance, not unless she absolutely has to. If she has to though, a request to ‘thaw’ down south will follow up her duties. Likely asked in a hopeful tone that rises high in the end, « I think we deserve a respite from Old Man Winter, don’t you? »

Autumn won’t have a real dramatic effect on her at all. It’s a good time of year, it’s the Harvest and Tithing time. So much going on, so much to do to prepare for winter! She’ll be far too busy to worry away Rukbat’s descent, and well, this is the sexy season! Even if it isn’t /her/ time, it’s someone’s and she’ll feel that, like she feels all the vibrations from the planet. Fall is a well known mating time of Turn for human and animal alike, and so she’ll enjoy those little endeavors from afar, and maybe even urging you in that direction – it /is/ natural after all! « When are you going too have a baby? » Or it’ll be more /slightly/ more subtle, which isn’t a real long suit of hers. « Paquith’s rider would make a good father. » So what if she’s a little oblivious to the truth?

Nature and the earth. This is Meliaith. The elements are as a part of her as her own flesh and bones. When there are changes to the climate and world about her, she'll just seem to Know before everyone else. Imagine those times, when you see the avians take flight and all move in one direction in that time before an earthquake, or a storm. It is because they Know, something is going to happen. They can feel it in the changes of air pressure, the feel of the world around them, that deep-wrought instinct. Meliaith can seem to sense these things as well. When a squall builds up just beyond the horizon, she'll lift her head high, turn her muzzle into the air, scent it and feel it and know that it is being created, and will soon draw over the land. Just as she tells you this, the dolphin's bell upon the docks will ring, heralding the warning as well.

This isn't exclusive to storms. Oh no, she'll seem to feel the changes of the tides, the altering of the air currents and the lifting of the thermals as the sun beats down upon the Weyr, the time before the waters over the waterfall quicken, when the shellfish are close to mating time and will be approaching the shore, and maybe even the moment before Harquith rises in heat. Maybe it is instinct, maybe it is her feeling the changes in the nature around her, all of the little touches and scents and changes, that give her that little hint of warning, a harbinger of things to come. There is absolutely no chance that shell be able to catch it all, some things will escape her before notice. It is a big world out there.

You know how above, we mentioned her penchant for music and even her vocalizations. Oh, how she loves music. Not just the sounds the harper's create, or the song a child sings while moving across the bowl, but the music of the world around her. Drumbeats and percussion seem to reach into her heart, syncing. Quite often, she'll join in with a tap of her claws, a swing to her neck and head, and a twitch to her tail. She might even swing that rear of her's in time with the sounds she hears, unable to resist and then take part physically.

For all of her rather ethereal and quick qualities, she is still a gold dragon, and is expected to be a leader. While her decision making process is speedy and decisive, one of her main qualities is that of the diplomat. Meliaith is a listener. She will quietly listen to what others have to say, their opinions, and with a great deal of care and interest. She'll weigh opinions, try to mediate, and over all be as courteous, sensitive, conciliatory, yet savvy with her opinions and decisions. This is certainly one of her strong suits, and one Lisya should take good care to listen to as well.



Meliaith is on the smaller size of the golds. She doesn't quite hold the frame and the bulk, or even the length of a typical gold dragon. One can't really call a gold dragon petite, but Meliaith manages to touch on that characterization, flirting with a lack of convention. She is a bit more compact, rather akin the the typical size of the bronzes -which really isn't all that small either. Her limbs are lithe and svelte, not particularly musclebound or for that matter athletic. But nor is she waifishly thin and bony. Her fine-boned structure is the perfect frame for her sleek build.

From the start of her head, there is a slightly smaller quality about her, or possibly the best wording would be 'fine-boned'. Her nostrils seem as fine and delicate as her muzzle, while huge eyes dominate her face. Her eyeridges though, those headknobs, and her back ridges to the end of her tail have a more woody quality to them, like the slight gnarling and bark-like turn of trees, probably much like ash or willow, which she more than likely acquired from her dam. It is those hardened sections that might need some more oiling attention, often becoming dry unless given constant nourishment. Her legs are just as fine-set at the rest of her, possibly a tad more on the compact side, but not enough to make her look stocky. Her feet could possibly be considered small (yes, again, for a gold), while her talons are the ideal and perfect things for rending flesh and sinking into the earth. But she is very, very careful with those talons. She wields them like a chef does knives, with consummate skill, agility, and care.

For her coloring, it is rather reminiscent of tiger’s eye. The colors sort of switch between darker stripes and lighter amber colors, kind of like the play of shadow and bright sunlight against wood. This seems to color the majority of her form, with lights and darks switching and changing between one another with about all of the regularity of nature.


Upon the tiger’s eye is a dappling of extra color. Broom and meadowsweet, shiny yellow and tiny moments of pale white, that seem to flicker and dapple and swirl about with a complete lack of rhyme or reason, other than that they are there, and they add a bit of added accent to her golds. A brighter, pinkish-yellow gold flashes upon her face, crossing down her long forehead and that wide space between her large eyes. It seems to drop down to cover her nostrils and muzzle as well with an eye-catching splash of color. And just because, the end of her tail is touched in that very same hue, that of honeysuckle and goldenchain.


Now her wings, they are huge. Long and wide, they are a thing to behold, and can often get in her way if she isn't paying close attention. Darkened spars (a possible attribute from her sire) of a very dusky gold brace and fold with ease, a structure well strong enough to support the fine and frail expanse of her sails. Her sails are a rosy-gold color, pinkish almost, and an elegant contrast to the darker color of her spars.


Mind Voice:

Envision a lush, vibrantly painted meadow/glade thrumming with the pulse of life and vitality at every turn. This our dear Lisy, is but the cusp of your Meliaith's mind. Venture into the glen of her being where you will always have a place and a home, celebrated by the joyous trill of song birds and teeny tiny whispering bells. Try to find a moment where that mind of hers is still and you will come up rather empty for even in the deepest onset of sleep, there is the lingering kiss of far off flutes to lull you off to sleep right along with her.

Her love for you shines in a multitude of facets but perhaps no more profoundly than the image of those richly golden rays of pure sunlight that breakthrough the forest's thick canopy and co-mingle in direct contrast to the dark greenery that sets itself as the main backdrop. Add in the plethora of flora and fauna that peek out under every shrub, every leaf and you start to get the idea of just how in-tune Meliaith is to the world around you both. She is at the heart of it all an elemental that broadcasts her feelings in a spectrum of ways that most often comes off as sweet breezes whispering secretive delights for you alone to know.


When it is time for business, she will forever be that calm presence meant to sooth rather than set to edge. Unlike her dam who is the personification of an iced-over landscape, Meliaith is the spring born anew with a vigor and almost naive-curiosity set a buzzing by bees and gurgling streams. When she is at her happiest, it is those streams and the playful flutes you'll hear the most, played again just for you or shared indulgently with those she holds nearest and dearest to her heart.

Other times, when she is awake and exploring, there is a soundtrack of strings dancing along in tandem with the rattling spirits of the woods. Playful, always so playfully, blinking in and out amongst to foliage just to mess with your own mind's eye and keep you forever guessing. When she is social and at her most curious, flittering spirits of a by-gone era poke in and out, some smiling some ever so shy - these are her thoughts, randomized and formalized into the little guardian sprites of the forest that follow along in her wake. Childlike, ever so much, even down to the wooden rattle of their communication to one another and to you.


Her moods run as wild and complex as she truly is:

When it comes to the time of Thread, storms crash in and all life fades to the background, finding secure little hideaways while the wild drumbeats of a guardians right (wright) pound out a warning to the thoughtless creature threatening to ruin her land.


Should she ever worry, which truly will be impossibly rare, there is the crackling of electrical energy that flitters through the air enough to make the tiny hairs on your arms stand straight. She'll be more hushed, delving into the feeling rather than to be heard, but if there is ever an eruption of emotion the bleeds into anger or agitation, the snapping crackling turns deadly in a glade of ancient trees. Perhaps that is inherited from her sire Sephiroth, who emerged from an egg formed of a lightning struck tree.


Calm and serene will be the sound of deep wind chimes and a little breeze to tickle them with.


For her namesake and mindscent, we have Meliai: Sisters to the Erinyes and the Gigantes, the ash tree nymphs were also born from the union of the blood gushing from Ouranos’ castration wounds and Gaia’s fertile womb. These nymphs were the mother of the Bronze Race of mankind’s third age. Ash manna and ambrosial honey.

Physical Voice:

Back to the singing. Where will she learn that from? Well anyone actually, she’s a mimic, but honestly not a terribly good one. She’ll try though and it can be absolutely hilarious to witness!

The singing will flourish and transpire mostly from the Harpers, or at least you can try and lay blame there. The first song she’ll hear will practically snap her pretty neck as she rather drastically homes in on it. « What’s that?! » Oh so pretty, or oh so rowdy, or oh so something! Soft lilting will really get to her and she’ll be transfixed for the duration of the song, but don’t be surprised if she tries to butt in on it as well. Carried along with the melody, contently crooning loves that she has never experienced, wailing losses she’s never had, and chirping an education she’ll never grasp, but it’s so heartfelt! How could she pass up joining in?!

Songs will not be the end of it either, and it won’t just be human noises she’ll try and imitate either, it’ll be pretty much any sound that reaches her. The rooster’s song? Early mornings will be a trail after she gets her first taste of that. Late night cawing wherries? She’ll try that too, head coming up out of a dead sleep when she hears it, following the noise making up with « Isn’t that fantastic?! » A baby’s yowling, a lover’s angry barking, as well as the canine sort too, the roll of thunder, the rage of a spring thaw river, but mostly she’ll stick to the noises of the warm blooded variety such as animals and humans make.

Bardyard sounds will really excite her and soon she’ll be attempting the nickers and neighs, bleating and bawling, cheerfully thinking she’s actually talking to the beasts that will likely run in terror at the sound. « Oh! They’re /dancing/…… away. Oh… that’s running. Oops! » She’s not stupid, but rather just so into it and with her big heart, it’s hard for her to imagine their fear right off.

It’s all singing the song of nature and she wants to be a part in every way possible, so yea, she’s going to sing it too, with as much heart as possible, proving time after time her love for all that nature provides the planet!


As Meliaith comes from the egg, she is all limbs. Lots and lots of long limbs that often get in her way, are tripped over, often considered a nuisance and generally dismissed in the next breath. Her tail is long and her wings are HUGE and her legs with their wide paws are great for getting around with if she can just get them sorted to move in the right way at the right time and not trip herself up. This stage doesn't last very long though. Maybe just the first month or two, when the signs show she'll possibly be something of a gangly creature -oh, how false that will be.

For all of those lanky limbs, she will be small. Granted, it will be bronze and brown small, but that is still small for a gold. Her brothers will bulk and stretch and possibly surpass her own growth. She'll begin to fit into her own limbs a bit more, but never the wings. Oh, the wings will always be large and long and wide and often drag wingtips across the ground because there is just So Much of them. They are beautiful, and well, kinda pink, but they sure do get in the way some times.

Halfway through her first turn and Meliaith's growth will start to match that of the bronzes. She'll pace their sizing, primarily when it comes to length. Still, she might be looked at a bit askance, wondering if she'll ever achieve the size of her damn, let alone her sire. Coordination is eventually achieved as her growing comes a steadier pace. It is some kind of happy medium, where she is able to keep up with body's development.

Gliding is when she finally gets a chance to put those huge wings to good use! -instead of dragging wingtips. Between her size and those wide sails, her gliding will take her far. With that said, her flight will take her farther. On that day when they are finally allowed to take flight, she'll be up immediately, with hurried wing-flaps.

Just shy of a turn is when she'll finally eke out a little bit of size on her brown brothers, and eventually the bronzes. It took an awfully long while, but Meliaith will manage to surpass them, but only just barely. A couple of the larger bronzes might surpass her, but she will reach what looks to be her full growth right at her first turn mark.


She might be a flower-child at heart, but there is a quickness and speed about her that lends more to a 'green in a gold's body'. Her movements are often quick, decisive, much like how she thinks. Viper fast, you'll be impressed by how fast and easily she can look from here to there, bring her head down from on high, swing around upon her feet with ease, bring her tail about with prehensile skill, and basically move in ways that one wouldn't normally attribute to the 'ponderousness' of a gold dragon.

Her movements upon the ground have a degree of agility to them, just as is her affinity to find spaces that she can tidily fit herself into. Her walk is often punctuated by hopping movements, with wings wide to catch the air and aid in sort of glide-bouncing longer distances. Short distances are crossed with a slighter step, a touch of a sashay to her hind quarters that is completely accidental and purely female.


Her flight is punctuated by furious wingbeats and grand dives. With wings used to their advantage, she'll somehow manage to move them in a way that will provoke fast flapping, kind of like a hummingbird, or a sparrow lifting into the air. Quick and fast and sudden they take her here and there with zips and zags (as well as a gold dragon can imagine). With height achieved, she dives and swoops, letting gravity give her speed. She'll want to dive among the trees, even if her bulk won't allow her. So, instead, she'll be content to fly above the canopy, tummy brushing the fronds (yes, this will mean 'grass stains' and you'll be spending quite some time scrubbing vegetation's mark from her belly, underlimbs, and wingtips).



Oel ngati kameie tsmukan, si irayo nga.Ngaru tirea kä hu eywa, your tokx 'ì'awn ìm ne slu hapxi grfx pongu. —Neytiri, Avatar

Sustenance is an essential must that nature understands and even created. It’s the cycle of life and even though dragons are human made, or human embellished, they have absolutely become an important part of that cycle. Before them the cycle was vicious and cruel, abolishing whole species in one fell swoop of the Red Star. Now there are dragons to protect them, to preserve that which would be no more, but in return, nature must sustain the dragon. Humans helped a bit with that as well by bringing stock and interweaving it into the fabric of life on the embattled planet.

With this in mind Meliaith regards eating as a necessary evil to continue the health of that cycle. She must eat to fly and she must fly against Thread to protect the planet, and that is just an aside to the monumental import of The Mother’s Womb that gives birth to the next generation of saviors. This too requires proper nutrition, which only comes to a dragon through flesh.

Feasting is a privilege and not a right, and of this Meliaith is keenly aware. Nature gives birth to the beast and the beast is to be sacrificed only with the utmost of reverence for the gift of their life. No matter how small, how seemingly insignificant, she will devotedly bow to the beauty of their short life and to the wonder of their making. Such complicated little beings with the endless network of vessels and the complex systems that keep them alive; a true marvel of nature and worthy of her venerated gratitude, which she shows at every single meal with little respectful odes. « I See you Brother, and thank you. Your spirit goes with the land, your body stays behind to become part of the Ista. »

When she does kill, it will only be exactly what she needs and nothing more, and it will be a very quick clean kill, no grisly murder here, and those that do tease and torture their food will be gently schooled as to the gravity of their misdemeanor, and should they repeat it again in her presence it will become a grievous felony offense. Thankfully, due to the lack of much dragon memory, she won’t remember the transgression against the little ones next time they meet, so their score card will be wiped clean each and every time. It might be best to keep track of who is in the feeding pens and only allow her there when the others feasting understand and comply with her ideals. Soon everyone will likely learn and avoid the confrontation as well, no matter however mild mannered it is delivered. Who likes to piss off a queen?


During the proddy period Meliaith’s internal rhythm becomes more primal. If she is of the leaves, limbs, and trunk of the tree the rest of the Turn, during this period she’ll be of the roots, snaking through the soil, winding about in a complicated fashion, seeking that which will feed her growing desire and shunting this through that maze of roots right straight to you. It’ll be Q’luin’s worst nightmare, while being the rest of Pern’s fondest of your moments.

Should she succeed, Meliaith shall infuse you with a new sense of feminine empowerment that will thrum through you both full of strong thunderous drumming pulses that will animate and warm the essential core of that which is /woman/. It’s all in the nature of the beast, preparing you both via her for creation by awakening your bodies with tingling, burning insistence that builds and builds and will not be contained. It winds and coils about at the center of you both, branching off to touch upon that which needs to be animated, setting the groundwork for the final moment of conception.

Meliaith will tear away all the trappings of life and grasp tight to the base instincts, the base of being, reveling in textures that are directly of the planet - such as mud! She’ll love mud, rolling in it, coating herself in it, wearing it around until it dries and cracks off on its own, and then she’ll be off seeking something else to roll in, urging it to cling to her skin so that she can feel, smell, see, and sometimes taste it as long as possible. Sometimes it’ll be the sand and sea, sometimes maybe of the pens, but always of some organic matter that she can proudly wear around while scampering through Pern’s natural world.


Meaning that she’ll also more or less /try/ and shun the trappings of the human made world as well. She’ll want to sleep on the beach, in the jungle, in the lake surrounded by water and fish, or at the very least right under the glittering stars! Don’t be surprised if you don’t see her sleeping up on the starstones during a thunderstorm. The hope here is that she’ll carry you along in all this, right down to the all over mudmask. « Feeeeeel it! It feels sooooo glorious! All over my hide! Between your toes! Get some up your nose! Smell it! Feel it! Experience it! » It’s all about the experience. Experiencing nature right there at the root of existence.

Anne once wrote that gold dragons wait for daylight to have flights because then everyone can see it. Meliaith isn’t so pretentious, but she still chooses daylight if she can. Her reason is Rukbat itself, that bright bold glowing ball in the sky that so closely mimics her bright glowing form during the height of her season. Those tiger’s-eye striations will flare setting afire the gold hues that in turn ignite the rose tones so that both contrast so vividly that all else around will disappear into the background and by the time she’s about to rise not even a good thick coating of mud can keep the glory of it at bay. This is your cue to keep her at the Weyr.

Unlike most golds, Meliaith will actually give you a little warning before she goes up, but you’ll have to actually be paying attention to realize it. It’ll be a bath. Even just a quick dip, but she’ll wash it all away, leaving her hide to boldly blaze, but in the next instant she’ll erupt from the water and on to the pens it goes!

Oh… the blooding. Thankfully nature mostly takes its course here, but killing and not eating?! Meliaith won’t like that at all, so she’ll make absolutely sure, once it’s all over, that every last scrap is used! It’s going to be loud insistence because her guilt will make her crazy otherwise. « Put it in stew! Feed it to the canines! Give it to the poor! We can’t let it go to waste! »

So you’re going to also have a hard time getting her to just ‘blood’, maybe a harder time than most female’s riders have. She’ll fight against the bonds of your insistence, screaming shrill defiance that will be the one and only time she’ll ever raise her voice to you, be it internal or physical voice.

The males are doing it too! Meliaith will become wound up and furious at all the waste, at the build up of tension, at the NEED THAT IS MAKING HER CRAZY… and that is when she’ll launch and leave it all behind for the freedom of the skies, finally completely and totally free of all trappings, all responsibilities, all pressure, from everything that would hold her back in any fashion at all. In this moment it is just you and her flying amongst ether and clouds, seeking your freedom for as long as it lasts.

The musical inspiration for Meliaith's proddy cycle:


With Meliaith's affinity for nature and the world that we live in, Thread is a very unnatural thing. It is an invader. It is something from a place she doesn't understand, coming to destroy the land and everything that exists upon it. There is nothing honorable or respectable in this alien thing that falls from the sky. It is a parasite, destroying life. It is unfriendly, unthinking, unable to be reasoned with, and is simply something that is foreign to their environment.

With those thoughts, it MUST be destroyed. It must be eliminated. Every burrow must be eradicated; the dragons in flight aloft must flame and char and extinguish this threat before it can suck the life out of the planet.

She can nearly feel the Thread's presence as it falls through the atmosphere, disrupting the air currents. She may be something of a vanguard, letting the leaders know when the air currents are shifting, letting them know where it is going to fall, if it is falling quick or sporadic or slightly. She may be the warning call when the winds change, altering the pattern before the rest of the dragons and their riders notice. « Go low! The winds move! »

If thread strikes a dragon and its rider, she'll feel that too. She'll seem almost to feel their pain, and hurt for them because this awful, nasty, uncaring, foreign presence did this to them. And when the Thread reaches the ground, and starts to consume the life there, she'll ache for the vegetation and the creatures that it touches, disrupting their environment and their very life.

Meliaith understands why she cannot flame, but that doesn't stop you from being there to do the flaming for her. With her smaller gold size, she'll have about the agility comparable to the bronzes and browns, diving in to clean up what makes it through the wings before to make sure that nothing harms the planet.

Weyr Relationships:

Dakhanavarath. While Meliaith is able to predict a lot of things by remaining in tune with the world and the nature around her, he is one dragon she'll never, ever, ever be able to predict. There is a chance he might try her patience, being so wonderful and endearing and so very, very, charming so that she simply can't help but enjoy his presence -only to have him turn and behave enough to baffle her.

Chironath is a brown with quite a bit of noble qualities, and an endearing personality to add to his darkly beautiful form. If anything, she may find him a welcome soul to be around. He has a bit of mystery to him that may draw her interest, because he is very hard to read, and purposely so. The fact that he seems to be able to communicate with others (like his attempts at other species) so well though, that'll please her to the tip of her tail. This is a very common ground for the pair.

Kaijuth might very well be the one dragon in their entire clutch that could drive Meliaith insane. He stomps and destroys, and those are things that Meliaith finds absolutely awful! « How could he do such things?! Merely for the joy of it?! » But he might give her that contrite look and beg for forgiveness with his 'unintentional' transgressions.

Tasunth’s love for life and living it to the fullest Meliaith can grasp, and his wild whims she’ll understand completely, but the rest of what he is? The Theif, the Trouble Maker, The Fosterer or Mischief she’ll be a bit fuzzy about. It’s not that she’ll do more than drop a few hints now and again, little suggestions of how he can mend his ways, but she’ll watch him with wide eyes, and will only find her smile when he’s at his worst when he reaches the point where he starts spreading the wealth around amongst the less fortunate.

Harquith she has an even harder time understanding!! All that destruction! She will enjoy the green’s mind though, marveling at its intricacies and the darkness that she’ll never understand, but will delight in all the same. Seeing life from another’s take is always interesting, and Meliaith feeds on that sort of stuff, which she knows will help her grow as dragon.

Einarth is a hero, one of panache and flash and a warrior-born. She'll find an affinity for quite a few of his beliefs, mostly his grand gestures, devil-may-care attitude, and his softness for the youth of the world. He is a warrior, but a warrior in defense of the world she cares so much about.


Egg Inspiration:

When one thinks of the movie The Dark Crystal, it's almost an automatic temptation to think of that richly hued amethyst crystal floating within the heart of that corrupt Skeksis castle, or perhaps that of the fuzzy Fizgig (one of my favorites next to Aughra) or the lush forests that Jen must adventure through in order to return the Shard to the heart of the Dark Crystal. What often goes missed is the subtle symbology and heavy meaning that influence the beliefs of the Mystics and how they see their world and Jen's destiny. It's a written language and work of art that I've held in fascination for countless years and decided to share with one and all. Enjoy!

Described by: Wyn


Dragon Name Inspiration:

Because of the unique theme of your special lady, we wanted to find a name that would not only match, but also keep in line with your preferences and likes. It's short and easy to type and contains those 'a' and 'i' letters you like so much. When then balanced it against your own name and liked the way it looked.

In origin, the name is of a specific type of dryad that looks after or belongs to Ash Trees. We thought it tied in nicely and hence Meliaith was born.

Dragon Inspiration:
Meliaith is a creature born of so many different ideas, but primarily those that you suggested. We worked in the quickness that you had mentioned, and added in that touch of flowers that are so very, very important to Lisyana.

When you asked for quickness, we immediately thought of hummingbirds. Those tiny little creatures that flit and fly and are so beautiful, and they love flowers too! We have Meliaith her movements from them, how she flies and how she darts and flicks about with such fluid speed.

She is also flowers! I mean, how can she not be?! She's a flower child through and through, just as you are. She holds those ethereal qualities of those children of the 60s, free-loving, free-wheeling, believing in peace and love and caring for their fellows. She is something of a 'hippie' at heart, and so we pulled from that era all of those wonderful and earthy things that make hippies so durn fascinating. She is even made of flowers. The figure of Blodeudd, created by flowers by the mystical Gwydion, was made of broom, meadowsweet, and oak. Just as is Meliaith. She's created of those, and weeping cherry that Q'luin thought was amazing. We added goldenchain and honeysuckle as our own special touch to make her even more wreathed in flowers.

Meliaith is also a dryad. You know, a wood nymph. She's a creature of the earth, a sprite of sorts who is so very, very tied in to her surroundings. She believes in life and has a great love for the world around her. Dryads themselves tend to be tree nymphs, and are rather shy unless Artemis is about. There are so many different kinds of dryads and wood nymphs out there, from just about every tree and every bush. She isn't just a greek dryad, she's a japanese one as well, a kodama.

Meliaith is also the fantasy movie genre. Sure, it is a rather huge genre, with everything from Avatar to Princess Mononoke to Fern Gully. We didn't pull from all of these, but simply touched on the ones with an absolute love of nature and everything that is in it. Seeing as Meliaith is, herself, a protector of nature and the earth, we chose the ones that are the most direct in her beliefs.

As the credits roll across your screen, you get a big three names. Q'luin. Wyn. Rh'iad. Q'luin gets credit for a lot of the pictures that helped inspire us about flower-child hippies, and in putting word form to all of the ideas. Wyn is the primary idea person, with concepts on dryads and the music and what you see when Meliaith is in your head. Rhik put idea to substance and fleshed out this nymph gold into a creature one can visualize and watch grow. We've also got S'tao's hand in here, so… you know, we can mindscent your girl. Kinda creepy, but hey, she sure smells good!

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