Or’nl's When Is A Door Not A Door Brown Lloighrth
Dragonsfire's 58th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Meliaith and Paquith’s clutch
Hatching Date: August 13th, 2011
Jordan’s Green Tallailath
Neeva’s Blue Zimmerth
Egg theme: Underwater exotics

Welcome to riderhood at Ista Weyr! We’re glad to see that through all of the personal trials and tribulations that Orinlatan persevered through, we now get a chance to watch him continue his life’s story as Or’nl. His family has now grown larger with the addition of Lloighrth, a dragon we hope will fit right on in to that crowded space. Your prideful avenger, we trust he is everything you wanted and more, but only you can explore him best. As ever, this is simply a guideline addressed to your requests. You are absolutely free to take what you will from it, ignore it, follow it to the letter, or anything you wish. We cannot wait to play with you both!
-From Ista Weyr Search Co

Striated Mane Egg
In bands of crisp white and sienna, in a feather like spray that stretches from near its equator and upward, fanning out to nearly the full circumference, this egg is a striking contrast of bold colors. In some places variegated sharply and starkly, with crisp points of delineation between the clean white bands and the reddish-brown stripes, and in some places prone to a more woolly and indistinct blurring of the two dominant hues, the imagery seems almost inorganic, as if the feathery spines don't belong anywhere in nature. Were it not for the egg being naturally shallower at the apex and broader at the base, the careless criss-cross of color would make it a dizzying effort to discern which way was up where this egg is concerned.


Hatch Message:
Striated Mane Egg ripples into motion, smooth surface obliterated by the life that pulsates within. Dormant barbs lose their freedom to idly float, copper-striped ivory flaring to warn away the commotion which surrounds it. Unheeded, the display becomes too much to contain. Bristled spines thrash, casting aside cracked shell in its eagerness to puncture and release a fiery toxin into the veins of this world. Confrontation leaves a hunched form in its wake, motionless only long enough to let the waters calm and reveal the shift from sea to land.

Hatchling Name:
When Is A Door Not A Door Brown Dragonet

Dragon Description:
Proud leonine visage is skillfully carved from sun-baked limestone, the base coat layered upon a draconic canvas composed of a menagerie of mediums. With his broad snout made blunt by an errant chisel, bistre cracks bleed into strokes of sienna, trailing well past stocky neck and ‘ridges to taper at strapping shoulders. Fluid strength is made more prominent by cadmium etchings across his expansive chest as coiled columns are anchored to beastly paws. Umber smudged wings rival night terrors with sharpened spurs, featherlight sketches of ecru the only comfort to be found within impressive sails. Brute force is molded into athletic precision with narrowed haunches leading the eye down along his thinning tail, ocher length capped by a thick spade. An ink-dipped tail tip adds a final touch; that same ebon glaze is left to dry along curling ‘knobs and unsheathed talons.

Impression Pose (what the audience sees):

When Is A Door Not A Door Brown Dragonet stills. Quiet. Do you see that though? Do you see the muscles in his haunches as they tense, the thinly corded muscles standing taut against that painted hide? See those ebony talons as they sink into the sand to gain purchase. And his wings. Watch as his wings fan wide, balancing, preparing. All focus upon that one. Wait for it. Wait for it… POUNCE! Through candidates and the unimpressed dragons, the brown launches right at one young man in particular. Get ready to catch some dragonet there, fella!

When Is A Door Not A Door Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Orinlatan.

Impression Message (what you see):
Opportunity opens in a riddle of sanskrit and sienna, a doorway that isn’t, through a sandstorm, through grinding rock, through talon and tail and teeth. Next is a rumbling purr, grating and possessing as it draws deep into you, revving to a roar born of the might before the silence. All else falls away. All else but… « I’ve got it! Ajar. A-jar. Get it? » Success. Contentment. Pride. « Did you see me come out of that egg, Or’nl? Did you see it shatter? I knew it was you. I had you from the start. I. Had. You. You should know, I’m Lloighrth. »



Welcome to the desert of the real - Slavoj Zizek

There exists a monolith in the desert of your mind. Drawn into dragon form, he rests in repose, sure in himself, sure in his lifemate, sure in where he is and what needs to be done. Solid and heavy with presence, he will draw upon his own will and your own passion to bring to be one of the most epic dragon/rider pairings to ever grace Ista. Oh yes, Lloighrth is here. Let’s do this.

The sphinx? The manticore? Creatures made up of the parts of others. They are pieces that come together, creating a beast that holds the most notable and desirable of the traits of the others. Mind of a human, ferocity of a feline, power of an eagle, stubbornness of an ox, and the protective avenger that is all his own. A little of this and a little of that. These different aspects are molded together, bringing out both the best and the worst of what they have to offer as Lloighrth.


« I’m Lloighrth »

Lloighrth is a creature that is all his own, made up of the pieces of so many others to create, what is in his mind (and naturally yours), the ideal brown dragon. He takes pride in this fact. He’ll shout it to the heavens, to all the far reaches of Pern, right into your own head how great an honor it is to be who he is and what he is. His ego is no small thing. Not at all. He feels immense pleasure in all of his achievements, great and small. Whether it be eating a haunch « I really chomped on that one » or flying into Fall « I got this », Lloighrth will prove that he has quite a bit of pride in himself and what he can accomplish. Yes, quite a few of his comments will begin with his use of ‘I’ or ‘Browns’ or ‘Or’nl’. Lloighrth shows just as much pride in you and your accomplishments, whatever they may be. « Did you see that? Or’nl just made her blush. He is good at making females do that. » or « Or’nl told me exactly where to go. He thinks. » Granted, it could get quite outrageous, almost sounding like that guy, in the bar, who is being so LOUD about how awesome and amazing you are, man. He means well though. Really.

This could be his rallying cry to the others of his kind, the pep-up before the Fall, before the flight, before heading out of his ledge to greet the day. « I am going to own this day » No act or action will be too small for him to recognize just how great and amazing it is. « Ladies? Get a load of me. » and « We did amazing out there » Pride. So much pride in himself, you, his clutchmates, his wing, browns, Ista, and all of dragonkind.


So everyone knows that lions have prides, right? Oh yes, your Lloighrth has some very leonine parts. He probably gets quite a few of his more feline characteristics directly from his sire. He enjoys the evening, prowling about when the night is darkest or the shadows are at their thickest. Lloighrth will often perch on high to oversee all below him, looking down with the best vantage point that height has to offer. He’ll be the dragon that will want to go just a little bit higher than the rest so he can see everything. Lloighrth will tend to remain in his den (weyr) and will only emerge when he is damn well ready to come out. He likes his den. His place! Naturally, he is going to be the one picking out which ledge you will have. You’ll have absolutely no say in it whatsoever. He has got to have a den (naturally on the highest tier available) with a comfortable couch perfect for lounging in cool splendor. When he does emerge, he could spend hours upon hours sunning himself on his ledge. Cats love to sprawl, taking up an incredible amount of room as he basks in the sun’s rays. So yes, overcast days will tend to annoy him. Too bad you live on a tropical isle that sees rain at least once a day, for he absolutely hates the rain. Hate. Hate. Hate. When water falls from the heavens, he’ll be slinking inside to grumble and grouse over the injustice of it all. He isn’t so much into being wet as a general rule, either. It will be difficult to get him into the water for a bath. Don’t be surprised if he suggests baths in the sand instead, preferring to be scoured clean by the hot grains.

While felines are often secretive creatures, your Lloighrth might hold some thoughts close to him. His business is often his own. Should you ask what he is up to? « Something. » Whatever he is doing doesn’t tend to be devious or anything, typically rather mundane. But it is his business, thank you very much. Granted, you, as his rider, might be afforded a bit more leeway in the answer, but it is still a rare thing.

Despite those secretive tendencies, Lloighrth does enjoy the socialization afforded with others of his kind. Not so much of a gossip, he does enjoy a good story, and is a very social creature. He’ll happily contribute to the flow of a discussion should his interests, history, or curiosity lie there. Lloighrth could lounge out with his other wingmates, sharing stories, talking shop, discussing meat, considering strategy, all of the important stuff to Threadfighting dragons.


Max Guevara: Bring your muscle queens around anytime. I'll be happy to kick their ass.

White knight? Thy name is Lloighrth. Protector of Pern, Lloighrth is a soul who uses his own vast attributes to keep those who cannot defend themselves safe from harm. He is the sentinel against those things that would deliberately see to the misfortune of others. Thread is a thing to fight against at all costs. It MUST be denied the chance to devour life and bring ruin to the fertile earth. He is the dragon that will be there when the call comes to fight Thread, in prime form and ready to bring everything he knows and everything he is into the battle.

Max: If he gets out of line, I’ll just kill him.

Just as Lloighrth is a protector, he is also an avenger. If something should happen to another that he cares about, to an innocent, to anyone, Lloighrth will be the one most ready and apt to make sure it never happens again, and bring the fight to the one/thing that did the wronging. His retribution will be swift and thorough with the intent that it Never Ever Ever happens again. Should a bully intimidate a little, he’ll be right there in the bully’s face, bigger than life, using his every attribute, deliberately threatening so that bully knows to back the EFF off. And should action be more necessary than intimidation, he will put action to will. Lloighrth has no problems with getting physical. None at all.


Stubborn as an ox. That is your Lloighrth. Sometimes a manticore has a tail of a scorpion, but this breed of dragon is far more bullish. Maybe this can be considered a hindrance, maybe it is something of an attribute, but your Lloighrth is often the sort to get mulish from time to time. He will have his moments when he simply cannot be reasoned with, and might become a bit obstinate when he gets an idea or a concept in his head. You want to go to Southern? « No. I like the sun here. » It will be extremely difficult to change his mind, or his opinions. Be prepared to lock horns quite often with him. Sorry, Or’nl; Lloighrth will win.

Max: think I'll call you Alec, as in Smart Alec.
X5 494/"Alec": I can live with that.
Max: Good, cuz my second choice was Dick.

Lloighrth has something of a dry wit. He isn’t shy at all about adding in his own little two-marks into a conversation, often dropping a choice tidbit right at a point that might cause a few grins of amusement. Often his comments drop into the realm of irony, even just a touch cynical from time to time. Sure, sometimes what he says might come off as a little mocking, but it all comes as a part of his amazing package. « Insert witty commentary here. » Not even the writer of this portion can come up with the best sort of witty commentary that will spill from Lloighrth. He's a clever one, and funny as hell if you aren't on the mocking side of his commentary.


Bling: Whatcha going to do?
Max: What I always do. Make it up as I go along.

One of Lloighrth’s best attributes is when then the sh*t hits the fan, when things get a little crazy, when everything goes FUBAR, when Murphy’s Law decides to throw a wrench into things, he somehow pulls something out of his arse to make it all work out. Your dragon has brains. He’s got this cleverness that is almost immediate. Quick to process things, not apt to panic in a hairy situation (be it Threadfall or a misstep with his wingmates or whatever else), Lloighrth will respond with a speedy solution. Granted, it might not be the Best Solution, but it’ll do, and it’ll get what needs to be accomplished, accomplished. Sure, he is good about planning things out, but when everything goes a bit haywire, Lloighrth has a solution, and he’ll act on it immediately. He will be the go-to dragon to make an impossible situation, possible.

Training is the key. Training. Training. Training. Drilling. Drilling. Drilling. Lloighrth is going to take to weyrlinghood like a duck to water. He is a creature built of some of the best parts to make him an Elite Threadfighter. He has the body. He has the brains. Now it is time to put them to good use and make a fine soldier out of those raw materials. He will excel at his training, quick to understand concepts and apply them. Sometimes his applications might be a little unconventional, but what he learns, he learns well. While Lloighrth does do extremely well with a training regimen, it isn’t exactly something that he lives for. It is simply something that he has to do, neither loved nor hated, but he is just so damn good at being the ideal Threadfighter. He enjoys the fact that it’ll set him up into prime condition.

When it comes to his placement in the hierarchy of a wing, Lloighrth will follow orders and he will get what is asked of him done and done to the very best of his abilities. He’ll listen to his superiors and continue to have respect for them as long as they are Smart about their decisions. But as soon as Lloighrth is out of wing duties, he is out of wing duties. Time to chillax. Time to have some fun. Granted, Lloighrth does have a bit of ambition. It probably has something to do with his pride, so expect him to show interest in gaining some sort of position. Becoming Wingsecond or Wingleader might be in the cards. Same with flights. Who says browns can’t be Weyrleader? Ista had a brown-riding Weyrleader for a while! He’s totally got this.


Which creature in the morning goes on four legs, at mid-day on two, and in the evening upon three, and the more legs it has, the weaker it be?

Riddles. Conundrums. Enigmas. These are Lloighrth’s bane and his love. He loves telling them; he loves hearing them. He could go days upon days upon days pondering a riddle posed to him. It’ll possess him, have his mind going round and round and round trying to figure out the answer. Suddenly, out of nowhere, exploding into your mind with a mighty sound of success: « OH! I got it! I know this one! » He’ll be so possessed of learning the answer to a riddle that it distracts him from all else. Nothing matters so much as to solving these mysteries posed to him. Should Or’nl ever need a moment to himself, something to distract his lifemate, he should keep a few riddles held close to him for those times when necessary. Dragon being a pain? Pose him a riddle. “I go in dry and come out wet, The longer I'm in, the stronger I get. What am I?” « Uhm… » -Days later- « Iknowthisone! Tea bag! »

Lloighrth is a product of several generations, and though the prevailing characteristics are odd when combined, he makes it work. Only the best parts have been found and scraped from the genepool, bringing you your very own jumble of a lifemate. You could say he’s something like a draconic quilt… of AWESOME. And as we mentioned earlier, he’s not about to let you forget it… but it’s pretty obvious to anyone with a pair of working eyes.

He needs somewhere to put all that ego, right? With that and the brainpower it takes to dissect all those riddles, it’s no wonder Lloighrth’s got such a big head. It’s not just large, but boxy, with an angular muzzle that looks stunted in comparison to his wide brow. His slanted gaze is heavily shadowed by thick eyeridges, almond shapes whirling with a predator’s cunning. Thick headknobs are textured, and while not as gnarled as Meliaith’s, there are hard ridges which rise and fall along those downward arches. Rather than sweep up, those horns stay close to the temple, following the curve of his neck and framing that perfect mug. Spiny neckridges start at the top of his head, lengthening the closer they get to his wings where they fade away only to reappear and continue along his tail.

Your lifemate is noticeably top heavy, but thankfully he doesn’t carry all the weight in his head. Stocky throat makes it a short trip from neck to broad shoulders, hide pinched tight to the rolling muscles that make up his massive torso. He’s already a fairly large brown, but with his bulky chest he gives the illusion of being larger than life. His arms are fine-tuned to bear his load, as solid as the rest of him with claws that are far from dainty. Big surprise, right? Those front paws aren’t made to do anything delicate, wicked scythes and clunky digits only good for tearing into the flesh of prey and those who threaten all Lloighrth holds dear. Which of course, means you.

His appearance begins to take on a Frankensteinian quality when it comes to his narrowed waist and what lies beyond it. Not so extreme as to look like two dragons caught in a high speed collision, some aspects of his parentage still don’t blend together so seamlessly. It’s quite a sight to see all that bulk begin to lessen, melting away into solid subtly by the time it reaches his midsection. From a Fatboy to a Kawasaki, Paquith’s influence is as blunt and brash as the the dragon in question.

Power. There’s still plenty of it, but now it’s hidden within Lloighrth’s deceptively trim haunches. Sturdy as they are, landings are going to be hard on his lean hips, and as a dragonet he’ll likely need to ice them. But more on that later. Right now, we’re just going to focus on his hind legs, and as graceful as they look, they’re coiled and ready to launch him into the air at any given moment. This is where he carries most of his feline grace, hind paws balanced on their toes, a matching set of claws found on each toe. His tail is reminiscent of a heardbeast’s, but it’s in your best interest not to make that comparison. It keeps a steady thickness, stretched to an impressive length before coming to a sudden stop, halted by a the fat spade at the end of his tail.


Lloighrth takes pride in being a brown, which is funny considering he’s got a less than traditional color pallet. Make no mistake, it’s very obvious that he’s a brown, but the majority of his hide is made up of warmed hues rather than dark, dank colors. Right out of the shell he’s got a base coat of sun bleached limestone where darker flecks persist throughout, giving your lifemate a textured appearance. The most alarming of which are striations that spiderweb from the tip of his snout, jagged and erratic. It may take a Dragonhealer’s reassurance to convince you that the cracks are just for show, and are nothing to be worried about.


They’ll also warn you that Lloighrth is prone to drying out, likely a side effect of having such light coloration. This’ll be problematic when he’s younger, but by the time he’s fully grown you two will pick up the rhythm of how often he needs to be oiled.

Subtle at first, dusky streaks begin at a widow’s peak atop his head, the same shade burning his throat and bleeding down to cover most, if not all of his chest. His russet mane stops around those wide shoulders and ribcage, tapering into wispy strands and giving way to his sandy back end. His claws have a dark halo surrounding their base, the deadly hooks themselves sharing the same nearly black hue as his tailtip and headknobs. Only when the light hits them just right are they revealed to be a rich walnut.


His impressive wingspan also carries the most startling contrast to the rest of him, shadowed membrane so opaque as to look leathery. Each segment is split by an elongated finger bone, the basic physiology turned into a horror show by how each barb comes to a fiendishly sharp end. While the risk of tearing is at a minimum, the spars give enough reason to avoid Lloighrth when he gets to flapping. Unfortunately, getting close and watching him fly are the only ways to catch a glimpse of the delicate etchings within his sails. Feathery lines swoop from joint to joint, patterned much like a wherry’s wings… and again, you probably shouldn’t mention that where he can hear you. Better yet, don’t even think it.

A lesser creature would come off as unseemly, or even clumsy with all those mismatched features. But not Lloighrth. He’s got both strength and speed on his side, and the clever mind to use them to the best of his, and of course your own, advantage.

Mind voice/scent:
You’ve spent your life preparing for this day, the day you finally broach the Pharaoh’s secret crib, and you’re pretty sure, from all the research you’ve done, that this last puzzle of pressure stones is the last. The sequence is complicated, but you assuredly go to work and once you’re done all hell breaks loose, setting off a serious of alarming sounds, including the crash off a nearby portion of the wall that only narrowly misses you, kicking up ancient dust all around as your muscles tense in anticipation of the killing blow.

When the fog clears all is revealed – the room behind the door is filled with felines. Sadly not zombie cats, but golden ones with glistening ruby eyes and stone ones with complicated etchings, as well as brass ones, iron ones, glass ones, and even gems fused to create a feline physique. The sarcophagus is small and in the shape of a cat, giving clue to the mummified occupant within. Lucky you – you didn’t find the infamous Pharaoh’s tomb, but that of his favorite pet.


Bast, Ubasti, Ailuros, Ba-en-Aset. Represented as both a domestic cat and a fierce lioness, she truly evidences traits of both. She is the Mother of All Cats, Goddess of Sensuality, Fertility, and a guardian and protector of women. She is also one of the Eyes of Ra, and in that aspect is an Avenging Goddess, seeking retribution and punishing enemies of her people. Luxuriant amber, warm Egyptian musk, fierce saffron and soft myrrh, almond, cardamom and golden lotus.

A golden Sphinx sits upon a narrow path that cuts right through a pit of fathomless depth. Your options are clear, you either have to find a way to swing across, or confront the Sphinx’s riddle so that you may get to the cache of ancient feline tchotchkes on the other side. Wrong or right, you choose the harmless looking Sphinx. It beats the stench wafting up from below.

Again you are faced with a puzzle, but this one is oddly familiar, even easy, which makes you quake and glance towards the pit, then toward the beautiful diamond encrusted Bast statue. You know it’s a trap, but what the hell – you decide to live on the wild side. One lever is pushed and the other pulled, and immediately you hear that telltale grinding of stone that sets the hairs on the back of your head on end.

This time you should have gone with your gut, because the sound is coming from the chunk of path behind you slipping into the abyss. Acting fast, you wrench the Sphinx from its lofty perch and make a graceful leap across, barely touching down on the other side of the gap, even precariously teetering over the edge for a moment before the weight of the statue carries you on through to solid footing.

This is your dragon’s mind, full of nerve racking dark mazes riddled with booby traps, tomb dust, grinding stones, papyrus, feline sarcophagi, golden Bast statues, stone Sphinx’s, and every type of art one might find that someone once lovingly horded enough to entomb it so that no one else would ever again set eyes upon it.


And There Was A Great Cry In Egypt
And There Was A Great Cry In Egypt, artist - Arthur Hacker.
Dark myrrh, white sandalwood, amber, hyssop, frankincense, honey, cypress, red musk, cardamom and saffron.

It is Egypt and all of its exotic wonders, from the grand bazaars to the endless desert, and everything in between, permeated with perfumes and lush fabrics, sure, but more so by the dust and sweltering sand, the smell of the desert as a sandstorm kicks up a fury.


It is all that and so much more, but most especially it is The Beast. That growling, howling, rumbling motorcycle that numbs the mind as it relentlessly vibrates your teeth right out their sockets. It is a loud cloud of fumes that flees through the exhaust to stain the sky with poorly digested gas.

When happy he will purr, coasting along a desert path between dunes on a landmark day after a great grave robbing success. Just as quickly, as felines are prone to do, his mind will sputter and transform into a rich rolling burr of sound as he kicks up speed into a steady pace.

Still not enough, it’s time to fly, tires barely touching ground as it soars through the desert, roaring like a lion, teeth bared and ready to take a bite out of landscape, swallowing up ground at an alarming pace, only to carelessly spit it out behind without another thought. At this break neck speed you’re rump will start to go numb, and your ears will be irritated by the tickle that rises up from the beast below, using your mind as a conduit to unleash power, thrumming at an obscene magnitude which unsettles the grains of sand that surround his mind.

His mindvoice is as vast as the Egyptian deserts and there are no limits to what he will explore when another soul touches his. All their treasures will be his, all his theirs - if they can get past the pitfalls and traps that he so cleverly lays out. Careful where you step!

Physical Voice:
Lloighrth is sneaky, and you can bet he knows how to manipulate himself so that he doesn’t make a sound. But there are always two sides to every coin, and his other side is definitely LOUD. He’s not out for communication; he’s out to let everyone know that he exists. Yeah! He’s a big, brassy brown and he wants YOUR attention. So give it up!


Every take off is an achievement, and he’d like to share the moment with everyone around. It’ll start slow at first, just a steady rumble in that vast chest of his. He sputters with a deep, masculine tone that lets folks know he’s thinking about making a move. Springing into action, it’ll steadily increase until he’s up in the air, just as his rumbles reach maximum volume.

Unless he’s got stealth in mind, this is a dragon that can be heard coming in for a landing. Even if he’s been quiet the entire flight (not likely) as soon as he picks a spot amongst others, he’ll start up again. Starting in the feet, the closer he gets the higher the vibrations travel until your gut is telling you to get ready to say hi to Lloighrth!

Your lifemate is naturally content, and what do felines do when they’re happy? That’s right, your big bad brown purrs. Bigtime. While he’s stretched out to catch the suns rays, when the joy of the moment becomes too much to contain, he’ll share it. It’s a pleasant noise, born of happiness and sometimes… ulterior motives. Lloighrth knows what the ladies like, dragon or otherwise, and he’ll use that thunderous purr to get the both of you on their good side.

But life isn’t all fun and games, so when things take a sudden turn for the worst you can bet Lloighrth has something to say about it. If it’s something little, he’ll brush it off with an scoff Who cares if that herdbeast got away? Plenty more where that came from. Hiss.

There’s the occasional snarl when things aren’t going his way, and forceful growls to warn others off his prey (or women). Standard beastly stuff, right?

When faced with something that threatens the well being of those he cares about, however… watch out. Especially if it concerns you. Fury is his fuel, and with those powerful lungs and resonating drum of a chest, Lloighrth can ROAR. Not bugle, not even trumpet. As soon as he starts seeing red, your lifemate will do his damndest to deafen his opponent before launching an attack. Thread doesn’t even have ears! Does it matter? NO. It’s his battle cry, and good luck to anything, or anyone, who winds up on the receiving end of it.



As Lloighrth comes from the egg, he looks to be all paws. Big, fat, ground-enveloping paws. It will take him awhile to grow into those feet, because they seem to just keep on growing larger with him. These are the sort of paws that will tend to get in his way, ‘causing him to stumble and trip over himself. They are glorious things when it comes to digging or man-handling things, pouncing and catching whatnot.

Youthful clumsiness is a given with Lloighrth. Just like any other kitten or cub out there, he’s got to learn how to work all of those different pieces of him before he can attain that glorious predator profile in his future. He’ll blunder and collide. He’ll scamper and pounce and end up more than likely stubbing his nose (especially that one point marked on his hide) into the ground, stepping on his tail (or someone else’s tail), bungling about in all of his youthful exuberance, and generally being a hazard to himself and others. Granted, it is all in good fun and a part of weyrlinghood.


He’ll have all of the various bumps and bruises attributed to weyrlinghood with scraped knees, a bruised muzzle, and leading wingedges often scuffed and abraded through sheer rough use. He is a hard player, often getting mixed up in all of the other scuffles with his clutchmates and not shy at all about trying to take on larger dragons in some rough-housing play.

As he grows, it’ll become evident that his rather narrow hips don’t quite fall into the same growth as his heavy chest. When learning to fly, quite a bit of the pressures needed to achieve flight are necessary when thrusting off of the ground using hind legs. Considering he doesn’t quite have the power available back there, it may be a bit of a struggle simply achieving enough distance to be able to use his wings. This will be one of Lloighrth’s more difficult hurdles, compensating for those smaller hindquarters. In the same idea, his landings might not be so great either. Any time he’ll have a rough landing, there are bound to be aches in his hips. Be sure to pay special attention to such.

His growth in general will have him all paws and legs for the first few months. Lloighrth will continue to keep a somewhat stocky appearance, not really shooting out or lengthening in any sort of impressive burst. He’ll keep to that compact form, building upon that frame with thick muscle, especially in his chest area.



Lloighrth is, at his core, a quiet dragon. His footsteps and flight are always near to silent. He moves with all of the quiet padding of a feline, a near-ideal creature for stalking, prowling, and pouncing.

In his youth, as mentioned before, he’ll be rather like a kitten and will take some time to get used to his limbs. As he reaches a comfortable age, Lloighrth’s walk will often be something of a trot when he needs to get to a place, with light feet and a tail often held high. His slower walk is a leisurely thing, head turning this way and that with interest in his surroundings.

Again, he is a naturally quiet flyer. Far more apt to glide than to flap his wings about, he’ll often use the winds about him to mask his progress, just as tending to seek the clouds or to rise far above them for that extra bit of vantage.

But this is Lloighrth, and while he can be quiet… why be quiet? Why be silent? Why keep all of this Amazing Brown Awesomeness to himself? If he can make noise, if he can make people look, if he can make other notice him, he is going to darn well do it and show just how LOUD his power can be. When he takes off, he’ll growl, sweep wings wide to create a thunderous cacophony. He’ll lands with a great *THUD*. He’ll stretch to make things pop and crack. He’ll smack his tail on the ground just because he can! The louder, the better.

Food. Food. Glorious food. Lloighrth is a voracious eater. He loves his food. He loves to enjoy a rich, thick, fat-marbled, bloody side of MEAT. Yummy-delicious. Omnomnomnom. His choice food will be the bovines. There is far more meat on the hoof, more to chew and slurp and drink and gnaw on. Red meat. Good meat. He needs that stuff to power his hardy frame.


But, even super-dragon’s have their bane, that one thing that they are missing from their diet that they MUST HAVE or they’ll be absolutely useless to anyone and everyone. Fish. He must have fish every few days or he’ll literally get the shakes. Maybe it is come kind of chemical imbalance, maybe it is purely psychological, who knows? But he requires a dose of fish or he just will not be on his A game. There is something in fish, be it the oil or the meat itself, which is a key component to maintaining Lloighrth’s unique physiology. Should he go without some fish for more than a sevenday, everything goes wrong. Everything. He may get the shakes, he may not want to leave his den, he may completely fail in everything and anything involving wing activities, but until he gets a little bit of fish in him, he’ll simply fail. He might just find a friend in Kaijuth when it comes to fish-chomping time.

Lloighrth is a silent killer. For as loud as he can be, he is absolutely quiet when it comes to hunting down his next meal. From the shadows, from on high, stalking upon quiet wings, he’ll pounce from behind to take down his prey. Lloighrth will also be the sort to happily hunt in a team and with his ‘pride’, even offering to share his meal with the others -well, after he’s taken the best pieces and eaten his fill first.

Greens and golds go proddy. Lloighrth goes randy.

Yes, you read that right. Lloighrth goes into heat as well. At least once a turn, your lifemate is going to get that heated feeling, that need to mate, and mate a lot, and mate and mate and mate. You’ll first notice this when he gets more loud and obnoxious than usual. He’ll vocalize a lot more, get a bit more testy. He’ll roll about on the ground some, begin rubbing against things like walls, runners, otherdragons, you, whatever he can rub against. He might even start trying to mark territory. Spraying things? You betcha. Proddy dragons? Poor girls. Woe be to Lloighrth. Woe be to the female.


His randy period might only be about a sevenday or two in length, but he is absolutely going to make the most of it. Any and all proddy females that take to the skies will have your lifemate right there and ready to give chase. Not just Ista, mind you? You may end up taking a bit of a tour of various Weyrs as Lloighrth feels the need to spread his seed wherever he can.

Off his typical randy moments, Lloighrth will be a bit more selective considering the flights he attends. He does love a good chase, more than happy to look after the ladies with all the famous draconic gusto that he is capable of. Gold or green, he has no preference. They are both delights to behold. Should he lose, he won’t rant or rage. He’ll go take a dip in the water, or go find another lady to might be more interested in snuggling up with for the evening. Should he win? Loud pride! Loud. Loud. Loud. Bugling and strutting and looking most proud of himself. Conquest. « Did you hear her scream? I bet yours screamed. So good. »



Lloighrth is a warrior when it comes to Threadfall. He is the rallying-dragon before the flight, pumping up the troops over just how amazing everyone is, and just how bad they are going to destroy that Thread. When it comes to the Fall itself, he’ll be watching his wingleader like a hawk, ready and willing to respond to all orders with well-trained precision. He is a soldier, born and bred to fight Thread with all of the might within. His flaming will be sharp-shooter fine, well-controlled bursts meant to zero in exactly on a section of thread. You’ll go through far less stone than most of the other larger dragons, conservative and precise.

Despite the fact that Lloighrth is a brown, he is ideal for close-quarters Threadfighting. Able to twist and curl about with a dancer’s grace, the closer and more tight the Fall is, the more he excels. Such a lethal and finely-tuned instrument of dragonkind, he is a dragon that will thrive as a fighter, using all of his know-how and all of his quick-thinking panache to have him escape without hardly a ‘score or scar in all of his Threadfighting career.

Weyr Relationships:
Zimmerth and Lloighrth are similar in certain aspects: both are confident enough to speak their minds and both love to puzzle out the great mysteries of life. However, where Lloighrth is one to protect and avenge, Zimmerth is all too often to have his head in the clouds, dreaming. The two together may well lead to songs that will last longer than the sands of Igen.

If there is a battle to be fought, Tallailath will be there. Quick to flame, or to charge past those slower, she will always have confidence that the dragons of Pern /will/ triumph over the deceitful and cowardly Thread. She knows it from the tip of her tail to the trailing sails of her wings, and shares that confidence to any who may waver.



Egg Inspiration:


Described by: Thevaryn
I picked lionfish because they're cool-looking, frankly. They're weirdly shaped, with venomous spines that shoot out from their bodies like feathers - or a mane, if you will. They're actually something like pests of the sea, having become an invasive species in the Atlantic after being accidentally introduced to the east coast of the United states.

Dragon Name Inspiration:
Oh, what a name. Lloighrth. Actually, it was one of the first ones we came to pick, only looking a bit different than how it does now. The name comes directly from the Cthuhlu mythos. Lloigor are a fictional race, naturally a pseudo-tentacled monster made up of more than one thing. We thought that it fit what you asked for in a dragon, along with it being a hodge-podge creature, like the manticore and the sphinx. It has the ‘oi’ you mentioned an interest in. Well, it didn’t quite meet the unpronounceable aspect. So what did we do? We jumbled up the end of it to make it rather questionable. You have to rely upon the dragon to figure out how it sounds. LOI-grrth. LOI-grr-th. LOI-guh-erth. Only Lloighrth can tell us the true way to say it.


Dragon Inspiration:
Lloigrhth is a dragon that came from the ideas which you presented to us. Considering Max from Dark Angel was the main source, that is where we went first. Max is a super-soldier with sass and snap to her words and the need to be an avenging angel for those she cares most about, be it her friends, her family, or those in need. She is a badass, simply put. Max has quite a few different quirks with her unique genetic make up. We used those feline aspects that were a part of her DNA, that chemical she needed to keep her running in top form, and her history in Manticore. Yes, manticore. Lloigrth is a manticore. He is a sphinx. He is a mystery, like Cthuhlu, a door to other places. He is a creature of all of those things and made up of so many others. With your interest in art painting its way across his form, Lloighrth is all of those things and those quirks that make a dragon all his own.






Rh’iad took the lead, forming the head of this Inspiration and the brains of the operation. Klohi fleshed him out, scraping up what she could find in the ways of lion paws. Lisya and Q’luin? The wings which made it possible for this Inspiration to take flight. That leaves S’tao as the tail, which is a little ironic when you considered how hard he worked to pick out the perfect scents for your lifemate. With our powers combined, we not only look really funny… but we’ve built up a dragon that we hope you’ll love!

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