Tia's Green Kyraceth
Dragonsfire's 53rd PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Naomith and Rhyolith’s clutch
Hatching Date: June 22rd, 2008
Egg theme: Freezeframes! Everyday moments as captured by a camera.

Too Late to Change Egg

Across one edge of the oval flank, shiny black patent forms rest beneath the pliant folds of newly creased woolly gray to wait in nervous and restless anticipation. The stutter of softly pitted cement hangs above the line of a painted precipice curling into inky reflection and thin layers of water shifting colors of hemlock brown, ochre saturated yellows and faded blue. Expectation and impatient to the impending shock that swirls in a torrent rush of water from the other side. A flash of amber reflected in a translucent tidal wave of murky and cool that is dangerously displaced from the puddle at its convex by the hard unforgiving blackness of speeding rubber.

Hatch Message:
Too Late to Change Egg remains eerily still; untouched by the winds of change. The silence drags on through all the chaos around it, until – one good shudder and a seam is made in the hardened shell. Within seconds one seam becomes two, splintering instantly off into three, four, five, and then it happens so fast the eye cannot keep track of all the avenues being created, leading off into different directions. Soon the entire egg resembles a hectic city grid. With one last breath of silence, the vast spoiled landscape is torn apart; peeled back like an orange, clinging membrane the only thing keeping the pieces together as the occupant makes her presence known with a brash bugle of defiance!

Hatchling Name:
Breadth of the Universe Green Dragonet

Dragon Description:
A composition of stocky lines and solid form paint an unremarkable canvas, starting with a brush of fawn to the blunt landscape of her head. Her prominent eye-ridges are the only bold characteristic, though fawn intensifies to amber down the brief stretch of her neck before teal-green appears in mottled brilliance to lend its striking appeal to haunches and limbs, spine and spar, ridges and wings. The universe’s breadth is measured in sparks of white across those leathery sails, wrought for responsive performance and endurance. No mistake of nature, the russet tail’s aerodynamics are sleekly proficient, while small utilitarian rust hued talons are meant to disappear against windshear’s advantage.


Impression Pose (what the audience sees):
Breadth of the Universe Green Dragonet takes one look at that bold step, the smug smile, the easy confidence - and knows without a doubt that she's met her match. Her star-studded wings flutter in the hot air as she steps forward with just as much audacity and arrogance to meet the short and slight woman halfway. It's time to launch, it's time to jump, and together they will find a home for all time.

Impression Message (what you see):
You’re sucked into the deep dark void of outer space: cold, black, endless, and empty. Stars burst with warmth; the first sign of life in this lonely infinite landscape. The maternal illumination gives birth to a whole new world that flourishes in your mind. Vibrations emanate with the warning scent of fuel, just seconds before you’re awash in a flood of it, which is ignited by flashing sparks of adamant joy « Lets fly! ». The flames spread, eating away at your defenses until you are utterly consumed by the fiery entity. « Tia! Together we’ll make Thread history! » The brightness flares and there is no turning back, the eternal bond is made. « So say we all! »

"O God, Thou art the giver of life, the remover of pain and sorrow, the bestower of happiness; O Creator of the Universe, may we receive Thy supreme sin-destroying light; may Thou guide our intellect in the right direction." —Gayatra Mantra


"So what's the charge this time?" —Captain Lee Adama
"Striking a superior asshole." —Starbuck

Arrogance is her badge, a strong will her shield, cockiness her steed, and a flat out bad attitude her sword. Kyraceth is a fighter. Authority is to be bucked, unless of course, /she/ is the authority. It will take an act of God or nature to get her to admit a fault, and in your lifemate’s world, rules were meant to be broken. Mostly.

Weyrling rules she has no use for, and will categorically push you into breaking each and every one, right down the list. She'll want to fly before you're supposed to, between before you're ready, stay out way past curfew, and even miss Weyrling lessons altogether. If she can't get you to budge on any of the other rules, she'll spend all her time trying to get you to drink. « It feels good. I feel good when you do. Drink up. » She enjoys flouting rules, living on the dark side, pushing the envelope of patience of her superiors.

"Ya know, you should go. I'm getting the urge to hit another superior asshole." –-Starbuck

She /loves/ her vices. Betting is one. A situation to be bet on will never slip by her. « I say 32 eggs. How much you wanna bet? » Oddly, smoke is another. All types, and you’ll get the enjoyment of sharing it with her if she is flying, because she will sail right through chimney, forest fire, or any other types of smoke. On the ground, while you are cooking up those spider claws on the beach, she will be sitting directly in the billowing smog, changing position every time the wind does. This will cause her hide to have a constant smoky scent that you cannot wash out no matter how much you scrub. Learn to live with it.

The one thing she loves sharing with you more than anything else is flying. Kyraceth’s love for flying is just barely right under you on her 'short list'. Getting her out of the skies will take some serious doing, which will help with the weight control issue too. The skies are her religion, and she is devout. She’ll want the highest weyr, and when not around you, and unable to fly for whatever reason, she will pick the tallest spire to perch upon. The dizzying heights she will take you to would cause a lesser individual problems, but she will make sure you are as tough as she before Weyrlinghood is over!

For all her nonchalant air, her attempts to make everyone think that she doesn't need anyone at all, she is faultlessly loyal. She is loyal to few, but that loyalty is a bond that she will die for. Those close friends? All male. She understands them better, relates to them more, therefore will time and time again throw her lot in with the masculine crowd. Don’t put it past her to perform insane feats in the name of friendship, for there is nothing she won’t do for a friend in need.

"So life's a bitch. What do you want to do, cry about it?" –-Starbuck

But she has a temper, and even her friends are not immune to her wrath if they whine, or shirk their duties. She will tear into them with a fury that is equaled only in the most radical of storms. Perfect Storm? Yes. Dead weight is something she has no time or patience for.

The one thing you can always, always be sure of is her love. She loves intensely, deeply, and it is you that she feels this way about, and only you. No one will get under her skin like you, and it is always at the top of her list you will stay. Not just because you are her lifemate, but because she really and truly adores you, respects you, and passionately believes in you. You thought S'tao’s love was true, but in Kyraceth’s heart a truer love you will never find. A big part of this is that she lets you see parts of her that she doesn't let anyone else see.

Because, you see, though she has an attitude and a temper, loves to flout the rules, and will always insist that she doesn't care what people think, she is secretly rather vulnerable. She wants very much to have the approval of her friends, especially of you, and while she would never in a million years let this show in front of anyone else, sometimes, just sometimes, she'll let you see it . « You still love me, don't you? Even though I got us in trouble in front of the entire Weyrling class? » Even this is rare, though, and as she gets older you'll have to learn how to spot when she's upset, because she doesn't like to ask for reassurance, however much she needs it.

At such times, she will love to sit and watch you sketch. She'll have all sorts of ideas for things you can do. « No, no, you did that wrong. You have to make that bit in the corner darker. » And she'll insist on cluttering up your weyr with all your artwork. She wants it hung /everywhere/. And she finds watching you draw intensely peaceful.

There's no doubt that Kyraceth can be a bit of a badass, but she's also got a well developed sense of humor. She can be downright goofy at times, cracking ridiculous jokes at just the right moment, poking fun at herself, her friends, her superiors, and everyone in between. She'll be the one imitating the Weyrlingmaster every time his/her back is turned, and sometimes when it isn't, just to see if she can get away with it.

She'll never be more than average sized, but she's buff. Stocky, scrappy, compact. Anyway you want to say it, Kyraceth's got muscles and might that make her an intimidating figure despite her average size - though really it might be her larger than life personality that ensures she's impossible to ignore.

She hasn't got long graceful lines, or elegant femininity. She's as blunt nosed as she is blunt spoken, with her head that light fawn color of those pillars in the picture. This light brown shades into a lovely shade of teal-green down her neck, with starbursts of white on her wings. She's not beautiful in the traditional sense of the word; she is quite striking.

She likes especially to have her wings oiled. This isn't because she's vain, or because they itch, but simply because she wants to keep them in the best possible shape. Without them she can't fly, and she does love flying. Her special itchy spot is her eyeridges, and she will not hesitate to bowl you over trying to get you to itch them.

Mind Voice:
Kyraceth's world is Kara "Starbuck" Thrace’s making, so it will be to her you go when seeking inspiration for the voice. The sights, scents, and sounds that echo through the recipient’s mind have no boundaries. Much is dependent on mood. As stated, she will love to fly, and when speaking while in flight, she will emanate a plethora of sensations that Starbuck would experience while doing the same. The smell of ozone, jet fuel, the leather of the seats, the scent of the inside of her helmet, and anything else you can imagine. Does Space have an aroma or a feel? The textures of the controls, the claustrophobic closeness of the compartment, the thrill of the chase. It’s limitless. What can you hear? Deep space is silent, but what would it sound like with other Vipers so close? Those tremendous ships? The whir of wind against the shields in low flying situations.

Immediately after flying you will experience impressions from the hanger deck: grease, fuels, lubricants, metal, sweat, vibrant excitement or grief, adrenaline, exhaust, tools, oil spills, and everything one can think of in the mechanics of ships, and jets. The sounds of jets bursting into action, and then accelerating!

Kara spends a lot of time painting, gambling, chatting in the barracks with her mates, enjoying the passions of love, and nature. These will be the foundations of the rest of Kyraceth’s life, and there are no limits to what she will experience, feel, desire, and smell. For example the weather, ozone, the smell of rain, the feel of wind, the touch of heat. Further, the sounds of the poker table, liquor, cigarettes, the smell of oil paints, the color of the pigments, the feel of a lover’s skin, laughter, tears, earth, on, and on.

Physical Voice:
You'll always know when Kyraceth is about, and so will everyone else. The girl is loud and unapologetic about it, filling the weyrling barracks, the bowl, your weyr, with bugles and trumpeting. Her voice is more alto than soprano, a gravely, femininely sensual growl, like Fiona Apple.

She'll be decidedly fat when she's young. That's how you know she's about to go through a growth spurt - she'll get fatter and fatter, and then suddenly she'll start lengthening out, her muscles coming from beneath the fat. She'll grow fairly evenly, though her back legs and tail will always start to grow before the rest, and slowly. It'll take her longer than her green sisters to reach her full growth.

On the ground, she's like a lioness, all deliberate movements and a fluid kind of grace. She gives the impression of always holding back, her gait carefully controlled, but once she gets into the air, all bets are off. She doesn't always look beautiful up there - her changes in direction can be sudden and a bit choppy, but she's powerful and precise. When young, she'll spend a lot of time figuring out just how to use her muscles, the air currents, how to fly with the least amount of effort. Once she's figured it all out, there'll be almost nothing that can stop her.

She loves food. It's another of her vices. She loves to eat, and not just eat, but the fatty parts. The plumper, rounder, lazy wherry that cannot even fly will be her target, and graze on that succulent fat she will, savoring it as it melts in her mouth. Not only will this one taste better, but she gets a certain satisfaction out of eating the 'lazy' one of the herd. « Well, if he hadn't been so slow I wouldn't have caught him. The herd is better off without him. »

The exchange of this is that she will have to work extra hard, and extra long to stay in shape. It's a good thing that she likes flying so much.

It'll be hard for anyone but you to tell when she's starting to go proddy. She gets just a bit more snappish, a bit less willing to put up with anything from anyone, and the sharp sarcastic comments go up in volume. As soon as she realizes she's proddy, and she'll know almost from the beginning though she might not tell you, she'll refuse to leave the Weyr. It's one of those odd times that she insists on following the rules. Never will you be able to nudge her beyond the boundaries of Ista Weyr when the glow starts to grow. Never, never, which will obviously complicate your life, but then again, with a dragon such as this, having to hang around home might be the least of your worries.

It'll seem to take forever for her to go up, too. Part of this is that you'll be stuck at home for so long, and part of this is sheer obstinacy on her part. She'll resist. You'll push. She'll resist more. In the end, you may find that saying nothing about it at all will have her going up faster than otherwise.

And once she's up? She's a glorious, breathtaking sight, a streaking comet through the air, and she will be sure, very sure, that no one can catch her. She'll laugh and taunt the males that are following her, tell them all they're too slow and they'll never get her, and her flight will be long and high. She may be more likely to be caught by a very fast blue than the slower browns and bronzes, unless they manage to trick her.

After the flight, she'll pretend nothing ever happened. You may find the same dragon flying her time after time, or it may be a different one each flight. Regardless, she'll act like just one of the boys, as if nothing at all happened, and be almost more likely to give the male that does fly her even more flack than the rest of the world.


"Fear gets you killed. Anger keeps you alive." —Starbuck

Like so many of her clutchsibs, Kyraceth is a fighter at heart. A hatred of Thread is, of course, part of being a dragon, but it is even more ingrained in her nature than the average dragon. She has a keen innate sense for where the next clump will fall that hedges on psychic. It’ll be hard to match her maneuverability, and she’ll be able to slip through narrow gapes that don’t seem possible. Thread has no chance when she’s around, and this little surly green will try and urge you into flying every fall. She'll be quick to volunteer to fight for other Weyrs, should they need it, and will push herself past what is safe if you let her.

Kyraceth will fall to crazy tactics when allowed, and this will generate spikes of adrenaline that move her to loud excited outbursts. « Woo! » « Oh ho! Here we go! » Cackles, loud manic laughter, you name it. It’s a thrill ride and she frakking loves it.

These crazy tactics are a bit dangerous, though, and could lead to injuries if you're not careful - though being careful can be difficult, as Kyraceth doesn't really ask if it's okay to dive between those two bronzes to get that huge clump of Thread, she just /does/ it.

But when it really counts, under pressure, in emergency, she's calm, cool, and collected. She'll do exactly as ordered, or take over and give her own orders if it's necessary, until the situation has been resolved. Then it's back to the usual for her - betting and joking and making a general lovable pain of herself.

Weyr Relationships:
She has little patience for Evarinth or Granaith - what's all this fascination with dancing and being pretty? - and she'll probably ignore both of them completely, if not treat them with outright scorn.

She'll be easily annoyed by Torcoth's habit of ordering everyone about, though she may come, in time, to respect his skills. Out of Threadfall, they'll either love or hate each other, and more probably it'll be some mixture of both. One place they will find common ground in is driving Weyrlingmaster M'cay out of his mind.

Koryuth's sense of fun matches her own. They may spend many a Threadfall competing to see who can flame the highest number of clumps, and trading jokes back and forth. They may try to outfly, outdive, outmaneuver each other, which could lead to injury.

Atsuth will likely be one of the few females she will seek out, hang out with, and not scorn. It could be the relationship between their lifemates, or the simple fact that it’s somewhat difficult to find a reason to dislike that particular green, much like Rh’iad himself. Of course there will always be /moments/.

As Kara is to Commander Adama, so Kyraceth is to Sephiroth. Neither of them will be particularly chatty about it, but mutual respect and affection runs deep. He'll be one of the only ones that can talk her back from one of her crazy schemes.


Egg Inspiration:
Emilia wrote the egg, and this is what she said: Idle fears that creep into your mind when you are eating toast spread with Nutella hunched over the kitchen counter looking at your Daytimer. (I never claimed to be normal!)


Dragon Name Inspiration:
Kyraceth comes from playing with the letters and sounds in Kara Thrace's name. We liked that it has the same sort of flavor as Kara, but isn't exactly the same. Some credit must go to Aodien, who gave Abby the original idea for the name. You can say it any way you like, but we like Keer-ah-seth.

Dragon Inspiration:
You asked for Kara Thrace, and we've tried to give you Kara Thrace! She's based mostly off of the first two seasons (the seasons Abby has seen, and Qi could get his hands on), and a bit we pulled from our imaginations.

For her looks, we took from both Kara Thrace and that picture at the top. The picture doesn't have anything to do with Battlestar Galactica, but it's called The Pillars of Creation, which sounds like it could come straight out of BSG. Mostly, we just loved the way it looked.

We hope you like what we've created for you, but we also hope that you feel free to change anything that doesn't fit. Kyraceth is your dragon, and you know her best of all.

Q'luin and Abigail beat their heads on the wall most often over this, and other search coers lobbed things in too.

Corana did the cool drawing of Kyraceth.

Tia and green Kyraceth
Rh'iad and green Atsuth
Carolyna and green Granaith
S'tao and bronze Sephiroth
Sharyna and blue Koryuth
Dia and brown Torcoth
Ly'nar and green Evarinth

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