Sharyna's Blue Koryuth
Dragonsfire's 53rd PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Naomith and Rhyolith’s clutch
Hatching Date: June 22rd, 2008
Egg theme: Freezeframes! Everyday moments as captured by a camera.

Joy to the World Egg
It’s a blast from the past of the best kind. Straggly long hair, awesome afros, and clothes that should be more costume than everyday attire mark the time, while broad grins, bright smiles, and feckless joy depict the attitude. An afterthought in the distance is a tiny band on stage with a background of swirling, whirling psychedelia.

Hatch Message:
Joy to the World Egg rock n' rolls in a large dent in the sands, as if trying to escape the bonds of a small minded world. Making a spectacle of itself, the tension rises, the shell expanding to an extraordinary magnitude until, at crescendo's height there is a moment of peace. Then it happens; the egg explodes into a confetti of shards, leaving bits of costumes and memories behind and driving forth the anything but reluctant occupant onto those black sands.

Hatchling Name:
Protective Beetlebug Blue Dragonet

Dragon Description:
Jewel bright, his varnished sapphire hide sparkles and gleams from the overlarge headknobs that dominate that cock-eyed head, the slightly too-short neck, the almost humpbacked roundness of his compact little form. Even his wings are stubby, like they couldn't possibly bear his weight even when assisted by the streaks of gleaming saffron that promise speed if not elegance, agility if not beauty. A trail of beaten brass spikes the ridges down his back and glitters from the forked tip of his short, thick tail, returning just once more to wink from each of his talons.


Impression Pose (what the audience sees):
Protective Beetlebug Blue Dragonet bugles in triumph when the one who gasped speaks again, whirling with surprising speed to gallop straight for a raven-haired girl with a sturdy looking robe who he's just sure can't do without him. He's going so fast he can't stop himself in time, skids instead to a stop that brings him thumping straight into Sharyna's chest with enough force to knock them both over, and wastes no time in claiming her for his own.

Impression Message (what you see):
Time slows to a standstill when those whirling eyes meet yours, and suddenly you can't see, can't hear, can't feel anything but the steady buzz of the hive that reverberates through your very bones, the sound of a standing motor that hums in the back of your mind. It builds to a slow crescendo, an overpowering roar loud enough to make your eyes water and the world waver, and then suddenly everything snaps into place, at once the same and infinitely clearer than it was before. « Sharyna! I saved you! The Sands were burning your feet! »

From the very start of your time together, Koryuth is always trying to save you (and everyone else) from things you don't really need to be saved from.

« That boy! He was going to SQUEEZE you to death! »
No, dear. That's a hug.
« Oh. Are you sure? »
Yes. You didn't have to knock him over.
« But if he /was/ squeezing you to death… »
But he wasn't.
« Are you sure he wasn't? »
« Quite sure? »
« Really? » All disappointed, « well he MIGHT have been. »

As you can see, he's reluctant to concede he might possibly be wrong. And that's the thing you'll have the most trouble with - his ego. It's not that he's got the biggest ego in the world - although it's not exactly /small/ - it's that he's terribly worried that when people look at him, all they see is a small, slightly ungainly, blue dragon, and he wants so desperately to be taken seriously, for people both to like him and to see that he's worth his keep and he's not just "that little blue" of the clutch.

He will constantly strive to prove himself to the other dragons, especially the Weyrleaders. He's unfailingly loyal, first to you, then to the Weyrleader and Weyrwoman's dragons - more because their position demands it than from anything they've done to earn his respect, then down the ranks to Ista Weyr at large, right on down to the smallest Pernese baby that he sees as his reason to fight Thread. Children in the bowl especially worry him, and he will herd them around and away from other dragons who might step on them!

He does love people, too, these people he protects, and they may well like him too - he's gregarious and more interested in other humans than many dragons are, quite happy to let children climb all over him, give rides to all and sundry on the slightest pretext, and conduct conversations through you. « Ask her what she's making. » « Why did he say that about his weyrmate? » He'll be interested in their opinions as well as yours, and he'll always be listening in to your conversations when he's awake. He'll be upset by any humans that are scared of, or even derogatory about dragons and their riders.

But it's you, Sharyna, he wants to protect most of all. He wants you to get the best prices for your commissions, to be top in your class, to be first to get promotion, to never get your feet wet when walking outside after rain, to never have your heart broken. This might go against that matter-of-fact part of your nature, for he's not willing to accept that there's nothing he can do about any situation. Burn your mouth eating too-hot food and he'll charge right into the living caverns to make sure you're all right.

You'll have trouble keeping him out on the lower caverns when young - and even when he's not that young, he'll always be trying to get into places that people go. He loves to spy, find out things that others might not know, use his small size to his advantage. Of course, if he asked you first, he might find it's common knowledge that humans eat plants as well as meat, that they know how to swim, that their skin comes off and changes into many different colours, and that they don't all come attached to dragons. You'll have to keep reminding him, but in early days particularly, he'll be imparting his 'findings' to all and sundry and will be terribly upset when he finds they know it already - much as he loves humans, he's completely confused by them as well and is apt to get the wrong end of the stick in many situations. You'll have to soothe him, tell him he did his best, and that /you/ appreciate it even if no-one else does. Where this inquisitiveness stands him to advantage, however, will be in Search, amongst other things. He will be an excellent Search dragon, and absolutely revel in it. He'll want to be off Searching as soon as there's even a hint that a Queen might go up.

He loves to swim, and particularly to dive. The sea is good for that. He's at home on air, land or water - he's an adaptable little beast. And although he's inclined to grumble when things don't go his way, in general, he's a positive and cheerful personality.



Koryuth is based on a Volkswagen bug: small, compact, round, with ungainly bulges and a bit of a humpback, but for all that, completely adorable. And oh, how he /hates/ that he's adorable. He wants to be a big important dragon!

He's also shaped a bit like a bumblebee: all round body, and those small wings that look like they couldn't possibly get him off the ground, but manage somehow anyway.

He's a bright kind of sapphire blue from the tip of nose to the fork of his tail. His color remains amazingly even throughout, though he's touched with yellow in those go-faster stripes on his wings, and brass down his neck ridges, on the tip of his tail, and on each talon. He is secretly rather proud of his colouring, and loves to be bathed and oiled, but he most especially loves to have these brass bits buffed up until they just gleam and glimmer. It's here, too, that he will be the most itchy - possibly because it really does itch, possibly in an attempt to get you to oil them. Again.

Mind Voice/Scent:
His mind voice is the buzz of a bee hive with all the variations in tempo and pitch that the swarm gives off, along with a heady whiff of burnt firestone when he's feeling especially protective. When he changes mental gears, you'll /hear/ him, metallic clangs and well-oiled thoughts and the changes in pitch as he moves from one thought to the next, otherwise, he's just a motor ticking over.

Physical Voice:
He's got a raspy, slightly whiny sort of tenor, sort of like a teenage boy's when it's right on the edge of changing, and, similarly, he hasn't got a whole lot of control over it. It goes up and down and cracks without any warning at all, though he always makes a great effort to bugle with what he considers a Man's voice: very deep, and very obviously faked. When he's particularly happy, you'll find him humming with the low ticking of a standing engine turning over - although beetle cars are pretty noisy, and so's your dragon.

He will always be small, and he will always hate it. He'll constantly try to convince you that he's getting bigger. When he's young, he'll revel in his every growth spurt. When he's older, he'll still try to tell you that he's growing.

« Do you think my tail is longer than it was yesterday? No? What if I stretch it out, just like this? No? Okay. »
Five minutes pass. « Is it longer now? Oh. Really? Oh. » Cheerfully hopeful, « well, maybe tomorrow. »

On the ground, he's awkward and ungainly. He bumbles along in fits and starts, like a car whose engine is about to die, and he never looks quite at home.

It's when he takes to the air that you'll discover his true nature. Despite the fact that his wings look hardly big enough to carry that round, heavy body, he's a fancy flier almost from the get go, and you'll have to fight him to ever just fly straight somewhere. He wants to do loops and twists and turns, try flying upside down, or so close to the water his tail can touch, or « How high do you think we can go before we have to turn back? »

Dragon memory being what it is, he'll want to try things again and again and again, because he will never remember that he already tried it last sevenday and was a total disaster. He has amazing stamina, as well, he'll go long distance, and last a long time - though not an entire - Threadfall. (Although he'll always try to.)

He's not terribly interested in food. He catches it, he eats it, he fuels up, it's done. He doesn't really have any preferences of meat or spend a long time over meals, and how humans can sit down to all-night banquets, or just the fact that they need meals three times a day, will be something he really doesn't get. When he's young and you're feeding him, it will be a constant battle to get him to eat slowly and chew his food, and as a result, he'll have the most number of cases of indigestion and thick tail of any other dragon in the barracks - and be one of the few adults to have occasional bouts of it, too. You'll need to develop close control of him at feeding times.

Because of his small size, he'll have a close affinity with the greens (hurrah, some dragons that are smaller than him! - although many will be bigger than him). He's not a flirtatious dragon, more playful with females, and he's unlikely to get attached in any long-term relationships. He's a zippy flier and could well have a good chance in many green flights though, once he's perfected his wheeling and ducking and diving. If he wins, he'll be a wham, bam, thank you man in the air, and if he loses, he'll sulk for the evening, but be right as rain the next day. Any female he ever catches, however, he'll be protective of for ever after, but not in any romantic way.

Should you ever form a relationship, his manner will be one of an overbearingly protective brother. He just won't leave you or the object of your affections alone, and he'll be unbearably critical of every last little thing about them - nothing but the very best for you, Sharyna!

He lives for Threadfall. He's a fighting dragon at heart, striving always to protect you, the Weyr, the world from the Evil that is Thread. He'll want to fly every Threadfall he possibly can, believing quite honestly that he's needed. « What do you mean we don't fly Thread over Keroon? But what if they need me? Sharyna! I have to save them! »

Part of this is also his desire to Impress you and the other dragons at the Weyr. Just because he's small doesn't mean he isn't /fierce/. You'll have to be careful that his desire to prove he's just as good as any other, larger dragon doesn't have him performing rash tricks and tricky dives that could get him hurt. You'll also have to fight him when Threadfall is over to come back to the Weyr. He'll want to stay and search out every burrow himself, partially because he doesn't believe anybody can do it as well as he can, and partially because he wants to show everyone that he can keep going and going, even when he can't.

Weyr Relationships:
He'll get on well with greens - and blues - be deferential to all golds, and trip himself up trying to impress bronzes. Browns he's not sure how to deal with, but he's jealous of their size.

Accordingly, he'll love to play with Atsuth, to obligingly seek out bits and pieces for her art projects, and to chat all day long with Evarinth.

You may not think much of Tiago, but Koryuth will always try to impress Sephiroth with his fighting and flying skills, like a little brother who wants to prove he can do anything his big brother can do. He will not want to admit to tiredness or mistake in front of him, even when he's an adult.

Kyraceth and Koryuth will have great times trading jokes and laughter, sharing the fun of flying, and their skills during Threadfall. Think two friends who are always trying to one-up the other, though it remains, always, a friendly competition. They may goad each other into riskier and riskier maneuvers.


Egg Inspiration:


A couple years back I was going through my dad’s old pictures and saw a bunch with these people in them! The concerts, the clothes, he had a huge black afro (he’s Wailaki Indian), the smiles, the crazy fun. It was all there. It made his passing much easier, because I knew he had a really awesome full life. - Q'luin

Dragon Name Inspiration:
Koryuth (you can say it Koe-rye-ooth, Kuh-rye-ooth, or more like Korey-ooth. Abby likes the last best.) originally came from the Japanese word 'koriru', which means 'to learn by experience'. We mostly just liked the sound of it, and the way it looked with Sharyna. Then we were told that 'koryu' was Japanese for 'little dagon', and we liked that even more. Unfortunately, further research revealed that 'koryu' really means something more like 'old tradition', but by then it was too late, we just couldn't change it.

Dragon Inspiration:
Koryuth is based part on Bumblebee from the 1980's version of Transformers (or at least the hazy recollections of the cartoon that Kezia has), including his VW beetle/bug shape, part on a true bumblebee, and part on Abigail and Kezia's imaginations. We hope you'll like what we came up with, but we also hope that you will change anything you don't. He is your dragon, and he should be what works for you!

Abigail and Kezia (with a smidge of help from Q'luin, who was good enough to put up with Abby going on and on about Koryuth's name), who love blues best of all and hope you think he is as fun to play as he was to write. Everybody else on Co. added their bits and pieces, caught our mistakes, and were generally really helpful and wonderful.

The lovely drawing of Koryuth was created for you by Corana.

Tia and green Kyraceth
Rh'iad and green Atsuth
Carolyna and green Granaith
S'tao and bronze Sephiroth
Sharyna and blue Koryuth
Dia and brown Torcoth
Ly'nar and green Evarinth

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