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Title: Retired Weyrwoman
Dragon: Gold Tajiath
Website: http://home.comcast.net/~abmdisney/katarra.htm (Opening page currently being updated but pics and logs and general Ista Weyr info a'plenty!)

Katarra's history is wrapped up in Ista Weyr thicker than a heavy fog on a fall morning. Her life from 16 to about 45 turns gave me many years of beloved playtime and dear friends, all laid out in meticulous detail on her personal website, which I'm tweaking to make available again. As often happens though, RL eventually over-ruled fantasy and Katarra dropped into the background, since then providing occasional lovely scenes with friends old and new. Here is a brief outline of Katarra in general and those wonderful years of lively activity:

The Beginning

Katarra grew up in a small hold west of Fort Weyr, spoiled and coddled as the youngest of five children and only daughter. When she demanded to go traveling her Father agreed on the rule that she return in one turn and settle down to an arranged marriage. She stopped first at Ista Weyr and made several life-long friends among the residents and incoming candidates. After the Hatching she moved on to Fort Hold, then Ista Hold and finally Ista Weyr collecting many memories and new friends along the way before finally returning home as promised - but not happy about it.

By then she'd lost some of her naivety but not her stubborn pride or shallow self-absorbtion. It made life interesting. When she found herself searched for a clutch at Ista Weyr her greatest fear was her Father's reaction. Indeed, he didn't take it well. But even sending several of her brothers to get her didn't work. When the hatching came and went without Katarra finding a match on the sands everyone assumed she'd finally go home, and truthfully, she stressed about what to do herself for a while. Finally she made the decision to stay on at the weyr and took on the role of Assistant Headwoman.

After a season of fun and mishaps she had grown more confident in her life at Ista Weyr and moved in with a bronzerider named C'shar. Searched for a second time she was anxious about repeating the devastation of before, but with the added support of her weyrmate, friends already impressed and new friends among the candidates she made it through all the mayhem to hatching day. On the sands that day she finally found her true soul mate in the fire-gilded golden frame of Tajiath.

The Middle

Weyrlinghood passed in a flurry of training and bonding wherein Katarra learned a whole lot about making room in her life for someone other than herself. Flirting with trouble, her relationship deepened with an old-flame-turned-greenrider named G'briel and by time she graduated the two were frequent lovers. Though they never became weyrmates it was one of those once in a lifetime type of loves and a daughter eventually came of it, whom they named Kabrielle.

Not long after graduation, Ista lost their Senior Weyrwoman and Katarra was thrown into the role of Senior herself, barely prepared and still wet under the wings. Through many ups and downs they managed to accord themselves well and Ista thrived. Many wonderful turns passed as Katarra loved and lived, raised a family and saw hundreds of Tajiath's offsring swell the ranks of the weyr. Eventually life took a turn for the tragic side, falling apart in a few short turns. Here is a rundown:

The End

— Katarra met and fell in love with Ivanic, who impressed a bronze and became I'van. Their relationship was the longest love of her life, the two weyrmating and living together up until I'van's death many turns later.

— Katarra gave birth to triplets Nicarran, Avarra, and Cinavi but lost Cinavi. Later she also bore another son, Kivvan.

— Kabrielle fell in love with R'kan and started her own family, raising several children and becoming Senior Weyrwoman herself before dying in a flight accident.

— After losing both I'van and Kabrielle, Katarra went into seclusion and suffered a breakdown, as well as having physical issues from one last miscarriage.

— Katarra, teenage Nicarran and infant Kivvan went on the time-traveling Backwhen Mission organized with Fort Weyr. While there Nicarran impressed brown Waroth and became N'ic. N'ic came back first and went to Fort Weyr. Growing up over ten turns Backwhen, Kivvan felt very disjointed from the rest of the family when they finally returned and he was now a teenager himself. There was much adjusting to do because the return was timed only a few turns after they left, skewing everyone's respective ages.

— Katarra and Avarra had a hideous fight over the whole question of going Backwhen in the first place and Avarra left Ista Weyr shortly after, becoming a Runner and living many dark turns before N'ic returned and helped pull her out of it. She eventually settled at Fort Weyr with N'ic and impressed green Kinaldeth.


— Avarra and Katarra are working on mending fences, the addition of Avarra's twin sons, Qarran and Qhirrn, creating a new connection between mother and daughter.

— Kabrielle's son, L'ryl (a bluerider) made Katarra a great-grandmother! His daughter, Leryna, lives with him at Fort Weyr.

— Although Katarra recovered tremendously while away in the sunny, tropical locale of Backwhen she has never been quite the same, now prone to absent-mindedness, sudden swings in emotion and several physical ailments.

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