Ai'den's Bronze Kaijuth
Dragonsfire's 57th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Isyth and Sephiroth's clutch
Hatching Date: June 29th, 2010
Al'tair and blue Veveshoth
Klohi and green Harquith
I’es and bronze Einarth
Lisya and gold Meliaith
K'thin and blue Gallifreth
D'yce and brown Chironath
T'yr's bronze Zarielth
T'syn's bronze Tasunth
Syvia's brown Dakhanavarath

Egg theme: Motion pictures! Moving pictures! Better known as cinematic movies!


Like the critters that seem drawn to your character, so have we been drawn to you. Your eagerness to RP and imbed yourself within our crazy little community has been heartwarming and highly entertaining. Overtime, we've watched him grow and develop and thought to ourselves: "We've found the perfect catch!!!" Then we hoped that devising the perfect bait for /you/ by way of Kaijuth would allow us to keep you, and love you, and call your George. *cough*. But as in anything, this is simply a guideline. We worked tirelessly off of what you requested, and tried to do a good job with it. In the end, it is up to you to play your new dragon as you see fit! Welcome to the pond we call Ista!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co


Burning Chaos Egg
Large and squat, this egg is hot, hot, HOT. Swirls of orange, red, and yellow coat the surface of the shell, flames licking the gently curving sides. Roiling clouds of noxious brown-black smoke churn over and around the flames, threatening to choke any that get too near. Blackened, burned silhouettes stand as effigies of once proud trees and buildings, toppling as the fire weakens and destroys them completely. Some internal wind whips the flames and churns the smoke in an illusion of constant motion. The eggs surface glistens, as if that internal wind and fire is evaporating every trace of moisture within and around where it sits in the hot sands.


Hatch Message:

Burning Chaos Egg becomes fully engulfed with the fire that began within. The towers of its surface melt and start to burn out, crumbling beneath the intense heat until only a feeble barrier between the world at large and mutant beast within are all that remain. In one explosive moment chaos is set loose as shards are sent flying and should anything stand in the way of this domineering rage, nothing but crumpled, crushed dust will be left in his wake.

Hatchling Name:

Radioactively Charged Bronze Dragonet

Dragon Description:

Darkness blankets the bronzed spectre that coalesces into a domineering figure of wickedness and death. Sharp angles carved by scythe's sinister sweep, resonates in the pitch of clickety talons and arc of prominent headknobs while the powerful swoop of elongated tail threatens to cut impeding enemies down to size. Pulsating with life and charged energy, there is a subtle radioactive glow that rises from within to highlight a skeletal base along head and neck, slowly morphing into surging bolts of lightning that race along either side of jagged ridges before colliding in the rolling clouds of haunches landscape. The cowl of voluminous ragged sails hovers just above, framed by an ominous pair of cutting spars that rest upon the apex of their final downward stroke, spurred on by the fiery gaze of destruction and chaos.

Impression Pose::

Radioactively Charged Bronze Dragonet isn't going to be concerned with the faceplanting candidate because the object of his attention is suddenly right here, right now. There's a sudden hault in his progression, anger subsiding into a triumphant bleating. A declaration of propriatary finding that has Baiden set up and likely cursed for life.

Impression Message::

It starts off faint… - A barely there concept before the bomb clarions wail at top pitch, announcing the onset of noxious fumes and herald in the distant onslaught of a beast on the rampage. Smoke plumes grow, surrounding and choking out everything and everyone save you. An electrical buzz begins to sizzle and snap, hinting at the veil that distorts a looming presence which plunders and plods directly into your mind where a match is sought and inevitably held. Fascinated by what he finds, the focus becomes narrowed, almost obsessive and then comes the test… « Baiden. » No, that isn't right. Bellowed, « AI'DEN!!! » It's then but a foregone conclusion: « You're MINE! » A triumphant roar explodes in a wash of nuclear fallout, melting you to him and he to you into one cohesive unit and stomping forever into your memory one lasting thought: « I am Kaijuth!! »


"You have your fear, which might become reality; and you have Godzilla, which IS reality. " — Ogata

He's epic. He's strange. He's completely and totally unpredictable in every sense of the word and he is all yours Ai'den. Borne of science and fantasy with a little (okay maybe a lot) dab of comedic bliss to make things all the more volatile, your new found lifemate is about to hit the big-time. He will be the draw to your limelight where only a cinematic display of poorly contrived effects and barely plausible plot-lines have squirted out a creature destined to walk the Pernese Walk-of-Fame. Granted, in life, he will at times be your bane, but so too will he be your buddy, your larger than life monster, your comfort and the source of great distress and laughter. He is -yours- to direct insomuch that a radioactive creature ever can be directed, but beyond that he is your Kaijuth and life from here on in will never be the same.

Looks can be deceiving and this is no more true than with your dear lifemate, for although he is menacingly dark, he has also been kissed by the spectre of death. The look is thankfully only skin deep, as anything relating to the macabre is better left to the more sinister siblings of his clutch. As Kaijuth matures, he will do plenty to earn a reputation and yes, it may even include the term menacing, but in a vastly different means than how he may appear. Running a couple buns short of a baker's dozen, he can't quite be considered outright dumb, but sharp wit or a penchant for fabricating strange brews are best left for the likes of Dakhanavarath or Kloith. Exasperatingly easy to distract, if even the glint of some interesting ladies' bauble is enough to pull him right off course and in hot pursuit of a better look. Faranth forbid this happens in the middle of a firestone lesson when your former guard-buddies are out and practicing their sword-play for the day. Steel glinting in sun's direct light as it makes a devastating arc to land on its opponent…. Ah well, you can probably pass off those singed bits of theirs as being too close to the dragon training area anyways.


This means that you will have to be extra careful around pretty or sparkly items with him. Sorry, no fancy straps or embellished duds for either of you! Unless of course you'd rather have Kaijuth turned in on himself and starrrrrrrriiiing at his straps all day. Which, depending on your needs, could be something to consider as well. You may also, when you go a-visiting, opt to give folks the heads up, 'less they end up with a pond sized amount of drooling in their abode or worse yet when he tries in vane to wedge is fearsome head into places that no dragon should ever even think to go. Yes Ai'den, this means he's going to get stuck. Rather often.

That easy distraction can come into full bloom and become an all consuming state for your bronzed boy, leaving any room for things like intelligent thought at an absolute minimal. Consider it this way: The two of you are out and about, walking along and minding your own way when in Kaijuth's peripheral there flashes a subtle glint. « Sssssoooo prrrrrreeeetyyy. » Then it happens. He'll plant himself right there and just stare and stare and stare. He'll forget that you're there with him, forget the fact that you two were probably on some sort of pressing errand and in that moment, forget his own dignity. Yes, for the sake of a pretty, Kaijuth will drool. And not just a little because that could be forgiven, or better still, easily hidden. No, alas everything that he does will be on a big scale and this is certainly no exception. Just imagine when this sort of thing happens in flight!??!!!


Since we're on the topic of distractions and Kaijuth's 'likes' as it were, another fascination that borders on the edge of obsession is that of fire. Unfortunately Ai'den, it looks as if you Impressed yourself a bit of pyro. Which might be understating the fact, but then again it's Kaijuth and as mentioned before, he rarely if ever does anything on a small scale. Y'see, for him it's a lust. He'll get right in to the act and lose himself to the growing flame, often his eyes matching the fiery hue his victim of the moment takes on. It's on a scale of transfixion all over again, but unlike his weakness for the sparklies, this is more in line with an addiction. A very dangerous one. He's going to push and pull at you if he doesn't get his fix and in those rare moments when he's starting to go through withdrawal that your own personal affects are going to be at their greatest risk.


When you give in though and set the flame a roaring, it will be the catalyst to a tidal wave of ecstasy that sweeps up and threatens to drag you right along with /him/. This obsession will at times boil and overflow, leading to compromising situations and affecting you in ways you never dreamed possible.

It should also be noted that, when Kaijuth finds something so absolutely enthralling, he will actually hunker down and begin to vibrate both physically and mentally with an energy that froths over and right into your mind so that your front and center for whatever has him cranked up to the mile-high club.

Should you win out though and deny his thirst for the flame, that surprisingly is quite alright! Because he will always have his paws and the solid swish of his lithesome tail to smash things to smithereens. It's a great way to vent those pent up frustrations and although it's not quite on the level as his want for the fire, the sensation of smashing, crushing and squishing things between his toes will be more than just a little delightful. It'll give Kaijuth a feeling of dominance and power that he can't get any other way. So he'll seek it out often and drag you along for the ride.

"Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I'm a dog chasing cars. I wouldn't know what to do with one if I caught it. You know, I just… do things." — The Joker

When it comes to his actions, Kaijuth will have no concept of the consequences he might incur for him, or for you. He just does things without thinking and that leaves you at times with quite the mess, literal or not. It doesn't mean that he doesn't feel or know regret, he'll have that in spades for you and you alone. A lot of what Kaijuth does is just spontaneous and the beast will likely never grasp the concept of rules or guidelines like you do. So when the after light of a monstrous burn dies and fades to ashes, when the dust settles after a chaotic rampage through a farmer's field, he'll have that one moment where his head will hang and he'll come crawling back to you for forgiveness. « I didn't mean to do it. » And really he didn't. It was just /fun/ and destructive and… « It was just so FUN! »


The intent is never to be deceitful with you or to really cause harm to the innocent and if left to his own devices, he may and well just set about trying to right what he wronged… just via his own interpretation. Whether he's actually successful or not is an entirely different matter.

To call Kaijuth moody might be the wrong descriptor here. What he is, is a creature of extremes. One moment as happy as a puppy with a new-found chew-toy, the next an infernal raging beast set on burning down the Weyr. Why? All because SOMETHING got in his way. Could've been another dragon, could've been a pebble. The temper, an explosive detail to his personality make-up will be something to watch out for and focus on trying to reign in unless you yourself succumb to the heat of the moment and follow him down that fiery path of chaos and destruction. If something sudden bursts into flames, like your chair or that nicely folded pile of laundry left on his couch while you ran off to fetch a forgotten sock, look no further than your partner in crime for this. The reason? « It was in my way!!! »

Now this just won't be for the inanimate objects, but should a living creature happen to strike up the wrong cord… let's just say you'll be kept on your toes a helluva lot.
« The WeyrlingMaster said NO!!! I'm going to burn that smug grin right off his…»


“Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos, I’m an agent of chaos , and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair.” — The Joker

When he gets in one of these more dangerous moods, it will be quite the task to get him to snap out of it. Over time though, you'll notice some tendencies and eventually come to discover a trick that will never fail in times of absolute need. . It's an old saying that holds so perfectly true: Music to soothe the savage beast. And that is exactly what it will do for your Kaijuth. Now we're not talking Q'luin's style of ramp-it-up, boot stomping, moving to the beat of your inner drum style of music, no. That's likely to invoke more damage than curb it. Put those soft lilting tunes of 'old that tell the tales of history and fables from another time.


We suggest taking up a few extra harpering lessons just so that you can keep on top of his explosions and be the one to undo his tantrums when a harper might otherwise be unavailable.

No natural borne leader is he, instead perfectly content to simply do. Having to lead a whole wing of dragons, let alone an entire Weyr may in the end crimp his spontaneous style and test his intelligence levels to the max. No, in many ways he makes an excellent follower which gives you, his rider, that one upmanship so desperately needed to frequently reign in your monster before disaster hits an epic level. Your the brains of this operation and he will only worship you the greater for it.



Kiajuth is, in many many ways a very physical kind of dragon. From the way he thinks to the way he acts, it's all about feeling and sound and expressing that inner demon.

In appearance Kaijuth is a deep dark molten bronze that simmers with night's kiss over the majority of his frame. It works well for when stalking through the night as more often than not he'll be heard long before he's seen emerging from the shadows. The dark is not uniform though, giving way to a spectre highlights of the radioactive energy that flows through to highlight only his finer skeletal structure. For every prominent feature on his face, that lighter hue fades in across his eye ridges, muzzle front and encircles his eyes in a reverse effect of his dam's patina highlighted gaze. It's a gruesome effect, causing him to look more akin to a harbinger of death rather than a savior of life, even if that is his true duty in this world. Which coincidentally is the way that more than just a few will regard him as. A demon. A spectre of the night that would leave more than just a few goosebumps were it not for his more animated nature.


To look upon the rest of him, he brims with muscle, strength and an underlying power that just begs to be put to destructive use. His long powerful tail is a thing of perpetual motion, swinging wildly in times of greater agitation. In youth, it will be blamed for a great deal of accidental destruction, but as he mature you can give up on the term 'accidental', but may as well give up on the destruction because it is going to happen regardless. The rest of him paints out like a creature of death, all angles, clean edges and deadly points that will be personified at the greatest in the scythe-like ridges that run down the length of his back. Even his head-knobs look like wicked daggers driving home the point of a deadly masquerade.

Some quirks to be wary of with your lumbering beast is actually his back-end. Yes, Kaijuth actually has a slightly larger than norm butt, /but/ before you start to despair and adjust his diet to lose that bulky roundness you may want to stop and watch. It will be a pivot point, a tool to make rearing up onto his hind feet a hell of a lot easier than if he were a perfectly proportioned creature. This comes in handy for those times when you or he needs to reach something that is higher than norm or for peering out at greater distances. Note: Within those bodacious bony buns lies an immense amount of power that Kaijuth utilizes each and every time he launches into the air. It's what gives him that added thrust and is all pure muscle. No fat here!

One other feature to be acutely aware of is his feet. Edged as they are with the scythes of death, their pitch hue masks to some degree just how sharp and dangerously pointed they actually are. So sharp in fact, that during your weyrlinghood, don't be surprised if the powers that be suggest you take a file or ever clippers to all those daggers. He'll never be outright clumsy save for in his youth, but those giant paws of his will cause a great deal of pain and destruction over time.

On to that intriguing hide of his! Overall it's dark, unusually so for a bronze save for those tell-tale markings that illuminate his skeletal facial features and bonier areas. Within the darker recesses though, deeper swirls of bronze mix with night into an unusual patterning of circles and swirls that play at the mind's eye to fool and lead you to think he's actually got some sort of weird skin affliction. He doesn't, unless it hasn't been oiled in a while - it's all about the play of light and dark that evoke that particular effect. Alternatively, more pale striations fork out like lightning and run the length of his upper frame, cradling those wicked looking ridges before diving back into the cloud of those curvaceous haunches.

On the ground, he tends to be more of a lumbering, plodding being despite his large lack of bulk. Perhaps it has something to do with the feet he inherited being just a tad or two over the size of average when compared to the rest of his frame.

Some trouble spots, because every dragon will have them will be the fact that he has a tendency to be oiled more often than usual. Otherwise he'll get a particular dermatitis problem that results in thickened bits of hide that will flack and lead to cracking, which is BAD. Very BAD. It'd make him cranky and unmanageable and did we mention this was bad? B-A-D.

Also bad, but more for you than he, is his love of those stinky, rotten fish (yes, you may want to read on to fully understand) which could get stuck in teeth and lead to some pretty awful halitosis so proper dental care is an absolute must. Grab a brush and a large bucket and get to scrubbing. Just look out for that breath and a temptation to chew on the brush. Who knows, maybe this will lead to the invention of dragon mints?

Mind Voice:

Pictures. Oh, the pictures. Kaijuth's thoughts will be made up of pictures. They are flickers as to what is going on in his head, a sense of ideas and what he sees from his eyes (with his own special take on events). They'll appear, silent at first, showing epic images of a grand scale, of wide vistas and ragged landscapes, the bright and flaring colors filled with drama and life and death in flashy hues of crimson and lemon yellow and ebony black.

This is how he mainly communicates, in pictures and images. Only a little later, and possibly not quite meshing with what you see comes the thoughts put into word. He isn't ever quite in-sync with images to words. Possibly just a little bit off, sort of like a badly dubbed movie.

When he is excited, the images and thoughts will flicker in rapid-fire succession, whizzing through your head with great drama on a grand scale. As he focuses upon his obsession, they slow to a crawl, the image firmly there while the edges fade to the hue of the thought. Blues for soothing and contentment, more fiery colors for things that pique his attention and make him really think.


And then there is the moment of lightning. The spark, the flicker, the electric zaps and flashes that bode moments of - Oh Sh*t - The sparks of purple/green/white are your only hint that something bad is afoot. Sometimes they are there, simmering to give a warning. And sometimes you don't get a warning and ZAP, his electrical charge rips through his mindvoice, born of anger and extreme emotion. Get out of his way when this happens. Raging beast!

There was only one logical scent for Kaijuth. Creature Feature! The struggle of man against metaphor: these movies symbolize man's conflict with the destruction he wreaks on the environment. The antagonists in Creature Features are usually victims of radiation, pollution, or experiments gone awry - monsters created by the folly of men. Examples: Creature From the Black Lagoon, Godzilla, King Kong, Mothra, Gorgo, Destroy All Monsters, Them!
Giant Monster Musk! A little lime and green/black musk.

Physical Voice:


Yeah… About that physical voice of his? It's loud. Very loud. Obnoxiously so. Especially when he decides that at 3am in the morning when the Weyr and in particular the barracks are so perfectly silent and sweetly slumbering, that everyone needs to hear a blast of his completely charming radioactive voice. There will be no rhyme or reason most times for when he decides to belt out the top of his lungs, but roar he will much to dismay of all those around you.

But hey, if you play your cards right and give in to the fact that it /has/ to happen, why not make the best of it, right? Like using it for revenge. What better way to get back at your WeyrlingMaster (Hi I'deni!) than direct Kaijuth's vocal talents at -him-. Or one of your fellow weyrlings. Try it. You'll be completely amazed at the results and so will he.

Of course this doesn't mean that he will always be noisy. He will indulge in the quieter moments, usually when he's busy being distracted or when he's happily squishing things between his toes because then it's not really him that's making the noise, it's other elements involved. He'll also be a rarity among dragons in that during his slumber, the beast will snore. Not insomnia-inducing bouts of unrelenting nasal rumbles, just a light and constant rumble that starts deep within his chest and crawls its way all the way up to be released as a sleep-induced grumble. Works great for those nights when you're either on watch duty or are just trying to keep away those uninvited guests. Nothing quite like a giant-sized guard dog to send unwanted visitors heading for the hills.


For all the uniqueness of his other qualities, Kaijuth is pretty normal in terms of growth. He'll be that bumbly baby at first, with all the awkward disastrous whomping around and stepping on things. Then he'll grow and grow and grow. No spurts of sudden increase or anything like that, just a steady progression until he reaches his full size.

That doesn't mean of course that all parts of him will necessarily grow at the same rate. Sometimes his feet and rear just seem to be ahead of the rest of him, which means rearing up on his hind end really easy, but ooh that will make for some awkward first landings. Actually most of his landings seem to end up on the edge of disaster.

This uneven growth only adds to his general bumbliness, but he'll even out eventually. However his tendency to crush things is not purely physical, though it might have started out that way. By the time he's reached the proper flying age, he'll attain most of his adult form if not all of the size. From there on out it's more of that slow steady growth till he becomes one of the larger bronzes, sometime around a turn and a half.


STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! « MUST CRUSH! » STOMP… STOMP… STO— "OOOoooo…." The Weyrlingmaster might not be too happy about that one….


From the moment he hatched, Kaijuth just has to stomp and storm his way through life, crushing, crunching and pulverizing things that happen to be in his direct path. He won't mean to do it, really he won't. At least not most times anyways, but rest assured as the Turns go by, you'll be doing a Weyr's share of apologizing, wincing and making up for the wake your loving bronze leaves behind.

Although not the biggest bronze out there, he's no small lad. So, even swinging that mighty tail about is going to be a challenge all until itself and you can thank the first egg that there's no pottery store on Pern large enough to allow Kaijuth to wander through. The inventory would never survive and likely neither would you! The need to learn how to duck fast and often will also become a necessity. It's not so much that Kaijuth happens to be clumsy, although in some sense he really is, he just lacks a whole lot of spatial awareness when it comes to things around him. This often results in a lot of collisions, crashing noises and a whole heap of extra duties in life to make up for all those damages that your determined bronze will make. Note though, how there is a distinct lack of the term 'innocence' in all of this. That's because at the end of the day, though he may not have meant to knock over the Weyrleaders prized statue, it doesn't meant he didn't enjoy that satisfying -kkaahhhruuunch- it made the moment it struck the floor.


Roads? Where we're going we don't need roads. —Dr. Brown, Back to the Future

Once you get Kaijuth off his feet and up into the thermals above Ista Weyr, he becomes a much different beast. He won't be the most agile, most bronzes usually aren't but he does his duties well, having that staying power to survive up there far longer than the majority of his chromatic kin. It will also be the time when he's at his most calm, that sweet kiss of the air rushing past is exactly what the savage beast needs to cool his burning flames. It's also a time for you both to indulge in one another's thoughts and feelings, bonding far better up /here/ than down there. Just don't get used to the calm, because as the saying goes.. It's just the quiet that comes before the storm. Also known as… /landings/. Better make sure your straps are on extra tight there Ai'den!

We're sorry Ai'den, really we are! ……. … .. . Well okay, maybe not so much since it is better you than us. Kaijuth, like the inspiration he derives from will have a thing for fish. /But/, this won't be just your ordinary fish my friend, oh no! Fresh? Pah! What good is fresh fish when you can have the kind that's been sitting out roasting in the hot Istan sun for days and days on end, rotting and inheriting that ever-so-delightful perfume that is guaranteed to fry the insides of pretty much any nostril and /you/ dear Ai'den will have to indulge because Kaijuth will be unrelenting about it. Blame it on his dam and her own unique senses and sensibilities when it comes to foodies. This won't be all the time of course, just a good portion of it and when it's not what wretched seafood, it will be whatever rotting corpses happens to catch his eye next. Who knew that a eerie looking lifemate might have the taste-buds to match, eh?


Although he can and will hunt, usually at your constant pressing, he much prefers the scavenger way of things. Think roadkill. Oh sure, you'll probably get a few nice pelts out of the deal along the way… that is if they aren't squished all to heck because if Kaijuth has to hunt, his means of attack will be the pounce and squish method. Won't be pleasant, but hey, at least it's effective right? *cough* Onwards!

Eating otherwise takes its normal arduous task of hunting, stalking and preferably -squishing- his prey into perfect little pancakes (or not so little in the case of herdbeasts), those he may just have to sit on. Yes, feeding with Kaijuth is certainly not for the squeamish, especially when he decides he needs a half dozen wherries to snack on because you know he'll be lingering over the sound and feeling of them squishing and squashing under his toes -just- so he can lick off the juices and uh, carnage first. « This one is juicier the last! » It's all lip smackin' good to him so he'll assume you will think the same and insist on sharing. Good luck with that one…


There really are two parts that make up a mating flight. There is the pre-flight, also known as /proddiness/ and then there is the flight itself, which we'll get to in just a little while…

For now though, it's all about the glow. « THE GLOW AI'DEN. » For Kaijuth it will be absolutely impossible to resist just like a nice hunk o' fresh meat dangled before a starving hatchling. He'll froth and become hypnotized by the lovely lady that seems to glow just for him - or at least that's what he's thinking no matter the actual truth of the situation is. Because of that, whenever a green or gold comes across his line of sight in that state, he'll physically freeze. Doesn't matter what he's doing, the lad will solidify and drool for all he's worth - probably at the worst possible time too.

But! Don't think you'll be left out of all the fun with this, heck NO! What is it about proddiness that gets all the boys going? /Pheromones/. That's right Ai'den, and because Kaijuth will be emitting some pretty hefty hormones around these times (which coincidentally will increase as he matures), you're own body's response to this may be the same. Either that, or he's just literally rubbing off on you. Whatever the case may be, while your lifemate's busy attracting the ladies, you get the fringe benefit of attracting all the local fauna. And you thought you had it bad before??? Tunnelsnakes, spiderclaws, trundlebugs (watch out for those stinky females!), aquatic creatures when you swim, the odd human, firelizards, etc… you get the point. They will come in what seems like droves to you, probably inhibiting sleep, duties, and of course those special moments with the lady of your choice. You may want to educate Kaijuth on the point that /no/, that feminine screech rapidly heading -away- from this scene is not, in fact, a mating call. *Ahem.* Regardless of your possible dismay, for Kaijuth its going to be one of his more blissful moments in time.

Sadly though, that all comes to a crashing, burning, uncontrollable blaze the moment the object of his unbridled desire goes up in a whirl of blood and lust. Gone is the innocence and naive way of approaching things, abruptly replaced by the burning demon that resides deeply within the very core of your lifemate's soul. There will be no food preference, only the instant need for life's blood that both fuels and fans his flames to chaotic extremes, propelling your stomping beast into the air with a predator's deadly grace.


He may howl, or even dare a roar but that to him becomes a waste of his energy - instead intending to focus it all on that which he must have at any cost. Don't think he'll play fair either - not one for a sense of honor or air-born etiquette is Kaijuth. Whatever means, whatever tactics bring him closer to the catch will be capitalized upon in the heat of the moment, later justified as being a right of survival. Should he be the one to catch that which burns him so, your mate will be an attentive enough lover, even lingering on for a few candlemarks post-flight should his mate be willing. But, at the end of it all, that won't last long because there's always something else to provoke his attention, catch his curiosity or bedazzle his innermost desires… Did you say you liked fuzzy little critters?



I have come here to chew bubble gum and kick ass, and I'm all out of bubble gum. —Nada, They Live

One area where Kaijuth will never fall short is his duty to you, to Ista and to Pern. He was put on this world for one primary thing: To fight /Thread/. To him, these horrible things that fall from the sky are his mortal enemy and he will stop at nothing to char away every last spec of it. « It MUST Burn Ai'den!! » And burn. And burn…

Once he's attained success, only then will he turn his focus towards other pressing needs such as that of injury transport, or even transport/cargo duty for those who may need it.

But back to fighting Thread! This really is when he'll be at his best in every way. Soaring, diving and letting his true aggressive nature shine through in an electrifying way. The heavier the Fall the better for him, because this only means that he gets to flame. LOTS. Which you already know is quite the obsession of his. Since he knows he'll be frowned upon for burning anything else, this is the one time he can truly get away with burning things as he sees fit. Firestone will be consumed in vast quantities, often requiring your to refill your sacks more frequently than some of the other members of your wing. But, that's okay because brewing within Kaijuth is the potential to burn and burn big. his breath will be like a huge fireball, erupting and savaging any and all Thread spores within each.

This is true as well for clean-up duty where your bronze will never fail in rooting out every last burrow should he be enlisted to help, but just don't be surprised if a couple of old timber logs fall victim to a quick burst of over-heated flame. They just happened to be in his way.

Weyr Relationships:

Einarth is a dragon that Kaijuth might find some interest in getting to know a bit better. Einarth has this fun little trait of ignoring convention and jumping into things and excitement nose first, and that is a trait that Kaijuth might find awfully fun. He'll often be right there with his bronzen clutchmate, maybe not being the hero, but adding his own flash. FIRE.

Meliaith is on a completely different level than Kaijuth. Almost complete opposites. For while she loves life and is something of a nurturer, he is anything but. Although, maybe there is something to be said for opposites attracting. A dragon can dream, can't he?

Dakhanavarath and he might have some problems getting along. But when the brown is in one of his more manic moods, Kaijuth might find a bit more fun in his clutchmate. There might be a bit of an interest barrier though, but their passions for the world around them could bridge the gap.

Chironath is a clutchmate that he might find a tad too ordered, unless he is off bending and breaking those rules of his. Well, then those times, they might get along, really, really well. Chironath's humor will tickle him, and he might want to try to join the brown when he is working on his physique.

Harquith is a girl who loves her chaos and destruction. Kaijuth's natural destructive abilities will draw her interest, but his big lumbering ways will drive her to distraction. She can fly circles around your big boy and won't hesitate to prove it time and time again. Setting him up for practical jokes won't be hard either, though she's just as likely to try and set him up as a patsy. « He broke it! Not meeee! »


Egg Inspiration:

Described by: Kelethin

Egg Inspiration: The burning of Atlanta from Gone with the Wind. In order to demoralize the people of the South, General Sherman burnt the city of Atlanta. The movie does an epic job portraying this chaos, considering the lack of fantastic special effects during the time when the movie was made, the flames really are spectacular. This is also one of the several climaxes in the movie.
I've got more on the way, but I thought this was enough spam for a bit.

Picture: http://www.dvdtalk.com/reviews/images/reviews/20/1100191972.jpg

Dragon Name Inspiration:

The name, like so much of this dragon came about so quickly and easily and it was such a fun process to discover. While doing lots of research into our main topic and deciding on a genre, Wyn came across the term: Kaiju. It caught her eye and so she read on!:

"Kaiju (怪獣, kaijū?) is a Japanese word that means "strange beast," but often translated in English as "monster." Specifically, it is used to refer to a genre of tokusatsu entertainment."

Then she stuck a 'th' on the end, ran to S'tao and Rhik who gave her the double-thumbs up because it just /fit/ so darn perfectly and it was shorter just like you had asked. History was made and Kaijuth was born. We loved the name and hope that you do too!

Dragon Inspiration:
Mmmm. B-movies. You had to go and mention that you liked the sorts of books that are often attributed to B-movies. So look what we went and did, we went and gave you a B-movie monster dragon. But we didn't use just any ol' movie. Oh no. We had to go with the mother lode. We had to pick out the Mack Daddy monster movie of them all. GODZILLA. He fit so very, very well into what you said that you wanted in a dragon. RAWR!!!!!!!

Godzilla montage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8trsDPpAI5E
Music by Blue Oyster Cult, Go Go Godzilla: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o7gFlSGXt_k
More Blue Oyster Cult:, Don't Fear the Reaper: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ycOp67eLoM
Happy Birthday Godzilla: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8xW2xKDJoL4
Godzilla Vs The Mushroom Kingdom: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zQQcGc5c1Tk
Trogdor the Burnanator!: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90X5NJleYJQ

So many, many credits are due here! It was a collaborative effort, one worthy of a big screen fanfare -even if you like that sorta B-movie panache. But in here we have Wyn growling and roaring with a large majority of what made Kaijuth… well, Kaijuth. S'tao made sure everything meshed well, basically picking up the pieces and setting them back to rights as his concept smashed onto Pern. And we all know that Rh'iad had to add his sparkle, putting in some of the more cinematic moments.

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