Prior to arriving at Ista, Jordan spent the earlier part of her childhood at Southern Hold, remaining there until her parents, both Journeymen Harpers, left the craft. Failing to be promoted, and unable to reconcile his differences with the Masters, Jordan's father decided a life in the craft was not for him. Her mother followed suit, and together the entire family moved to one of the smaller cotholds within Southern's territory.


After an accident claimed the lives of their parents, Jordan and her brother were uniformly adopted by an older couple within the cothold. Jordan was eight, and her brother was thirteen, far too young to lose such important people in their lives. Their loss served only to strengthen their bond. The pair were taught many things by the couple, such as what was necessary to survive away from the protection of the Hold. It was a hard life, but not an unpleasant one and Jordan has nothing but fond memories of her time at Southern. Indeed its left her with much to be thankful for.

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