Wyn's Gold Isyth
Dragonsfire's 55th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Lilyth and Zhoreth’s clutch
Hatching Date: May 30th, 2009
Egg theme: Cultural Celebrations

Dear Wyn,
Gwynne is an Ice Queen, yet you are anything but. We saw that, saw your efforts to try and make sure everyone is happy, your inclusiveness, and rabid need for RP and decided we’d exploit that for our own benefit. Yea, so, the benefit would be the health and future of the Weyr, but leave us our illusion of greediness. You belong to us. You sold us your soul, so you’re stuck at Ista for the duration. Hopefully the duration will be for a long long time. Welcome to the madhouse!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co

Autumn Harvest-Moon Cake Egg
Curlicues of delicate confectionary swirl across a molded surface intermingled with tiny petals, not formed of natural blooms but rather culinary artistry coming to life as a golden baked cake. Gently cradling it is a platter of wrought gold, beaten thin with filigree to mirror the designs upon the flakey loaf, edges curling about the orb beneath it for it is an illusion, an offering to the harvest in appearance but mere shell that gently envelopes the precious seed within.

Hatch Message:
Autumn Harvest-Moon Cake Egg quakes as if the ground beneath it has begun to move again, but the tremors and shifting are all internal. Pieces fall as they crumble from the ornate surface, displaying only a shadowy darkness in it's revealing gaps. Then the break comes as if some unseen knife comes to slice through the pastry surface and a wedge of shell slides away to display the heart of gold within. Encased no more, the emerging queen bursts forth to make her first dance across the glittered dark sands like a goddess ascending through a starlit sky.

Hatchling Name: Pangea's Moon Gold Dragonet

Dragon Description:
Ambient light coalesces into palest gold, giving form to a lissome creature that would be no stranger to celestial splendor. The queen's scintillant gaze carries a womanly wisdom reflected in the faintest hint of patina lining the large rounded eyes of her wedge head and the slightest wolfish cast in the tapering of the muzzle. Pride shows in the lofty carriage of an arched neck, her willowy shoulders sprouting branches of umber across the wings with a shimmering illusion of tear drop leaves spreading over the sweep of broad honey sails. There is power and lithe sleekness in well toned arms and haunches, but one should never disregard the savage potential of silvery crescent shaped talons. Neckridges begin as the gold of harvest grain twixt the headknobs, but increases in shine downwards till they pale to pure platinum upon the frosty moonbeam of her long lean tail.

Impression Pose: (what the audience sees):
Pangea's Moon Gold Dragonet pads closer to the source of the alluring scent, her tail raised high and nose down as she follows it. A glance up shows that upstart bronze nearby as well and that just won't do! She all but scrapes past him to get to the candidates and takes a deep breath! Wrong! Wrong! Ugh no not the one at all. She sneezes loudly all over Ildenin and his dragon before sidling to the right one beside him instead. A yip of joy emerges as she presses up against the girl she's been hunting for.

Impression Message: (what you see):
Moonbeams trickle into your mind, manipulating reality until it is no more and nothing else exists except the bright wash of the moons’ illumination. The thrumming pulsing tides of the planet manifest to correct the rhythm of the blood that courses through your veins until it begins to throb at a deafening magnitude, magma hot, pounding in your head, pressure building to an explosive level. A tempest churns, blossoming jagged spikes of lurid light that bore into your innate strength, chipping away at the ice as a scorching wind blows passionate words throughout your consciousness. « Wyn, should you ever question - /yes/ I love you. Your fingers touched my shell, but your soul touched my heart. »

Your moon, your Isyth, is manipulative. Not in an oppressive manner, but more to motivate. The moons, the ones that hang there high in the sky, they manipulate her. As they wax and wane, so does her moods. Those moods are many, as she is a complex girl. She’ll keep you thinking.

More on this manipulation theme. You are a manipulator, as we all know, and she really likes that. One of her fondest parts of your personality because it shows how powerful and clever you are. Her manipulations will be in large to enforce yours. She will encourage you, and even sometimes go as far as to justify the idea. « It's for their own good. » or « You need to. It's not your fault. » Be it right or not, soon she may have it so turned around that you will feel vindicated in your action!

Isyth’s mind is vast, complicated by the multitude of facets that reflect the different parts that have come together to create the whole. For she is very much multifaceted, with intricate as well as all encompassing aspects that draw from a range of cultural details.



She is fierce like the wolf, protective of the pack. Ista is her pack, and she will be forever be trying to assert herself into the alpha female position. This will cause conflicts between the golds, surely, but when it comes right down to it, all golds should have some sort of drive of some level to lead the Weyr into the future – Isyth just has it more than some.

Little will drive her more than her pups, and while she will allow others to help with the raising, when they are roasting on the sands, and before they are impressed as they break shell, she will be one frightening beast to behold should anyone threaten in any way! This will mean you’ll have to work some nice trickery to distract her during egg touchings, and enforce your minor dominance when needed. For this duration whichever mate she chose (don’t make any mistakes about who does the choosing there, when Isyth insists, Isyth gets what she wants) will become the second half of the alpha pair. He will be allowed to help her protect, and will ‘suffice’ when she’s needing a good feed, that or she will ‘insist’ that he bring it to her – already dead of course.

Don’t think we forgot you. Oh no, you only come last because you are the most important detail of this facet. Males of all shapes and sizes will tremble in fear should they cross you – or at least MOST will. You’ve always got a rot brain of the pack that will ignore the danger, or perhaps a dragonhealer that knows better, or even a Weyrleader that is fearless, but the vast majority will do their best to walk a wide berth around (literally and figuratively) your lifemate should they cross you in any fashion, because she is one scary fierce dragon at these times.



When it comes to cool reserve, Isyth /is/ the Queen when it comes to public display. Public displays are not only /not done/, but are frowned upon as well. She’ll be somewhat tolerant of greens and blues, because there’s an unwritten understanding that they can be bold characters, but don’t think that will keep her from trying to tame them should they venture to other parts of Pern. Gathers and other such events will be preceded with stern warnings about decorum.

Isyth herself will be formal and cool at all times while in public, even at the Weyr, savoring her passions and affections only in private, but that won’t keep her from those instances when blood boils in lust or fury (see above). Sweet nothings will be mostly heard and not seen by anyone not very close to you and her, and the vast public won’t know them at all.



Your queen will be a work horse. Threadfall, training the babes, keeping a handle on the Weyr at large – her work ethic will be tireless. She’ll expect this of you as well. Formation practice with the other queens, and any that have been put in with this wing will be urged relentlessly to practice. Practice makes perfect, and perfect means « No mistakes! »

The idea of this is that she will be brilliant when it comes to the technical aspects of flying, fighting Threadfall, eating, leading, and just plain living. Tenacious she will be in educating herself, and pushing others there as well. Again, history repeats itself, so the answers to the future are in history! « Read those hides completely, the answer has to be there. We can make no mistakes! »

"Heaven is when the Germans are the engineers, the British are the police, the French as the cooks and the Italians are the lovers.

Hell is when the Germans are the police, the English the cooks, the Italians the engineers, and the Swiss are the lovers." - George Giles


This is more a gentle side of her. The one that you should probably enjoy quite a bit, because it will make /one/ of your jobs a little more pleasant – she likes perfumed oils. She’ll want to go to the farthest reaches of Pern to find new scents to try, and of course she’ll expect you to learn how to blend them for her. No one else is as clever as you, which means no one else will be trusted with the important things, and this /is important/!

It’ll make her feel sensual, and moody, and those moods will dictate the scent used, or the mixture of scents. A layer of black current over the wicked a base of patchouli will make just the right blend for the saucy hot days of summer. (See Mindvoice for more)



Intuition. She will rely greatly on education, sure, but her intuition is spot on. She has a great connection to the ‘spiritual’ aspects of life. Isyth may seem rigid thus far, but her third eye is wide open, as she is /wide open/ to experiences. These will need to be documented though, for any that come after. When her time is through on Pern a whole alcove of the Records Room will be dedicated solely to her vast gift of knowledge.

“The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you.” -BB King

This obviously reaches into maternal intuition that bleeds over onto the whole weyr. She will know instinctively the cycles of all the other queens and how it relates to her own, and may even have the ability to somehow feel the same in lesser quantities for greens as well. “Lila is acting strange.” « Of course, it’s Elinth’s ‘time’. »

Yes, hidebound to a degree, but as we said up above, she’s wide open for new ideas, and will query other golds when at other Weyrs, or they at hers, as to anything that can be learned from their experiences/knowledge. Anything she deems useful will be employed, and if they seem really fantastic ideas, she’ll plague you until you « Make it so. »

Not a lot has been said about how she feels about you, — how your lifemate interacts with you. There was a bit about how she seeks to drive you, to influence you, and a little more, but not the real base feelings. The answer is easy – Isyth loves you with every fiber of her draconic being, and ultimately, every thought, every action, every lesson, every word spoken all comes back to you in one way or another.

Yes she wants to save Pern, she wants to take care of the people and dragons of the Weyr, but her idea is that there is none of this for her without you. You are the knot tied at the end of every thread in the tapestry of Pern. Without you it would all unravel, and this she will assure you of whenever you need, but not constantly. Rarely out of nowhere will you receive sweet nothings, but they will be there just when you need. The strong bold dragon will become the sweet soft pliable lifemate that wraps herself around your soul to nourish it with her love. Never will you doubt, and if you do, she will remind you. Sometimes sternly « How could you ever, even for a second think I don’t adore you? You are my muse – my inspiration! » « All the oceans of the world do not contain enough water, or the sky enough air, these combined, do not equal the amount of love I hold in my great heart for you. »

Isyth is all soft tones of gold, with a gentle hint of platinum moonbeams to grace the tail. This is quite the difference between your lifemate, her dam and Naomith, and even Tajiath is quite a bit brighter. The bulk of her body is the cooler side of gold – pale, soft, with almost a dreamy ethereal quality to both color and lithe form. This translates to the way she moves as well.

But the color of her main slender proportions is heavily influenced by the moon itself, and when proddy she will glow in Full Moon’s glory. She won’t be sneaky about it either like a lot of females are. She’ll be proddy right out loud. If Isyth would like to hide it, her body cannot, reacting to the hormonal influences with large doses of sensuality, and that awesome glow. So if she can’t hide it, then why try? Give into it! And she will, allowing this one period to be when she will let loose, toss off work, and goad you into all sorts of things she might have otherwise frowned at. Let your hair down, put on a slinkier than slinky dress, some red lipstick, while she buffs up the inner glow, and out you both go!


The bones of the wings reach like the umber branches on a great willow tree, holding aloft the grand honey-gold sails. They drip with the faintest hint (though maybe it’s just an illusion) of teardrops, feathery like leaves. These are her pride – and – joy. Pride for obvious reasons, but joy because oh how she loves to fly! These wings are absolutely made for it, and while she won’t be able to maneuver as well as she’d like, due to her and their size, she will still look fantastically beautiful sailing through sky. This bit of vanity of hers will cause her to want to dazzle the holders, so often on your outings you’ll find her sinking lower and lower when you near human habitations. The inner grin she shares as they ‘Ooo’ and ‘Aah’ will be felt with a moonbeam shimmer.

Night will also be her best time to shine, in all manners. It’ll be darn hard to hide Isyth once the sun sets, and well, why would you want to? Though sneaking in any fashion becomes a chore. Especially if she is proddy, obviously.

As slender as she is, the rich hued wheat of her neckridges sweep elegantly between each dip, but then become almost dangerously jagged sharp like canine teeth at the tips, until they widen and fade nearly out of existence along her graceful back, only to return again to serrate the slim platinum tail.

When she moves think of the wolves, poised creatures that are at once graceful and playful. As a matter of fact, Isyth pulls off playful like no other. Sometimes it’ll be virtually impossible to tell if she is being frolicsome; the way she slinks around, stalking, trotting, it’ll all be so subtle – that play – it’ll cause you to question until you get used to the understated gestures that will become the tip-off. It doesn’t help that playful is something that doesn’t happen quite as often as her other clutchmates, but don’t ever underestimate – just when you least expect it – wham! You’ll be butt-bone to dirt, and her kohled eyes will be glimmering with the faintest hint of mischief as she tucks in that tail. « Oops. »

The patina about her eyes is a gift from her dam, while the brighter ridges and sails from her burnished sire. The rest is a mix of ancestors, right down from Tajiath, through Niliath, and Rhyolith too. There’s some great Istan history linked to that side. On Lilyth’s side you get the fantastic qualities of the Southern dragons from her sire and dam. Each generation building into the next brings lots of surprises – just wait until its Isyth’s turn!

Mind Voice:
Her mindvoice is the personification of the moon in every manner imaginable: a dancing kaleidoscope of moonlight reflecting on water, pools of that same light in the depths of winter spilling across fields of powdery snow, soft prisms reflecting off broken ice. The soft shimmering sound of moonbeams playing upon your mind.

(Moonbeams and that shimmer:

That merely covers some of the light. Then you have the ebb and flow of its energy, and in this you have the Five Tides of the Moons, it actually pulls on Earth, Air, Fire, and Spirit, as well as Water.

The ocean tides. Generally the first to come to thought will resonate in her mind at waxing and waning levels depending on her mood, which is also directed as a factor of the tides. Immense curling waves that tumble forth and crash together in a deafening roar will be the hallmark of high energy, be it anger or extreme excitement. Soothing, hushed, relaxing waves churning that water is her low energy state; the moment of peace and quiet.

Earth tides are less obvious. It manifests in subtle shifts in landscape, the rise and fall of the earth, like the rise and fall of a chest, breathing life into the mountains and nourishing the desert with constant inconspicuous movement. This is her calm.

Fire tides are much more dramatic. The moons’ pull on the molten magma mimics that of the sea, but as you can imagine this has much more flashy effect. That burning fire tide is her anger at any level, from a slow roiling hissing boil, to expressive mountains of lava stirring emotion that could inevitably have an effect of earth shattering earthquakes in her mind.

Air tides! Air tides are magnificent! This can depict any mood at all, because in this the moons are the directors to the weather: the composer of storms, and conductor of the gentle solace of a beautiful day. What a magnificent orchestra she will play for you time and time again. Imagine the forces of nature working on her mind!

Blood tides! Spirit tides! Emotional tides! The tides that affect living beings. The word menses comes from the word moon. So you can imagine how in this you can affect her, and she you, depending on your cycles. It will manifest itself quite boldly in her mindvoice, and might be rather interesting to deal with. During the height of the cycles her voice will become shrill as the moon pulls almost painfully at your and her nerves. Maybe you have always wanted someone else to share your agony with? Your frustrations - she will share with you! And anyone else that dares come near to her mind!

Lunacy! Enough said! With the moons are full and at their strongest, so will be her mind, giving voice to all those thoughts that have plagued you, her mind will function on HIGH, and will be wound tight, strung taut like bow. Her mind will sing! Loud! Vibrant light! For the full 24 candlemarks she will BLAZE LIGHT! It will make it impossible to sleep, that light always blaring in your head. The emotional height of her voice – the choir of voices, because she becomes /all/ on this night, this is when she is most /linked/ with her Weyr, and any dragon sharing the moons total brilliant glory will be graced with and represented in her mindvoice. (Think: Pro Ista= and Pro all=)

“Except for a small solar pull on things, all tides are caused by the moon, which generally we all take for granted as having little influence on anything except beaches and poets.”. – Ken Ring

Your Isyth perfume is:
Selune, the Moon Goddess, fell in love with a beautiful shepherd named Endymion. She appealed to Zeus, asking him to cast Endymion into everlasting slumber so that she could be with him for all eternity. Her wish was granted, and every night the Goddess visited her love as he slept. A sweet, wistful blend of d'Anjou pear, Lily of the Valley, bois du rose and white musk.

Physical Voice:
Most dragons are not terribly vocal physically, and most times neither will Isyth be, because you know that “public face”, but —- and there’s the but – she can have her moments, and maybe a few more than the typical dragon. These will mostly only happen in private, and when we say private, we mean with dragons she knows well. When the time is right in public, she’ll vocalize there too.

As in everything else, she is multi-lingual. Her mood, the situation, the time of day will hold heavy weight on which tongue she will be speaking.

For bereft, mournful, melancholy moods she will speak as a howling wolf. When she is little, and not quite in complete control of her emotions, should you be gone when she wakes up you will hear this as well.


Protective paternal growl – as in a warning rumble meant to deter possible problems. Isyth will get all the scary warning signs that will become legendary amongst candidate groups, and throw this rumbling, grumbling sound on top!

Humor of all sorts. Cheerful chirping chuckles, to fluttery giggles – the mirth of a sprite with deeper resonance.

There will be moments of concern when she’s growing. Isyth is one of those girls that is born thin, will always be thin (no matter what they eat), and will die thin. The concern will come in when she becomes really active during weyrlinghood, once they really start getting around, and she will get maybe a bit too thin at times. You’ll have to push her to eat /more/, maybe even triggering that odd palate Isyth has by finding her some of her favorites, or finding her new favorites. This’ll give you good excuses to go exploring beyond the usual boundaries of Weyrlings. You can take some of your cohorts with you to explore. Real weyrlinghood adventures could evolve from this!

But of course when she’s too thin she’ll tire easier, but it won’t take too terribly much to get her goin once she’s back up to weight. It’ll just be a little frustrating how often she sleeps, and how long, how quickly she tires, and surely the dragonhealers will want to keep a close eye on her.

She’ll go through the lean overly lanky periods where features look stretched out of proportion, and her eyes will bulge, and bones are over-defined through the skin. It won’t last though, and soon her body will find a balance, transforming from coltish to sleek and lithely willowy.

The concerns of youth will become concerns again when Isyth is with egg. They will take so much from her body that she will become under weight, gaunt, and downright worrisome looking. She will push this off, but it won’t take a lot from you and the dragonhealers to get her to eat extra, after all, it will be for the babies!

This will mean that while on the sands she will need to take extra breaks from that dry heat and watchfulness to eat and get up to full weight. That or candidates and dragondaddy will be bringing her a lot of those whacked out meals. This need to eat a lot will help out a bit with egg touchings too, because they are always easier without the overly-protective gold on the sands hawkishly hovering!

The clever cunning wolf ends up scrunching up her lean haunches when she’s hunting because her backend is far more eager and presumptive than her front. Her front is cautious, digging those crescent talons into stone/soil/sand to make sure she has steady solid footing for the takeoff. Her neck will stretch toward the prey, eyes narrowed and keenly watching for an opening. When she has it – like an arrow she will fly!

Her lean form will allow her to move in ways that are not familiar to a lot of stocky golds. At the lope she will be smooth, bounding paw over claw, silvery tail held aloft to flow like hair on the wind behind her. Slower, Isyth will be trotting, bouncing elegantly along, looking almost playful in her steps, head held high, headknobs perked. She likes this kind of movement. She knows she looks good at it – no one ever said intelligent dragons cannot be vain dragons.

Isyth was born to fly! Just look at those wings! And she loves it. Down right, out right, not up tight, loves it! Give her a reason and off she will go! In the air she will still be quick even though she’s a gold, because she’s lean, and slick - so gliding action is her friend. She will look so beautiful doing it too! As she knows. The snakeishness must run in the family, because when you see that willowy dragon flying, it’s almost like watching a water-snake gliding through the water. She will soar gracefully through the clouds, and you can bet she’s educated herself on all the advantages that can be gleaned from thermals and air currents that will further her abilities there.

When it comes to food, look to the Chinese for the influence. This means she has a taste for ‘anything’ and ‘everything’. She likes mixing odd flavors that will surely make Lila and Elinth flinch, though the latter might just give it a second thought when Isyth is grinding happily away on whatever odd delicacy of the moment – maybe, just maybe that gold has something there.

Your lifemate will drive you mad with what she eats. Think – caprine, mixed with the bark off a felis tree (for the crunch factor), some bold flavored berries (zing!), and some of the strangest smelling spices she had you pinch from Elinth’s filched stash. Have you ever noticed how rice looks a bit like maggots? She did too, and so that herdbeast corpse she found forgotten in the back of the pens, several days old and crawling, suddenly becomes a new feast. To this she will of course add – wherry eggs, shells included, the blood of blood sucking insects, which means she’ll want you out there with the butterfly net, and well, might as well just throw the whole insect in as well. There is no combination she will not try, and she will pretty much delight in each and every one while you are busy vomiting. This’ll be most excellent when you eventually get pregnant!

One of her most favorite ingredients will be leeches! Lucky for you, most times the healers will have a jar, but you’ll need to sneak them, and well, sometimes they run out. There’s lots of swampy pools for you to splash around in on the Island! « Just do it with grace. You can look good while wallowing. Look at the porcine. Learn from the porcine. »

Yes! She will eat weird shit! But she will do it very primly and very properly. Each meal is an event, and it should be dressed for (bath, oil), and done with all seriousness. The pleasure is in your mouth! It should /NOT/ be all over /you/! This will be a serious issue for her with Minalth. The messes! The damage he does! « Treat your meal with respect! Have some for yourself as well! » How uncouth could you be? Hopefully no visiting golds are watching!

Isyth sinks into her indulgent facet almost completely while proddy, and as was said before, you will know almost from the very start that she is on her way to the ultimate climax - the flight.

This will be when those oil mixtures become the most sensually alluring, and soaking bathes and scented massaging oils will mark most every single day. You too. She’ll want you to indulge. She’ll have you hunting out the cabana boy for a good ‘workover’.

The closer it gets, the worse she gets, and her influence on you becomes dominating. The manipulations will get downright out of hand. No one will be immune. This could be the /one/ time she will use that ‘push’ except for in extreme consequences, but only as a very very last resort. No queen would ever abuse something like that unless there’s an absolute need, and well, her level of judgment sort of gets a little skewed at this time. Mostly though, Isyth will enjoy the manual way to manipulations, much more satisfactory! Any queen can abuse power, but it takes an especially clever one to successfully use her intellect to “bewitch” and “beguile” her way to the goal.

The moon! Most every time her flights will land during the duration of a full moon. Not necessarily during the night, but she will like that best if /she/ has a choice. After all, the moons strongest influence on living creatures is at that time, so it makes sense she will be ‘pulled’ into the manipulations of the moon.

Every instinctual stop will be pulled at this time. Sensuality will be the hallmark, and sexuality will be the standard. Desire, lust, passion are all words that will be readily used, and will stretch clear across noun, verb, and adjective – there and back again.


Threadfall is always a very serious situation, but Isyth approaches it in an almost militant manner. This’ll be real fun with Naomith leading the Blackdiamond wing – you’ve heard of too many cooks in the kitchen – this will be like too many Generals! Lilyth being her Senior trumps her authority as well, so when she goes and gets all pushy, it could work out as a bad day for all. Then you have Tajiath as well!

But she knows best, right?! Because she’s so hidebound, dedicated, and educated, she’ll feel it should outrank simple experience! Besides, she’ll be most informed too, having gone to all the other Weyrs, and other golds, and even pushed you all over the Weyrwomen of Pern to learn what you can from their vast experience.

It’ll frustrate her that she cannot chew stone, because she’d show those weyrlings how to do it properly! So instead she will overcompensate by making /you/ overcompensate. That flamethrower isn’t exactly light, which means you need STRONG arms. If you will give in to her pushing, you’ll have some of the strongest arms on females outside of the Smiths. If you won’t, she’ll give you hell if you grunt or complain once during a long Threadfall. « I told you so. Exercise those limbs and we will outlast the bronzes! »

Weyr Relationships:

Paquith and Isyth have amazingly the same sort of contentious relationship as their riders. In the Aztec mythos of the Sun and Moon, they chase each other across the sky, not as mates but as rivals. One god threw a rabbit in the face of the other to dim its brightness and changed into the Moon. Thus these two take sibling rivalry to new heights. Isyth is cool, Paquith loves the heat, therefore they are elementally at odds with one another. And since Wyn and I'deni are siblings too, it is just as well that their dragons see no attraction to one another beyond the amusement of being able to one up each other.

Both Elinth and Isyth are foodies, even if completely different sorts. In this they can maybe find a bonding point and share meals, for surely they will be interested in whatever the other comes up with. They won’t always like the same things, but both are daring palate-ists. They will share a common respect with one another when it comes to eating.

Minalth she will adore because he has such a great heart, but she won’t be able to stand watching him eat!!! By the egg! Someone get the dragon a bib! They could have some minor rows over this.

Shaarth she will have a great respect for – for the way his mind works, and how he focuses on the picture. He’s an educator, and you know Isyth’s got to respect that.

She can see the potential in Calafath, yet is aware that he is not to be 100% trusted, but oh my how she could utilize a workhorse like him, and that ‘dark’ side has its potential as well! The best way to understand a male, is to get close to him, so she’d be in the right mind to try to get as close as possible right from the start.

Put two manipulators in one clutch and see what you get – oh wait, we did! Isyth respects Sazanamith’s intensity, and once they are fighting thread, she’ll respect her drive and abilities too. Isyth wants to flame, and Sazanamith wants to be queen, so there will be jealousies between them, but your girl isn’t that prone to dwell on it. Too much else to do.


Egg Inspiration:
Described by: S'tao
The tradition of the Autumn Harvest Moon Festival goes back more than 3.000 years to China's Shang Dynasty. The Mid-Autumn Festival is one of the two most important holidays in the Chinese calendar, the other being the Chinese New Year, and is a legal holiday in several countries. Farmers celebrate the end of the summer harvesting season on this date. Traditionally, on this day, Chinese family members and friends will gather to admire the bright mid-autumn harvest moon, and eat moon cakes and pomeloes together. Some carry lanterns and burn incense, plant trees, and perform Fire Dragon Dances.

While English speakers may talk about the "man on the moon", the Chinese talk about the "woman on the moon". The story of the fateful night when Chang'e the goddess of immortality was lifted up to the moon, familiar to most Chinese citizens, is a favorite subject of poets. Unlike many lunar deities in other cultures who personify the moon, Chang'e lives on the moon.

The moon cake is a small pastry often decorated in fancy patterns baked into the surface. The inner filling comes in a variety of flavors depending on the regional tastes, lotus seed paste, red bean paste, and often the salted yolk of a duck egg. Mooncakes are rich, heavy, and dense compared with most Western cakes and pastries. They are usually eaten in small wedges accompanied by Chinese tea.



Dragon Name Inspiration:
Isyth is from Misyatsy which is Ukrainian for ‘moon’. The actual meaning mattered, but what mattered more is that everyone liked it because we’re pronouncing it ‘Iceth’, which went very well with Gwynne’s whole persona. Then when you got the Wyn alias we loved how Wyn and Isyth looked together. It looked good, it sounded good, and it means Moon.

Dragon Inspiration:
What would you expect from a Queen of a clutch made up of Cultures of the World? Your girl is based on the moon and all the shifting tides that come with it., or in Pern’s case, moons - that look down upon /all/ cultures. Don’t get us wrong! The looking down is only so she can see them clearly! Only so SHE can be a PART of them all, as she /is/. She is Pangaea’s Moon.

We’ve focused on ones we thought most fitting. French and German, because you are, and we thought you’d appreciate that. Just little dashes of those for kicks.


"German engineering in ze haus!"


Danaid - Rodin

Norse because she needed a dose of the fierce Norwegian Wolf in her blood. This is the way she moves. Like a wolf. The Wolf Moon.

China because you liked her egg so much, and because the Chinese are fascinating people, just ask our Weyrleader! Their culture is ancient and steady, just like our Weyrleader! (Oh, whoops! Did we say that outloud?) China Moon.


Celtic (because Q’luin is a pain in the ass) is one of the biggest influences as you see. The base of this dragon is of the Celtic Willow Moon. Strange thing is, after she was written up, and so darn complicated by so many aspects, we ran across a webpage that explained the Willow Moon really well, and it turns out to be PERFECT for all of this. The writer of this went a bit loopy giddy at how well it fit.


Her mind voice is largely based on The Five Tides of the Moon, which was so so cool and fitting.

Her physical voice is multi-lingual, we just gave you three examples: Norway (wolf), Germany (VW Bug), China (a Pipa).

Overall she is The Moon. The soft ray of light that illuminates the darkness, and gives life to thoughts you have yet to experience.

This is a great resource:

Moon music!

Nightwish - Moondance

The Tea Party - Drawing Down the Light of the Moon

Ludwig van Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata

The Glenn Miller Orchestra - Moonlight Serenade

Veronique Gens - Debussy's - Au Clair de Lune ("By The Light of The Moon")

Ennio Morricone - Nocturne With No Moon

Billie Holiday! - Moonglow

Michael Bublé - Moondance

The Doors - Moonlight Drive

Buckethead - Big Sur Moon

Neil Young - Harvest Moon

Jason Hayes - Moonfall (For the true geek in us all)

Sha na na- Flip Wilson - Blue Moon (For kicks)

Ozzy Osbourne - Bark At The Moon (Because she's a wolf, moon, and Ozzy Rocks!)

I also have some excellent songs that I'll list below that I couldn't find online. I have them though, so poke! Well, if you want them.

Eyvind Kang - New Moon
Jewlia Eisenberg – The Moon and Asja
Catacombs - Where No Light Hath Shone… (But For That of the Moon)
Pram - Moonminer
Tuna Helpers - Haloing Moons
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum – Red Moon

If you can make it to shut off the damn midi, this is a decent resource for moon music:

Tia and Soteria offered a ton of ideas. S’tao wrote the description and hatch message, while offering up a ton of ideas. Q’luin finished up.

Zerra and Brown Minalth
Lila and Green Elinth
E'siac and Brown Shaarth
I'deni and Bronze Paquith
M'ro and Green Sazanamith
Wyn and Gold Isyth
J'rlen and Brown Calafath

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