Klohi's green Harquith
Dragonsfire's 57th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Isyth and Sephiroth's clutch
Hatching Date: June 29th, 2010
Al'tair and blue Veveshoth
I'es and bronze Einarth
Lisya and gold Meliaith
Ai'den and bronze Kaijuth
K'thin and blue Gallifreth
D'yce and brown Chironath
T'yr's bronze Zarielth
T'syn's bronze Tasunth
Syvia's brown Dakhanavarath

Egg theme: Motion pictures! Moving pictures! Better known as cinematic movies!

Klohi! Sweet infinitely cute Klo!

How could we pass up saddling you with a dragon that we /know/ you’ll rock? Add to the cuteness and complexity that is Klohi? You bet! Cause we know you’ll embrace it and give us back awesome RP that will keep us laughing and at the very least grinning for hours on end. Ista is a lucky place to have you and your *yawnsqueaks*. But as in anything, this is simply a guideline. We worked tirelessly off of what you requested, and tried to do a good job with it. In the end, it is up to you to play your new dragon as you see fit! Welcome, in full, to the madness!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co


That Which You Desire Egg
An ominous oval abyss sucks all that is and all that will ever be into a hedonistic realm that vies for world domination. From the ebony depths rises the embodiment of sin, an unpredictable presence that captures the imagination of its prey, materializing into the very image of their lascivious desires. The ghostly souls of the fallen, forever trapped by their illicit passions, will for all eternity remain awash in lurid crimson horror, screaming in terror to that which will greedily feed off their misery.


Hatch Message:

That Which You Desire Egg detonates, shrapnel exploding in a mushroom cloud of black dust that billows in a thick fog that refuses to dissipate for an incredible amount of time. Eventually, little by little that which /someone/ desires is revealed, an iconic figure etched in the fading haze of debris, standing in a dramatically triumphant pose.

Hatchling Name:
Villainous Sidekick Green Dragonet

Dragon Description:

Sardanapalian pierrot in feminine form, a dancing dainty cleaved and divvied up in quadrants of contrasting light and dark green. Coy and cavorting, there is expressiveness in her kohl ringed eyes, sensational and vivacious from arched neck to slim shoulders and trim haunches. An athlete and entertainer in one, formed of sleek muscles and sinuous winding tail. Right quadrant from twix each headknob is in rouge-touched bright apple green, the opposite side pure polished dark malachite, then her trim narrow wings in reciprocal shades of pale verses shadow. Yet within those hues are the hidden stolen treasures of tiny diamonds in variegated tones scattered throughout that motley hide, sparkling glitter to match the keen edge of talon and teeth.

Impression Pose: (what the audience sees):

Villainous Sidekick Green Dragonet bounds on and arrives beside her blue sibling, but giving him nary a glance but instead focusing on the one standing beside his chosen. There's an interesting billowing of white surrounding her and beneath the robe she goes before sniffing raucously and then squeals in delight. Yes, this could be the humorus she's been seeking.

Impression Message: (what you see):

A portal in your mind yawns wide, spewing forth a sepia toned world of wonders that one by one march across your vision as it is tunneled further and further away from reality, reaching into the skewed depths of fantasy until you’re awash in endless magical mysteries. While it is all beautiful and fantastical, there is definitely a gritty darkness that overlays the display of twisted surrealism, giving it a gloomy aura as it reaches further and further into the core of your being. There is the faintest hint of a shadow bounding down the scope of your mind, following the mottled path through your thoughts and using the bread crumbs of what is left of your reality to find that which is essentially you. The closer it gets, the more tenuous your hold is on all that you /were/, past tense, for all that you will be comes to you in a saucy bit of colorful dialog, « So that’s what you’re all about, Puddin’! » It’s exuberant enthusiasm at it’s best « You and I’ll be right’o rooney! It’ll be a piece’a cake! » But the last triggers a head and belly full of hunger. « Cake… Gimme cake, Klohi! »


There is no way to simply describe the complex mind of your smart and sassy little Harquith. She is the embodiment of creativity and quirkiness in one small little devious package. Hers is a mind that never stands still, always sprouting off about the littlest thing she sees but she sees the world through the funhouse mirror of a crazy circus full of evil clowns. But like them, there is a gleeful mischievousness that always threatens to escape control, the only rein on her exuberance is your own sense of right and wrong. You'll need to be the sensible one in the pairing, which shouldn't be too hard, but sometimes even you'll give in to her lunatic ways.

Harquith is no momma dragon, it's not that she doesn't have any maternal instincts, but rather that they are simply overwhelmed by all her other more prominent traits. She is your sister in soul, light to her dark or vice versa. She quite willingly plays your henchman, crazy minion who gets you into more trouble than any crime you might consider committing yourself. She does love practical jokes and has no qualms about setting up her clutchmates or any rivals, sometimes even you. She has quite the sarcastic wit and isn't afraid to use it. There will be times when she'll catch you unawares with some smart alecky remark and make you choke on your meal.


It will be noticed that she rather lacks the usual human sense of morality, but she does conform to what a dragon might consider right or wrong. A dragon's purpose is to fight thread and to love their human partner and those she'll adhere to in spades. In all else, she can be sometimes ruthless, fiercely loyal to you and yours. If she thinks you're being threatened, watch out! Hell hath no fury like Harquith in protective mode. Harquith has a flair for the dramatic, when she's not sneaking up on something, she is brash and loud. When she is happy and having fun, she doesn't care who hears or sees, because it's even better when she has center stage for a time, but she's no prima donna. As the sidekick or henchwoman, her focus is mostly on you, but even she likes to shine sometimes. Quite often you'll find her exaggerating her own movements and poses to look the best or be very expressive.


Amongst her quirks, Harquith is a bit of a kleptomaniac, especially if she thinks something will look good on you or will particularly suit her. With it comes a unique knack of spotting the value of things, knowing that rather well made riding jacket in the leathers booth next to the landing field will be exactly what you deserve to wear. She is indeed a thief at heart, but you're her Joker and everything she does comes back to you. Likewise she has an eye for spotting the tastiest juiciest wherry in the flock and she will stalk it, sneak and pounce it with a grace that is unbelievable in a creature her size.

In her jeweled eyes, you can do no wrong. Her love for you is unconditional and adoring. She might not always understand why you're yelling at her for eating Lord Sterling's prize bull (because obviously that was the best and most valuable thing she saw in his pens.) but she won't get mad at you for disciplining her. Even if something you planned should spectacularly fail, she will be that voice in your head going, « I don't know why you did that, but obviously you MEANT to fall into the porcine pit. Oh I know, you were just looking for the best one for me to eat right? Yeah! Thank you! »


That's all part of her bizarre twisting thoughts. Harquith can rationalize just about anything, find some way of justifying anything she does or explain how she arrived at whatever odd thought through a rather roundabout mental path. Just like Harley Quinn rationalized her love for the Joker and even his abuse, Harquith rationalizes how she's entitled to walk with muddy feet through your weyr.

Those twisting mental pathways can also be attributed to a certain level of attention deficit. She will endlessly point out random things for your attention. How the pile of crap left by the herdbeasts is really starting to pile up, but doesn't that clump over there look just like Kaijuth's rear end? Isn't the color of spilled wine on the floor look fantastic against that weyrharper's new white shirt? « Look! Wherries! Let's go chase! » But as much as she natters on in your head, she's conversely also a very good listener if you start to talk. She's your henchwoman, she likes nothing better than for you to let her in on your plans, your thoughts and worries.

Twisted and twisting, thoughts winding about thoughts, twining with yours and winding about them until it becomes hard to figure the difference. One minute you think it’s yours, a common every day thought that seems natural to pursue and then all the sudden the edges are flaring, the hues in your mind darkening, and you begin to drift as she pulls you away from the tawdry to the bawdy, luring you ever away from normalcy and into a world that seems more dream than reality. Convoluted, upside down, downside up, warped realities that feel so damn good, so alluring, so debase wicked that it’ll become harder and harder to resist, but you /must/ or /you/ will be lost. The you that you are right now. Fight it!

"…can't sleep, clown will eat me…"
- Bart Simpson, "Lisa's First Word", ep 10 of season 4 inspired by Alice Cooper's song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xKVDM9F-kA

Dreams – yours, they won’t be your own anymore. She’ll steal yours and share her own. Harquith will dig deep into your head as you sleep, pulling out strands of your dreamworld thoughts and tying them together to stuff back in your ear, feeding you a new faction, a new version, /her/ version. Soft and silky comes her voice « Puddin’, you’re golden and he’s swiss cheese, all full of holes that mice the size of Saint Bernards could fit through. Forget hiiiiimmmm, what about /heeeeeerrrrrr/? » It’s all in your girl’s odd sense of fun, seeing you wake up with a start, eyes flashing wide because you just dreamed about getting all sexy with – TIA?! She’ll dragon giggle madly, which will be your first clue of what she’s done.

It won’t stop there though, because her mind is a bizarre landscape of oddities that put a new twist in ‘twisted’. There is nothing more outlandish than her dream-mind. Harquith will dream really wild eccentric theatrical productions that will time after time leave you floored, because she’ll share every last tidbit, every frame, every mangled moment, every crazy aspect of her intricate and amazing mind when it’s conjuring up an elaborate labyrinth of baffling bohemian circus images stolen straight from her unearthly negative verses the relatively pristine portrait that you’ve formerly (Read past tense! Prior to Harquith!) dwelled in.



Harquith is in a word dragon-HOT, okay that’s technically two words, but oh wow, she’s one wonderfully shapely lithe beast that is the embodiment of sexy. If sex could fly, she’d be /it/. We’re not talkin’ boring stickboard lithe, we’re talking feminine curves that make males weep, and even human males double take, dropping to a dead halt in what they’re doing to watch her move. Like melting butter, all luscious, liquid movement that slathers the ground and flies in the skies with her special sort of dynamic delights. She is an ice cube in summer rubbed on overheated skin. She is luscious, she is limber, she is every male’s desire all rolled up into a perfectly formed package that has absolutely nothing to do rail-thin, over-plumped, under-tucked, over-done synthetic ideals, she’s /the/ /real/ /thing/. The real Macoy. The one that will write the book on sex appeal for dragons.

On the ground? Nimble? Sprightly? Sure! She can do that too! Her and ole Tasunth can tango the night away, both being of the same ilk in this manner (and some others), must be in the blood! Maybe an inside curve from Sephiroth? Could be, but however she got it, she’s got it. She’ll bound on ground /or/ air, and little can bind her form to either because she often exchanges one for the other without notice. Up high… down low! Down low… up high! Sashaying through the bowl one moment, leaping to a ledge the next, and it’ll be more jump than fly, because she’s /just/ /that/ /good/. She can fly, oh hell yea she can fly, but you can’t stop her on the ground either, which will make her a perfect participant in criminal acts that have her thieving those goods without tripping any wires, slithering under theoretical beams of light, and moving in amazing ways across stone, dirt, or sand like nobodies business!


Problem though! In the sea? Not so much. Eventually, sure, but up front, she’ll shun the great big, and not so big (lake), waters as often as possible. You /might/ just have to make do with Italian showers for her until you can help her get her confidence in that bizarre /wet/ substance. One trick’ll be the cleanliness, because yea, she’s vain. « What’s a sponge bath? I want one. » She’ll be awkward, and more than a little uncomfortable. One day when she works out that she can be as buoyant and beautiful in the water as she is on land and in the skies, maybe she’ll relax and get into it. Only time will tell!

Greens are small anyways, but she’s small for even green. It’s a good small though, an /almost/ dainty small, and remember she has well proportioned curves, so overall she is exactly that - well proportioned, not too big, not too little. Harquith is the Goldilocks of Pern – she’s just right.

All of that succulent movement, the bouncy, flouncy action? Well, there is a bummer side to that and it’s called sprained/pulled/strained muscles. She’s petite, which means her (relatively) petite sized muscles are going to undergo some extra stress, especially since she’s on the go 24/7, moving, grooving, bouncing, bounding, etc, etc, etc… it’s not going to be a shocker to any of the dragonhealers that she needs ice packs and steam heat and various other specialized treatments for the more athletic and energetic set of the weyr.

Of all the dragons at Ista, Harquith is certainly one of the most uniquely colored. There is a scientific basis for such variances dependent on breeding. Isyth is Sephiroth's neice after all, but according to Anne McCaffrey, the triple helix genetic code of the dragons seems to prevent most of the problems caused by inbreeding. However that wouldn't preclude some interesting side effects that makes it's presence known on Harquith's hide and let's face it, she's just a bit kooky too!

First of all, her head is a medium green tone, but it's hard to spot around the broad dark mask that surrounds eye to eye and narrowing across the bridge of her nose. It's a shade that's close enough to black to be mistaken for it in dim lighting. You'll note that there's just a hint of silvery pale to the tips of either headknob, almost like a belled jester's cap and right there, the split begins but there is no texture difference between either, but the shades could not be more different.


On the right side it's a bright apple green topcoat, but there's an undertone beneath it that's just a hint of red. In combination it gives an almost shimmery metallic effect, like you would see on a custom car paint job. On the other side, it's dark malachite and like the stone it's not one single shade but a subtle intermix of many. Her wings are long but narrow, the kind of cutting edge that makes flying acrobatics a cinch for her, here the right side is dark and the other the light shade. You will see segments within the patterning of her hide, not quite scales, but closer to off-kilter diamonds scattered all over her hide. Here and there are small clusters of opposite shades, a large set on either side of her hindquarters.

Her toes and talons are particularly long, making grasping things easier despite her dainty size. There's a bit more than the usual flexibility there which helps her to pick up smaller things that most dragons would probably just decimate. The edges of each talon are traced in more silver, glitter to match her hide and sharpness to match her rapier wit.

Mind Voice:

Above it all is Harley Quinn’s Brooklyn accented twangy showgirl 1940’s colloquialisms. It’s always about the Joker’s mercurial girl, but the background of her wishy washy moods is emphasized by underwordly, otherwordly, dream world, twisted imagination, altered reality mindscape.

Eerie but not truly evil, the cinema-scape of her mind is moody animation full of dark disjointed visuals and mildly jangling discordant sounds. The textures and scents mix and mingle in the same vein, evoking a sinister underworld aura that pervades the sensory system and fractures the mind.

Any creature you can dream or imagine will transpire in her head. It’s all about the illusion, the illusive reality, disproportionate values, murky color side by side with vivid hues that makes an unsettling combination, awkward angles, over focused and out of focus lenses, bizarre filters, surrealistic visuals and concepts, three dimensional in-your-face moments, washed out intangible landscapes of dreary sepia tones, metallics that seem almost liquid in the intensity of their separation from the rest, magical beings, frightening glimpses into a child’s nightmare, stop animation, spastic erratic movements that come out of nowhere, rigid lines of early comic book stills, the smell of bubble popping Bazooka gum, gunpowder, gun smoke, the scent of an explosion, the sight, sound, texture, and smell of cosmetics, spandex, the slums, smoky backrooms, the slammer, her boudoir, and all that a dame like Harquith would need or want, or experience (even if she doesn’t want to), including the jewels and furs.

If any packaged scent described Harquith's mind, it would be Gun Moll: As sexy as ox blood lipstick and a Chicago typewriter: honeycomb, red amber, narcissus, bergamot, Zanzibar clove, opium poppy, tobacco leaf, skin musk, dark fruits, night blooming jasmine, tarragon, and gunpowder.

You'll note that she hasn't shortened or altered your name, but she kind of has. Nine times out of ten, she refers to you as Klohi-sweetheart. « Klohi-sweetheart, you'd look great in that fur coat we saw in that vendor's stall. No, don't worry. I'll get it for you! »

Everyone else she likes however, she'll refer to them as Mr./Ms. Initial. Your weyrlingmaster is Mr. I. The Weyrwoman is Ms. W. The Weyrleader is Mr. S. You get the idea. Those she gives by full name are simply acquaintances who need to be named, but those she knows best only need to be named by Initial because they could be no one else!

Mirrormask: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GA1iawlsKLg
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFxqw0jbC2Y
Coraline: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js7wxoqeVK0
9: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OnoJecu9e7c

Physical Voice:

Her physical voice is as varied as she is, which is quite. Depending on the moment or mood, the pitch changes in drastic directions. One minute, during the happy moments it’s high brassy trilling, high warbling, high squeaks, even high in the throat rumbling, just high, high, high everything. Much like Harley Quinn in her mindvoice.

She will dragongiggle, how could she not? It will have that forever youthful vibrating in the throat, spastic action quality that all giggles have, but hers of course will be a little higher than most, keeping to the all over quality of her day to day voice. It’ll be a delight to hear and could put a bit of sunshine in anyone’s day – but be weary! When it turns maniacal, run!

It gets varied mostly when her mood darkens, and so too does the tone, which goes low and echoing. When she’s rapid fire angry it’s all tommy gun ratatatatatatatat! Quick fire spitting frustration that is coupled with blazing eyes, and intermingled with snarls. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAMM6eJDq_4

But when it’s pure unfettered furry, she’s downright explosive! Just BANG! BOOM! It’s a roar, but it’s a roar that comes packing a punch that will knock back the strongest and boldest, along with the weak and meek, which she definitely isn’t: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U-v0O5gLdKo or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZc7rZCpmrQ

When someone attempts, threatens, or comes anywhere near to thinking about hurting you?! It’s Chernobyl mushroom clouds!!! « DON’T MESS WITH MINE!! » http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fHALm2eaPsI



Harquith grows much like a human babe, or more expressively, like a cartoon human babe. Born all awkwardly disproportionate parts: big head, tiny feet, an over extended belly (especially when done with a meal), extra wrinkles, flattened headknobs and snout, etc, etc…

Soon though, quite soon, she’ll start coming into her own, growing into her head, expanding limbs to work out the wrinkles, headknobs proudly straightening along with that muzzle. Through each stage she’ll get better and better, and it won’t take long until she reaches that lanky teen faze, still not quite there, but damn close! Eventually the baby fat will melt away, leaving behind long lean womanly curves that make her a beauty to be reckoned with.



It’s been said and it’ll be said again and again, she’s an acrobat. An amazing one! The aerial feats she will manage in the air will stun and amaze, defying the imagination of most. One might say there’s never been such an awesomely acrobatic dragon, but it’s hard to say, history is one long long bit of time with more information than any one memory could hold, yet we /can/ assure you that she’s absolutely the most acrobatic in our memories’ reach.

She will leap, she will spin, she will whirl and swirl, a tornado with wings, unstoppable and who the heck would want to stop her?! Go! She’ll show us her stuff time and time again, flying circles around the rest, adeptly squeezing through spaces that seem incredibly impossible, even managing to glide upside down for as long as gravity will let her. It’ll be remarkable and will stun not only ignorant holders, but weyrfolk alike!


Harquith will be fast! It’ll be a close race between her and Tasunth, and probably each time there will be a different winner, because these two are all about the zoom zoom! When it comes to agility, she’ll kick his ass, but when it comes to stamina, she’s a goner, so it’ll all depend on various factors, some of which they share dead on. One of which is tenacity! Harquith « I will win!! » Tasunth « No! I will win!! » and we all shall see! Probably often.

And yea, she’s zinging all over the place, but she’s a smooooooth sailer. Watching her fly is a wonder to behold. Like perpetually gliding on a lake of glass, she will stun with her grace when she really wants to show off, dropping jaws left and right. Day in day out she’ll be the bee’s knee’s of the skies, but when she really wants to put on a show, which she does often (cause attention seeking is her bag!), Harquith will pour on elegance, sweeping mind boggling circles amongst the clouds, whipping and churning them into new formations. /It’s/ /just/ /THE/ /most/ /spectacular/ dramatics flooded full of slinky stylish Harquith charisma!



‘Sugar’ isn’t just a sweet moniker that Harquith likes to use for you, but it’s also a way of life! Her life. Your life. It’s something you share in common. She /loves/ sweets. Oh the sticky, gooey, luscious, sugary confections that she will egg you again and again to steal from the kitchen for her. She doesn’t just have a sweet ‘tooth’, but a full on set of sweet ‘teeth’ – yes, every single one.

Guess what this means? You’re going to have to brush her teeth!!! Sugar is the doom of any tooth and whether you like it or not, Harquith will fiend for it in a big way. Not always, it’s not like you have to sprinkle sugar on her meat – it isn’t /that/ bad – but any sugar she has will have a corrosive effect on dragon teeth that aren’t accustomed to this little wicked delight, so yea, get Q’luin to fix you up with a dragon-sized tooth brush!

This will extend to fruit, and she won't mind gumming (as in stealing) fruit now and again. No fruit bearing tree on the island will be safe from your Harquith, especially if she gets bored. Don’t let her get bored, because that’s when she craves sugar the most. « Ho hum. » Tail twitch. « I’m bored. » Twitchtwitch. « Cake! » Lets pray to high heaven that if you leave her alone for long before she can fly that she doesn’t discover that she’ll actually fit through the door of the storage caverns. Raid!

Otherwise she’s a pretty typical eater. Again, she’ll eat when she’s bored, but otherwise, Harquith isn’t prone to big extravagant feasts. Sure she likes food like anyone else, especially the four legged sort, even though they’re often bigger than she should probably try taking down « I can hunt anything that any male can! ». Wherry? For the ‘birds’, she’s quite capable of taking down caprine, small herdbeasts, porcine, and other four-legged freaks thankyouverymuch! But she isn’t one for gorging. Except for ONE period of time – flights.


Eat eat eaT eAT EAT! Yes! EAT! Munge is more like it. This hormonal moment of the season will consist of all sorts of crazy she won’t usually go in for. The best part is that she’ll have a ready made excuse to cover her ass when someone calls her on the feast fest, someone like Meliaith « It’s my time of the Turn! Leave me be! »

The gorging won’t be the only effect you have to deal with though, sorry! There’s also the little matter of being /extremely/ temperamental; full of all sorts of highs and lows, almost to the point of manic depressant. One minute she’ll be buzzing about like a fickle faun, dashing about with helium in her head and giggling a mile a minute at her own mischievousness. « Oh! *Giggle* Did you see /that/?! *Giggle* I just dropped a wherry egg I found in the feeding pens off Atsuth’s ledge onto Zhoreth’s head! He never knew it was me who did it! *CrazyCacklingMixedwithGigglesGalore* »

Then the lows that aren’t so much as depressant, as they are WHOA biteyourheadoff! This is when flame is definitely /her/ friend and /not/ anyone else’s. She’ll burn anything left unattended! « It shouldn’t have been left there!! It’s mucking up the landscape! » *SEAR!* If she giggles now, it’s more maniacal and pretty much creepy sounding.

Nobody, dragon, human, lizard, animal, or mineral better get in her way! So that Lord Holder that didn’t tend to the brush about the Hold? Ooooooo, not only will the brush be cleared for him with hotangryburstofflames!, but so will a bit of his – oh, say a little bit of his vineyard?. Just a small bit, and it was an accident! She was trying to help with those invasive weeds! At least that’s the excuse /you/ can give. Harquith won’t give any because she’s already onto some other form of… punishment to the world for her mood!

She does have her sexy moments and that she will use /most/ to influence you, rather than give a hoot about the boys. Harquith does, oh yea, but they’re supposed to chase /her/, not the other way around, so she plays coy with the boy(s). You though, she’ll heap on that sexy to try and get you out of your norm – put a slink into your walk, a purr in your talk, and hopefully a sly grin on your pretty lips.


By the time she finally gets to the flight the whole Weyr, — nay, /Island/ - will be relieved. But the flight itself?! Holy herdbeast, will she dazzle the hell out of the skies and the guys chasing her. They’re going to have to be extremely creative to catch her! Quite seriously so. She’s so cunning and incredibly agile! Her acrobatics will be beyond what most of the larger males can even fathom (Zhoreth mentally flails « How’d she DO that?! »), and she’s more clever than pretty much /any/ of the /males/ could muster in their minds. In otherwords, they’ll have to pull some majorly amazing moves to catch her, that or she’ll have to be kind and slow down for them eventually. « Alrightalrightalrightalright… lets get this darn thing over, they’ll /never/ catch me at this rate! »


Harquith has agility in spades, so will zip, zing, and zap like nobodies business, taking down the enemy in the space of time that most people would blink. A good lot of the larger dragons will look like they’re standing still compared to her impressive speedy acrobatic maneuvers.

She’s got a special knack for spotting the stray clumps, and picks them up in a glorious display of flashy combustion. ‘Overkill’ is her middle name when it comes to flaming, which falls right into one of the main pockets of her desires: fire. Some girls desire jewels, and she will too! Gimme glittery! But Harquith is a dragon who has a certain dominant fascination for explosions and flame. Big showy bursts of flame that not only gets the job done – well done – over done – but does it with a true display of dramatic theatrics as well! Anything the big cumbersome dragons miss, she’ll catch. She’s clean up! One of the most important parts of the team! « Oops! You missed some! I’ll get it! »

All this fire though? Means lots and lots of firestone, which means lots and lots of upchucking stinky sludge and having to restock more than most. She’s not good at conserving her flame, no, because yea, all those amazing colors! The whoooooooosh! That dramatic beautiful fiery show of awesome! So what if it’s a little clump, she’s going to CHAR IT INTO OBLIVION!


She’s a small slim dragon, quite sexy in fact, but that doesn’t do a lot for longevity, which your doll doesn’t have a lot of. It’s okay though! All that splash and dash, the show she gives while working her little tail off, entertaining the ones that ‘get her’ style, as well as her awesome aerial prowess, tossed in a pot together with Harquith’s ability to recover quickly makes her one super fantastic wingmate. Quick down, but also quick up, she’ll be back in the party in no time! « I gotta rest! » Out she goes, landing on her favorite spire at the weyr from which she prettily perches time and time again. She’ll take ownership of it in fact once she’s able to fly that high. She likes to be up high! A vtol flies by, someone comes out onto a ledge to dump a chamber pot, she impatiently taps her talons 50 or so times against the stone, and then it’s « I’m ready! Lets go! » and she’s back in action.

Weyr Relationships:

Harquith is going to likely find a like minded soul with Tasunth right up until the moment she gets overly destructive or careless, but even then he’ll only draconically shake his head and turn a blind eye, after all, he /gets/ you, he gets you really quite well. If she gets a little too extreme in her carelessness, you /might/ find him offering up a word or two of advice, but in a compadre educative sort of way, not actually lecturing her.

Now Chironath is not quite her nemesis, but more like the brother she would love to tease and taunt the most. Batman to her Harley Quinn, they're polar opposites. He's all rules and do good, she's all chaos and trouble! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pa-TZlUQW4U He might rain on her parade, but she'll make sure he has to go all out in order to try and stop her!

Kaijuth is a big lumbering galoot next to your darling Harquith. She'll run and fly circles around him. But he's such a whomping loud bumbling swath of mass destruction, she'll adore him for that! They're both yellers, one can just imagine I'deni's frustrations having this pair honking off during lessons!

Einarth is the crazy warrior of the clutch. Which intrigues your dragon to some extent, that gungho brash go get 'em zaniness certainly appeals to her, but he might be a little too prosaic about it. Though he might be a multifaceted dragon, he is direct and unwavering while Harley is a complex mash of psychedelicness.

Meliaith and Harquith will get along just fine, right up until the gold starts rolling about in the mud, or doing those other bizarro activities. She’ll also get a bit lost on the reason for a fair amount of things Meliaith will do, being the whole Mother Nature sort, and they’ll probably find as much things to laugh at each other about, as much as they do laugh together. It’ll be interesting. In essence, she's Poison Ivy to your Harley Quinn.


Egg Inspiration:

Described by: Q'luin

Egg Inspiration: Dracula 2000 - one of my all time favorite movies! It's awesome campy goodness that has an underlying story that rings so true about modern day humanity; about humanity of any time, honestly. We're such creatures of our desires, whatever those desires might be. A person could desire only that which is good and wholesome, but that too can absorb their very being, their soul, their minds, sucking them into an endless consuming abyss that takes over their very lives. Life is a constant struggle that only ends in death. Beyond death? It's anyone's guess.

Picture: http://www.impawards.com/2000/dracula_two_thousand.html

Dragon Name Inspiration:

Harquith was an easy name to pick. You provided the base of it Harley Quinn herself of course. We didn't want to make it too obvious as you said, so the combination of Harquith just jumped out. It's not too short, not too long, uses an odd letter like 'Q', just like you asked!

Dragon Inspiration:

This section isn’t going to be horribly in depth or complicated for one simple reason – you know /exactly/ where the idea came from – your awesome brain. You wanted Harley Quinn, and so here she is!

Dr. Harleen Quinzel becomes Harley Quinn http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_vtn_gv1QM


—- With a bit of a workover. Yea, Harley is Harley, but she’s also SO much more. There’s a magical depth to Harquith that maybe cartoon Harley didn’t have. It’s not that she was two dimensional (harhar), but more that we (or at least tenacious Qi) thought that we needed to lean a little heavier on the devil side of Klohi’s shoulders than Harley alone might have done. So layered atop is all the magical and eerie landscapes that can be found in that bizarre and amazing part of the fantasy genre where not only can /anything/ and /everything/ happen, but it does so with a bit of a twisted and imperfect view. Dig and you shall find a new layer of dirt, a crusty layer of grit, and a volume that is full of dark, yet also vibrant new wonders for you and Harquith to explore together.


We hope to hell and back that you love her as much as we do, because we really really do. We fine tuned her to try and give you the very best experience that we could, and hopefully we succeeded! Enjoy!

Below is some extra inspiration from Tim Burton. Especially that particular Batman that he did.

Batman Forever: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8D0ckow0ck
Corpse Bridge: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-akimwGclk

Also the inspirational (ha) music Qi was listening to while writing this dragon. This song, over and over and over and over! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=abJYXY3mPjs but also some of this for it's dreamy floaty aspects: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VUBQLnEGHNk and this too, same reason: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KPeSbITit5U

Also inspirational, Harley and the Joker music montage set to Lady Gaga's Poker face! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDd985hB9SI
Bad Romance! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIdZ2kAcpLI
(You can tell this was S'tao's)

An extra song which came from Dr Parnassus that fit our lovely Harquith's mindset: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l8_6Sd8vHm0 (Bizarre coincidence, check the name of the person that posted it.)

Terry Gilliam (Dr Parnassus) is well known for being prone to finding inspiration in various painters for the CGI imagery. I thought you’d maybe find some there too, so here are some of the ones used for this particular movie: (Wikipedia) The scene with Doctor Parnassus's attempted suicide related to the style of Odd Nerdrum, the Ladder World with Jude Law featuring "rolling hills with simple trees" was inspired by the art of Grant Wood, the kitsch landscape from the beginning of the sequence with Colin Farrell took inspiration from Maxfield Parrish, and Jose Maria Sert's mural of the Crucification in Rockefeller Center inspired the scene including the final minutes of Farrell's appearance in the film.

The Mirrormask visuals were one of the biggest inspirations for the aura visuals. The trailer, which is above in her mindvoice, was watched so many times the darn dialogue has been memorized, so hopefully that will be helpful as well!


Harquith was straight up a gift from S’tao and Q’luin, lovingly molded through hours and hours of research, and hopefully, inventive writing.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License