Carolyna's Green Granaith
Dragonsfire's 53rd PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Naomith and Rhyolith’s clutch
Hatching Date: June 22rd, 2008
Egg theme: Freezeframes! Everyday moments as captured by a camera.

Documented Expansion and Expectation Egg
Though ovoid in shape as it should be, the slope of this egg's shell is purposeful. Indeed, it expands out on one side much more than the other, a graceful arc stopped only by some aberration in the shell texture near the bottom, a tiny bump outward, and darker than the rest. And the coloration of this egg centers around this nub of shell; most of this egg is a creamy color, marred by faint pink scars stretching across the widest part of the curve. Too, on either side, a darker tan shade, with subtly darker lines dividing this tan into what looks like a hand over a hand, a gesture of affection caught on shell. These changes in hue are toward the lower portion of the egg, cupping that belly of a curve, enveloping and protecting the odd shape of this warm and expectant egg.

Hatch Message:
Documented Expansion and Expectation Egg is contracted in an improbable contortion that turns out to be impossible as the wide end cracks open, squirting fluids on the black sands to create an oozing puddle of goo. One last shudder and life is born unto the chaos of the cavern, sliding out for an unceremonious delivery.

Hatchling Name:
Dancing on Dangerous Ground Green Dragonet

Dragon Description:


Silvered emerald is fluid over the hide of a lean lady, offering motion in stillness, elegance in brightness, and daintiness where her build says otherwise. Muscles, made for kinetic grace, dance beneath the glitter of shamrock hide. The round curve of her snout pales to an iced-over fern before spreading upward in flame-like swirling to the leafy coloration that highlights expressive eyes. It funnels ever upward to coat the eye ridges before a trek down over neck and shoulders is made. Over a lissome spine darker green takes hold with only finger-like striations of grassy tones breaking the solitary color. A filmy shawl of pale spring greens create wings that can only be this demoiselle's crowning glory. Sails as fragile as any and spars that seem to have been created with only pleasing looks in mind, her wings are made with the poise of flight in mind. Sleekness continues into trim hips, legs both fore and rear, and the sweeping length of her tail flickers gold. All in all, she is made for many dances to come.

Impression Pose (what the audience sees):
Dancing on Dangerous Ground Green Dragonet follows her brown clutch brother successively in locating what should complete her. Eyes switch from muted greens to instances of orange and high steps take her closer to these dense beings clothed in white. Offerings? Better to be an audience.

Impression Message (what you see):
The volume and breadth of the crowd builds to a deafening roar, burning through your ears and straight into the core of your mind. It slowly fizzles to a hiss, before disappearing completely to be replaced by the ratta tat tat, tap tap tap of metal heels danced on wood, and a blaring spotlight makes the rounds before settling on individual thoughts, relayed in a cool breezy manner. « Shall we dance? » An impressive barrage of steps comes rapid-fire, and then in a breath of exhilaration « Consider your dance card full, Carolyna! We’re partners now and forever! » .


Lift the wings,
That carry me away from here and,
Fill the sail,
That breaks the line to home.
But when I'm miles and miles apart from you,
I'm beside you, when I think of you,
a Stóirín, a Grá.
—"Lift the Wings" from Riverdance

Granaith is a happy dragon who is innocent and unsophisticated in many ways and believes in the best out of anything. Definitely not unintelligent, she just chooses to put a positive interpretation on life, and if that means she needs to blink dumbly at something on occasion, so be it. She is also a dreamer and a bit of a romantic. Again, she will rarely dwell on the negative side of things. Those strong emotions such as anger, frustration, pain? Well she tends to ignore them and thank heavens forgets about them quickly.

She does have a great imagination and will entertain you for hours with stories she makes up about often the most mundane things. « There were two VTOLs see… and one day… » or « that runner met this wherry and… » That is a small part of the creative energy that she feeds you and gets from you and she will enjoy the creative side of you former Smith, ever so much. If you continue making jewelery, she'll be just as interested in it as well and will spend a fair amount of her time making suggestions and offering up wonderfully complex and bizarre visualizations of normal things. « I think a pendant with a runner's head, a wherry's feathers, and the face of that drudge from the kitchens would be beautiful! » Her storytelling is imaginative and often positive, like her, but will also contain that whimsical aspect of the perfect scenario. We're not exactly talking romance novel sweet-and-happy, but this upbeat dragon doesn't waste much time on negatives, either. Everything, from Threadfall to plague to the end of the world, has a positive spin that she's just in the right position to see. Visionary, or nutcase? That you can determine for yourself. « These things happen. If it weren't for Thread, I wouldn't have been hatched, and you'd never have ever met me. And I love you dearly. »

She does absolutely love and adore you though, first and foremost. She is a very touchy-feely dragon with you and only you. When she's young, you're going to be curled up in her tail and she is tactile. If she's napping, she wants you there with a hand upon her. Very friendly to those you like and if you don't like someone, she's just a little aloof. Friends or romantic interests of yours may provoke her curiosity, but it will take a true closeness on your part to them to bring her around to actually bonding with them herself. If you are the moon, she is your tide, and your motions and emotions effect her. The exception in this case is flights, which we've detailed more in that section of the inspiration. Flights are transient events and Granaith will have some quirks of affection, but you will always hold her love. Granaith, is a pleasant dragon to be around and will find herself in enough company to keep her entertained. You though are her true love.

The great thing about having a constantly positive outlook is that you have the unfailing ability to project it upon others when contacting them. That truly is Granaith. She may not even be trying, but her viewpoint will either rub off on others and help bring them around to a more positive mood themselves or serve to irritate those who won't be moved by it. She doesn't actually mean to do it; it's just how she is. Sunny, cheerful, and ever viewing that silver lining. This will naturally lead to others perceiving her as naive or, in some more negative cases, stupid. She won't defend herself against insulting remarks, casting them off like water off a duck's back. She knows what she is, and no one but you will likely ever know her as well as she does. « What do they know? I'm just sorry they're so stuck on being grouchy. »

Every dragon needs a few personality quirks and Granaith has one major one. She hates sand. Yes SAND! Gets in everywhere, and drives her nuts. « Why would anyone like sand?! » Dry sand that is. She loves the water, but if you're going to the beach, she'll land in it rather then next to it. It will take a toll on your straps and so you'll spend a fair amount of time repairing, caring and replacing them. Sand is just gritty, and it's all over the place, and really, ground is a lot easier to sashay and glide upon. Walking on sand just makes you look awkward and ungainly. Living at a Weyr that's near a beach, well we realize that'll be awkward. Carolyna will be sweeping out the couch and the weyr on a daily basis, and Granaith will demand perfection in that task of her lifemate!

« I see some! »
Come on, it's just a little patch!
« It'll still get stuck under my tail and you know how uncomfortable that can be! Remember the beach in your shorts? Not good! »

Very active and with that dancer's athleticism, Graniath is a team player. She'll love the games the dragonets play and be right in there as an active participant.

Lithe are the muscles that gently blanket your lean Granaith. Dancer tuned, and as taunt as the bow that hums the tune. The delicacy of her dainty wings sings the song of flight’s grace, while faintly hedging on frail. Be vigilant there, those fragile wings could be her downfall if you don’t take extra care. Her sleek form is sure to cast an elegant shadow, yet in the brilliance of day the rounded curves of snout and eyeridges fall wide, when muzzle’s middle remains lean, creating the vision of a visage with unusual shapely curves. Not unattractive, but unique to be sure.

Don’t forget her talons! They have a habit of growing too fast, which will cause a hitch in her gait if not attended to. Ask a Dragonhealer to teach you how to use a file so you can keep up. Beautiful though, thick, strong, with a nice natural shine that shimmers pearlescent in the sun. That vast array of colors you find in her hide all can be found in her talons on the days when the sky is clear. They’re almost magical. Rainbow-esque.

Mind Voice:
Granaith's voice is a soft alto, not too deep nor too soft for a female and it's just right for her. She's rather soft spoken most of the time, preferring to keep her voice light, filled with hints of laughter rather than allowing it to become over done, overloud, and hard on even her own mental ears. Her voice is the cooling breeze in the summer, the warmth of a fire in the winter, and the calming influence that you will often seek out when things are at their worst.

When she is angry or upset though, that voice becomes a thousand feet patterning out a rhythm, not unpleasant, but certainly intense.

Mind Scent:
You will find out that your lifemate prefers to keep things simple when it comes to all things related to her mental voice. In doing that Granaith's voice will often come off as the simple scent of sheets that have been dried in the sunshine with just a hint of lavender that soothes and calms, along with other homey and comforting scents.

Fresh baked homemade bread. Flannel. The familiar scent of your old stuffed animal. Mother’s pillow and father’s cologne. Herbal bubble bathes. Hot chocolate on a cold day. Hearth fires. Candles burning. The smell of a long cold heater being fired up in autumn. Grandpa’s old leather chair. Grandma’s special recipe apple pie. Freshly washed hair. Recently cut grass. The linen closet, and the dusty library too. Chicken noodle soup, potatoes, the land dampened by rain and mist in the dark of night. Puppy breath, and their popcorn smelling feet. Baby bellies. Kitten fur. The pages of old books. Uncle Jack's pipe when it isn't lit. Peeled oranges. Coffee brewing in the morning. Sliced watermelon on a hot summer afternoon. Tweed. The powdery scent of your pet bird as it flutters its wings. Garden beds, and the swimming pool. If it's homey, comforting, and makes your nose twitch with pleasure, then this is the simple scents of your lifemate's mind.

Physical Voice:
As with her mental voice, Granaith's physical voice is soft but do not think that it is without power. When the need arises, this green of yours can surely belt out a sound that will make the ground tremble with its might. She will have her soft pleasing croons, flirty trills, and that brassy warble, but more often than not she'll stick with the lighter, softer tones that are more pleasing for her and those around her.

At first Granaith will shoot up like most young dragons do, gaining length rather rapidly with her wings spreading outward so fast that you may find yourself often in fits of worry that she'll trip and injure one of them. While the other dragonets are still shooting out and upward like weeds, Granaith's own growth spurt will settle into a stretching of muscles, a strengthening, and yes growing, but not nearly as hide-stretchingly rapid as others in her clutch. It's as if her body knows that grace, agility, and flexibility come with time and patience, so it slows down a little. As the candle burns, and the nourishing sun makes its’ rounds, she blooms at just the right pace to flourish to her full potential.

As with all things, Granaith will achieve her final growth when her body says it's time, but do not worry, this won't hold her back as far as training, flight, and all that fun stuff goes. You'd be surprised what this lady can do once she gets wind beneath her wings, she'll surely give all those in her class a run for their money when it comes to speed and endurance.


"We are completely prepared. If we don't beat ourselves, we'll be fine." –-Hayley Wickenheiser

She is grace personified, fluid in motion and stillness. Granaith would have been a born dancer had she been human, light on her feet at every turn. Even on the ground this lady is graceful, even in the most clumsiest moments there is a grace about her. While a lot of dragons appear to hop when they move, Granaith seems to have figured out how to turn that hop into a graceful slide, a prowl almost. That tail of hers will keep her entertained, any loose rocks get flicked fast and furious. At first she'll miss quite a bit, but as time goes on her accuracy and force will become quite something.

"I'm just going to enjoy this right now." —Cassie Campbell

In the air she's a force to be reckoned with, even though she's a green. Her streamlined build makes her fast, her slow growth allowed for her to build muscle and endurance so that she's able to keep up with just about any of the larger dragons when it comes to tests of speed and more. Well, as much as a green will ever truly be able to keep up with a bronze, brown or blue based on size and physical limitations.


"We, by no means, think we've got this thing in the bag." –-Hayley Wickenheiser

She will have a tendency like her clutchmate Torcoth to view food as a mundane task in life, something to be done but there are more interesting things to do than to eat. So you may have to encourage her to eat enough when she is young. Watch her so that she has enough to meet the requirements to continue to grow. Hunting becomes more about the maneuvers one can execute then the actual act of getting food! Twisting, spinning, skimming, slicing with those talons - all will be mastered as she grows in size and experience.


I am living to nourish you, cherish you,
I am pulsing the blood in your veins,
Feel the magic and power of surrender,
To life. Uisce Beatha
—"Cloudsong" from Riverdance

"You don't want to leave anything to chance." –-Hayley Wickenheiser

Your green is enchanted by the younger males, those that have vigor and dreams and vast futures to their name. The veterans, "old" blues, bronzes, or browns are not favored. If it came down to one of those about to catch her Granaith may very well choose a better male she prefers by flying straight into his clasp and choosing him. Course, dragons make mistakes too and so this is not an emphatic rule to live and fly by.

Check out

"I think we have good chemistry right now." –-Hayley Wickenheiser

After the flight has been settled Granaith is inclined to keep in some contact with the dragon who caught her. At least during her first Turns after rising when she's still handling newfound maturity, the males might be hounded a little too passionately after she's caught. In time though, she should learn to keep a more discrete amount of distance between those males. Simply talking to them more or spending time in his company will perfectly suffice. And if various males win her flights? Don't be surprised if she's lounging in the company of several compliant blues, browns, or bronzes!


"A dragon must fly, when there are threads in the sky." –-The Duty Song

"Am I worried? Sure, I'm worried." –-Hayley Wickenheiser

Granaith knows Thread innately for what it does which is unique among many dragons, especially of this clutch. They may understand, but not necessarily understand why. Thinking more than doing is a main proponent of her active fighting style. Oh she hates the foreign organism, but fears its ruin as well, even more. If some particularly hazardous circumstance should occur, « I could destroy it, but at the risk of your safety. I will let is pass. » And go on to filaments she knows she can handle more absolutely.

This use of this foresight - some might say hesitancy - matters to a team-player such as she. Similar to hockey, many individuals confront Thread for a common objective. Numerous dragons lose themselves in the rigors of flaming, flying, and destroying which can foil the standard intention of every Fall: kill as much Thread as possible without injuries. Granaith will mature knowing how to delegate and how to envision. She will use not only her own strengths, but the advantages of other dragons to increase the whole Wing - maybe even Weyr's - odds of success. « Allegrith, you dive for that piece, I will cover the one above your head! »

She will learn how to set up maneuvers to involve other dragons and their riders, such as clearing a path for a slower brown so he can use his longer flame to reach something that she probably could not. Weyrleaders are sure to love her. In fact, she could foreseeably become a good Wingsecond or Wingleader some day.

Weyr Relationships:

"It was kind of nice to hear the kids squealing, the atmosphere was good." —Hayley Wickenheiser

Granaith and Evarinth are definitely united by genetics, their personalities have some very similar characteristics. They have a certain energy to their spirits that is unavoidable during everyday encounters. Evarinth is the more polished of the two, your dragon has a rawness to her that is the difference between a flower that's arranged in a garden and one fighting the weeds outside of the gate. Granaith gets along with most any living thing, but draws the line at some individuals the more she learns about them.

It is Sephiroth, Torcoth, and Koryuth who will hold the vast majority of her attention, being they are young and male. The former will keep her at arms distance, while keeping a slim eye on her at all times. Her relationship with the brown should be decent, and she’ll be a sucker for that arrogant smooth-talker. The blue she will consider very interesting. She enjoys his curiosity and will have the best time flying and practicing maneuvers with him.

The chance that she will be patently ignored by Kyraceth is high, but Atsuth will be an ally most likely. They have little in common, but both are genial beings, and can bond in that.


"We have all the pieces of the puzzle. Hopefully all those pieces fit together tomorrow." —Cassie Campbell

Egg Inspiration:


This egg was inspired by pregnancy pictures of the couple holding hands and touching a pregnant belly. I think this sort of tactile experience describes the love and excitement of an expanding family when caught on film… and I think that idea is appropriate for an egg holding a dragon, given the depth of attachment in a dragon to rider bond. Still, it is a bit of a funny idea, a pregnant belly egg, so I included a "outie" belly button and stretch marks. I guess I just took the idea and ran with it, wanting to do something that was both sweet and a little bit silly. —Marjani

Dragon Name Inspiration:
As you can see your lovely lady is based strongly around Dancing on Dangerous Ground which you named in your questionnaire, so I did some digging and decided that I like the way that Grania could be made into Granaith, Grania was the name of Jean Butler's role in Dancing on Dangerous Ground. The name (and show) came from the Irish legend The Pursuit of Diarmud and Grainne, which you can read about here: Gaelic is a tough language, but the original pronunciation of the name Grainne is Grawn-ya. But give Gran-AY-ith a go - with the first A like the British pronunciation not American butchery. Or even GRAN-ayth? You tell us!

Grainne was the name of an ancient Irish grain goddess. The name from the show is tied to her fiancée and the legend of Fionn mac Cumhail. She became the lover of Diarmuid in later Irish legend. In gaelic, the name is often used in association with "love" and we thought this fit nicely.

Dragon Inspiration:
We took from your answers that you liked Jean Butler from Irish step dancing fame and women hockey players of Team Canada. The two were diced and mixed to create a lovely dish called Granaith. There's that eloquence, power, vision, generosity… and things you will have to find out for yourself of course!

Much enjoyment was to be had when writing this inspiration for you, but please, take what you want and use it, and leave off the rest. Ultimately this is /your/ dragon, so we want you to play her however is most fun for you!

Mara led the charge, N'lon covered her, Q'luin picked them off one by one and Emilia swooned. Everyone on Search Co. pitched in their own unique contributions. The lovely drawing of Granaith was created for you by Corana.

Tia and green Kyraceth
Rh'iad and green Atsuth
Carolyna and green Granaith
S'tao and bronze Sephiroth
Sharyna and blue Koryuth
Dia and brown Torcoth
Ly'nar and green Evarinth

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