"Think you've seen it all? Think again. Outside those doors, we might see anything. We could find new worlds, terrifying monsters, impossible things. And if you come with me… nothing will ever be the same again!"
-The Doctor

K'thin's blue Gallifreth
Dragonsfire's 57th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Isyth and Sephiroth's clutch
Hatching Date: June 29th, 2010
Al'tair and blue Veveshoth
Klohi and green Harquith
I’es and bronze Einarth
Lisya and gold Meliaith
Ai'den and bronze Kaijuth
D'yce and brown Chironath
T'yr's bronze Zarielth
T'syn's bronze Tasunth
Syvia's brown Dakhanavarath

Egg theme: Motion pictures! Moving pictures! Better known as cinematic movies!

Welcome, K'thin!
You went from Kelethin to K’thin, whata win! Gallifreth is your prize! Your energy, your eagerness, your willingness, on and on, it all adds up to a pretty great picture and we appreciate you sharing it with us! We hope that comes through when you read what we wrote below. We hope it lives up to that iconic vision you have in your head, because we had one hell of a ball writing it up for you! But as in anything, this is simply a guideline. We worked tirelessly off of what you requested, and tried to do a good job with it. In the end, it is up to you to play your new dragon as you see fit! Keep it real - we will!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co


Avoid the Oubliette Egg
Elaborately wrought if not of a particularly notable size, the exact moment that this egg cracks will be a hard one to pinpoint. Already etched with a byzantine network of seeming crevices, already a labyrinthine facade in shades of brick-brown and mortar-beige, darkening to moss greens with occasional glimmers of fresh peach or princess pink or powdery lavender, anything less than a complete split will be lost as yet another tiny fissure amid the seeming zig-zagged chaos already depicted. Nestled deep within those brickwork crevasses, piled at the narrow apex of the shell, a smudge of spires crowns the egg. Getting there… getting there through that maze seems impossible, impassable, but - beginning at the base, trespassing one's way higher and farther - the castellated promise at the top of the egg certainly lures the eye that way.


Hatch Message:

Avoid the Oubliette Egg sits completely still, doing absolutely nothing, looking exactly as if it isn’t going to hatch at all. Nevermind that it already looks cracked, already looks as if any second an eruption will commence to splinter it to pieces. Then something /does/ happen, parts just start flaking off, because somehow when no one was looking the network of plausible paths become actual cracks, jutting jaggedly across the egg’s surface, allowing the occupant easy access to the that which is beyond. Chunk after chunk falls away, little by little revealing the hints of blue from within until the waiting becomes too much and BAM! a body crashes through to present itself unto the new world.

Hatchling Name:

Don’t Box Me In Blue Dragonet

Dragon Description:


Anomalous translucence festoons shimmering sails between long darkened cobalt fingerbones, an illusionary suggestion of wings vanishing to blend with their surroundings. Wrapped about the stocky form, the ignis fatuus is complete as the otherwise boxy physique reveals power barely contained by muscular flesh and sturdy, impregnable bone. Deviations of light cause shifts in his hide’s hue, wavering between the brightest cyan and deepest navy, a camouflage of unnatural origin further heightened by the pattern of long rectangular paneling up and down the plump barrel of chest and heavyset haunches. Hidden by bulk, a shortened tail is perpetually tucked securely along his posterior, but exposed are the silver touched 'knobs upon a broad wide head where lurks wisdom and tempered humor sparkling in knowing eyes. Symbolic white etches a path below the jaw and across the neck, caught in the divergent lines of his hide, culminating in an odd resemblance to an indecipherable message that is centered in a patterned square emblazoned upon the voluminous breast.

Impression Pose: (what the audience sees):

Don't Box Me In Blue Dragonet blinks, slightly stunned as one of the two candidates he was pursuing is suddenly pulled away by a sibling. Well then. Focus alters to the other, the scented one that has pulled him all the way through time, strung him along for months, and is now there - right /there/ in front of him. Awe inspired for a moment, he simply stares, head aslant to get the best view, but then the choice is made.
Don't Box Me In Blue Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Kelethin.

Impression Message: (what you see):

This sound, this crazy warped craggy crusty growling hissing sound, like something is both crying and gasping for air at the same time, fluctuates, building towards a climax as it expands by monumental increments complete with taking over your visuals to the point that everything around you pulses with the rhythm, fading in and out of existence until it’s all completely gone and you are left with naught but total darkness except for minuscule points of light that twinkle all around. You can hear the door to another world slowly crack open to allow through a ray of blinding white light that throbs, shooting out little spiked fingers with each beat of the expansion, stretching further and further into your existence until it all comes to a dramatic pause ounce it has surrounded you, a frozen increment of time that is only interrupted by the sound of a charmingly enthusiastic voice which reaches out to touch your mind « Fantastic! » In a spark of a second you can feel something change « K'thin! Come with me! Come see what only /I/ can show you! » Then it happens again, that drastic shift in voice and presence « Allons-y! »

"Do you wanna come with me? 'Cause if you do then I should warn you, you're gonna see all sorts of things. Ghosts from the past. Aliens from the future. The day the Earth died in a ball of flame. It won't be quiet, it won't be safe, and it won't be calm. But I'll tell you what it will be: The trip of a lifetime!"
-The Doctor



Your Gallifreth will seem so normal at first and quite the amazing little guy, chock full of personality, with all sorts of interesting aspects, but then one day he’ll toss you a curve ball that there’s no way you could have seen coming. It’ll just be WHAM right upside the head. Until then, and even after in most respects, there are certain factors that you can count on.

The Doctor: Soon as the sirens go, you find a big fat family meal, still warm on the table with everyone down in the air raid shelter, and bingo! Feeding frenzy for the homeless kids of London Town! Puddings for all… as long as the bombs don't get you!
Nancy: Something wrong with that!?
The Doctor: Wrong with it?! It's brilliant! I'm not sure if it's Marxism in action or a West End musical!

He loves people – humans mostly, but he’ll dig dragon people as well, but humans he’s especially fond of. They’re so fantastically resilient, flexing with time, molding themselves to the moment, or molding the moment to their needs, either way, it’s brilliant and he loves to watch their progress up close and personal. Gallifreth loves to be a part of those monumental moments, spiraling through time to land right at the center of a chaotic fraction of time. Something is amiss and he won’t /miss/ this.

Gallifreth is The Doctor, healing all the ills, rips, and misrepresentations of history. He’ll be there to fix all that ails humanity, because he loves taking care of people, loves protecting them from forces beyond their capabilities to cope with. Your boy will do just about anything to save humans and their planet, risking life and limb time and time again to do so!

It won’t just be Thread, it will be pretty much any situation, and without even a thought beforehand, he’ll be head/snout-first straight into the fray, right into the thick of things right from the start. Everywhere he goes trouble seems to crop up, and if it wasn’t there when he got there, well his mere presence can trigger a drama, but he loves this, so it’s okay with him!

Gallifreth is the cool headed sort, so when he does come into a situation, it will be with confidence that it’ll be sorted out, so no real panicking. This he will expertly pass onto others, calming with an authoritative voice that swells with confidence. It’s almost magical the way he’ll be able to relax people, but most of it is based on his stock vehement assurance that everything will work out just fine in the end. It always does right?

Besides, he’s got no fear, just wild enthusiastic lust for adventure! This is contagious and will be transmitted to you every chance he gets - that drive for excitement, and the invigoration of the moment! Gallifreth is so darn easily excited, so passionate, SO enthusiastic! « YES! » It’s the thrill of the challenge, because he thrives on challenges, getting amazingly animated and passionate, especially the worse any situation gets. That’s when he’ll be his best and when you can count on him most.

"The worse it gets, the more I love it."
-The Doctor

Along with this adventurousness, he’s got this dangerous curiosity streak that will walk you both into tight situations again and again. It doesn’t really matter all that much to him, because he would have walked in anyways, but there you have it, there will be no avoiding it because he’s got his blue nose stuck in every nock and cranny of trouble that he can find - Gallifreth is the epitome of ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’, except for he’s a Time Lord, so will not die. You on the other hand…

There are times when Gallifreth will have information that he’ll hold close, with reason mind you, but he’ll hold it in, keep it close to the breast, and will only reveal at the /right/ moment. It’s back to that word – moment – THE moment – he’s a Lord of Time, so it’s a huge part of him. He’ll embrace and take advantage of The Moment every chance he gets and boy does he love surprises! He’s very very much into the tah dah reveal at the end of every surprise! Big bold grinning pause-at-the-end wait-for-it-wait-for-it wham! Tah dah! Oh he really really likes that.

He’s clever about it though, and he’s flat out all around clever too. A really bright egg. There’s a definite love for riddles and puzzles, especially when there’s a bit of drama attached, a cliff hanger at the end. His voice will become very animated and fast, faster than his normal fast, which is pretty darn fast already, but this will be almost lightening speed fast, but you’d understand every word because it’s concise and clear, full of information and fantastic points that will pull it all together into a needed solution and then you’ll hear the mental smacking hand clap and the « Ha! » excitement as the answer pops into his head. It wouldn’t be beyond him to add in a dash of enthusiastic laughter either. The ’haha I solved it laughter’! The ‘you can’t get anything by me’ laughter! It’s dramatic explosive childlike excitement that brings a gleam to his eyes and a smile to his words.

The Doctor: Calcium decay! Now that narrows it down! Calcium phosphate. Organic calcium—living calcium—creatures made out of living calcium, what else? What else? Hyphenated surname! YES! That narrows it down to one planet: Raxacoricofallapatorius!

Gallifreth isn’t modest about it either, he knows how brilliant and yes, he’ll gloat often and hard, especially when he outwits an enemy. Even though - by all that fast talking and the way he verbally puzzled it through the whole time - you could tell that he had no plan, has no plan, and was/is just flying by the seat of his pants! Plan?! Not a chance! Lets go! Right in there – dive in, ask questions later – or better yet, riddle it out as he goes. The riddle, the puzzle, yes! « That’s it! » Then he’ll turn it around and quiz you, oh he loves to quiz, watching you puzzle it out for yourself, leading you down the road to the answer so you can get the thrill of a ‘that’s it!’ moment too! « What did you see? What did you /see/?! » When the answer pops in he’ll explode « Yes! Now what did you miss? What are you /missing/?! »

Problem is, he doesn’t know when to quit. Gallifreth refuses to ‘say when’. Refuses to call it quits, and it will take something horrendously catastrophic to get him to admit defeat, but even then, he’ll only give in when the goal’s outcome hinges on him doing so. He will let the calf die if it means saving the herd. Then and only then, at the very last possible second, clinging to hope to the very end, will he slump away, and he’ll take it incredibly hard. He wears guilt in every nook and cranny, every crag, every wrinkle, every layer of skin – guilt.

The Doctor: Didn't anyone ever tell you? There's one thing you never put in a trap if you're smart. If you value your continued existence, if you have any plans about seeing tomorrow, there's one thing you never, ever put in a trap.
Angel Bob: And what would that be, sir?
The Doctor: Me.

It’s rare that you’ll get him into that situation though because remember, he’s best in these tight situations. If he’s back into a corner, he’ll tunnel a hole in the wall, because that’s what he does best – getting himself and you out of traps. You /cannot/ trap him, it only drives him /harder/. He absolutely /refuses/ to be /trapped/! « No! » Cue defiant bugle.

What is a Time Lord without time? That’ll be his best trick for getting out of traps – time. Never was there a dragon more prone to playing with time than he. Frontwards, backwards, round and round he’ll go, where he stops only time will know. The abuse of that little trick will be prevalent! Careful here though, because we all know what happens when you carelessly fling yourself through time – look at B’ane. Stuck 500 turns before he was even born. Gallifreth wouldn’t be stuck though! He’d work it out!

"Oh, are you all Mr Grumpy-Face today?"
-Amy Pond

Coming back to the guilt though, he’s born with a quiet sense of melancholy that lines the lobes of his mind, and envelopes his great big hearts. Most of the time he won’t give into it, but there will be times he does, but mostly he’ll go into a quiet gloom, try and be by himself so as to not inflict it on anyone. He’s really not comfortable with sharing personal emotions and that goes both ways, yours, his, or otherwise. When he does talk, /if/ he’ll talk about it, because he really doesn’t like to, it’s mostly evasive, trying to brush off concerns. « Nah, I’m okay. » The weight of many worlds and their future’s lie on his shoulders and he can feel it at times, pressuring, and all his past mistakes, all his past carelessness comes in to create a fog that clouds his lovely eyes.


"I'm sorry, I'm so sorry."
-The Doctor

There will be moments of nostalgia, moments of sour guilt, moments of bitter grievances that will fester just beneath the surface, bubbling up during these times. There’s a strange sense that he’s always running from something, leaving something behind, glancing over his shoulder in hopes that it won’t catch up with him. It’s also a sense of loss, though of ‘what’ isn’t known, but he’ll get this for pretty much anyone, as if the losses of the world were his to bare, each and every one. There’s even oddly enough, an odd loneliness, even though he’s never alone, he’s got you and everyone around him, but still for whatever reason, there’s the loneliness that makes his soul weep every once in awhile, but it’s rare! Very rare!

Most of his ‘moments’ will be full of the most important person on the planet – you! His companion! Gallifreth will bond very very strongly with you, and in this he will try and bury those feelings, bury the senselessness of them, filling the hole in his heart with everything that is you. He wants to show you all the wonders of the world, he wants to share that moment with you, he wants to see the world as you see it, right through your eyes. It sparkles and brings a renewed sense of it to him when he shows you something he knows that you do not, when he shares something that triggered that passion long long ago. Even though long ago wasn’t that long ago at all.

Though, Gallifreth does have a longer than typical dragon memory, even if a lot of those memories are vague, as if they happened to someone else, somewhere else, but he somehow still owns it, lives and relives it. This could be a problem for you at times, because unlike your classmate’s, your lifemate doesn’t have a readily available reset button to blink away the nonsense that he’ll dig up and hold onto.

The boy is selfless in many ways, at least at the start, wanting only for you, for the world, for the people and the planet, but mostly you. You are at the center of his universe and for the time you share together, he will revolve around you. You are his sunshine, his moons, and his heartbeats keep on ticking away the time as long as you are there to keep winding his clock, picking him up, thrilling him with your amazing imagination that he will try oh so hard to foster and feed so that it will thrive bigger and bolder all the time.

You are now a part of both of his very large hearts, and he’ll take you in fully right up to a point. Right up to the walls he’s built around that fragile place. In this Gallifreth shows how wonderfully he works as a team. He loves teams and teamwork – really enjoys the companionship, but also the joint use of minds, those clever little minds that will help him solve those tenacious riddles. He’s really a good team player – most of the time – sometimes not so much – sometimes he’ll wander off on his own, or become far too absorbed in what’s right in front of him – what /he’s/ working on /right this minute/.

The Doctor: Installed in 1991. Three inches of steel lining every single wall. They'll never get in. [smiles triumphantly]
Rose: And how do we get out?
The Doctor: [still smiling, looks around and then nods] Ah. [still smiles]

This is when he’ll rely heavily on you to see what he can’t see, and that’s what he expects too, that’s all in part of bringing you along for the ride, because you have a different perspective and he wants you to use it to see what he can’t when he can’t! In this Gallifreth is very encouraging, because he knows that you/he/she/it will succeed! He knows and he’ll fire you up with all the encouragement that he can because he /loves/ witnessing your successes, the successes of all, be it dragons, humans, firelizards, and even beast! He’ll cheer and support all efforts, shoving them forward into the forward thrust for a victorious achievement. Be all that you can be!

This feeds into the part where he knows when to lead, but also when to follow - when to stand back and let others drive the buss in the alien dessert. Gallifreth will get excited about it in fact, all giddy, and would probably grab pompoms if he knew what they were and how to. Rahrah! Don’t think he’ll just sit back though – no – he’ll be a willing participant and will not hesitate to make sure you’re on your mark, doing so with witty little pointed comments.

Careful though! Gallifreth does not like being controlled. Sure you are the rider, and he’ll give you the lead, but will not give over total control and anyone who does try and ‘control’ him will find him acting very much like he’s being trapped – backed into a corner. It’s not a pretty moment.

This teamwork will be used to keep balance in the world, because above all, he believes in balance. Humans that challenge the balance will find his wrath just like any other, no matter how much he adores them. The balance of fairness is beyond reproach, it is the point to all existence – that’s where the cycle of life comes from – the humans raise the wherries who feed the dragons who protect the flora that feeds the humans and the beasts – round and round it goes, everyone has a place in the cycle. He’ll especially get angry/frustrated with that which feeds off the truly weak, because that is the biggest, most obvious exploitation there is and that is just not acceptable and worth every ounce of energy he can muster to DO AWAY WITH the problematic offender.

Other than that he’s a pretty flexible dragon, willing to float this way or that, hurtling blindly through life, letting the chips fall as they may, but there is one last thing – his name. There are no deviations allowed from the full and proper use of his name. If someone shortens it, he’ll be quick to correct, right in /their/ head, because yes, they need to be taught properly, because they obviously didn’t catch it the first time « Gallifreth. It is Gallifreth. » You of course will be able to get away with calling him Galli, but you and only you, and still he’d likely prefer his whole name be used. Just be lucky he isn’t insisting on The Gallifreth.

"You /think/ you know your own name? How stupid are you?"
-The Doctor

Remember the curve ball? WHAM! Here it is: all the above? That’s just for today, just for right now, just for awhile. As was said before, a lot of it will remain more or less the same, but then it happens – then he mutates into another version of himself. One that changes things up somewhat, has a few additions, a few subtractions from what has been said thus far, switching things up and keeping life interesting. One day he’ll be all chivalrous and open minded, and then BAM the next morning you wake up to a version that is somewhat more cynical, a little more selfish, and maybe fairly more rude. Not a lot! The differences will be almost incremental, but they’ll be there. If no one else notices, you will.

The Doctor: Hello! Oka— [gulp, nauseated expression] New teeth. That's weird. So where was I? Oh, that's right—Barcelona! [grins]

The good news? You only have 11 mutations that you have to look forward to. The bad news? It’s random which, and when it happens. There is no rhyme or reason, no pattern, nothing for you to latch onto to help you from being knocked over and surprised each time. Good luck!!




Those wings. Those bizarre and amazing wings. Luminously translucent much like a dragonfly wing in all but size – and somewhat in shape. Like a dragonfly wing the tips are more rounded than typical, with the forestay tip rounding in sooner due to the abbreviated length of the spar bone, but the mid and the minor follow suit to a lesser degree, creating an all over anomaly, especially when you factor in just how amazingly translucent the sails really are. To be as such, they had to give thickness, which is always a scenario that starts the Dragonhealers shaking their heads, knowing that not only will wing strain be an issue, but the fragility of those incredibly thin sails create a real worry about their ability to remain intact. The slightest bit of catch on something, /anything/ and they can tear, which means very serious surgery, and a whole lot of praying to whatever bottle you choose that it’ll heal right. Patch after patch, through time, night have to be created to patch blown sails, but it’s up to Dr Time in the end.


The wings are effectively workable, they’re just going to be fragile and you’ll need to keep them washed, oiled, and never let water pool on them overlong. Prolonged exposure to a constant contact with water will eat the delicate sails, but none will be as bad as saltwater. Yes he can swim in the ocean and he can lounge in it for a little while, but not too long, and then he needs a fresh water rinse, a drying, and then a goodly oiling. You can speak with Q’luin or Rh’iad about special oils that promote cell wall thickening for the sails and maybe in time it will cease to be a real problem. He could grow out of it too, it’s anyone’s guess!

Where the problem comes in is that these delicate slender semi-transparent wings are attached to a rather meaty body. Gallifreth is /thick/. Through the body, maybe sometimes in the head, but it’d be rare! He’s brilliant! It’d mostly be over female signals and such. Anyway! Back to the ‘proper’ thickness. He’s all bulky boxy stout framed bone and muscle. If he stood upright he’d likely remind you (if you were from Earth *whistle*) of a Police Box. From below? Then too. A big blue box with legs, but draconically so! Not comically so, nothing about this is comical proportions. His frame is just squared off, verses the plethora of lanky versions that your clutchmates seem to have. He’s unique somewhat in that way, but not bizarrely so.


This is going to work a bit against him in the way of aerodynamics, but really, it wouldn’t matter if he was shaped like an arrow, because Gallifreth doesn’t move in a straight line, so the shape wouldn’t work for him. He’s better formed for throwing himself around so that his awesome body just sort of hurtles through the sky. Sometimes when he catches a current wrong he’ll even go into wild spinning swirling action, but it doesn’t bother him! Oh yes! He loves motating in this fashion! When it gets really out of hand he’ll get all flashy-eyed, dragon-grinning, and making enthusiastic sounds, both in your head and out loud. Churning about out of control – yes! That is Gallifreth! It’s what he does and who he is. The sky is no limit to him, and planning things out? Not gonna do it! Literally it’s ‘fly’ by the seat of his – haunches!

Gallifreth’s coloring doesn’t /appear overly/ complicated like his wings are, but in truth? He’s all about the illusion. One minute he looks like a basic blue dragon, but then you start staring, caught by something that held your attention and you’re suddenly realizing the remarkable way his color shifts in certain light as he moves, revealing clandestine pigments hidden within the complexity of his coloring. Not /just/ blue – it runs the entire gambit of blue, straight up from cyan all the way through to the darkest navy that appears almost purple at times. Not really purple though! He’s BLUE!

(Not the correct color, but for an idea.)

Mind Voice:

The Doctor: Legs! I've still got legs. [kisses one of them.] Good. Arms, hands. Ooh, fingers. Lots of fingers. Ears? Yes. Eyes: two. Nose… eh, I've had worse. Chin - blimey! Hair… [notes length.] I'm a girl! [checks Adam's apple.] No! No! I'm not a girl! [pulls a lock of his hair in front of his eyes and looks at it, agitated] And still not ginger! There's something else. Something… important, I'm… [taps head.] I'm-I'm…

His voice, the main staple in your head mutates as he does, becoming significantly different each time. The voice always matches the personality and comes through so vivid you can see the physical details of each, most especially their uniquely individual style of dress. From meticulous Edwardian tie to polka dot bow tie. From rumpled blue shirt to flouncy frilly ones. From elegant velvet jackets to a knitted multicolored scarf. From a floppy hat to plimsolls. From stick of celery to cat pins. From a garish panto-coat to a question mark riddled sweater. From a Panama hat to splashy cravats. From romantic frock coats to sleek leather coat. From moody v-neck to bright trainers. From snazzy pinstripe suits to bookish tweed jackets. From an awesomely cool bowtie to ….


The atmosphere, or aura if you will, of his mind voice has the broadest range of most any dragon. Imagine it, his voice will embody ‘time’. The history, the future, and the present of British Earth, all of Earth, and not only Earth, but everything beyond as well. There are no limits! The Galaxy? Pshaw! The Universe! The Universe and all that is in it, every planet, every star, every stop on the map of The Doctor’s mind. You’ve got the Tardis and everything in it, you’ve got his memories of the Holocaust of Gallifreyth, you got the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Weeping Angels, the Ood, the Gelth, it’s limitless!

There’s Rose’s quirky smile and Amy Pond’s saucy red hair. There’s the creepy ass repetition of “Are you my mummy?” echoed through a featureless voice from a mindless freaky child. There’s the floating space Titanic and all its wonders, as well as an endless array of space ships from an even more endless array of creatures that inhabit them. Rose Tyler’s trip to watch Earth be consumed by the sun has enough oddball creatures in it alone to fill his mind and voice 30 times over. There’s the noxious fumes from New New York’s ‘Gridlock’ Motorway, and gelatinous Swamp Monsters, as well as tricky gassy Slitheen with their zipper human suits. The awesome grunting Face of Boe and the confusing Catkind that attend him. He really has no limits, no borders, and can break out of any box by the flick of a lever, the twist of a knob, the wind up of something or another, and the eventual push of a button. The Eleventh incarnation even has a Pachinko machine in the controls! It’s all the above and so very much more and their sights, sounds, textures, and scents. He’s a multifaceted guy with a mind so complex that it’ll go on forever and ever and ever and so on…


Also added to his complex mind voice is a personally chosen blended essential oil scent that can mingle through the rest.

Weather balloon? No.
An alien autopsy,
A cover story.
In July of 1947, the US Air Force recovered the crash debris of multiple alien spacecrafts from a ranch close to Roswell, NM. Several aliens survived, but many perished. Both the living and the dead extraterrestrials were transported, in secret, to Hangar 18 at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, along with the flying saucer wreckage. The US government performed a quick, efficient cover-up witnesses were silenced, and a press release was issued the next day claiming that the fallen craft was a weather balloon.

Aliens at high tea: Earl Grey, biscuits, Battenberg cake, and strangely-glowing cucumber sandwiches.

If you wish to wear your dragon's scent:

Physical Voice:

You remember that bizarre sound you heard in your head when he invaded your world for the first time? The one described as ‘crazy warped craggy crusty growling hissing sound, like something is both crying and gasping for air at the same time’? Well that is /one/ of the ‘unique’ aspects of his physical voice. What you heard was definitely only in your head, but soon it will be /everywhere/. There will even be the weird echoing hollow tinny thunking boom sound. All of comes the arriving and departing of the Tardis. Then you got the crazy crickets on acid /and/ meth sound of the sonic screwdriver. It can set your hairs on end. It depends on mood and when he feels like making which sound.

There’s also a ‘meh’ sound he makes when unconvinced about something. Basically, Gallifreth’s physical voice is the embodiment of all the oddball and familiar /sounds/ that come from /all/ The Doctors. Not their words, but each has their own unique little sounds they make when happy, excited, sad, frustrated, on and on.



Growth comes in very very /very/ specific stages. It’ll happen in drastic increments that transform him so vastly that you won’t recognize him all the sudden, could walk /right/ past him in a crowd of dragonets. It happens overnight while you’re sleeping. You’ll close your eyes and POOF Gallifreth magically expanded his head. Not a little, but an awkward /lot/ (The Face of Boe?). This is going to make things a little difficult for a little while, but then one day you wake up and POOF his legs have caught up to his head, but only the front ones, so he’s carrying his head okay now, but the back ones are still stubby so forward progress is a little… lets hear you say it! — Difficult. That will be the word of his life during weyrlinghood, but he’ll make up for it copiously by having a brain that is well beyond his Turns, well well wellllll beyond his Turns. The head expansion was first for a reason!

This all isn’t cartoon exaggeration, it won’t be so much freakish, as it is just on the farthest side of excessive overnight growth, big enough, obvious enough that you notice, and he’ll notice most because of the adjustments needing to be made. Over and over and over again. As ‘time’ flows on, it’ll be much less dramatic, and in the end he’ll be fantastic! Even if during some of the stages you weren’t sure, he’ll ‘grow’ on you and hopefully, eventually you’ll even start to find that he’s really rather handsome, if still quite goofy. The epitome of Geek Sheik!



Flying: At first he sucks, and his landings are outright screwed up, ending up on top of this and that, especially as he’s getting used to a particular personality suit. Be careful around humans! You don’t want him to splat atop say… oh, the Weyrwoman? The Weyrleader, sure! (Qi didn’t write this, no.)

The same goes for timing it! One particular persona, and possibly others, really really get it wrong. We’re not talking by a couple minutes, we’re talking giant chunks of time. He’ll whittle it down to days eventually, but at first, entire decades can whiz on by. This’ll mean that someone, such as the Weyrlingmaster, might have to hunt your asses down and help you get back. Practice makes perfect though, right?!

In some instances of general ::betweening:: Gallifreth can land on a dime… even if he does it facing the wrong way. Hello wall! He really meant to do that. « Nice wall. I heard the stratifications were spectacular! They were right! Look at that! » *Clandestine wingflaps to spin about the right way*. He’ll likely get the ‘general area’ fairly well with most of his incarnations, but well, it’ll take more ‘time’ with others to get that bit straight. “Focus on the sun, boy.” « Yea, the sun! » *Blink* There’s Rukbat! Right where it should be! But everything else is a bit ‘wrong’, most especially the population of the Hold that you were landing at. They’re wearing an entirely different form of garb, a totally different fashion moment is afoot. « You /said/… focus on the sun! »

Thing is… he’s so good at timing he can travel a large chunk of time must faster, much more remarkably than anyone else. It’s part of his blood, — time is in and of his veins, flowing freely, strengthening his grasp on it each and every day. The biggest problem is that he’s getting the hang of it, really feeling it, landing pretty darn well, almost catching the ‘moment’ that he wanted to and then – he switches to a new unused-to-::betweening:: persona and it’s back to square one. The good news is that most of ‘them’ actually get it /mostly/ right, and only a few are cockeyed at it.

Flying in general is an event to behold. It’s crazy no matter what you do because of his awesome wings and his way of hurtling himself about. You got this boxy blue dragon with wings that are barely there that has a thing about going places by throwing himself in the general direction. Aiming is not something he’ll really care to do often. “We need to go to Ista Hold. Lets fly straight to strengthen your wings.” « It’s kinda east right? » He’ll fling himself in a direction and whip and whirl about, swaying this way, swaying that, and eventually will pass through of the realm of the jungle to come out above a deserted beach. “You missed.” « It’s nice here though, isn’t it? Quiet. Shall we stay and explore? » “South.” « Ooooookaaay. » Little adjustments will make the flying erratic, but eventually he’ll get there.

So you’re basically doomed flying straight or ::betweening:, but oh man what a ride! It’ll be an experience that you will never forget every single time you and Gellifreth embark upon the invisible twisting winding paths of the sky.

"He saves planets, rescues civilizations, defeats terrible creatures… and runs a lot. Seriously, there is an outrageous amount of running involved."

Gallifreth’s legs are much more suited for movement in a straight line, so maybe you can just /walk/ everywhere? Though, with certain personality changes he’ll want to « Run! » more than walk. That personality loves to run! Imagine this box, wings out for balance, jogging about. What a glorious sight!! Especially since he’ll grin while doing it, a lovely excited dragon grin from silvered headknob to silvered headknob.

So the ground is good, but eventually it loses its luster and he’ll want to fly… he’ll want to adventure out beyond the reach of his stamina on foot, because yea, Gallifreth is an explorer, a man of action, not a dragon-man of lazing about eating bonbons on his couch while watching a vtol circus. You will not be able to hold him down so you might as well give into from the start. See you on the flipside! —— of somewhere.


Starting out Gallifreth will eat just like anyone else, pretty boring really. Toss it in, chew chew chew, swallow. But as time goes, he’ll create certain food tendencies: affections, intense dislikes, and all around blase opinions. These will of course shift and change as he does, so you’ll have to be careful to keep track because if he’s in one mood and eats something that his former personality likes, but the present doesn’t, he’ll spit it right back at you with an exaggerated exclamation « Bleh! » wiping his tongue on anything he can find, including you, and simply spitting repeatedly.

This’ll get much easier when he’s old enough to hunt for himself, but sometimes, especially right after a change, /he/ won’t remember what he likes, and will kill something, take it down, dig in and fall to the spitting, writhing, « Oh guh, what is that?! »

Some of these personalities will be your biggest challenge to work out what he likes, and it could take days of him spitting stuff out again and again, not eating until you get it right. Sometimes even you’ll have to resort to bizarre combination of foods that no dragon in their right mind would eat! -- Except maybe Isyth. There is /at least/ one personality that will very much get into his dam’s way of eating, excitedly piling on utterly wacky ingredients on top of regular food to spice it up, or alter the taste completely. In these incarnations he’ll enjoy spending time with her, learning her ways, learning her crazy ways of mixing insane ingredients that no one else would touch with someone else’s tongue, let alone their own. It could lead to a bonding point between them.

Does Pern have bananas? He’ll love them! At least for three personalities. Pears?! It’ll be a BLECH moment for one! We know there are fish fingers you can dip in vanilla custard!! And for one of them, that is /all/ he’ll eat – at least at first. Time will tell. Though… try a banana, or find a banana equivalent! Good luck working it all out!


Your dragon is a male, no doubt about that, but the sexuality is less prominent than in other male dragons. It isn’t so much an obscured line, as it’s an interesting sense of avoidance. Intimacy is definitely a problem for Gallifreth. Sure he can perform, but that’s all about getting far too close to a female physically and something he’s not prone to doing. There will be no stalking or pursuing, as a matter of fact he’ll give any proddy female a wide berth right up to the very last second.

In the very start, as other males are progressing into that randy point of dragon teenage-hood, he’ll be stagnant and unconvinced should you try and push him. Tales of the sterile white dragon will bubble and fester as he shuns those nearly daily green flights, but eventually, as weyrlinghood loosens its bonds, he’ll feel the call of the undeniable libido. Again though, it will be with reluctance that the mind will follow the body’s needs.

Dragging himself to the pens is almost painful to watch — « Really… I’m just going to poke my head in, get a bite while I watch. » The closer he gets the more absorbed he’ll be by carnal instincts until the bonds are not only broken, but utterly and effectively crushed! The walls are torn down and lust thrives in every fiber! A /NEED/ bottled up from centuries of festering passions is unbridled to send him whirling about in a headlong chaotic rush for satisfaction.

Once it’s happened he’ll carry her down and deposit her with a kiss on her ledge, chivalrous to the last, and then he’ll make a witty, uncomfortable, squirming exit as fast as he possibly can. « I need to… » «I’m just… » « There is… » « I gotta… » « I gotta go! » Then off he goes, guilt weighting him down hard enough that it becomes harder than usual to fly, off to find a hidey hole or some shadowy place to lurk by himself, brushing you off and insisting that you enjoy your moment while he ‘tends to some business’.

I'm the Doctor, and I just snogged Madame de Pompadour!

Losing will be just as dramatic, just as distant, girding his loins and shoving all that frustration into the dark place where Gallifreth keeps all of his sorrows, well away from you.



Thread would be one of those alien aspects that he will thrust himself into. Winging wildly about casting out the vicious offense to the planet. Gallifreth likes to do things with flair and he absolutely will do this with just that. Lots of whooshing, and zinging, and triumphant bugles after a good searing. « Yah-ha! Gotcha! » Somber? Oh hell no, not during Threadfall. His eyes are alive, shinning brilliantly, his body bursting with adrenaline, his hide positively vibrating as it tingles to the very last toe - your boy lives for this moment. It's why he exists after all, but wow, he does it so spectacularly well. This is one of those situations when he thrives! Extreme situations are when he's at his very best, and Thread fighting would be one of the most extreme situations there are.

It’s Tardis crazy all the way, but just like you’d imagine, they will narrowly escape extreme danger at every tight turn, wizzing on by to mockingly laugh in the face of it!

“He’s like fire and ice and rage. He’s like the night, and the storm in the heart of the sun. He’s ancient and forever. He burns at the centre of time and he can see the turn of the universe……And he’s wonderful.”
-Tim Latimer in "The Family of Blood"

There is no planning, it’s all prehensile of-the-moment brilliance, leaving it to the very last second before he whooshes in, defying all odds to burn it all to hell right before it gets away. If it does manage to get away, he’ll give way and loud warning to the dragon below, because yes, he has faith in the team. While he’s a showboater to the end, Gallifreth is also the cheerleader to the masses. « I missed it, but you can get it! I know you can! » Others need to shine as brightly as he does, and so he’ll rely on the backup to do their duty and will not at all micromanage the situation. Nope, he’s got better things to do, like sear the crap out of the next clump coming his way!

When it’s all said and done, when that very last tangle of Thread is rendered ash, Gallifreth will set the sky afire just for the hell of it! A celebratory burst of flame that is embellished with a loud whooping bugle of excitement! You bet he’s going to celebrate the triumph in the very best of ways, dragon grinning the whole time. Success deserves celebration!

Weyr Relationships:

Gallifreth will get along with pretty much anyone at certain times, and maybe not at others, all depending on what they’re doing and who’re they might or might not be feeding upon.

For instance, Dakhanavarath, he’ll be watching that one really close. Sometimes he’ll really really like him and get energized by the lucid excited time, because in that they have something in common, but when Dak shifts to the dark side, Galli will be on guard for everyone around the brown.

Gallifreth is going to love pretty much everything about Tasunth, because yea, the boy is wild and ‘fly by the seat of his pants’! It’s a common denominator between them, but really the like part comes from their mutual fondness for keeping an eye out for the weak.

Harquith will be much the same, most of the time. As long as her destructive streaks stay within the boundaries of decency of normal folk. Normal folk being the – don’t mess with the folk who aren’t capable of defending themselves, but otherwise! She’d be a right good companion to hang out with, take adventures with.

Meliaith he will cherish, but from a distance of course, she’s uncharted female territory. When I say distance, it’s only the peripheral emotional distance, otherwise he’ll play along just fine! Lets go! Lets have fun! Well, most of the time. You know how he can shift! There won’t be a personality that doesn’t have a respect for her endeavors though, he just might not participate all the time. They both can talk really fast though, so will be able to keep up with one another!

Veveshoth he’ll genuinely like and respect with deep regards for not only his personality, but his mental capabilities. He’ll understand the intricacies of this particular dragon and will enjoy spending time with him, and pulling him along on crazy adventures, even if he has to nudge a bit!

Kaijuth - well that one is complicated. It has to do with his mindless destructive bit. Like with Harquith he’ll be wary, but not standoffish unless it gets out of hand. He’ll want to get up close and keep a good eye, but will do so with a friendly attitude, wanting to genuinely understand what’s behind the facade.

Einarth is the Captain Jack Harkness to your Doctor dragon. Though not literally of course. He's the charmer, non-thinking, gungho fighter who will work with Gallifreth but there'll be a sort of grudging wary competition between them when they're not out on the skies flying Threadfall.


Egg Inspiration:

Described by: Zhaifyn

Egg Inspiration: Thinking of visual films, The Labyrinth is among the first that came to mind. The task faced by the heroine, Sarah, of navigating her way through the labyrinth to rescue her baby brother is daunting, to say the least.


Dragon Name Inspiration:

This name came easier than pretty much any other and /we/ thought it was awesomely cool. Is it obvious? Probably so! Does that ruin the coolness of it? Not to us! We hope not to you either.

It’s from Gallifrey, which was the homeworld to the Gallifreyans and to the Time Lords, amongst them the Doctor. It was destroyed in the Last Great Time War. The literal translation of Gallifrey was "They that walk in the shadows".

Dragon Inspiration:

Bet you can’t work out the inspiration behind Gallifreth? It’s not at all obvious. His genre is a sketchy one, but they did do specials, which /could/ be considered movies - /we/ consider them movies, and well, so you got Sci Fi movies! *Cough* Specifically the those of the Dr Who sort, though technically all that crap that poured out of Q’luin’s head onto this wiki is not 100% based on Dr Who, some of it came from the bazillion Sci Fi movies watched over not-quite-a-bazillion years, so on that technicality we’ll call it even and move on.

How the heck do you decide which Doctor to base it on? Besides, that’d be boring – been there, done that! You even said you wrote one, so I had to twist it up, mash it around, and let it slosh around in my head for a bit, and what came out was a schizophrenic (aka Skitzo) mishmash of them all, that can and will mutate between them all, backwards and forwards, forwards and backwards, jumping from beginning to end, around and around, any way you damn well please! It can be bi-weekly, bi-hourly, whatever the heck you want. Play it by ear!

So Gallifreth is in body the Tardis, because yea, that sounded so amazing. The vessel in which The Doctor and his companions travel; it sounded perfect. His body is the Tardis, looks simple enough, but then when you take a closer look the complexities, the vastness of 'what he is' really comes out, and then the 'soul' of The Doctor.


Get out that box set (or buy/rent one, up to you!), kick back and enjoy a heck of a lot of Doctor Who – I did! Then I read a crapload too, and the product of that is above, but below (and some above) is where I found all the awesome information that I scribbled ideas from, and found far far too much information off of. So you will not run out of new avenues to take him down. I think you might have one of the most wide scoping dragons ever in existence – I hope that’s okay and I hope you enjoy the holy hell out of it! Can’t wait to see you get to it!

I've found you an amazing amount of research material to back up what you already know, and all of that follows, but there is one link in particular that will blow your mind how much information you can get, especially about the various Doctors and their habits! You won't find a better link anywhere, but you won't really need to! The others help because they all list things in different manners so you get a broader scope by reading them all. LOTS of reading!

This one:

The First Doctor:

The Second Doctor:

The Third Doctor:

The Fourth Doctor:

The Fifth Doctor:

The Sixth Doctor:

The Seventh Doctor:

The Eighth Doctor:

The Ninth Doctor:

The Tenth Doctor:
Awesome find /after/ I was done with the impress msg!:

The Eleventh Doctor:


The idea of a schizo Dr Who? Came from Qi’s ludicrous head, but S’tao cheered it on, offering up a few ideas and tweaked. The description was written by S’tao and Q’luin. The rest of the bizarro seeped out of Q’luin’s ears, eyes, and nose – don’t step in it!

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