Ly'nar's Green Evarinth
Dragonsfire's 53rd PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Naomith and Rhyolith’s clutch
Hatching Date: June 22rd, 2008
Egg theme: Freezeframes! Everyday moments as captured by a camera.

Raindrop Splash Egg
A light green egg sits here, its pale shell covered with leaf shapes that seem to blend easily. The one part of the egg that stands out is the light blue droplet that hits the bottom of the egg, leaving a splash that bounces back as though caught by a skilled sketch artist's pen. The little droplets from the splash sit on top of the leaves, reminding one of the Istan forest's rain.

Hatch Message:
Raindrop Splash Egg falls apart just like that lower cavern's auntie on her third drink of the night. Cracked and broken down, the shell fragments litter the sands as so much discarded and pitiful trash. It is amongst this puddle of shards that life is born.

Hatchling Name:
Musical Starlet Green Dragonet

Dragon Description:


Petite yet pert graces all the features in this dragon from the tilt of her small and sweetly rounded head to narrow and thinly delicate tail tip. Apple green dapples across headknobs sweeping down her spine to splay across hide and settle in the caudate curves. The crisp pomme hue pales to a pastel shimmer, the delicate bloom of green growing pearlescent as each wing unfurls like a petal burst from a bud to seek balance in the newness of spring where blithe blossoms caress the warmth of the sun. The palest of eggshell pinks brushes wingtips, spars and talons to gleam softly, the burnished hue being a kiss of rose tousled wind and play.


Impression Pose (what the audience sees):
Musical Starlet Green Dragonet has exhausted all her resources. She's peering between legs, throwing herself around sharp mattes of egg shells until something opens up to her. A White One speaks her name and it sounds like love. Weakly she washes up at Lyonar's feet with optimism in her eyes.

Impression Message (what you see):
Rosebuds shaken by a rough wind do not form piles of petals for their fall is long lasting - maybe even infinite. The mind wind switches to a buoyant breeze that has some young laughter on it. It sounds childlike, or maybe it's just the purity of the limber voice that you thought once might have been your own. « Just like that I've got you. Please tell me you'll have me? » As soft as Chantilly lace this new essence structures herself around you in exquisite patterns made beautiful by effort. Borrowing a word she swears she was born with, « Darling. My Ly'nar! »

You wanted a flirt, we gave you a flirt. Evarinth is definitely a flirt. In fact, she will flirt with everything and anything! The drudge wandering through the bowl on his way to his duties. She'll try and get his attention, moving here, moving there, trying to trip him up just to pay some special attention. The bronze on the next ledge, time to practice stretching those wings - see aren't they kind of cute. The blue who just landed, lets chat him up. Nothing is beyond her feminine wiles. Coy and playful, if she had eyelashes, they'd be batting. Again, it's not in a blatant sort of way - just very friendly, very playful and she knows just when to stop it too. Because flirting is all about timing. She might even flirt with supper, you know, just for practice, cause that herdbeast has an awful cute rump!

While Evarinth loves the attention, it's yours she'll crave the most of all. She's not direct for forward enough to blatantly ask for it, but she'll find roundabout ways to direct your attention, and that of whomever else is around, onto her. « Ly'nar, I think I need oiled again, my hide is shiny but it could be a little better, see? Don't you agree? » or « Atsuth, do you think I've grown much? Does it look good? Is my rump too big now? » She's neither vain nor selfish, but she certainly does love the spotlight every now and then. What better way to ease into a conversation than you begin it by talking about yourself, after all?

Indeed, Evarinth will certainly love to talk. She'll spend hours by the Weyr lake between practices chatting up the proddy greens with endless questions. « Who do you like? Why's that? Do you think that bronze could be /any/ more stuck up? » Likewise, she'll slip into casual conversations with wingmates, visiting dragons, or anyone she happens to find intriguing. She's all about gregariousness, getting to know others and finding common ground to establish friendships. There are few who she won't get along with, and those she may try even harder than ever to slide into good graces with. She loves a challenge, after all.

For all her chattiness, though, your Evarinth is no gossip. She'll love to listen and certainly will have her share of good info, but when asked something she knows, she'll simply play at ignorant, blinking innocently and replying in a sweet mind voice, « Oh, what? I know nothing about that. Where'd you hear that I did? » The lady keeps her secrets, especially /your/ secrets. The best anyone but you will ever get out of her is a coy little offhand remark. « Oh… maybe I heard something about it, a while ago. But it wasn't very interesting. Hey, want to go sun on the ledge now? I would! »

It's rare you'll find Evarinth in anything but a cheerful mood. There's very little that gets her down, and even in the most serious of situations you may find her composed and supportive, perhaps speaking calmly to you or others in attempt to soothe. It's possible occasionally that the seriousness of some things may be lost on her, and even times where some may wonder if she comprehends the gravity of Threadfall and injury and other such disasters. But truly, she's a trooper, often concealing her fear and soothing herself by soothing others. Many times, her words are a disguised attempt to reassure herself in some situations. « See, nothing to be scared of, it's just a little Thread, it burns up so easily… Stay close to me, will you? »

Mind Voice:
Soft and lilting, the sweetest of purring French accents. At times affected, at times thick, but most often light and pure. She is the European night where the laughter of voices at an outside cafe with the strains of the accordion, or street organ and the twang of a battered viola playing sweetly and drifting in the humid evening. The call of gypsies begging for change and the rustle of ribbons and clatter of heels against cobblestones. Everything has the slightest echo, as if the sound was bouncing off stones that were ancient but mixed in with the new. When she is especially frantic, the buzz of traffic, an angry honk and the whiz of small cars going much much to fast. Colors of indigo blue, dark greys get punctuated by the softer feminine shades of pastels.

Mind Scent:
Her mind scent is made up of the smells and tastes of the theatre. The smell of powder, cake makeup, flowery perfume and coffee. When she is really excited, the smell of sweat and perspiration, (the good type - anticipation, excitement). When she is angry, upset or in pain, it is the dank damp smell of dust, mold and things unused.

Physical Voice:
For all Evarinth is delicate and graceful, her voice is anything but. We'd like you to imagine the torch singers of long ago (with a few modern variations thrown into the mix). Her voice is French seductress, throaty and sexy. Still an alto, but on the deeper, richer side, all thick syrup, molasses, sorghum and honey and designed especially to attract those flies to her web. Not necessarily sweet, but certainly enticing. The barest of rumbles, the hint of a croon.

Lovage - Stroker Ace http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKiXYveusc0
Edith Piaf - La vie en Rose http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUcJWaC-2Co&feature=related
Diana Krall - The Look of Love http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wbGYHwIt0A
Diana Krall - Fly Me to the Moon http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qVCgf6_M7i4&feature=related
Nora Jones - Turn Me On http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UfvOqO0Kja0&feature=related
Alannah Myles - Black Velvet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ut09zkRoG0g
Feist - Secret Heart http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMsLt_pdi0U&feature=related

As a dragonet, she's a tomboy. Scrappy, awkward, irascible and ready to get in there and play and move and do all the things her larger clutchmates will do. There will be lots of scrapes, bruises to tend to, nothing serious, this is how she is going to learn how to move. Her curiosity will get her into trouble more often then not. She wants to know things, even if she's going to forget them eventually. The transition from tomboy to delicate green will be pretty smooth and quick. One moment she's ready to wrestle in the mud with her playmates and the next day she's going to be fluttering those wings and giving the boys coy looks.

Lithe and airy movements are Evarinth. In the air, she twists, spins, leaps and dances through the atmosphere. Why get from point A to point B by flying straight when my wings were meant to express how I'm feeling at the moment? in fact Evarinth adores flying period. And she will excel at it. Even when she can't fly, those wings will be outstretched - you know, just in case.

Here's a YouTube that shows in dance how we see her in the air :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dHG6du4xi7g

Picky picky picky! sums up the dining habits of this green. A little of this, a little of that. When she is young, you'll have to mix and match. Today we'll have wherry for starters, with a herdbeast entre, followed by a runner fois de gras and then « I can't eat the runner? Oh Poo! » Yes we said picky, but in a nicely experimental way. And when she starts to hunt, well she'll toy with her food, play with it, yes and even flirt with it on occasion (practice makes perfect!). It's ultimately all about that flirt thing going down.


"To live is to dance, to dance is to live." —Charles Schulz as Snoopy, Peanuts

Around the time when Evarinth begins to get proddy, you will notice her attitude slowly beginning to change. Normally sociable and cheerful, you may notice she seems more energetic than usual, at times even bordering on manic. She'll go through long periods of being excessively active and restless and slipping into longer, deeper sleeps than usual. Perhaps it will come as no surprise that she'll end up being a bit crankier, too.

The first times you notice the changes starting, she'll merely be cranky and evasive. She won't like to discuss her changing patterns of behavior and, as her proddiness progresses and her glow brightens, she'll get downright snappish. Her irritation with other dragons, people, and in general everyone will begin to slowly rise, too. She'll tend to get into arguments easily, and eventually, it will become obvious that at times she is starting to invent things to be mad about. « That stupid blue took /my/ herdbeast! /I/ was going to eat that one, it was better than the others! The jerk, who does he think he is? »

"The only people who make love all the time are liars." —Gaston in Gigi

But the worst will come during the last few sevendays before she finally goes up. She'll go from cranky to downright rabid. It will be impossible to for anyone but you to say anything to her without being turned on, and even you will begin to suffer the backlash of her nasty mood. Forget the affections of males who will be drawn to her glow; she'll snarl and spurn them each in turn, and persistence may even lead them to getting, in the very worst of her rages, bitten or swiped at with furious claws before you can intervene and put a stop to it.

In these times, you are likely to be the only living thing besides prey she'll allow near her, and even golds exerting their wills upon her to behave will end in grudging and resentful compliance at best. Her furious energy will be channeled into everything she does during this time. When she hunts food, she'll kill perhaps twice as many herdbeasts and wherries as before because in her aggressive zeal she'll rip them apart, fling them around, and generally waste as much as she consumes. She'll begin having restless sleep as well, which you may easily be affected by. She'll go down for maybe an hour or two into a deep sleep, then be up again, raging and demanding your attention.

The flight itself will be easily as unpredictable as she is during this chaotic time. Her fury will reach it's peak when she finally rises. Her flights will tend towards long; during the first few times she goes up, she'll have no desire at all to be caught. Quick and agile in the air, she'll dive and evade and use every bit of her cunning to avoid the males, and only be caught by accident at first. In time she may begin to slowly accept the inevitability of being caught, but she may never be completely accepting of it. However, once caught, she'll soon slip into a mellower state. There may a a grumble or two about how she's tired, but generally within a few days or so she's back to her usual sweet self, bashful and apologetic for what a grouch she had been previously. No affection will be lost on the male who caught her, though. For the most part, the only attention he'll get is acknowledgment that he caught her a couple days after the flight. « That male? Why is he so special? He only flew me once, that's no big deal. » Later on, she may even seem to forget all about it.

As far as the males go, Evarinth is far from typical when it comes to forming a bond with any one in particular. Where many greens will be won over by the winners of their flights, Evarinth will not attach any special meaning to what is to her, essentially, a purely physical act. Indeed, it will be hard for any male to impress her during her temperamental proddy cycles, and thus she is much more likely to form a lasting bond outside of the influence of mating flights. Sure, if /that/ male she fancies happens to catch her once or twice, she'll be pleased, but her affections are about so much more than just the urge to mate. The lucky male that finally does secure her devotion, if ever, will have had to earn it.

"Why did he fly off the handle? He knew I'd answer him back." —Gigi


Evarinth can dance her way out of everything but Thread. So focused on the joy, thrill, and freedom of flying, the animated green has a weak spot for tactical techniques. It’s the procedural mechanics of it that trips her up. Flying is for soaring! This will cause problems in wing formations, considering how much precision and strategy has to go into such meticulous squads.

The more rote formations will be cake, and she will ace them every time, which bodes well in many situations. So this means she will be doing a lot of clean up, which isn’t such a bad thing. Think of the glory of being the one who saves the day each and every fall? « There’s a clump! » She twirls to catch it before it reaches the Queen wing’s level. « Got it! » Mass applause in her own head.

Most likely she will never excel past average, but not everyone can be a perfect fighter! You need the entertainment, and beauty too! Life is not all about being purely utilitarian!

"Dance every performance as if it were your last." —Erik Bruhn

Weyr Relationships:
Evarinth, pleasant and personable, will be ready and willing to befriend just about any dragon outside of her proddy cycles. It's true that growing up with her clutchsibs may sponsor a special bond between them in particular, but when she's grown and the next batch are in training, she may well be just as fond of those little imps as well, or their riders. Her affections will be withheld from very few, in fact.

As a natural flirt, Evarinth may just end up having more male friends than female. Not that she doesn't get along with the greens and golds, but she knows and pays attention to the boys of the Weyr, and they will probably take notice of her as well. Among her clutchmates, Torcoth will probably appreciate her feminine flirtatiousness and spunk, and she will likely be fond of good-natured Koryuth. She may find Kyraceth's boldness alarming at times, or it could possibly even provoke her own sense of adventure. And Granaith shares suppleness in both body and mind.


Egg Inspiration:
You liked it and we wrestled in the mud to get it for you.


Taini wrote the egg, but she didn't say why. So we leave it to you to ask her!

Dragon Name Inspiration:
Evarinth is based on evarínya, which means stars in the ancient languages from Tolkein.

Dragon Inspiration:


The hey day of the musical genre was MGM's 1940's and 1950's period. These were the days of Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, and in particular Leslie Caron. We based your dragon somewhat on her and pulled bits and pieces from all the other musical starlets of the period.

If you're not familiar with Leslie, we'd recommend checking out the movies: Gigi, American in Paris and those of that ilk. Leslie is a petite comprehensive performer and she is as girly as they come! A nice bio can be found here: Biography: http://tv.msn.com/celebs/celeb.aspx?c=284153&mp=b

Most well known for the movie Gigi. Part of the inspiration came from the song, 'Thank heavens for little girls'. You can find a clip here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fyBffCiGr8c&feature=related

Gigi is a movie about a girl's progress from a Parisian gamine of the belle époque, to 'a definite allure.' She goes from silly child out to amuse the men in her life until they realize that there has been a breathless change… Quintessential romance of course, but Leslie Caron is an absolute delight as the irrepressible Gigi… With her fleeting facial expressions, she captures brilliantly the transformation of a teasing tomboy into the hesitant, uncertain blooming of adult sexuality…


SAY not of beauty she is good,
Or aught but beautiful,
Or sleek to doves' wings of the wood
Her wild wings of a gull.

Call her not wicked; that word's touch
Consumes her like a curse;
But love her not too much, too much,
For that is even worse.

O, she is neither good nor bad,
But innocent and wild!
Enshrine her and she dies, who had
The hard heart of a child.

—Elinor Wylie


Corana, Emilia and Q'luin all helped on the dragon parts; Taini desc'd the egg. DF is a team, so everyone on Search Co. pitched in and helped tweak! The lovely drawing of Evarinth was created for you by Corana.

A true lady always retains the prerogative of changing her mind, and so we ultimately leave it up to you to take what you like and ignore what you don't. Much fun was had writing her and we do hope you enjoy it and expect Evarinth will become one of the grand ole dames of Ista.

Tia and green Kyraceth
Rh'iad and green Atsuth
Carolyna and green Granaith
S'tao and bronze Sephiroth
Sharyna and blue Koryuth
Dia and brown Torcoth
Ly'nar and green Evarinth

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