Lila's Green Elinth
Dragonsfire's 55th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Lilyth and Zhoreth’s clutch
Hatching Date: May 30, 2009
Egg theme: Cultural Celebrations

Lady Lila,
Gunilla, no, Lila! You, like E’siac, are an energy source that needed tapping. If you put as much effort as you do into typing, into the next year on-game, Ista is going to be one amazing place for it. Full of lots and lots of typing, and residual energy that works better than 5 espresso shots. You also have great ideas, some of which we used in the dragons even! You will find /at least/ one or two of your own right here in your Elinth’s inspiration. We hope you enjoy it immensely! It has passed through many hands, and has numerous stamps of approval all over it. Enjoy! Welcome to Ista Weyr proper!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co

Halcyon Holi Egg
Dominated by feckless technicolor joy, an egg of perpetual spherical curve stands odd against the typical ovoid. Hyper-bright blue blotches mingle with florescent pinks, a marriage that results in breaches of flagrant exaggerated purple. All decorum tossed to the wind leaves speckles of garish lime and the unflinching tenacity of incandescent orange to challenge the resolve of the underlying dusky canvas.

Hatch Message:
Halycon Holi Egg is pervasively untroubled, but then its tenuous take on benevolence shatters when another boisterous egg tumbles overly hard into it. Chinks in the colorful armor of peace begin to appear as chunks of shell flake off. The scent of freedom is too much for the occupant, and immediately the garish ovoid begins to shake violently with frenzied activity radiating out until all at once the pressure builds to the climatic breaking point and then explodes! The egg is rendered naught but confetti of boisterous color, raining down all around a roly poly green whose dynamic coloring is the embodiment of the one ingredient no proper party can do without – alcohol!

Hatchling Name: Bohemian Butterball Green Dragonet

Dragon Description:


Liquid absinthe-green libation oozes between overlarge bulging eyes and slightly awry headknobs to cascade into a spray of effervescent champagne, which bubbles across the rotund reaches of her nearly nonexistent neckridges and trickles in intoxicated reverie around plump hindquarters. Brandy drips from wings already remarkably diminutive, only to be trumped further by her corpulent body's breadth. Sails' frailty is in harmony with the anomalous proportions, gossamer-thin, and brightly veined with phosphorescent stylized patterning. Pale chartreuse swathes a stain across underbelly's protrusions to froth over a tail already impressively thick.

We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly.
- Sam Keen

Impression Pose: (what the audience sees):
Bohemian Butterball Green Dragonet hears that sound again, a lovely quiet one that still reaches her from nearby. She may look a little ungainly when she waddles forward with determination like that, but there's such earnestness in her movements and an overwhelming sense of joie de vivre. She's ecstatic that there's obviously someone on the sands who lives to the fullest. Just like she does! Her high pitched, hair raising, tinkling musical warble cuts through every other noise in the large caverns when she skids to a stop right in front of HER before she gets pulled away!

Impression Message: (what you see):
Feather light vibrations flutter through your mind creating ethereal cataclysmic waves that ebb outwards, striking cords so deep they will resonate forever more. A fog of winding, twirling, swirling smoke twines with thoughts, leaving behind brandy kisses that will linger long into the moment when a collision of atmospheric cafe sounds rustle up emotions with the not-so-subtle presence that suddenly becomes a dominant thought. « Will you carry me, Lila? » There’s a cerebral hop, and then a leap, sending the fairy soaring, your minds trapped together in a misty cloud of foreverness. First one shape forms, and then another, as the shifting waves of calm weather gives life to an imagination no longer contained. « /Can/ you carry me? I’m /SO/ hungry and it’s /SO/ far! — But I love you! — Shall we go eat? »



Ah, here's a dragon that knows how to enjoy life! Elinth puts heart and soul into every little thing she does. No event is too small that she won't pour the utmost energy into it. She'll throw parties for everyone's turndays down to the firelizards, go into raptures over every pretty sunset, and mourn every broken piece of crockery, however, those negative little moments are few and far between, because if there's a single thing that characterizes Elinth, it's her boundless optimism.

That's not to say that at times she doesn't get knocked down, or that if you are to get knocked down she won't sympathize, but she's a determined little creature who refuses to take no for an answer, and who always believes that there's a silver lining to every cloud. In fact there's no dark clouds in Elinth's world, nothing that can't somehow be made better. She's drawn to the bright and happy things in life (think /PINK!/ /PURPLE!/ /BLUE!/ /YELLOW!/ /ORANGE!/ /RED!/), so expect to go off chasing after a particularly bright fruit she's spotted on a tree, or admiring someone's outfit, or just how bright blue the sky can be on a particularly sunny day.


But most of the time it's objects. Elinth is a born collector, she delights in all the things she can find. She's a beachcomber, a packrat, and in all honesty a nosy little dragon. But there's a twist here, as she's one of the few dragons that actually understands the concept of ownership. When you find an object, it doesn't stop there, oh no. You have to find the object's rightful owner, too, because she knows those wonderful things that bring her joy are meaningful to others as well. « Oh, what a beautiful shirt just left here on the beach! Such a lovely red! I wonder who it belongs to? » And she'll take it and lie in wait until someone turns up to collect it, and if they don't she'll have you making door to door weyrcalls, or standing on the table in the middle of the dinner hour to yell "ANYONE LOSE A RED SHIRT?" Even though sometime this can lead to disappointment. « It's a pity he's not anything at all like his beautiful shirt. »

Now, that part is all fine and good, but trying to reunite snails with their shells? Pieces of driftwood with the boat it was once a part of? Leaves to trees? Once she's understood that some things can't be given back, however, they'll be gleefully claimed as hers and taken home, first to dragonet couch and later to your own weyr. This may lead to you becoming popular, you'll be first port of call for anyone who's ever lost anything, not to mention people who are looking for a cheap last minute turnday present, or to filch a new piece of clothing, or just plain redecorate their weyr. She doesn't mind giving things away. It makes more room for her to pile up new stuff!

Elinth will also have you utilize the found items into great gaudy, jingly jewelry for you and her. She also likes to have these hideous things made for her and your friends too, cause what dragon/human doesn’t want to sport a ginormous beaded whatever?!


The one thing that she won't trade is you. She'll be your staunchest supporter in anything you want, for nothing you want to do could ever possibly be a bad idea! If you're ever anything less than happy she'll always be trying to comfort you, and if anyone else is less than happy she'll be just the same for them. « Did she lose something? » will always be her first question, and if it isn't that, she'll tirelessly try to think of ways to make the situation better. « You could bake them a cake? » « I could give them that shiny pebble I found on the beach. »

Your grand gal floats aimlessly from one thing to the next, especially in the way of her thoughts. Little fluffy silver-lined clouds drifting in her mind. Little billowy cloud bunnies, downy dolphins, cheerful little thoughts pushed through her head on the persistent winds of change. It’s just that her wind blows a little faster than most. Not /too/ fast, but picture a child in a toy store, flitting from toy to toy, wanting to play with each and every one, but then she spots another. « Oooo! »

Better yet, picture a wandering soul, drifting through life on wings too tiny for her body, unable to actually flit so easily here and there physically, so instead she does it mentally. She /would/ be a pixy if her bodytype allowed it. Elinth’s soul is a ghosting bohemian presence to a body that carries so many limitations, but it won’t hold her mind down! It won’t hold her spirit down!



There's no other way to put it, your dragon is /round/. Like she'd bounce if you pushed her off a ledge (don't try this at home!). She doesn't actually bounce when she moves about, in fact she's pretty smooth, but she still /looks/ like she's bouncing. And at first it just looks like it's because she's so plump and pudgy, but her stubby wings just aren't quite wide or long enough to support her in sustained flight. Plenty of exercise will help her to a certain extent, but she'll have one of the lowest in-air stamina of the greens. This may also affect her flights which, unless she gets a really good head start, are unlikely to be long drawn-out affairs in the air, although she makes up for it by plenty of flirting upon the ground.

The marks on her wings look rather like art deco stylings that just aren't quite symmetrical, as if someone stuck the decals on a little awry. She's fond of the differences between them though. Elinth’s fond of how she looks in general, not in a narcissistic way, but in an individual way; confident that no other dragon looks like she does. She's very comfortable in her own skin - take her just as she is or leave her. Your lifemate will be a little miffed if it's the latter, but being rebuffed will always make her more determined to get on the good side of that person or dragon. « They must have got out of bed the wrong side today. »


She'll look pretty cute when young - not adorable-cute, but interesting-cute, and she'll always stay looking like that, never shedding her puppy fat, as it were. Elinth won't so much grow as gently and continuously expand, and she'll never quite be the right proportions: her eyes bug out slightly, her headknobs are set pretty far forward on her head, her wings are too short and her tail's too long, her body's too round and her talons are really thick she likes having them buffed though, she's very in to mani/pedicures. Taloncures? Especially when she's proddy.

The green of the great bulk of her body is so /GREEN/ it’s astonishing. There will be absolutely no missing her, even in a wing chock full of greens. “Where’s Elinth and Lila?” Someone will point incredulously, “They’re right /there/! Open your eyes, man!” Right smack dab in the middle of the lush jungle she will stand out amongst the thriving verdant plant life there. Where /can/ she hide? Nowhere. This’ll mean she’ll be in need of some mighty camouflage should you want to sneak around.

Even then any extra added weight will just cause her more problems. You’ll have to spend a whole heck of a lot of time researching how to make the absolutely lightest straps possible, and that is with /extra/ leather to work around the wide-body form. Maybe it’s time to get on the Weavers about creating a new sort of lightweight cloth that can stand up to the strength and wear and tear of leather? You did want to remain involved with crafts!

Exercise can be a bit of a chore because she’ll tire out quickly, so maybe one day a clever dragonhealer will tell you all about how to exercise her in the near weightlessness of water so as to not stress those muscles you are trying to nurture. Maybe, just maybe.

This might give her and her ocean-loving sibling something to do together - a bonding point. Here she’ll get to be graceful once she gets the hang of it, even doing fancy loop-de-loops that she cannot manage in the sky. But then there will be a parting of the thoughts, because – oh man – how yummy those fish look. That bright flashy one that Minalth named Master Redfruit, and the little tiny white one with the flouncy fins –SSSS-LURP!

However, whatever she does, Elinth will be one Beautiful Bodacious Butterball Boozy swoozy schmoozy, but not woozy, Babe. No doubt about it!

Mind Voice:


“Sometimes we used to enter secret wayside cafes. There might be a step down, and there was always a table to choose in the silence or the murmur of speech. A shadow was the most ancient of the regulars. A long, long time she had sat at every place. The sun would be there, on good terms with her, lying upon her forehead, on your hand, on a glass. And soon he left, like a god one forgets. During these halts that seemed to become eternal, experience came to us, and we always left these secret cafes subtly changed from what we had been before.” Guillevic, from Stopping Along the Way

Crockery clinking and clanking together. The soft ting of glass resonates in ebbing waves. Jovial laughter breaks the air, drawing attention from all quarters. Liquid splashing into glass, clouding the refractive view of a handsome customer beyond. The squeak of the door that opens and closes rather consistently, allowing yet another person to enter, adding the rap of their footsteps to the soft persistent clamor. A sharp voice raises to carry into the cook, only to be answered by a baritone displeased by the order. The fabric of a table cloth swishes when rustled by legs that slip into place, scrapping a chair across the polished tile floor as they settle. The door to the kitchen opens and out wafts the scent of fresh made bread to mingle with the aroma of strong ‘café crème’ (the proper way to order ‘café au lait’ in the afternoon). Repeatedly you will hear these words “s’il vous plait”, over and over, almost like a song with a rhythm of gratitude. Infused within will be random friendly chatter, and poetic phrases with sing song voices that dramatize the words spoken. Old cash registers grinding out their tills. Coins chinking together. Strong plumes of perfume collide with the whirling invasive smoke from gauloises. It goes on and on, your imagination is the only limit to what can be found within a French Cafe. L’addition, s’il vous plait!

All of this is merely background noise for her voice, a low breathy tone with a hint of sultriness, a woman's voice that flexes between a young girl's lilt and a matron's burr. Not unlike the warm tones of Audrey Tautou in her innocent days as the character Amelie. While dragons do not have accents, there is still a slight purr in her voice, a roll of certain consonants and edged vowels that gives Elinth a unique voice.

The scent of your lovely Elinth can be worn! This is the perfume chosen for you both:
PONTARLIER - The legendary birthplace of the Green Fairy. Swiss ferns, lilac, blackcurrant, Gallic rose and lavender with a dollop of sugar and absinthe. http://blackphoenixchemlab.com/wanderlust.html
Pontarlier (Latin: Ariolica) is a commune and one of the two sub-prefectures of the Doubs department in the Franche-Comté region in eastern France.

Paris Cafe: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTxnAevd8Ug

Physical Voice:


By the EGG! Her physical voice defies imagination at the best of times! I mean, she’s not overly ‘large’ in the sense that she doesn’t have the bones of a blue, but she has the extra meat and sinew that would make one suspect her voice would be much deeper, much throatier, much huskier. Instead it is musical and high pitched, like a myriad of tinkling bells all rung together. At times she can actually raise the hair on one’s neck it can be so high. Squealing, giggling, frothy, femininity that cannot be mistaken, and is absolutely at odds with her gloriously chubby body.


Her eyes bug out slightly, her headknobs are set pretty far forward on her head, her wings are too short and her tail's too long, her body's too round and her talons are really thick she likes having them buffed though, she's very in to mani/pedicures. Taloncures? Especially when she's proddy.


She'll start off round and roly-poly right out of the egg, and she'll never quite seem to grow out of it. There'll be none of that lengthening of the neck and body into anything graceful, she'll never lose her puppy fat and she'll always be rather inclined to waddle. Overshort wings will be the bane of your existence… she won't mind them but the Weyrlingmasters will fuss over them and the dragonhealers will have a close eye on her from any possible wing straining, and the less clever ones may question that sickly-pale green of hers. You may also be accused of over-feeding her (she does like to eat) but no matter how much you try to regulate her food she'll never be anything other than round and plump. Holding her back from her food will just make her miserable.



This girl knows how to swing her booty! Every step she takes will be with a wriggle of the hips, bouncing along with plenty of verve and vigor. She isn't at all self-conscious about it - she's confident that she looks good and she knows it!

In the air she'll sputter along with the relative velocity of a little French moped. Greens are usually the nifty fliers, but not Elinth, her wings see to that. She'll bounce along in the air just about the same way she does on the ground - rides will be bumpy and lacking in tricks, but she'll get you from point A to point B. She enjoys every flying experience, however, and it's the confidence that comes with enjoyment that she exudes. Any dragon or person trying to tease her really won't get very far when faced with that boundless optimism. « And /so/? »

Picky picky picky eater! Everything must be /just/ right. Cuisine is the salt of life and she will endeavor to perfect it with most every meal. She must have /the/ perfect beast before she’ll eat it. It must be plump, but not too fat. The hide cannot be flawed, and the proto-feathers not too abundant, but not too scarce either.

More importantly, it should be a well tended animal, so often she’ll want to hunt the hold-stock. The ones that don’t get run around a lot, and get to graze on grass. The ones who get lots of sun, but plenty of water. The ones that get to graze on a myriad of plants to spice the meat just right. They must be happy, because a happy herdbeast is a tasty herdbeast! (Think organic!)

One of the cotholds up north actually feed their herdbeasts ale, brush their hides with it as well. These are lazy fat beasts that aren’t meant to do much activity, so their meat is mottled with fat, and so juicy each bite feels like your drowning. She’ll want to go there a LOT! « Please? It’s not far between! They have good wild herbs up there too! »

Speaking of herbs. Elinth will want all the condiments, side dressings, herbs, spices, and sauces that /are/ French cuisine. For this you will need to hit up the kitchens at just the right time. Ista Hold and Smith have them too, and you can bet at any given time there will be heavy creamed sauces for you to get a bowl of – or a pitcher when no one is looking! Maybe you can even sneak down into Sterling’s private cellar and filch some wine? Because WINE is her favorite beverage, and it goes SO well with the wherry!

She’ll want the wherry that are /fat/ /fat/ /fat/, because their livers will be immense and tasty! So no wild wherries for her! Again, the smaller the pen they are kept in the better, cause then they can get really lazy. (Think foi gras.)

If it’s French, she’ll want it! Truffles! Bagette! Brioche! Brie! Escargot! Coc au Vin! Ratatouille! Bourguignonne! Souffle! Mousse! Cassoulet! Pate! And great-goo-filled crepes!



Flights, those are a whole ‘nother ball of wax. Elinth will liberally /indulge/ herself, and will expect everyone else to too! She’ll demand compliments, act coquettishly, and you’ll see your lifemate will respond very well to charm, especially sweet crooning and clever compliments. Cheesy easy compliments not so much. They gotta make effort after all! The more effort, the happier she is. Dedicate a poem or a song to her? Better yet, if they make one up /about/ her she’ll go over the moon.

Elinth will quite rather enjoy herself please and thankyou. Every flight will be perfect and she'll fall in love every time, whether it's the same catcher every flight or always a new beau. She'll romanticize the experience and drive her rider crazy going on and on about how strong his wings were, and how he crooned just the right thing at the right time. Totally cornball stuff like that. And she'll be a big ol snuggler too, whether he likes it or not. (Think Pepe Le Pew.)

Elinth’s plumpness, the size of her wings, all of it work against her in this situation. She’d make a marvelous rescue dragon though! Not only does her ‘situation’ make this difficult, but it’s what she prefers too! Nifty how life arranges things. It's not that she doesn't like charring thread out of existence, but the pained whistles and cries of her injured brethren are heartbreaking and she's better at helping guide them down to the ground then staying up there to fight. I mean, do a weak short-lived effort to fight, or a full on awesome effort to rescue the wounded? She gets to be a hero in a whole different manner! This is part of the whole wanting to take care of people/dragons and make sure they're happy. Thread's a bit inanimate for that.

Weyr Relationships:
Elinth and Shaarth will have an interesting relationship. She’s the magpie to his snooty art collector. She’s the one who collects anything, and can find beauty in it all. He’s the one who only collects what he deems special, and can see far more value in a Monaco vase, than the sweet baubles she picks up here and there, though he appreciates that /she/ appreciates.

Shaarth can go through her collection every once in awhile, all haughty, mumbling about how most of it was crap, and then come along something rare, a big surprise, and he keeps it all quiet, trying to haggle with Elinth cause she doesn't know what she has! Doesn't know how valuable. Like hers’ is a garage sale and he's the old dude that haunts them looking for that one big find.

Minalth and Elinth will be great chums! They both understand life pretty much in the same manner, and well hell, it’s all good right? Right… but Elinth needs to work out being sneaky to keep that relationship on the right track. The fish? Remember about the fish? Tasty yes, but Minalth would be crushed if he saw his bud munching one of his tiny buds. So try and remind her often – “Don’t /eat/ the fish! Wait until he isn’t looking!”

Minalth looks away after admiring how big ‘Fin’ has gotten.
Elinth – SLURP.
Minalth returns to admir—- « Where’d Fin go? »
Elinth is all innocence « I think he was late for school. »

Calafath is SO interesting! Remember Two-Face? Hard working good guy by day, and very very suspicious by night? That’d be this guy, and WOW! She finds that so so so interesting. You’ll find her following him around during both periods of his personality, quizzing him on pretty much anything having to do with those drastic shifts. But what woman doesn’t have a soft spot for a bad boy? So he will be a prime suspect if her flight falls at night!

Paquith! Another bad boy, and OH BOY is he one! She’ll go all mooshy soft every time he saunters by – right up until he’s mean, and then she’ll mope. But then she’ll forget, and get all swoony again, and then – you get the cycle!

Ooooh, how Sazanamith is different. These two will probably end up with a relationship a bit like sisters. Elinth, oddly enough, will be like the admiring little sister, while Sazanamith will be the older sister who is to be emulated and worshiped, and you’ll find your lifemate tagging along, a bounty of enthusiasm for bonding growth between them, and all the things they can do together, and they can talk about boys, and they can go to the mall, and, and, and… right there in the middle somewhere Sazanamith is sure to crack, and it could be ugly!

Both Elinth and Isyth are foodies, even if completely different sorts. In this they can maybe find a bonding point and share meals, for surely they will be interested in whatever the other comes up with. They won’t always like the same things, but both are daring palate-ists. They will share a common respect with one another when it comes to eating.


Egg Inspiration:
Described by: Q'luin
I have had a wish for much of my adult life to go to India for Holi. It's a time when everyone is on the same merry playful level, and in every direction there are ear to ear grins. Every country should have a day dedicated to joy, and this egg is my petition!


* http://www.girlsustainable.com/files/2009/02/play-holi.jpg

In addition, we thought it should plague you for the rest of your life. /PINK!/ /PURPLE!/ /BLUE!/ /YELLOW!/ /ORANGE!/ — and we won't forget /RED!/

Dragon Name Inspiration:
Well hell, you asked for it! It actually worked out so well we had to grin. You see, since your dragon is loosely based on Amelie (amELIe), and the name was Elinth (ay-LAHnth), and both had 'eli' in their names, we went, wow, /nice/ fit. Then you add the factor that ‘élan’ means "enthusiastic vigor and liveliness" and "distinctive style or flair" , which she definitely is/has! One last reason is that Lila and Elinth look so damn good together!

A note on pronunciation: French has no diphthongs, so each vowel is pure. The 'ay' is said as if you cut the normal English 'ay' short slightly. The next vowel, the i, is a nasal 'ah' sound - the same vowel as in the word 'man,' but said through the nose. You can hear the French pronunciation for the two vowels, é and a respectively, here: http://french.about.com/library/begin/bl-begpronunciation.htm

Dragon Inspiration:
Your dragon evolved many times as our thoughts of what we thought what you’d enjoy did. She ended up being a cross between a few quiet related things – all of them French.


You mentioned the Magipie idea on the forum and Q’luin was listening and thought it was a cool idea. So wallah. We’d already had the culture by now, but needed some particular focuses, so went with a Bohemian. Then S’tao suggested Audrey Tautou for the mindvoice. It very naturally evolved between the mix of the four into Amelie. If you haven’t seen the movie, you should rent it! A lot of her is Amelie, who is a very interesting character.


Of course we were going to give you the Rubenesque dragon you asked for, so that was another element. Champagne seemed obvious, but quickly evolved into absinthe when we realized she was a bohemian. But we didn’t want to lose the cool bubbles/nodules that you had asked for in a frog, so she became /alcohol/ colored. Including the brandy in the coffee cafe style.

La Fee Verte - the green fairy, is the usual nickname for absinthe, and how she got her wings, and soul. She’s a fairy at heart, even if her body will not let her be so in all ways!


Mind voice: The sights, sounds, smells, and textures of the French Cafe. This book is said to be an excellent resource for pictures and quotes: http://www.studentbookworld.com/books/index.php/PARISIAN_CAFE_LITERARY_COMPANION_by_CLARK,_VAL_ISBN_0789306735

French music of all types:

Les Blaireaux

Manu Chao - Je ne t'aime plus

Telepopmusik - Breathe

St Germain - Rose Rouge

Yann Tiersen - Rue de Cascades

Superbus - Lola (One of my French favorite bands, and most popular songs)

Superbus - Butterfly!! (My favorite Superbus song! Must be hear LOUD.)

DobaCaracol - Brume

Ariane Moffatt - Retourne Chez Elle

Holden - Ce Que Je Suis

Mylene Farmer

Jenifer Au Soleil

Veronique Sanson - Pour me Comprendre

Emilie Simon - Desert

Alizee Francesita

Tryo - Toi et moi

Loco Locass - M'accrocher

La Fouine - On s'en bat les Couilles

Eric Panic - Soldat de plomb ou d'argent

Rohff - En Mode

French National Anthem

Tia, Soteria, and Zuhal offered up ideas that Q’luin wrote into a dragon with some help from Kezia.

Zerra and Brown Minalth
Lila and Green Elinth
E'siac and Brown Shaarth
I'deni and Bronze Paquith
M'foy and Green Sazanamith
Wyn and Gold Isyth
J'rlen and Brown Calafath

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