I'es' bronze Einarth
Dragonsfire's 57th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Isyth and Sephiroth's clutch
Hatching Date: June 29th, 2010
Al'tair and blue Veveshoth
Klohi and green Harquith
Lisya and gold Meliaith
Ai'den and bronze Kaijuth
K'thin and blue Gallifreth
D'yce and brown Chironath
T'yr's bronze Zarielth
T'syn's bronze Tasunth
Syvia's brown Dakhanavarath

Egg theme: Motion pictures! Moving pictures! Better known as cinematic movies!

Welcome, I'es!

You've been with us through thick and thin, intrigues, natural disasters, and more. We can barely remember a time when you weren't one of us and now we hope that you'll be here to stay forever! In Einarth we hope you'll find that brash partner who'll never fail to make life interesting, who'll drag you along if not propel you towards glory. But as in anything, this is simply a guideline. We worked tirelessly off of what you requested, and tried to do a good job with it. In the end, it is up to you to play your new dragon as you see fit! It took many minds to make the multifaceted dragon you asked for, but he's now yours to further evolve and enjoy!

Your heart is free. Have the courage to follow it! - Malcom Wallace, "Braveheart"

-From Ista Weyr Search Co


Ominous Ringed Tree Egg
Out of the violaceous sides pools pure darkness, all but shrouding the center that is bordered by a blazing ring of light. It is no heavenly cascade but rather an eerie haunting circle that almost beckons one to reach out towards it. Contained within is the illusion of blistered wallpaper where a dead and leafless three rises up with it's branches in an agony of blazing flame slowly consuming and incinerating with a heat that is almost tangible.


Hatch Message:

Ominous Ringed Tree Egg has been stealthily simmering in its sandy place. Embers have been creeping along its surface, tendrils of flame quietly licking along the branches in its pattern. Seeking the first blow, it tumbles to its side with a sudden jolt-a muzzle tip charging through the centre ring of light, followed by decorated head, neck and finally shoulders that tear through the last clinging pieces of crispy thin shell. First battle won, the dragonet readies for the next wave and surveys the hatching field before him.

Hatchling Name:

Call to Arms Bronze Dragonet

Dragon Description:

Pure bright polish on newly minted bronze, the archetype of warrior or champion, there is no denying the magnificence of massive musculature, the fine lines of superlative brawn. Woad darkens the hollows of glaring, cunning eyes and follows the curvature of cheekbone and jawline before trailing down the neckridges towards a thick stout tail. Broad imposing shoulders and hulking paws provide the perfect base for prodigious wings, natural shields of thick sail and silver gilded trim upon narrow edges. Armor protects and shelters, forged by nature and tempered by the heat of a courageous heart to be worn as his own hide, but this is no parade ground soldier, he is a proven hero with the depictions of battle scars on shapely haunches.

Impression Pose: (what the audience sees):

Impression Message: (what you see):

Smoke billows in your mind, a hint of burnt offerings, a tickle of incense in your nose and then the tang of old leather armor. The haze surrounds you and a low earthy, gritty voice speaks in your mind as if the two of you stand alone upon a grassy plain. « It's almost time, I'es. What are you waiting for? » There is the sensation of impatience and hunger, battle fury, and sheer need. « We have much to accomplish and we won't get there just standing here. » There is a mental nudge and a rushing sensation as the world falls away for a long second and then there is nothing else but the two of you.

« My name is Einarth! »


Einarth. Where or where to start with the glorious creature of dragonhood that is Einarth (and he’d totally agree that he is glorious). He’s a doer, a cowboy and a gloryhound, arrogant and spontaneous and something of a narcissist. He’s a dragon who loves to show off, look good doing it, and get down and dirty with as much panache as he can manage. Beauty and shine and softness are his downfall, while becoming the hero will lift him to new heights of greatness. Oh, and I’es, you’ll be lifted to greatness atop him. It'll be amazing.

“Nor have I seen a mightier man-at-arms on this earth than the one standing here:
unless I am mistaken, he is truly noble. This is no mere hanger-on in a hero's armour."
- Beowulf

Life is meant to be lived, and Einarth will be right there in the midst of life, throwing his all and enjoying every bit. One simply can’t sit on the sidelines and let it pass you by, one has to go out there and be a part of it, make it exciting and livable. This is a philosophy that is as much a part of Einarth as his own hide. He needs to experience things instead of simply being told about it. If the water in Reaches is cold, he’ll have to discover that for himself! If Southern Cats are a formidable creature to hunt, he’ll have to hunt them! If Kyraceth is a taunting vixen in the skies for her flights, he’ll be right there to respond to those taunts! If the knowledge and the experience is out there for him to try and participate, he’ll be in the midst of it, and will insist that you join him in a majority of these pursuits. After all, everything is far more rewarding when you involve a companion -that way you can reminisce about those good times later, be them worth commiseration and a sigh or a great laugh.

Spontaneity. One thing that can be relied upon with Einarth, is his spontaneity -oddly enough. While the Weyr has its strict order and hierarchy, structure and regulation, there are just some times when a dragon has to go out and do something completely and utterly unplanned. If the mood strikes, he’ll do it. If a possibility evolves in his mind, he’ll do it. If something strikes his fancy, he’ll do it. No thought, no consideration, no evaluation. Einarth will just do it! And why? Because he can! -and he'll still do it even if he isn't supposed to. Really? Who needs reason here? It doesn't even tickle in his head. These are the moments when he’ll want to race thunderstorms, challenge the elements, visit foreign gold dragons, cliffjump, try the jungles, nudge you at beautiful women, fly in the vanguard, and basically do whatever it is that strikes him as possible (or even impossible) in that bare moment. So be prepared I’es, because Einarth certainly doesn’t plan to be.

“Men don't follow titles, they follow courage.” - William Wallace

As was mentioned before, Weyr’s have these silly things called rules. Einarth really isn’t that big into rules. He doesn’t think that terribly much about convention and laws either. We aren’t talking about moral rules, more the ‘silly’ ones like who flies in the lead of the wing, or the path that you are supposed to take when flying sweeps, or who gets to land first, or that you aren’t supposed to eat the runner in the Hold’s courtyard, that flaming Lord Sterling’s orchards is Bad, and you aren’t supposed to be dashing out to join the goldriders’ wing during threadfall because those shiny ladies need a hero. If there might be the chance of a thread burrow away from where the rest of the wing is sweeping, he might just set out in that direction without notice. One moment in formation, the next, he is gone!

« Be right back, brothers! »

These are the 'rules' that Einarth might have issue with, ignore, and possibly go rogue. He also might outright rebel against them and buck the convention. He'll do it just because and to show that he won’t be bounded by society’s silly rules. He's his own dragon like that.

While Einarth will often have an issue with rules, he does have honor. Oh, does he ever have honor. He’ll never turn from a fight. He’ll be loyal to you and the Weyr, the dragons and the residents. His bravery will be unmatched. Never, ever will anyone question his integrity, for he will always be true to those deemed to earn that respect. He might be called a ‘cowboy’ or a rule bender/breaker, but there will always be a sense of honor and integrity to Einarth that is as important to him as breathing. These are the basic rules and morals of life, of the warrior.

« For the Weyr! »

“Train yourself, distinguish yourself in war.” - Kambei, The Seven Samurai

There is nothing distinguishing about Einarth when he gets into a rage. Absolutely nothing. This is Einarth the berserker. There is no thought process, and a near complete lack of reasoning. Usually, it is during threadfall when the berserker warrior comes out. But there are times when a fight gets into him, that has nothing to do with Fall, where he will lose control and pretty much go batf*ck insane, primal, and bestial. Take, for instance, if he sights the pirate ship that raided an Istan fishing hold, the crew having killing everyone man, woman, and child. He’ll want to flame that ship, and attack it. He’ll want to rip out the masts, pluck up the pirates upon it and crush them. He’ll want to rip and shred and DESTROY it all. This is where your reason comes into play, I’es. This is where you are his reason, and his grounding, and his lifeline back to sanity. Take a firm hold, and bring him back to us.

With all of that said, we also have Einarth the gloryhound. Honor and integrity are one thing, being the hero is something else. He’ll distinguish himself in battle, of this there is no doubt. But it won’t be accidental. Oh no. He is the sort to jump to the forefront and be The One who will rescue the damsel in distress, take the vanguard in the attack, make the death-defying dive into the forestfire/Threadfall/hurricane/renegade encampment, score the winning touchdown to save the game -err, maybe not that last one. But you probably get the picture.

« We can't save the land from Thread back here. I'es. Forward! »

There are quite a few times when you will have to remind him that he shouldn’t be going rogue like that, seeking glory and fame and accolades, ignoring the danger and the others around him. Not only will actions like that more than likely get the pair of you killed!.. but there is a bigger picture to consider than just that moment. He'll buck you the entire way though. It's hard to keep a dragon like him tempered.

“Every man dies. Not every man truly lives.”- William Wallace

Now, only a dragon with the need to be a gloryhound could have an arrogance to match, and you can be certain that Einarth does, in spades. He is a very proud dragon, proud of his accomplishments, his feats, you (your accomplishments and feats), and his very, glorious existence. He is, in essence, a narcissist. Ego. Vanity. Conceit. Selfishness. He knows what he is, how amazing he is, what he can do, and has all of the background to back every last bit of it up. This includes you as well. Einarth knows full well your great accomplishments, how handsome you are (for a human), and how great the pair of you work and look together. Nothing is made up, or blown up into something great and far grander than what it actually is. Oh no. He feels that he has every right to act the way he does, because the pair of you have the balls to back it all up. He doesn’t offer comparisons to others. Why should he? This is all about his own narcissism. Him. You. None of the other pairings!

« There are times, I'es, when I wonder if this land would survive without us. »

It will be up to you to bring his head down from the clouds, to show him that he should be a bit more selfless, and introduce the idea of modesty to him. Although, whether he’ll listen and pay attention is anyone’s guess.

Despite his arrogance, Einarth believes in the brotherhood. He knows he is not alone. He knows he is a member of a greater establishment. Fighting dragons. His wingmates. His clutchmates. His close friends. His comrades-in-arms. He has an affinity for those members. These are the dragons he knows have his back, they were there when they fought thread, they were there when their ichor was shed, and their lives were on the line. They were there when their wingmates died, giving their lives in the fight. Einarth will encourage these relationships, in fostering the bonds between him and the other dragons because of shared experiences and duty. He’ll insist that you also have deep bonds with your human counterparts. It is a necessity as warriors. These are the things that will keep you sane and give you hope when it seems that all hope is lost, or when you need someone. And everyone eventually needs someone. So rely upon your brotherhood, I'es.


Einarth’s heart really is in the right place, for beyond his attitude and his flash, there is that hidden soft part of him that tends to fall, and fall hard, for some of the more sentimental things. A big, bronzen, glorious warrior like him will be turned into a mailable puddle of cooing creature when encountering the young. Young children, dragonets, even baby animals are his weakness. All of his panache disappears when a child looks to him, and he immediately becomes a playground. Hatchling firelizards will be encouraged to take a partner with his softer notes and puppy canines will be enjoyed and humored for their playfulness. Don’t be surprised if he just sort-of meanders down to the lake to guide (aka play) with the newest clutch of weyrlings. The youth of the world are unsullied by the harsh realities of life, and death. Their innocence and new-found enjoyment of learning the world are things that he finds absolutely charming, and cherishes, and wishes to foster. It also reminds him of his youth. With this in mind, a position within the Weyrlingmaster ranks might become attractive.

“You gave me peace in a lifetime of war.” - Achilles, Troy



Einarth is a sight to behold. He isn’t a demure little blossom left to bend to the elements. Totally not Einarth. He’s an amazing specimen of dragon-kind! He is big and bold, muscled and bulky, sturdy and bright. So many of these characteristics he retains from his sire, for Sephiroth is a warrior as well, and one who knows the privilege of a well-toned physique.

In form, Einarth is in about the middling to larger sizes of bronzes. He’ll have length, but that won’t be the main note of his form. No, his size comes from his physique. Einarth has muscles! Lots and lots of muscles. These are the muscles that are built upon, creating a brawny figure. One might consider him to be rather ‘top heavy’, with the majority of his bulk settled into his chest and shoulders. He has some massive shoulders, wide and rippled. His chest is rather reminiscent of those sorts you see at Muscle Beach, pumping iron and bulked up, robust. Let there be absolutely no doubt as to his health.

In contrast, his body falls back into slim hindquarters. They are trim, and nowhere near as bulky as his forequarters, but have a definition all their own. The majority of his power is to the front of his body, but his rear end isn’t lacking by any stretch of the imagination. He might look a little misproportional, possibly uneven, but when he turns just so and flexes those glutes… well… the female dragons might just ogle and sigh in appreciation. In essence he is built rather like a bulldog, with the same sorts of tenacity.

Because Einarth is so top heavy though, he has a tendency to concentrate on those big broad shoulders, but he must not neglect his hind end. It would be terribly embarrassing if he should fall forward like a clumsy hatchling and bark his chin on the ground. Oh he’ll do that while he’s young, but he should stop when he’s full grown! So you may need to convince him to try and sit up, rear up whenever there’s the room and work on strengthening those hindquarters.

His limbs retain a fairly average length compared to the rest of him. They have their share of muscles, especially his forelegs. His paws are wide, nicely wide and perfect for swiping at prey, nudging you, and keeping that large frame of his thoroughly grounded. His neck shows just as much hardiness as the rest of him. It is his tail though that might be a little on the shorter side -which is all the better to wield with accuracy!

His wings aren’t merely tools for flights, despite the fact that is their main purpose. By simply looking at the sharp and sturdy leading edges of his spars, you can tell they’d be excellent for scything down prey! Or cutting through the forest! Or… well, something like that. They are very strong and have a narrowed leading edge to them. His wings are just the perfect, wide size for keeping up his sizable frame, not too long or too wide, or even too small for that matter. They also have thick, sturdy sails that aren’t easily torn or abused. So use them! Wield them well!


And then we have Einarth’s talons. Now these things really are his pride and joy. Long and sharp, beautiful and elegant tools for rending, clawing, scraping, piercing, ripping, rendering, poking, stripping, tearing, stabbing, gashing, and pretty much well shredding to bits what he chooses to lacerate. They are a thing of beauty, shiny and beautiful and achingly deadly. These are his weapons. Warriors take very, very, very, very good care of the tools of their trade. After using his talons, they must be cleaned and tended. They must be licked flawless, oiled ‘til immaculate (mostly by you), and sharpened on a daily basis. This will become a ritual, get used to it!

While he’s got wicked talons, his teeth are more of a problem. There are slightly elongated fangs here, almost sticking out on the sides in a slight overbite. Oh they’re certainly sharp enough, quite good at rending and tearing into his prey. But the dragonhealers will note to you that he has a slight gingivitis problem and might give you special oversized brushes to give them a cleaning now and again. Ever try to floss a dragon? No? You will soon!

Scars. Chicks dig scars. Guys love to talk about scars. Einarth will wear each and every scar that he acquires through life as a badge of courage. Each scar will have a story, be them won in the thrill of battle or simply tripping and bumping his tail against a sharp rock. With each story, there will be a lesson to be learned, or an anecdote to be quipped. He loves his scars, is prideful of them, but grumbles when any of them hold him back from being the prime warrior that he is. He'll also have pride in your scars, I'es.


Compared to most bronzes, Einarth is a rather brightly hued bronze. As if it had been newly cast of copper alloy with the traditional tin and zinc. The variations in his hide are the most noticeable in front of his breast bone like a plate of articulated armor. It is seen again along the outer edge of his limbs and along the sizes of his neck. There is some stippling like welding studs here and there, in nearly perfect placement as if they really did hold it all together. But apparently something must have gotten past his guard, at least genetically for on his hindquarters, there are dark slashing stripes that could be mistaken for battle scars, only there has been no actual injury there, no raised scar tissue even if it looks realistic enough that you might be tempted to run a hand over them to check, but it is all smooth warm hide.

Those big wings do look like giant shields when he holds them out akimbo. The sails are sturdy as was said, but they are almost lighter in shade, closer to brass than bronze. But the arching edges of the spars are actually silver, no doubt inherited from his sire. There is no real patterns here, only a subtle shifting of shading that gives it the illusion of polished metal.

The most distinctive markings are the stripings of blue on his head and neckridges. It resembles the blue woad of celtic warriors. They circle the eyes a bit and there are tendril stripes across his cheeks and jaw line. His neckridges have that same blue coloring, following the edges all the way down to the tail tip.


Mind Voice:

He might look all shiny, but Einath’s mindvoice is earthy, gritty and deep. He’s not a true leader, afterall, and his mindvoice reflects that- no airs or graces, it’s resounding, it’s gravelly and quite simple.

Though, the scents that flow along the mindlink are anything but simple. You will gain a lot of understanding from the -smell- rather than the actual words of your bronze boy. His mindvoice is always accompanied by the scent of a well-trod field of battle, hints of crushed grasses from underfoot, sweat and soil from the exertion, ash and smoke from burning fires. Depending on what mood he’s in, will determine which aspect of the battle that highlights to you. Ready to charge excitedly into Threadfall? Hot oil from armor’s prep, fresh scents of a grassy field yet marched on will pervade. Muscle-weary and tired from your first training flights across the bowl? An undercurrent of steam will follow his words.

The only time is will seem much brighter and lighter, is when Einarth is being the “voice of the people”. He’ll want to drum up the same enthusiasm he has with his comrades, and his rallying speeches to other dragons will appear much more eloquent, less earthen, hot and proud- and undertoned by the spill of fresh blood. That’s got to get them revved up, right?

Then there will be the moments of quiet, when it’s just the two of you spending time together. Perhaps late at night just before sleep catches you both, then his voice is more like a low drone, relaxed and contemplative. There will be the sensation of camaraderie, crackle of flame from a welcoming fireplace rather than a raging bonfire, the scent of old leather chairs in some bachelor den rather than that of sweat stained armor.

The scent that pervades his mind is that of Antony: The embodiment of Classic masculinity. A warrior's scent: the green hills and grasses of the battlefields, the resinous incense from the prayers to his Gods, and a touch of the musky leather of his armor. Ambergris and frankincense with sage, and basil.

Physical Voice:

To the ear, Einarth will have a range to his physical voice. He is quite a vocal dragon- in that his efforts are usually partnered with grunts, grumbles, groans and huffs. Perhaps because it makes you turn and notice “Oh, wow, that’s why he’s huffing and puffing- look at how many firesacks he’s got stacked up on his shoulders!” and therefore be impressed.

Apart from these ‘everyday’ sounds, there are a few moments where Einarth is purposefully LOUD. Gearing up with your wingmates for drills or ‘fall, Einath will be announcing it, using all the air those big lungs can give him to call the dragonhood to arms. Brassy and bold- but a bit crackley in tone- almost as if he’s speaking through cupped hands to try to throw his voice across the entire bowl.

Einarth also vocalizes constantly throughout Threadfall. Again, volume is turned right up in order to be heard across the skies, but he will shout and yell amongst his wingmates during the chaos of the battle. Like a soundtrack, you can ‘see’ the action happening in time with his vocalizations- menacing growls, low rolling bass thrums, and then almost barking, whooping brassy notes when the day is won.



When all the dragonets are together, it’s easy to think that Einarth is the largest one in the group at first. He seems to wait for the moment you look away and then when you glance back you can swear he’s gotten bigger already. But after the first few months, he’ll slow down and the other bronzes of his clutch will catch up more or less. Some of them might even get larger than him after that point, but he’ll have a series of growth spurts all the way till he matures around a turn.

Just like his movements, this growth is a little choppy. Einarth has rather large, almost oversized wings that is fairly noticeable while he’s young. In fact he can sometimes become over balanced and take a tumble. You’ll have to be on the look out that he doesn’t hurt himself too badly. It’s a good thing that those wings are remarkably strong, the sails particularly tough. But the finger bones holding them are not as sturdy and might take a strain or fracture in a bad fall. The worst scenario might be his wicked sharp talons accidentally catching on a sail, you might even consider filing down those things until Einarth nears full growth and becomes more comfortable with his own body and agility. But don’t worry, he will eventually grow into those big wings and stop tripping on them.


Einarth is pure, masculine dragon when he moves. He has a presence to himself that is absolutely male, from his swagger to his smoothness. Most dragons tend to be rather ungainly upon the ground, and Einarth does have his moments, but overall he has a rather powerful gait. If he wants you to know he is coming, he will make sure everyone knows he is coming with heavy footfalls with those wide feet, possibly exaggerated by the thump of his tail. If he wishes to sneak up, you can bet that he’ll have cat-like padding, smooth and quick and silent, which is all the better to surprise you. No matter how he moves though, there is an undeniable strut to it. It is a proud swagger, with a swing to his tail and a flare to his wings, and a sure bob to his head that just reeks of macho bravado.

His launching into the air is quick and powerful. No galloping or wussy little wing strokes to make sure nobody gets pelted by the kicked up dust and dirt. Oh no, when he jumps to the skies, he Jumps To The Skies. It is with deep wingstrokes to get him aloft quickly and efficiently. When he jumps from a ledge, it is with a all-or-nothing leap with wide wings and a powerful force.

His flight tends to depend upon his mood and what is required. In the wing, he does as the formation requires, and without a qualm in the world. When he is on his own, there might be a bit more style to his movements. He’ll go high and cut through the clouds, and then suddenly dive low just to see how much speed he can pick up. He’ll try to dash here and there with barrel rolls and 180s and all of the sorts of moves you see barnstormers do. Why? Because he can. Because you are on his back and he has to keep you on your toes. And because they are fun, dammit!



Like everything else in Einarth’s life, when he feeds, he does so with gusto!

He is a voracious eater, and isn’t shy about getting a little bloody and messy. In his youth, he’ll be fascinated by the blood, even going so far as to rejoice in it, paint his muzzle and his paws and maybe the rest of him in the stuff. His very first kill will be gory! He’ll revel in his success, bathing himself in the blood of the creature, rolling upon the carcass, snuffling and rending and experiencing the absolute joy of a proud kill! He’ll drink the blood and deem himself an adult dragon!

As age progresses, he won’t be quite so kill-happy. Instead, he’ll know the value of a good, hardy meal. He’ll prefer the robust beasts, mostly bovines or male wherries. But still, his eating will be messy, with a blooded muzzle and claws (that he’ll carefully lick dry afterwards, because everyone knows you don’t just leave your best weapons dirty). He’ll crack the bones, slurp up the guts, and enjoy his meal.

Einarth doesn’t much like eating alone though. Does anyone really like eating alone? He prefer to have a companion with him. He’ll often mention to another dragon that he is feeling a bit peckish, and if she/he would like to join him in the feeding pens. Or sometimes he’ll simply wait ‘til he sees another dragon already feeding before making his own kill and joining for some good-natured mental conversation while chowing down.

Einarth does enjoy a good hunt as well. Sure, the creatures in the feeding pens are convenient and nice and healthy, and don’t have that wild ‘gamey’ taste, but sometimes a guy has to go out and do some hunting. A little challenge makes the meal all that more tasty. Every so often, he’ll suggest to you that they head out to here or there to get themselves some wild game, making sure that you bring a bow or a spear so you can get something as well. Partners here!



"His passion captivated a woman. His courage inspired a nation. His heart defied a king”- Braveheart tagline

Beneath that bravado, arrogance and enthusiasm, beats the heart and soul of an old romantic.
He will forever search for The One, and since there are a lot of fish in the sea, that search will take Turns. And Turns. And « Yay, more Turns! ».

A charmer, a scoundrel- don’t the chicks love the daring, the handsome, the brave? Einarth will know how to play this to his advantage though, and will court and woo and flex those big muscles whenever he’s around a proddy female. She might be the One after all. He’s gotta try, right? And he will expect you to do the same, not that you have to follow his rather questionable advice. Don’t think too soon about getting a Weyrmate or find one that is understanding about dragons and their foibles.

« Why buy the bovine, when you can get the milk for free? »

Einarth doesn’t have a definite “type” that will catch his roving eye. Though he will go out of his way to fall for the prettier, more enchanting females. However, even if she’s dowdy, a bit chubby, or a bit gnarly, he will find beauty in her somewhere. Her coloring might be plain, but he’ll see how her haunches are very shapely. She might be portly, but he’ll see how long and strong her wings are, etc. A good lookin’ fellow like him wants an equally ravishing partner, but sometimes those proddy pheromones makes it all moot. After all, a willing female is a willing female. Similarly, these opinions will extend to anyone you’re interested in I’es, expect a lot of commentary.

« Look at the claws on her! Humans like that too right? What do you mean no? Come on, she’s painted them all those neat colors and everything! »

In flights, Einarth will enter the competition with the same gusto as Threadfall, seeing each as an epic battle to be won. He will taunt and push and poke at the other males, hoping they take first punch/slash to give him the excuse to unleash his fury at them. You will have to find some restraint to hold him back on this count- and this might be difficult for the first few times, because he will need you’re level headedness to ensure healthy competition with the other males doesn’t turn into -bloody- competition.

If he is the victor, Einarth will be head over heels, completely, I will die for her a thousand deaths, sort of love with the green or gold. Until tomorrow. Or the next day. When another pretty face gets his attention…


This is Einarth's element. The sheer thrill of battle! There is no greater joy he takes than combating the ancient enemy. Soon as a fall is announced or a warning given, he will be chafing at the bit so to speak, impatient for you to get a move on and mount up. He'll almost always be the first one in the bowl ready to take off with the rest of the wing.

Yet he has a bit of a superstitious nature, a quirk if you will. He picks up 'good luck charms' on a whim. Those pebbles you were playing with at the beach the first time you survived a Fall will need to be tucked into your riding jacket. The wherry feathers left from his first solo kill will get tucked into his riding straps. Maybe he'll want you to wear the same pair of underwear each time you fly in Threadfall. The possibilities are endless, who knows what he'll think is the next lucky charm.

Once up in the air, the worst moments will be that waiting for the leading edge to come into range and waiting for the wingleader's signal to go ahead and flame. Until that moment Einarth will be a model dragon, even resorting to endless speeches of encouragement to you and your wingmates. Do not be surprised if he gets yelled at to shut up sometimes. He'll sometimes prattle on during the Fall too. « Got you! Watch this! Whooeee! Look at it burn! Yeah! Look, a big clump there! I'll get it! » Sometimes he'll even practice these little speeches at night, running them past you to see if you like them or not. Of course he'll accidentally pick just the wrong moment to ask you these things, like just before you're trying to catch some shut eye. «How about this I’es ‘When the storm rages against the skies, Ista flies!..»

Myrmidons! My brothers of the sword! I would rather fight beside you than any army of thousands!
Let no man forget how menacing we are! We are lions! Do you know what's there, waiting beyond that beach?
Immortality! Take it! It's yours! -Achilles, Troy

The moment Thread is sighted though, Einarth will start to bugle, challenging the enemy even if there's never a reply. The second the signal is given he'll charge and ATTACK! Sometimes he might jump the gun and leave the wing behind. Good luck holding him back, this reckless partner of yours is very determined and over enthusiastic. He loves to flame, the bigger the better! One thing his weyrlingmasters and his wingleaders will complain about will be his lack of conservation. This also applies to his flying, he adores dramatic flying. Why fly straight if it looks awesome to do a loop-de-loop? Sometimes he cuts things a little close too, waiting for just the right moment to sear it away. He's a risk taker, your Einarth. It's a good thing he's good at his job.

For all his enthusiasm and battle encouragements, Einarth is not a forward planner or thinker. He loves charging into battle, even taking the lead if it ever becomes an option, but strategy is not his strong point. That is best off leaving to you or the wingleader, or even the weyrleader. However nothing will galvanize your dragon more than tragedy, whenever one of his fellows should fall in battle or become gravely injured. It will practically enrage him, sending him on a rampage of flame to destroy whatever's left. While there is honor in dying in battle, it is still heart rending. His mourning cries will be howls of anger and sorrow, less likely to be forgotten at the end of the day. Time might be a slippery grasp for most dragons, but the one thing Einarth will always remember will be those fallen comrades.

“Let him who may win glory before death: for that is best at last for the departed warrior.”- Beowulf, 8thC Anglo-saxon epic poem

Soundtracks for Einarth in battle:
March of Cambreadth

Gladiator Soundtrack: The Battle

Braveheart Soundtrack - The Battle Of Stirling

Fanfare for the Common Man - Emerson, Lake, and Palmer

Scottish Soldier:
There was a soldier, a Scottish soldier
Who wandered far away and soldiered far away
There was none bolder, with good broad shoulder
He's fought in many a fray, and fought and won.
He'd seen the glory and told the story
Of battles glorious and deeds victorious
But now he's sighing, his heart is crying
To leave these green hills of Tyrol.

Also check out the very first three minutes of HBO's series Rome. Tidus Pullo, the berserker who breaks ranks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uocQ8t9K9FA&feature=related

Weyr Relationships:

Since Einarth is not a one dimensional creature, he will find a closer bond develops with a number of his siblings, each speaking to a different part of his personality.

Dakhanavarath : Ahh, the beserker in both Dak and Einarth will sing out to each other, especially when chaos seems to reign (first flight? first threadfall?). Einarth can get caught up in the wickedly flamboyant ideas of his brother-brown, especially if they would tend to help him win in a situation. A relationship to keep an eye on, I’es- you don’t want your dragon forgetting what side he is on!

Chironath: A brother in arms, especially when it comes to a fight, he is the one, of all his siblings, that Einarth will call on. Sure, the brown tends to be much more level-headed, and approaches a battle with the greater good in mind, rather than instant glory-seeking, but Einarth recognizes that his brother will always have his back. A dragon Einarth will respect, but love to debate about how to get the better results- charge right in, or sit back and think about it first? Watch out if anyone wants to try to pick a fight against Chironath or Einarth, they will be a formidable pair.

Meliaith is a fair damsel, and one who he'll happily charge to the rescue of. He'll pay homage to her, look for her favors, maybe keep a requested favor close for when he goes into Threadfall battle. She's a creature of beauty and awe for him, something to be protected at all costs -and a lady to show off for.

Kaijuth and Einarth will have their moments, and most of those moments will be on the battlefield, and often right afterwards as well. Kaijuth will be Einarth's go-to dragon when it is time to do a little damage. He'll be the clutchmate that Einarth might look to as a companion for feeding time.

Harquith : Bam! Kapow! Woo hooo! They will share a love for explosions and charging into battle, and might look quite an odd coupling- small green and big bronze. But nevertheless, their enthusiasm will spur each other on and might prove to be quite a handful for the weyrlingmasters. Harquith isn’t likely to believe his arrogance though and would probably love to take him down a peg or two with a well timed joke at his expense. Inside, she’s more kindred spirit than Einarth might realize.

(The whys.)

Egg Inspiration:

Described by: S'tao

The Ring movie was based on a japanese novel Ringu which has been remade several times in different languages and countries. The original was a freaky thriller and the American adaptation was great too. Asian horror films totally freak me out.

Picture: http://pics.livejournal.com/wolf_fight/pic/0001wcf0

Dragon Name Inspiration:

Many names were offered up when it came time to giving your dragon a name. But in the end one name stood out amongst all others. Einar is a Scandinavian name for a warrior. And thus Einarth was agreed upon rather unanimously as it seemed to match along with your own new name rather well.

Dragon Inspiration:

Following the hatching theme of Movie Genres, we discovered from secret sources that you had an interest in Historical Films. And thus we selected prominent warrior figures from movies like Braveheart, Beowulf, The Seven Samurai/The Magnificent Seven, and Troy to bind together to become your Einarth.


Endless discussions were made amongst searchco, but in the end Einarth was created by S'tao, Rh’iad, Zerra and Wyn.

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