Darius -- Asst. Barkeep @ Ista Weyr

Darius' Page


Born in the weyr to a mother working in the lower caverns and a rider father; neither were truly deeply involved in Darius' upbringing. His father was more concerned with weyr matters and his mother with her work in the kitchens, leaving his raising much to the lower caverns staff. Darius knows both of his parents, however, and they know him. While his father is somewhat disappointed Darius hasn't impressed yet, his mother, Rinata, seems content that he has a place in the weyr.

Maternal Half-Siblings
Orinlatan (Orin) who is about a year younger than Darius.
Ranita (Nita) who is six years younger than Darius.

Paternal Half-Siblings
All NPC — ask!

Darius is an Assistant Barkeep in the Klah Pot at Ista Weyr.



A ragged mop of unruly black spikes of shoulder-length hair tops a lithe frame that is just too far on the skinny side for true health or comfort. Never easily tamed, Darius' hair thrusts out in all directions, as though combing it is far too much effort on behalf of his looks. Deepest blue eyes gaze from beneath lashes too long and dark to be strictly masculine, immediate evidence of his mischievous personality at first glance. A single braid starts to the left of his forehead and gathers up all the hair over his face to dangle down the right side of Darius' face to keep long lengths out of his eyes. Perhaps most striking about Darius is his height, easily reaching 6'4" in his bare feet.

Never quite perfectly groomed, Darius' clothes are always a little wrinkled, a little untucked here and there as though he was interrupted in the middle of getting dressed. A slouchy black shirt covers servicable black trousers that tuck sloppily into big black wherhide boots. Holding it all down is a simple brown vest that is often left open, or buttoned incorrectly, giving it a lopsided look.

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