Syvia's brown Dakhanavarath
Dragonsfire's 57th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Isyth and Sephiroth's clutch
Hatching Date: June 29th, 2010
Al'tair and blue Veveshoth
Klohi and green Harquith
I’es and bronze Einarth
Lisya and gold Meliaith
Ai'den and bronze Kaijuth
K'thin and blue Gallifreth
D'yce and brown Chironath
T'yr's Bronze Zarielth
T'syn's bronze Tasunth

Egg theme: Motion pictures! Moving pictures! Better known as cinematic movies!

From the moment you arrived, your enthusiasm and passion for RP caught us all up in a whirlwind of contagious excitement and joy. The only way we could show you our truest appreciation was to give you one heck of a warped, insane little dragon that we hope you find as endearing and fun as we all found you. But as in anything, this is simply a guideline. We worked tirelessly off of what you requested, and tried to do a good job with it. In the end, it is up to you to play your new dragon as you see fit! Thank-you and /welcome/ to the asylum known as Ista Weyr!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co


Infection is Nigh! Egg
Something odd has definitely touched this egg, and left its mark in a big, bad way. Inky black sweeps around the egg, cutting a wide, arching band around the sides while tapering off into needle-thin strips along the dome and base. Where black doesn't touch is red; dark, crimson red reminiscent of blood spatters. What remains is covered by gray-tinted white, a shade so pale as to be unnatural for it in combination with the black forms the most subtle of profiles, one which gives way to a grotesque face covered with gaping wounds.


Hatch Message:

Infection is Nigh! Egg twitches once, twice, and then in a sudden outbreak of movement it outright spazzes with feverish tremors which spawn fault line cracks that race around the circumference of the ovoid. It isn’t long before that which is within starts brutally battling its way out, knocking off chips of shell that fly far and wide, pummeling the surrounding eggs as the bits shatter against them. A crooked tail breaks out to violently clear a jagged line, leaving enough space for a brown butt to shove through, which is the coup de grace before it all collapses on his head. Rising from the gloomy depths, evil is born unto the world!

Hatchling Name: I Gotta Hunch Brown Dragonet

Dragon Description:

Coiled within the shadows of a silken-sailed cloak stirs a lean and lanky milk chocolate sculpture crafted by only the finest hands on Pern. Flamboyant colors interrupt the potential for brooding dominance by dressing him in a mixture of stonewashed sepia and intermittent indigo low-lights where creases claim territory. Dandy splashes of moody reds, yellows and greens seem carefully placed along elongated limbs' peaks, presenting a fashionable residual of experiments' explosion. If you must, indulge in what lies beneath and discover the base that culminates in perfection made absolute: Four flawless paws serving as distraction and counterpoint to the hideous hump rising and maiming the vast territory between reedy shoulders and spars, while bittersweet dark chocolate caps head-knobs, ridges' crest and crooked tip of elongated tail. Unnatural wrinkles roll like frothy seas against his sinister backdrop, yarding that pointed muzzle into smirks' permanence and exposing the solitary tooth tarnished by lingering blood-lust that echoes in the depths of his soulful gaze.

Impression Pose::

Impression Message::

There is nothing quiet about the darkness that descends, submerging you in a chaotic pool of sound that seems to come from every direction, and most especially from below, creeping up your spine with an eerie foreboding that tugs at the hairs at the back of your neck. Your skin begins to prickle as the ominous presence reaches into your brain and starts picking it apart, taking moments and memories from your past and flinging them to the forefront where you’re forced to relive each and every second. Some of it is pleasant nostalgia: the faces of your brothers smiling down at you, a peaceful moment in the garden, the minute that you realized that Zhoreth wanted /you/ to stand for Ista Weyr. But then it goes all wrong, and a horrendous amount of things you’d rather have forgotten are paraded across your mind: your mother chiding you on a digression of manners, the angry face of your father while he lectures you and your brothers on respect, both of them wagging fingers about rabble rousing with your friends, a furious Master, the feeling of a bronze dragon coming close to accidentally drowning you – all of it, washing in on you - you’re sinking down, further and further, deeper and deeper, the surface so far away now, so far out of reach. The tether of a rich voice reaches in and captures you, pulling you right out of your past « You don’t need any of that anymore, Syvia. » and into your possibly promising future « I, Dakhanavarath, are all that you need now! » The connection is completed as he shares an annoying sensation with you « I itch!! » and now you do too!!



Of passion and science, evil and kindness, charm and neurosis, perspective and intent, Dakhanavarath is a dragon of such mystery and complexity that it will take a lifetime for you to understand. Maybe even a lifetime isn't long enough. Too bad Pern doesn't have vampire dragons. He is a creature of such far ranging character and labyrinthine intricacy that the only thing predictable about him is his utter unpredictability. Dakhanavarath lures you in with his humor and charm, disarming, and then *BAM* shock and awe! Ah Dakhanavarath.

First impressions are everything, and as you first impress to Dakhanavarath, you get just a hint of this capricious dragon. For all intents and purposes, he seems like an endearing fellow (if you can get past his appearance). Bright and interested in the world about him, drawn with enthusiasm about his surroundings, his clutchmates, and even you, Dakhanavarath will more than likely endear himself to those he comes in contact. How can one not grow to love him and that kindly personality?

But then there might be hints of something else. There will be clues that there is something deeper there, something lurking under the surface of that hide and behind those bright eyes that might just be a whisper of things to come. Initially it might be a moment when feeding where he gets a bit more territorial, or maybe he might be frolicking with some of the other dragonets when suddenly he'll pounce with a bit more violence, or when one of his clutchmate's stumbles over something and faceplants he'll offer up a really cutting remark about how if Kaijuth was a little more bright, the barracks wouldn't be so dark. As the months progress, it won't take long to figure out that your charming hunchback Dakhanavarath is far, far more than what he initially seemed to be. You didn't really expect him to be just so simple and easy and comfortable to be partnered with, did you? As was mentioned before, while first impressions are everything, blink and that everything will change.

We'll get to that later though! First and foremost, all will be treated to Dakhanavarath's more charming side. He'll be wonderfully nice to those who deserve it, welcoming and endearing and kind. He'll give little special comments or physical cues to others that can be easing. This is the Dakhanavarath that is to be cherished. This is the kindly brown that makes the females smile and the males think he is a pretty alright dragon and the kids find him fun. This is the Dakhanavarath that for all intents and purposes comes off as a well-mannered dragon with a kind of charisma and magnetism that convinces anyone who comes in contact with him to stay and enjoy his presence. Clearly the stories aren't true! All of that charisma! Such a funny dragon, with charming remarks and disarming ways.

« You're looking particularly daring today, Chironath. Gold buckles on the straps? Fancy. »

Dragons are fiery creatures. Dakhanavarath is a creature of passion. When he believes in things and ideas, he believes in them completely and with such conviction that he throws his entirety into them, and you as well. When he feels happiness, it shows from the twitch of his tail to his gait to his vocalizations, to everything.

« Wakie-wakie, Syvia! Morning has come and the day is wasting! Up! »

When he is sad, you could swear it would break your heart, from the droopiness and the clouds that seem to hang over him and his absolute misery. And oh, he will be sad. And there will be pain, pain of the heart. Be careful of those times.

« Why? Syvia, Why? How can these things happen? It /hurts/. »

Then there are those times when he is 'on the scent' of something new, he'll bumble through everything, careless of his surroundings, because of that one goal in mind that takes him completely, body and soul.

« Now where is that bone? Syvia! I need it. Find it. Now. NOW! »

Your Dakhanavarath does not do things by halves. Passions and emotions will always find him, and he feels them so very, very deeply. Unlike Chironath, your lifemate will always show what is going on in his head, what he is feeling and experiencing. Joy and sadness, excitement and love, fascination and revelations, all there. Disgust or fun, anger or happiness, all so clear and able to be read. He is extremely demonstrative, always the extrovert.

There is a place. Like no place on Earth. A land full of wonder, mystery, and danger! Some say to survive it: You need to be as mad as a hatter. Which luckily I am! — The Mad Hatter, Alice

As showy as he is with all he does, one really can't be surprised with just how flamboyant he is. To go with his charm, he is very 'outrageous' in what he does, and quite often how he looks. His movements are often large and showy and very obvious. He'll make grand gestures, bow low, exaggerate in movements, show off that mischievous twinkle to his eye. He will probably take a liking to showy straps. They would be well made, but flashy, and there might be just one thing about them that makes him uniquely his. Maybe there is a bow, or a huge buckle, or a single 'odd' color, just this one thing about them to make them not normal, or make the ensemble not quite work together.

Unpredictable. This is one of the main characteristics of Dakhanavarath. He is so damnably unpredictable. Nothing at all will herald any changes. It'll simply happen in a blink, and it will happen completely. You could be sitting in your weyr, comfortably reading and getting to a really good part when suddenly, out of the blue, Dakhanavarath will literally blink. You can even consider it a 'snap'. He was listening and following along to your words, then suddenly he'll pounce from his prone position, apt to nip you by the scruff of your shirt, tossing you onto his back just moments before he is launching off of your ledge to places unknown. Right when things are most comfortable, when he is more 'lucid' and his charming best, he'll suddenly turn. Like a switch, from off to on. This could be your glimpse into something more, that something deeper and darker mentioned earlier, maybe it is simply Dakhanavarath being Dakhanavarath. But those changes, they are sudden, and they are total, and they are near to impossible to revert. Hang on for the ride, it'll be a rough one.


"Here's Johnny!" — Jack, The Shining

Snap. Change. Well now, so darkness was mentioned…

Not your average dragon. Sooooo not your average dragon. Uhm, how best to put this? Okay, maybe, just maybe, Dakhanavarath can be a tad neurotic. You know, insane. This is how it'll go…

His sanity is a tensile thing, seemingly frail and beautiful and treasured. But we aren't talking about that. Oh no. We are talking about unsettled, mental, schizophrenic, irrational, manic, nutcase, lunatic dragon.

« Do you see it? Right there. THERE. Look closer. The water moves slowly. But it bumps, and it shines, and then the creek widens. It's deeper. Deep like the night sky -Yes! Moon phases. Caused by the moons! The red one. No, the white. It's closer. Closer to change the phases… You don't understand? Come closer! See it. Don't touch it yet! Just wait, when the shadows move away. Now the wind! So many variables! Could Kaijuth have been by… or a 'bug… »

And on and on.
Obsessive to the point of ridiculousness, he'll fixate on something so that absolutely nothing else can break him from it, and woe to anyone or anything in his way. Nothing else exists but his obsession. Nothing. It is an obsession that must be shared and include you, demanding your presence and your involvement and your interest so that you can See, and you can Understand, and you can Know what is so Important. It might be a little thing that he finds so worth the attention, seemingly. All and all, everything is a part of a much larger picture, a large, huge, amazingly important picture that matters to him. HIM. And then in a blink, he'll forget about what he was so obsessed over. Just like that. Done, for now.

Manic and rushed, he'll work as if in overdrive, his mind spinning ahead of everyone elses' by leaps and bounds. He understands so many things, things other people cannot even dream of. Maybe that is where some of his insanity comes from. Maybe because there are just So Many things going on in his head, it simply cannot be contained. For while he fixates on one thing, the rest of his head is going everywhere, noticing everything, following convoluted pathways down foreign paths based in possibility. There is so much there. Too much. Careful, or you will be whisked away with him. Don't become loss, don't ride the wave for too long. Sure, it can be fun and fascinating and breathtaking, but you are his grounding. He needs you, Syvia.

There will be moments of wonder after the dust settles, the glass is finished tinkling, the chaos is stilled. He'll still to quiet, possibly look confused, maybe a little lost. Depending on what happened, he'll assess the damage, and either shrug it off as detritus or find a moment of regret. And there will be pain. So much pain. Care for him. Sooth him. Show him that you are there to help pick up the pieces -because we all know that you'll be the one doing it anyway.

"Each film is only as good as its villain. Since the heroes and the gimmicks tend to repeat from film to film, only a great villain can transform a good try into a triumph." — Roger Ebert

Ever had a suspicion that your Dakhanavarath might have something of a dark side? Well, those suspicions have a founding. There is something inherently dark, deep inside of Dakhanavarath. Maybe it is rooted in his neurosis, maybe it is found in his intentions, maybe it is lurking within his thoughts and just finding the right time to reveal itself. There is something to be said here about his nature, and what he seeks to accomplish in this world (and maybe weird some people out while he is at it). His biting remarks, his nudging or outright dragging you into things you know aren't considered 'good' by most of the populace, his greed when it comes to his own ends and the means to get there -all of these things are hints as to a character that just might possibly be defined as evil. And only you can really discover if he actually is so.


But hey, it isn't all crazy! Well, most of it. If there is one grounding moment between Dakhanavarath and you, it is his appreciation for the topics of 'science'. Curious in all of those things that he doesn't know, fascinated with all of the possibility in the physical world, in how things work, exist, theory and logic, Dakhanavarath has an insatiable interest for knowledge. He wants to get out into the world and actually see and do and experiment with everything that is there to experiment on. He is extremely intelligent, his mind rushing ahead to consider possibilities of cause and effect. He'll get his muzzle into things, nosing and sniffing and touching and turning things over and wanting to see what they do if this happens, or that happens and reasoning what might happen and what will probably happen. He understands the value of the written word, and holds an appreciation for the knowledge that is imparted upon pages, but that stuff really can't hold a candle to actually going out and finding these things yourselves. You can bet that you will be right there, right in the thick of it all as well. That and you have oppositional thumbs. You know, the better to manipulate things. Damn talons just get in the way. Enjoy these moments, Syvia. These are the moments when his 'insanity' finds a focus, if it is at the forefront. He'll be preoccupied, drawn into the possibilities of the world.

When you are in your books, or even while you is dreaming or simply distracted elsewhere, a darkness will whisper ideas into your head that you wouldn't normally admit to or think about on your own. That darkness goes by the name of Dakhanavarath. Now, these aren't just things that Dakhanavarath wants to do, these are things that he thinks that you should do. Maybe they are things that immediately benefit him, or things that'll eventually benefit him, or things that will involve you that he thinks you should be a part of. They are just delicately inserted into your thoughts, so easily that you can think that they are, indeed, your very thoughts -and maybe some of them are, and Dakhanavarath is just voicing them to bring these thoughts a little more to the forefront …

« Boy, I'm hungry… like that H'var… I'd sure like to nibble on him. He's that one-time smith with access to those new types of firestone. The kind that can explode. Yeah, I want him. »

Dakhanavarath's sense of humor tends to shift over towards more dark subjects. These are all of those things that are taboo, that some don't think are funny at all because they are so serious. He'll happily quip about these things. Naturally, one of the motivating factors is the intent of shock value. Although, he does genuinely find these things humorous as well. But, yes, this is Dakhanavarath, and he does so enjoy wierding people out.

« Well, maybe if he mated with the dark-haired female instead, the babe would be more appealing. »
«Oh, did I say that with my out loud voice? » *draconic snicker*


"You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, until you climb inside his skin and walk around in it." —To Kill A Mockingbird

When you come right down to it, Dakhanavarath is a dragon with a perspective different than so many others, and one has to look at him from a different angle. All knowledge is shadowed by perspective. Purely scientific knowledge is often clean of perspective, being analytical and logical. It has rules and absolutes. Learning though is often tainted by perspective. You can only obtain one perspective from a book, from the written word. He accepts that, but he wants to see things with his own eyes, experience and know them from his own viewpoint, uncluttered by what others think or have to say. Take for example that that definition of 'evil'. Maybe we should just call him misunderstood. That he simply behaves in such an odd way simply to startle others, creep them out, tweak them? Or… yeah, he's just evil. And insane. But so very lovable.


Complex and unique with an extra healthy dash of flamboyance are the key ingredients that make-up your dear Dakhanavarath. Eternally youthful, he'll mature from an infant dragon right on up into adulthood just like any other, but that is exactly where he will stop. No age-made wrinkles or fading to mar his visage, just the marks of Threadscores to count the number of Turns that Fall has been faced.


"What hump?" — Igor, Young Frankenstein

He won't be particularly tall for a brown, you can thank that large warp in the intersection where wings, shoulders and spine collide for that fact, as it is a permanent hindrance, denying him from reaching out to his full height. However, what he lacks in height, he most certainly makes up for in length. From the tip of his nose, to the crooked end of his tail, this beast is /long/ and like his dam, he has inherited her (at times) scary lean tendencies, turning them about to make them all his own and taking it to the next step of being extreme. These long, lean, weedy limbs only emphasize the back's unusual arch, otherwise he could have been easily mistaken for a draconic version of a large, yet still graceful earth-inspired stick-bug. Surprisingly though, all these features will not be readily visible. Probably because he is more often than not in repose, curled in upon himself and tucking away the extremities of those long limbs and disguising them amongst the rest of his frame, all in order to keep those around him guessing and under the influence of surprise when he does choose to unfurl his body.

Kinks. Everyone has them and as you already know, Dakhanavarath comes with one heck of a large one on his back that distorts his frame away from the norm and is apparently the inspiration behind the miniature version in his rather long, sinuous tail. Do not fret though, because it is a point of pride for him. One that is shown off and used to every advantage possible when the need or time arises. He'll liken it to a great conversational piece, or infinitely useful tool for things like pulling that horrible harper off the stage, hooking -you- in closer for that intimate discussion on the secret chemistry of this or that, and in /flights/. Because you know, it's always about the tails! And speaking of kinks… hopefully you've a thing for feet because Dakhanavarath has damn fine feet. The best in all the Weyr to be quite frank. Polished, precise, perfectly sculpted. There isn't an ugly detail about them and have no doubt that it will be something he makes every attempt to show whenever the opportunity arises.

Snaggletooth though he is, it's not quite to the degree as some of Pern's more notably deviant dragons. Dakhanavarath carries this detail as he does with all his other features: With a dashing nonchalance that turns what many might see as a blemish into one hell of an endearing quality. Consider it a permanent smirk that will be tempered greatly by the over-sized quality of his soulful eyes. Those big, expressive swirling and /dark/ puppy-dog eyes. Yes, they carry the full spectrum of emotions that dragonkind will express, but they are so much more complex than that. Those crazy, delighted eyes.


Dakhanavarath has the sharp features that would have easily made him a star amongst the Weyr, but were it not for those deformities that so easily twist and corrupt his body. Though the tail and perma-grin (smirk) are fantastical conversational pieces, more often that not he'll be using the dark swatch of his velvet wings to serve as the cloak that embraces and adds an added level of grace and flow to his otherwise gangly limbs.


For colour, it's a pale milk chocolate brown that acts as the base to a finery of details, and as the eye moves it takes on a bitter dark chocolate tint that is truest on headknobs and ridges, straight down to the very tip of his black capped tail. His narrow breast is donned in a debonair vest that is dappled in a soft silky chamoisee with indigo low-lights lurking in the creases and bottom notes of color that could very well be just a trick of the light, darkening as it sweeps across the concave underbelly. The small ravine between opposing sets of muscles down his chest captures light in such a way that it creates a flashy brassy line that runs straight down the front to eventually fade and be consumed by the sepia stonewashed denim that consumes his haunches and rides down the spindly legs. Eye ridges and wing bones are artfully highlighted in a swath of natural greenery, while it's the peaks and valleys of his joint-bones that get the splashing of moody reds and flashy yellows - a fashionable residual of an experiment gone wrong.

All of this richness and color direction counters the pale apparition of a face that he greets the world with. From the tip of his wrinkled muzzle to the crest of exaggerated jawline, there is a faint dusting of earthly ash - residuals of the combustion that animated his form and fractured his egg into a million pieces. The only thing left unnoted is perhaps the grandest detail of them all. Or rather, /details/, because for him, there are four. A confectionery concoction of purest delight and infinite perfection that only the best chocolatier could sculpt and pour. Decadence by way of four of the most milkiest, creamy chocolate tootsies you could ever imagine. Behold, Pern's first quad of the most perfect, edible dragon feet around.


"You know the difference between you and me? I make this look good." — Agent J, Men In Black

Attributes are only simple little details that, unless properly maintained will fade into the grit and grim of daily routine. This is why, from here on in his hide must always be polished to the nines! Poor you, for it will be Dakhanavarath's constant vanity to be cleaned, buffed and oiled to a gleaming display that intends show off only his best. Always his best. Leaving those unsightly twists and flaws to the remaining pages of some worn out chemists manual. But do not fall into the trap of thinking he has a one-purpose mind, oh no! For all this cleaning, preening and buffing serves a devious purpose: The most perfect anti-itch solution you'll ever discover! Y'see, Dakhanavarath hates to itch. Hates, hates, HATES it. It's so undignified, and really his feet and your hands could be put to much better use, wouldn't you agree? Of course, itching is any weyrling's right-of-passage, but that doesn't mean he won't fight it right until the very bitter end and drag you into that battle right along with. From here on in, it will be your task to sooth, scritch and conscribe that delicious concoction to set is woes at ease and ensure he looks his best at all times. Not problem, right? Riiiiiight.

Mind Voice:

Dakhanavarath has a multitude of voices that he will use on you, depending on his state of being, depending on what moment his mind is in. The typical voice is rich and full of charismatic lilts and husky, purring lushness that carries certain intonations that are at once telling, while also confusing as to origin. One minute he’ll eradicate all the r’s from his speech, and then the next replacing d’s with j’s, and still further at times dropping into a sing-songy rise at the end of statements. Above all, it’s fluid, words pouring from his mind in gentle rolling waves that bend and curl lovingly around each emphasized letter, while washing cleanly that which he deems should be silent. Language is his to command, and he does so incredibly well.

But then when he’s trying to creep into your mind, his voice becomes /pure/ liquid, seeping through the cracks to immerse your mind in his ideals, mixing and mingling with your own thoughts, confusing and convoluted until the lines between them meld into one constant that is heavily weighted with his influence. An oozing, oily substance that clings to every thought it touches, intensifying to an intrusively viscous consistency that clandestinely overwhelms.

When his anger, his raging insanity is unleashed it is pure primal roar! You are consumed with the burning ferocity that tears through your mind, searing, charring like a feral fire that ravenously eats away at the landscape of your thoughts. A windstorm in hell, thrashing everything in its path and leaving little but twisted blackened wreckage behind.

When the insanity is in full swing he’ll babble incoherently, a constant flow of evil chaotic frenzied highs, and dramatic throaty lows that relay without a doubt that he’s unhinged, that he’s lost touch with it all, that it is /he/ that has been consumed now, washed away in a churning stream of psychosis that threatens to carry you along with the lunacy.

This is the /Midnight/ Movies. This is when you can smell all sorts of different cheap alcohols, cloves, cigarettes, and even cannabis which winds and billows lazily through the soft ray of flickering light that sprouts from the projection booth window. Mingling with are the scents are that of obnoxious cheap perfumes and colognes, over buttered popcorn, over cooked pruned hot dogs, junior mints, dust burning on the lights, musty curtains, moldy carpets, and that’s only the somewhat tame abuses of the sensory systems.


Then you get to the true raunch of the Midnight Movies with the stench of puke from the back rows where the intoxicated teen took refuge when his stomach churned out the mixture of its contents. The seats alone have a disgusting plethora of smells that could and should be described in intimate detail to make Dakhanavarath’s audience cringe. Putrid oniony saline sweat, bad breath, and even the tell tale aroma of urine that seeps in through the exit door that leads out into the ally. The sound of the couple behind you that /really/ should just GET A ROOM!

What comes through Dakhanavarath’s mind is an endless stream of late night movie theater fodder that can go on and on and on, especially when you reach into the colt movies themselves. You’ve got the aggressive growth of a man eating plant, winding and twining, with a meaty scent attached - ala Little Shop of Horrors.


The scent and texture of charred bread as it is thrown through the air to rain crumbs down on the audience while on the screen they’re making a toast in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.


Don’t forget the bizarre creepy monstrous Easter bunny like costumed creature that looms in the theatre as Donnie Darko plays.


Donnie: I made a new friend today.
Dr. Lilian Thurman: Real or imaginary?
Donnie: Imaginary.
-Donnie Darko

A jeweled dragon winds down the leg of a Guitar God, while a golden haired crooner makes history and changes the face of rock forever, which is only a tiny snippet of what can be gleaned from The Song Remains The Same, a midnight staple.



An eerie parade of faceless children marching to the thrumming rhythm of a song that cries to the masses a warning about the soul sucking institutions that are trying to turn our children and our society into just another brick in a massive wall of sameness – Pink Floyd’s The Wall is a landmark movie of the genre that rides the cusp of today and tomorrow.


We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control
No dark sarcasm in the classroom
Teachers leave them kids alone
Hey! Teachers! Leave them kids alone!
All in all it's just another brick in the wall.
All in all you're just another brick in the wall.
-Pink Floyd


Physical Voice:

The majority of the time, Dak is physically quite quiet. It’s that facade, that impression that he likes to make. If there’s sound, it’ll be faint and must have slipped on by, because he didn’t really mean to do it! Then it’ll come to the verbal stream of indignities in your head to follow any slip ups.

There are exceptions though, most of which happen when you’re alone with him. The itching! A guy can only take SO much before – yes, he’ll whine or whimper a bit, sounding like a creature from the deep. He’ll make other sounds when you’re alone, but they’re still pretty mild the bulk of the time. All of them will be eerie, ghostly, zombie moaning sort of sounds.

It’s when he’s angry, when he’s scary, when he’s in that insane place in his mind that the noises will really come – in a roar that shakes the ground, dislodges leaves from trees, rattles the water, and disturbs the peace in such a way that should put fear into the sane masses. It’s feral, primal rage that is pure, ferocious, and brain curdling loud!


Oh Syvia, Syvia, Syvia… just /what/ have you gotten yourself into? All throughout his youth and right up until the point Dak /finally/ stops growing, life will be anything but easy. We daresay even unpleasant. Why you ask? Dakhanavarath and that whole growing process will have an ongoing war right from the start that will land your dearest brown in the losing column almost every time. It won't be pretty, nature deciding that each limb will go through its own spurt on a very individual basis, leaving his right front leg waaaaaay longer than the other three for months, affecting both gate and pride in one fall swoop. Then perhaps the back left leg might catch up. Or a wing. Or that damn hunch in his back which will seem to rise and lower throughout all his youth.

This is going to be his most undignified time and may seem a little more needy or broody than most because his body is betraying him at every corner and stone. Awkward is going to be his middle name and when he finally does get around to inheriting those long, lanky limbs in all their glory, it will take quite a lot of practice and focus to get his movement down to that graceful plodding that is second nature later on in life.

And, as we touched upon earlier on - Dak is going to /itch/ and you are going to hear about it. LOTS. It's going to be your number one task to keep on top of those itchy spots, oiling and polishing the heck out of them, including his hunch, which especially in the first few months of life is going to need a hell of a lot of extra love and care. When he begins to harp on about it, just smile, and continue buffing because otherwise he may likely have you do it and then redo it. Again, and again… and again.



"Then he was gone, just like that. As noisy as he could be at times, he could also be as silent as a shadow when he wanted." — Claire

For all his coiled and kinky deformities, Dakhanavarath's movement is just as complex and confusing as the rest of him tends to be. Don't expect him to be able to run, pounce and show any great athletic prowess while bound to the ground. The lurch of his frame and lengthy expanse of limbs will see to that every chance he gets. There are times when he'll be worse than a rampaging herd of rabid herdbeasts running amok through a pottery stall while other times, you could be alone in your weyr, studying the latest edition of dragon anatomy and in a blink he's peeking over your shoulder with nothing but a whisper to announce his arrival. It's all in the moods and whims of a unstable beast that, when it comes to the heart of the matter, is all about a little flare for the dramatic… Okay, maybe a lot.

/Flying/. Air is the equalizer to those earth-bound limitations. He is fluid and at ease among those clouds even if speed nor agility were not truly his gifts to claim. Who needs those though when a little flick of a flamboyant tail and a whole lot of savoir faire will get you all you need?



When in manic mode he won’t have time or a taste for eating. There’s too much to do, too much to see, far more important things than wasting time on something that is not a pleasure for him. Eating is time consuming, the act is tediously slow, creating dead flesh that goes cold quickly. It’s a hideous thought that he will not often visit, no matter how hard you push.

But then… he’ll twitch and flick a switch that turns on the alter ego, the wicked side that delights in the kill, quick, swift, and oh so enjoyably messy. In time Dakhanavarath will create a routine, bringing them down with as dramatic a flourish as possible, but not yet killing it, delighting as they squirm and writhe in his hold, terrorizing his prey as long as possible before the slow methodical execution starts with cracking open it’s skull and lapping at the brains, delighting at the texture, the taste, and more importantly, how much you and everyone else repulsively squirm.

Dakhanavarath is also is very distrustful at these times. He’ll go for the beast at the far edge of the field, away from everyone else, and once it’s dead and done struggling, he’ll go as far as dragging it to a dark corner where he’ll slowly and systematically devour the flesh, glaring over his shoulder now and again to make sure no one is daring to come near /his/ kill.

Blooding for the flight will drive him, even momentarily - for the duration of the blood feast, into that evil alternate. This time it will be the /BLOOD/, the life force that will become his lust and he will gorge! Dakhanavarath will drain every carcass to the very last drop, sucking them dry until the veins and arteries collapse and writhe with the power of the forceful suction. Beast after beast will fall to this passion and he will leave with reluctance, and only when the female touches his primal virility that drives him in the other direction.


And it is that primal urge that will have him like a hound on the scent of freshly wounded prey. Dakhanavarath simply will not give in until he is either victorious or defeat is spelled out in blatant neon letters. To surrender is to admit failure and that is something your dear Dakhanavarath will never do.

Stalking will be his foreplay, hunting that glowing green or illuminated gold and sharing with you all her finite, stimulating details. Details that will have him and quite possibly you, frothing insanely by the end of it all if you are not careful.

He snarled something low and guttural, and she heard something metal snap with a high, vibrating sound. The cage wasn't strong enough. — Claire

The passion of mating flights will be one area he'll lose all sense and sensibility around him, becoming a beast on the rampage with the moment of blood-letting begins. Faranth help anyone or thing that stand in the way of him getting to his ultimate goal.



In threadfall, like all dragons, Dakhanavarath finds his purpose. Preparations are just that, preparations. He won't be particularly interested in the stone bagging or you fiddling with the riding straps, or the wait before the fall comes onto the horizon. That is where you will maybe need to remind him what you are about. He'll find it rather a bunch of annoyances, petty annoyances that he'll suffer with something like a sigh and a few bored remarks.

As the fall begins and you are set to flame, he'll do his duty as much as any of the other dragons. Ever so slowly, as the fall progresses, he'll slowly start to get into it more. He'll feel the air, see the thread, get into the moment as he flames and asks for more stone. He'll note the more scientific aspects of fighting thread, like the wind currents, the air temperature, the types of stone used and how the Thread is falling. As he really starts to get into it, his insanity will start to take over, and he'll throw himself completely into fighting thread, body and soul and absolutely heedless of all else other than FLAME, and DESTRUCTION, and ATTACK! This is where you'll need to assert yourself. Maybe this will be a true test to your own character, keeping him within the bounds of the wing.

Generally at the point when Fall flows out to sea the rest of the wings will break off and head back to base, but not Dakhanavarath, no sir, he’ll be rabidly chasing it still! It has to die! Who cares that the water kills it?! It has to die in the sky!! /He/ has to kill it! Burn it! Burn it all!

At times he’ll be so fanatical and focused that it could take a queen or a Wingleader’s dragon to force him to quit! « Kill it! Killllll iiiiit! KILLLLLLLLL IIIIIIT! »

Weyr Relationships:

Meliath is a bit of a quandary for Dakhanavarath. He may be curious about her on one hand, and how she sees the world. He may find her philosophy fascinating, and her ability to feel the nature around her to predict things, but she lacks the more scientific aspects, the solidity of logic that can ground any sort of relationship with her.

Chironath is a hero… and Dakhanavarath is anything but. Maybe they'll be arch enemies? Maybe opposites will attract and they'll be the very best of buds? With that said, the hints rather clue into the fact that they might not get along well at all.

Kaijuth is a dragon that at first blush, you might think that he and Dakhanavarath might get along very, very well together. But in the next, they have some very, very different mindsets -well, unless they are both on a mindless rampage. You know how that sort of thing can go.

Einarth is one of those brawny warrior types, and it might take some work before Dakhanavarath will find much interest or comradeship with the large bronze. Again, most of it might be found in the midst of Threadfall, fighters calling to like.

Veveshoth is a dragon of inner passions, but one doesn't often get to see them. Dakhanavarth can maybe tell that there is more to the blue than his more measured reactions, possibly find an affinity in their interest in the world, and find his clutchmate a more calming influence.

Dak will likely be Gallifreth’s ‘one to watch’, getting along with him just fine in his lucid moments, even really studiously enjoying intense conversations on the makeup of this or that, and the fiddly fat of the goobly gunk gabbily fub. But when your dragon does that sinister switch, you can bet Gallifreth (aka The Doctor) will be on his ass like fly paper to a fly.

Then there is Tasunth! Much like Gallifreth actually, will get along and maybe actually enjoy each others company, but once that switch is made, Tasonth will likely be on guard after catching that little Jeckle and Hyde act a time or two. He’s a really aware dragon and will likely have his eye on your boy! Getting on over on him could be really difficult!


Egg Inspiration:

Described by: Jordan

Egg Inspiration: So this egg is based on the trilogy known as Romero's Living Dead series (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Living Dead and Night of the Living Dead; there are now more for a total of five, I do believe) - the original that sent chills down the spines of everyone way back when. The zombies are slow and awkward and lack the strength of those in today's flicks but it doesn't make them any less frightening or the movies any less fun to watch. Why go with zombies? They are the staple of the horror/scary film genre, and if you talk movies, you have to talk zombies, and if you talk zombies then you have to mention Romero.

Picture: http://farm2.static.flickr.com/1044/4603424896_7a03cb9d9c_o.jpg

Dragon Name Inspiration:

Your Dakhanavarath gave us a mighty headache when it came to finding a name. We went through alchemy and its complete convoluted etymology, panacea aka the elixir of life, the origins of Egypt’s name (don’t ask!), demons, historical vampires, hunchbacks, and on and on until Wyn hit on the perfect one! We were sold, and hope you will be too!!

Dakhanavar- A vampire that lived in the wild and attacked travelers at night by sucking blood from their feet. Two men outwitted it by sleeping so that their heads rested on the other's feet. The vampire was frustrated by the thing with two heads and no feet, and ran away and was never seen again. (Armenia)

Dragon Inspiration:

Your Dakhanavarath is by and large based off of the cinematic genre: The Midnight Movies. You can see the undertones all throughout, which consists of largely cult movies. If you wish to read about it, this is a great resource: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midnight_movies

There will be some familiar parts as well, harkening to Myrnin and vampires in general. Rhik had to read for these parts! Read the first book of the series, was terribly disappointed he didn't encounter the 'trapdoor spider', and was shocked to see the vampire doesn't show up 'til the third! But Rhik found him, loved him, and tried to mold the nutters creation into dragon form.

Here's a fan tribute to Myrnin. Laughed so much as the actor used here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2qEnMqi8oU

We know you didn’t want a complete copy of Myrnin, so we were really careful to give him a lot of other characteristics as well from various other directions, especially the area of alchemy – a mad scientist! Chocolate bunnies too!! Bizarrely enough. Wyn had written up this whole thing about his feet, how nice they were, and chocolaty and my first thought was Easter Bunny chocolate, and then my mind flashed on that bit in the book about the vampire wearing bunny slippers and well – there you go! Chocolate bunny feet! Don’t lick them though!

The scary freaky things, such as noises and whatnot come from the midnight movies, but also from the freakazoid vampire himself. His upright aspects come from the style of male we call a ‘Dandy’, which you can read about: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dandy

Then of course the hunchback parts! Super awesomeness! You wanted quirks, and well, that’s a mighty big physical one!! As you saw it’s echoed in the tail – Wyn thought that’d be fun for you to play with, being able to hook things with it. So yea, you got one giant quirk to work with, it’s called Dakhanavarath! Have fun with it!!


Credit! Oh man! We get credit! Lets spend it on some cheesecake!! Rh’iad headed up this bad boy and did an amazing job in doing so! Wyn and Q’luin followed direction really really well — most of the time. Together the three of us built you a dragon we hope you’ll really really enjoy! Tips are welcome (dollar bills in Rh’iad’s thong)! Zerra contributed some awesome ideas as well!

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