Corana was born at Southern Boll Hold, daughter of a longtime resident and kitchen worker Diurna. Her father was a seacrafter that perished at sea, and she was not fortunate enough to have any siblings. The girl had a happy yet uneventful childhood, mostly helping in the kitchens with her mother. For a while at a young age her mother pushed her toward becoming a Weaver Apprentice, one of the more prominent crafts that Southern Boll plays host to, but Corana wasn't skilled enough nor dutiful enough in her lessons, and wasn't taken in by the Hall. So, she remained in the kitchens, managing to get her work done without being particularly adept at most of the things she was tasked with.

Early on in life, Corana played on Boll's beaches and swam in her spare time, and eventually this would become one of her favorite pastimes, until she began to notice boys, that is. The one that stood out for her was a young man named Victor, who at the time was quite a bit older than she was. As it happens, the boys never quite noticed her back, being tall and skinny and a very late bloomer, it seems. Victor was fond of a young lady named Kezia, who out of petty jealous rivalry Corana despised. Later, after Victor died in a prizefight, Corana's anger at Kezia increased rather than subsided, and she carried that bitterness with her well into her adult years.


Corana was around seventeen turns when she was Searched by N'lon and his brown Rhyolith for Ista Weyr. Soon after, now a Candidate, she discovered that her childhood rival Kezia was Headwoman of Ista, and Corana made it her personal quest to give her trouble whenever she got the opportunity. There were plenty of rules the young woman eventually broke during her Candidacy, not the least of which being fraternizing with another then-Candidate named Qiluin. But when Niliath's clutch hatched, a queen named Naomith found Corana, thus setting in motion a particularly tumultuous career as goldrider.

Weyrlinghood seemed to be Corana's biggest obstacle, wherein she constantly butted heads with the Weyrlingmaster, M'cay. It was also the source of Corana's first child, conceived before she Impressed and unknown at the time due to her naiveté. It was fortunate that the pregnancy didn't have an averse affect on her still-growing dragon, though it most certainly added to her troubles and set her back in classes. It was because of this that Corana didn't get to graduate with the rest of her Weyrling class.

It was well before Naomith's maiden flight that the Senior Queen, Niliath and her rider Kabrielle, died tragically during a flight /between/. As Ista's only junior at the time, this left Corana the eventual recipient of the big knot, and in the time between that event and her queen's first rising Corana was tutored almost constantly in her free time. Naomith rose to be caught by brown Rhyolith, thusly making N'lon the Weyrleader and his brown the sire of 25 eggs to later be lain on Ista's sands.

Much to the Weyr's sorrow, Threadfall would later claim the life of their long-respected Weyrleader N'lon, and Naomith's next flight would see S'tao and his bronze Sephiroth, Impressees from her last clutch, as the new leaders of Ista. Despite their lack of intimate relationship, it's been no secret that Corana thinks highly of him in this position, and rarely comes into conflict with the way he rules the Weyr. Not long after the flight another child was born, a daughter this time, whose parentage is unknown but at least narrowed down between her old flame, Q'luin, the new Weyrleader, and the Weyrlingmaster, M'cay.

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