D'yce's brown Chironath
Dragonsfire's 57th PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Isyth and Sephiroth's clutch
Hatching Date: June 29th, 2010
Al'tair and blue Veveshoth
Klohi and green Harquith
I’es and bronze Einarth
Lisya and gold Meliaith
Ai'den and bronze Kaijuth
K'thin and blue Gallifreth
T'yr's bronze Zarielth
T'syn's bronze Tasunth
Syvia's brown Dakhanavarath

Egg theme: Motion pictures! Moving pictures! Better known as cinematic movies!

Welcome D'yce!

Daycen, D’yce! Just when you thought Istans didn’t appreciate a starcrafter in their midst, here comes Chironath to change your mind. D’yce, your here to stay now, with your dark knight protector and fellow thinker by your side. And in you he has found that perfect partner to go into battle with and save the day (even if we didn't know it needed saving!) Hopefully he’ll get your nose out of those books, nerdboy, because he’ll be enough to pique your interest as you try to work out through weyrlinghood what makes him, and the new dragonrider you, tick! On the other hand, he knows that your love for the stars will never fade and he’ll gladly watch them with you. We’ve loved creating him and we hope you love him too, but he is yours now to play as suits you both. But as in anything, this is simply a guideline. We worked tirelessly off of what you requested, and tried to do a good job with it. In the end, it is up to you to play your new dragon as you see fit!To Gotham we go!

-From Ista Weyr Search Co


You Speak Whale? Egg
A cheshire-cat's grin is startlingly /blue/, set against the seascape of this egg's wavering beauty. The clear, clear blue of Istan waters at midday frame this undeniable vision of wicked layers of shark-teeth, toothsome in a hungry grin; terrified squiggles of deepest cobalt and multicolored orange-and-blue are near comic against the vision of Death's promise. To further enhance uneasiness, at the apex of the egg there are two blurbs that look rather like /eyes/, malicious gluttony gleaming if one's imagination looks just right.


Hatch Message:

You Speak Whale? Egg has been rattling and rocking for far too long. There’s a slow wavelet of cracks, that roll along it’s seascape shell, gathering momentum as they try to escape the shark-teeth that chase them along. But shark-teeth don’t scare the occupant, with one final push, two great dark wings flick open, sending egg shards flying. One more shove and the rest of the shell is too scared to stay put, falling away like icicles, revealing a curiously silent defender of Pern indeed.

Hatchling Name:

The Hero We Deserve Brown Dragonet

Dragon Description:

As shadows coalesce, enshrouding a lithe sleek form of deep dark almond wood, a draconic silhouette comes to life. Keen intelligence shines in jeweled eyes that are as scintillating and sharp as the ebon claws he wields. Agile and wiry, strong shoulders are all the support needed by broad wings, solid and unwavering in mahogany hue till they’re spread; then revealed is an underside of deepest navy and etchings of midnight spars. Celestial speckles appear beneath wings’ wide vault, scattering across his trim chest and taut belly with twinkling colors to companion the cascade of stars in the very night sky. Unhampered by bulk, there is grace and vigor in the perfection of well defined musculature, from proudly arched neck down to the thick winding length of a tail tipped with just a hint of knife-edged bronze.

Impression Pose: (what the audience sees):

The Hero We Deserve Brown Dragonet swoops to a stop well before making any sort of collision or causing injury to innocent bystanders. That's just not his style. But apparently his assistance isn't exactly needed here as the injured is already being attended, but then again he's no healer, he's a protector. He knows this is where he needed to go though. Is that the perp trying to move away though? There's no escaping! Leaping forward, he lands just before the candidate and makes it impossible to get away.
The Hero We Deserve Brown Dragonet's whirling gaze fixes upon Daycen.

Impression Message: (what you see):

There’s a slow creep of mist that seems to slide in from the corners of your mind, seeping, rolling, until the fog shrouds everything- nothing to hear, see, smell. Only a moment, before a sharp silhouette streaks across, left to right, silent. Shifting in the clouds. Another rush, another sweep of shadows dark, and then a deep gravelly voice echoes from everywhere and nowhere at once. « D’yce » It beckons, and grows louder, more direct and clearer, lifting the fog to reveal a twilight sky, accented with evening’s stars « Come, D’yce, we can’t stand around here all day. » A growing sense of hunger invades « We won’t be much good protecting the innocent on an empty belly, will we? » That deep tone lightens to a softer drone speckled with sparkling effects of jingling bells and the faintest hint of string music, but fades gently away, leaving you more whole, more together than you could have ever imagined before.


Chironath is one of the good guys of this clutch, of Ista and -heck even of Pern! Oh yes, your winged crusader is heroic, with the heart of a lion, the build of an athlete and all with magical super-powers!…Hang on, wait. No, Chironath doesn't have any super powers to speak of. But he has an incredibly tactical mind, a bend towards solving mysteries and problems and he uses that aptitude hand-in-hand with his physical capacity. But by night when the vigil against Thread are lessened, he can let out his other side. The introspective thinker, the genius, the one who will gladly stare up at the stars with you and contemplate on what’s out there.


“There are a plethora of superheroes without superpowers but of them all the Batman character relies on his own scientific knowledge, detective skills, and athletic prowess.”


“Look, all I'm saying is let's just not get carried away. Yes we stopped them this time but you can be damn sure they're already thinking up some other means of spreading fear and destruction through this galaxy.” - Dr. Daniel Jackson

Like the Dark Knight himself, Chironath doesn’t simply seek out to right the wrongs and battle the injustice of Thread. He’s more complex than just a muscle-bound Hercules. For in part he is also natural thinker, a scientist who approaches problems with logic. He’s a complicated guy, keeping himself private to mostly everyone. Well, except you, D’yce. You get the free pass to hear his thoughts, feel all his emotions, and be his partner through it all.

The world doesn’t always play by the book. Bad guys aren’t all the same. Even the good guys don’t always behave the way they -should-. So for Chironath to feel somewhat in control of his own fate, there are Guidelines to live by. His Rules. Of course, you have to subscribe to the Rules. Chironath already made sure, on those hot Hatching sands, that you would be the One who could play by them, live by them, breath them. And maybe, just maybe, as you both get a bit older, you’ll be the one to help him bend and break them.

1. Protect the innocent and those who can not protect themselves.


Wherever there's a fight so hungry people can eat, I'll be there. —Tom, The Grapes of Wrath

This is the primal driving force for Chironath, and its a rule he applies in everything he seems to do. There’s not a malicious or nasty bone in this dragon’s body- afterall he is a true hero in every sense of the word.

Of course this is why he (and you) must take your duty to fight Thread very seriously. Dragons are born to protect Pern and its peoples from that nasty stuff, and he’ll be quick to point that out to any of his clutchmates during weyrlinghood that don’t take it seriously. You’re the ones with the wings, the firestone, and more importantly, the know-how to ensure the safety of others. Don’t ever think of trying to wheedle out of sweeps with a put-on snuffley nose, or a faked limp. Chironath will see straight through that.

« Who else do you want to fly the sweeps, D’yce? One of the little ones from the Nursery? »

When not battling Thread, this Rule is still in force. Chironath has a seeming evolutionary desire to protect the young. While in weyrlinghood, he won’t extend this to young dragons, but if ever around children, he’ll be gentle and calm, and very watchful for anyone who might accidently or otherwise, cause them harm.

« Paquith kindly move your tail. You might trip the little. »

In fact, while he might seem somewhat private and distant to other riders and mature dragons, Chironath will be a giant cuddly lion when it comes to children and more often that not they’ll flock to him (with perhaps some gentle encouragement from himself). If one day in the future you happen to become a Daddy, well you’ll have an excellent babysitter in your lifemate here, and he’ll take great delight and pride in being a Daddy-extension of you!

Unfortunately, when it comes to the young of other species, he might not be so tactile, but he still will insist you enforce this Rule. Want lamb? No way. Mutton instead. Suggest he eat that young bovine in the corral? Try again. He wont intentionally prey on the baby-version of anything. Let them graze on the pasture of life for a little while. Then they will be free game!

2. Always be on alert.


Dr. Jackson: “Well, that never happened in any of the simulations.”

This will keep D’yce busy. Because if you’re going to be one-half of a heroic caped crusader, you’ll need to stay on your toes and be ready for anything as well. Especially during weyrlinghood, you’ll find yourself attending two lessons- one from the Weyrlingmasters, and another from your draconic partner!

« D’yce, get up, firestone sacking time! »
“ It’s 2am! Go back to sleep! We’ve done that already today “
« What if thread suddenly falls and we don’t have enough firestone. Be ready for anything, D’yce, get up! »

It’s almost as if he’s just waiting for the bat signal to light up the night sky and because of this, your Chironath will not be a dragon that needs a lot of sleep. Even during a growth spurt, this guy wants to sleep as little as possible. He might even ask you to sleep in shifts with him, if he’s every particularly anxious, and you’ll need to make sure you can settle him down and convince him that it’s ok, so actually sleep at the same time.

Not that Chironath won’t ever relax, but he’ll always be ready. Taking in situations. Noticing minute details. In case its needed later. This might take some getting used to, as your dragon is a keen observer but not necessarily an extroverted participant when it comes to socializing.

“Chironath, you’ve been sitting next to Dakhanavarath and Kaijuth for a while. Good gossip huh?”

« Gossip? What? No, D’yce, I was just noticing how close the relationship between them might be. You know. In case. Might be important information to remember. »

He’s got a memory better than most dragons and an aptitude for faces and names, which will no doubt help D’yce remember whose who in the weyr and in his wing. Met them once? Chironath will know who they are next time.

Chironath also appreciates your knowledge, D’yce, and how that can help you both be better at what you do. He’ll enjoy sitting with you at night, watching the stars in the night sky and he will easily remember names of constellations and such. It’s important that he learns as much as he can from you, and you will often find yourselves during these quiet times using both your intelligent minds to solve large or small problems together.

For whatever reason, Chironath also has a particular hatred for tunnelsnakes, there’s just something about them that irks him. Perhaps it’s the way they present a threat to the small young of Pern, or maybe there’s some other innate instinct that makes him want to reach out with a paw and squash them flat! He'll try so very hard to not let them effect him outwardly, although his hide will want to crawl at the sight of one. Evil, fanged, unreasonable creatures.

3. Never Give Away More than You Have To.

Batman (Christian Bale) “ a guy dressing up as a bat clearly has issues …”

Dr. Jackson: “That doesn't matter. You're hostages. We're your - we're your captors. We're heavily armed.
There's a - there's rules. There's a whole school of etiquette to this. Don't eyeball me!”

It might seem like your dragon is a bit naive. All this good guy stuff? Well, he’s not.

And one of Chironath’s issues is that he can tend towards cynicism when it comes to the intentions of others. He knows he’s the good guy, but there are plenty of bad guys out there. The trick is determining which one is which. So with self-preservation in mind, your dragon will be less inclined to give a lot of information about himself away to others. He really isn’t a sharer. And while this rule doesn’t mean he’s anti-social at all, it just means that he may sometimes come across as aloof or smug when with others.

He will have a very small, tight knit group of dragons that he trusts more than others. In weyrlinghood, one of them will be Paquith, simply because he is the Weyrlingmaster. Others may include those that you, D’yce hold dear. Once you have taken someone into your heart and trust, so Chironath will follow without question.

Your task may be, especially as you get a bit older and wiser, to help your partner bend this rule more often than the other 2. There may come a time when being introverted and cynical might not be the best way forwards. He trusts you, so it’ll be up to you to coax him into revealing more about himself to others and not fear that it’ll end up biting him afterward.

There are those times when the burdens of remaining mysterious and shielded around the others will start to draw on him, 'cause him to brood and sit up late into the evening. This is the time that the listener that is D'yce needs to go to him, urge him to give up his troubles, be that partner to unburden himself to. There is so much trust here. So much.

Be comfortable that this rule doesn't impact his relationship with you in the slightest. You already -know- him through and through, and he knows you. There’s no reason to keep secrets from each other.

4. Communication is to be used Wisely.


Jackson: “Mak tal shree! Lok tak. Mekta satak Oz! Mok tal Oz kree!”
Jackson: “I don't think they bought my act.”
Jacob: “Why? Who'd you say you were?”
Jackson: “The… ah… Great and Powerful Oz.“

Every good crusader knows that sometimes it’s necessary to talk to find out information. That not everything comes from a book or hide. Unlike most dragons, Chironath will reach out to speak to other humans when he feels it’s necessary. Why question other weyrlings for information when he can go straight to the source and interrogate the Weyrlingmaster instead?

“Batman is regarded as one of the world's greatest detectives”

This investigative nature extends further, like the egg he came out of Do You Speak Whale? Chironath will think nothing of trying to speak to other species as well. Though one could question if interrogating one’s food before eating it is truly a wise thing to do. This could prove interesting or amusing as he watches and listens to firelizards and other wildlife, you might catch him in listening poses when you’re not busy, trying to make out what the other creatures are trying to say.

« Those wild wherries are restless. I think they’re saying that a storm is coming. »

And while not one of the strict ‘Rules’ that guide Chironath’s behavior, there is one “guideline” that he insists you follow. To be a hero, one has to -look- like a hero. Well, ok he’s not going to make you wear your underpants on the outside and a cape (though what a fashion statement that would be), but he will insist you look well kept at all times. You can’t get people to trust and believe in you if you look like you rolled out of bed, can you? So prepare to spend a lot of time doing laundry, because your clothes and especially your weyrling uniform, will always need to be neat and pressed and clean. Of course, come time for his own straps, Chironath will also insist those are paid the same respect. Well fitted, comfortable, black leather only, and plenty of buckles and pockets to keep your gadgets in. Never know when you might need them after all…

Beyond Chironath's rules, there are other portions to his personality that are just innately him.

Night-time. Oh, how he appreciates the evening, the darkness, and the hush of that time of day. The moment the sun sets, Chironath seems to change. His own mystery becomes deeper, because he can feel the mystery of the night. He'll often be sitting out upon his ledge, or finding a companion in Sephiroth at the starstones, looking out over the Weyr and the land with the vault of the star-spread sky above. The evening is his time, where he doesn't just lurk, but is often standing proud. This is a quiet time, the moment for inner reflection. D'yce might get some scattered images and thoughts from him, not intentional, just the scattered flotsam of what is going on within the brown's mind. D'yce is more than welcome to offer up opinions, to be a companion or to commiserate with him as he contemplates everything from the day's events, past happenings, or the deeper meanings of existence.

This is often the time that leads to his memories. He has such deep and amazing memories, that one can almost question where they come from. Most dragons aren't very well revered for their memories, which is why they have riders to remember things for them, provide them points to between. Chironath's memories are of a different sort, more of happenings than of places. He remembers events often by how they made him feel, and how they happened in a way that allowed him to grow, to see things in a different light, to appreciate not only the triumphs but also the failings and how they made him the dragon that he is today. And sometimes, sometimes he has memories that come to him that aren't quite a product of his own experiences. He may mention times and occurrences of a moment in history that was ages and ages ago. Maybe it was from a story told between dragons, maybe it was something else. But there is wisdom in these things, a wisdom that he understands and uses.

Beyond his wisdom and 'good guy' appearance, Chironath is the sort of dragon that does get along very well with so many people. He has a personality that once you become one of his close friends, he tends to let down on the mystery and the wariness. With those lowering shields, his own sense of humor becomes a bit more known. With D'yce, he'll always be awarded with some of Chironath's comments, which tend to mostly be of the dry sort. Fitting, coming during moments one might least expect it, and very, very dry. With his often stoic and shielded appearance, these deadpan zingers come out of nowhere, with no wind up whatsoever. These comments show just how much he understands in the world about him, and his quick wits that are often multiple steps ahead of everyone/dragon else.

« Dakhanavarath's right. Kaijuth's butt does look like a pile of crap. »

Every so often though, Chironath will surprise everyone. Right in the midst of an important event, some serious discussion, or the heights of a heavy threadfall, his mindvoice will float in out of nowhere, imparting some choice quip about the situation that is bound to leave stunned silence, and more than likely a laughter to break the tension of the situation.


Chironath is one amazingly physically fit specimen. At first glance maybe you don’t notice right away the physique. Sometimes appearances are deceiving, and sometimes the light of day or the dark of night can provoke tricks to the eye so you don’t quite notice just how amazingly built is Chironath. Maybe it is the proportions, possibly deceiving in the daylight. He looks perfectly ordinary, much like any other dragon of his color. Well, maybe he does have those chiseled good looks, but under his straps, he simply holds a fine figure.

Upon closer inspection, this dragon isn’t just trim, he is extremely well muscled, and well earned muscle at that. He isn’t bulky or anything of the sort, more defined. He is toned through not only those fine draconic genes but also through his own work as well. Chironath believes very much in keeping himself trim and fit and at the peak of his game. So that means he’ll often be out exercising. Now, not just in the middle of the bowl doing knee-bends, but flying and soaring and leaping and climbing and falling and all of those things that keep him spry, his muscles corded and strong, his joints smooth, and reflexes ideal.

If there are faults and what dragon doesn’t have any faults? Then the most notable one would be an odd allergy to pollen. Oh on a day to day basis living in a stony weyr it would not be noticeable, but get him out into a flowered field and look out! Sneezes galore. Do not be surprised if one day he sneezes you right off of his back! At these times, you may have to pay a visit or two to a dragonhealer to make sure his eyes do not get gummy, that there is nothing odd about the runny nose, and of course to make certain those all important lungs stay clear.


Over all, Chironath is a dark brown dragon, that caped crusader body suit covers most of him. There is slightly more protrusion of the eyeridges than usual, useful natural shading for his eyes, but casting further shadow around them as if he were indeed wearing a mask upon his face.

If there is any part of him that would be considered brawny, it would be his shoulders, widest there and more tapered at the hips. They’re there to support his wings, definitely broader and wider than usual that helps to give a certain bat-like appearance when they’re spread. You’ll notice that they’re an even dark mahogany on the top side, but if you stand beneath them, the shading there is navy with the spars etched in darker hues.


There are speckles of different colors on that underside, clustered like stars in the sky. Indeed if you stand beneath him on a clear night, he might blend in with the sky. They are fairly small though, generally something that would only be noticeable in close range. There are no physical deviations in the hide where the speckles are, they are simply coloration that shift and change through the turns.

His limbs are of good proportion, he has a certain rangy feel, so his reach is actually a bit longer than usual for most browns, making catching and snatching much easier. To balance it all, his tail is longer too, fairly wide at the base and tapering to slenderness at the forked end where there’s an edging of bronze, no doubt a trait inherited from his sire.

Mind Voice:

Chironath has a decidedly masculine mindvoice. It is deep and gravely and is usually accompanied by a steamy, smokey haze, like Batman appearing from a dim corner in Gotham’s architecture. In the back ground you can all but hear oddest sounds, a purring grind, honking, rapid motion of whipping wind. Traffic sounds of a metropolis, if only D'yce could identify it, there would be less mystery, but it will forever be just something unique and bewildering about his dragon.

However, when it comes to speaking privately to you, his partner, his voice will tend towards a more calm tone, the soft inspiring sounds of some lecturing professor who loves to discuss the wildest theories and ideas with you. Steam and smoke fades out in exchange for starbursts, twinkles and the occasional shooting star, jingling bells and faint string music. But ONLY to you, D’yce, because it’s with only you he lets his guard down completely. (Actual show and sounds begins at 2:54)

He’s a dragon of few words generally, it helps with the mysterious heroic charm he has. And since he has an economy of vocabulary, he makes sure the words always count. Sarcastic? Yes. Witty? Definitely. Chironath is not a dragon who likes to make speeches, but he won’t hesitate to drop the occasional witticism, especially in private to you. Your fellow clutchmates might wonder why you might choke up once in a while after a particularly smart-assed comment, but he won’t fail to amuse you when you least expect it.

Pervading through his mind and given off by his body is a certain rugged and understated scent: five sandalwoods, dusty leather, and light musk. (Violins:

Physical Voice:

Ok, so a hero doesn't need to mince words. He doesn’t need to call softly, or lean over his ledge and natter to his neighbor. However, communication -is- one of the Rules after all, so you will find that when is off questioning that Weyrlingmaster, or trying to glean information from a terrified cook cornered against the bowl wall, he will sound deep, almost brassy - think trombones and tubas. He won’t intend to sound menacing, its just the physicality of that broad chest and long neck, it isn’t meant to produce dainty sounds.

He’ll learn though that yelling at the top of his lungs tends to scare those little kids that he wants to flock to him, not to mention making it impossible to truly learn from others, so he’ll figure out how to be soft spoken eventually, low soothing rumbles that would surprise anyone who knew him as a dragonet.


Initially, Chironath will actually appear rather small for his coloring. Not the smallest of the browns, but just a little undersized to put him in the bottom half. His wings will seem, in those very early stages, as perhaps a bit stiff, or ungainly-wide. He might tend to trip on them, and you’ll have to make sure he’s mindful to keep them folded in tight enough to avoid that often.

He’ll have the awkwardness most young dragons have, working through the trials and tribulations of weyrlinghood amongst a pack of some very assertive dragon personalities. He might get rather lost and overwhelmed in the group, and it’ll be up to you to make sure he succeeds and excels.

At about the time when they begin to flame, that is when Chironath will suddenly understand, and his body will practically grow overnight. It’ll be an amazing growth spurt, fueled by food and need. He’ll probably wake you up starving, even though he’s eaten only a few candlemarks ago. Adding to that, with such a wild growth spurt, he will have an awful time with itching, stretched hide. Particularly around his shoulders, which will seem to almost double in breadth in a sevenday, will be needing the most attention. Chironath might not vocalize this need, but you’ll find him rubbing his shoulders against the bowl wall to ease some of the itch. Have lots of oil on hand. And probably a brush or two!

But overall, once the initial shock of getting -big- wears off, he’ll understand what he is meant to do, and he’ll want to make sure that his physique will help him do what he needs to do. Chironath will enjoy his size, his muscles and what his body can achieve, so it will really be a time to revel in this.

« D’yce, -look-, see how strong my tail is this morning! Wasn’t like that yesterday… »

His ascent into full-fledged Thread-fighting dragon will be an amazing thing, brought into being through work and growth.

You will probably find yourself growing alongside him at almost the same rate, D’yce. With the amount of exercise and training Chironath will put himself through, you’ll need to keep up. So just perhaps in the future, our little Starcrafter may turn into a muscly, agile man alongside his partner here.


His movement on the ground is just as awkward as any dragon. Chironath has managed to smooth out his gait though, making it more into a casual lope with wings draping back from his shoulders and tail grazing just a hairsbreadth over the ground. Of all things though, he is a fairly silent mover, unless he is approaching front and center and wants people to notice him. Then you will feel the tremble in the ground, the lurch of his advance. Otherwise, he is a silent dragon, not much rustling or creaking.


His flight though is a thing punctuated by gliding. Wide wings are used to glide here and there over actual flapping motions. He’ll prefer to dive from upper elevations, swooping instead of flapping to gain altitude through the gravity and speed of a drop. D’yce, learn to hold on in those early weeks of flight training!

There is also an economy of movement here. Chironath isn’t much of a whimsical flier, but he has a point with where he goes, knowing exactly where he is off to and how to get there. He’ll most likely not succumb to weyrlinghood games of “who can race around the island the fastest” or “how many loop-de-loops can you do?” simply because he’s not one of those show-offs when it comes to flight.


Chironath has an appreciation for food. That isn’t to say that he is a glutton, which is far, far, far from the truth. What Chironath has a knowledge for is the taste of the food, the texture and the tenderness, the density and the amount of edible flesh there is upon his prey. He is going to be the kind of dragon to prefer the better tasting beasts, the ones with just the right set of muscle and fat to frame, instead of the easy kills. He’ll recognize the different ‘flavor’s and make-up of prey from different areas of Pern, and some he’ll prefer as ideal for not just taste, but just as important for his energy needs.

He isn’t particularly a messy eater, but he isn’t the sort to waste a good carcass after a kill. He’ll enjoy the more choice bits, crack the bones for the marrow, lap at the blood. Chironath will tend to prefer bovines for their lush red meat, and the ample supply of blood and flesh.



With that physique, that complex hero allure…well Chironath is a natural TD&H (tall, dark and handsome). And with that combination, females follow. Luckily, Chironath is not one to be distracted by the female gender, and nor does he court it. He is a nice guy, but definitely not a flirt, and doesn’t tend to encourage a lot of female attention for himself- or for you.

However, if there’s a proddy female on the rise, he’ll take note- consider whether he wants to succumb to those desires or not. Definitely not a tail-man, you won’t find him battling all the other males every time a female takes to the skies. They’ll invite him too, of course, but he’s picky. He likes his females strong, pretty, and ones that wont necessarily swoon over him.

Dr. Daniel Jackson: “Are you okay?”
Vala Mal Doran: “I've got tingles all over. Don't flatter yourself, I'm pretty sure it's not you.”

In flights he will again be a forward-planner. He doesn't intend to win her heart with songs and promises, instead he will out-fly and outmatch the others who chase. Give him a few proddy flights to understand the best tactical maneuvers, after which the other dragons might find it hard to beat him.

And since he’s quite good proportions, if a gold ever does rise, he will be able to go toe-to-toe with the bronzes who also pursue her.



We came. We saw. We kicked its ass. —Dr. Venkman, Ghostbusters

Its what he was born to do. Protect Pern and its peoples from Thread. Chironath, from the get-go, will be a formidable fighter of this most deadly foe and at the finality of weyrlinghood, you will probably find the wingleaders clamoring to have you in their wing.

However, Chironath will sit apart from other muscle-bound meatheads. He doesn't approach Thread with gungho bravado, but with well considered and though out plans. He’s tactical, and especially considering he prefers to be a more direct kind of flying style, this suits his capabilities. He stays on his toes (figuratively) throughout the ‘fall, and won’t slack off for a moment. Two-step ahead thinking every time. He doesn’t necessarily go for the showier flames, but the more valuable ones. Of course, this means after any Threadfall he’ll be bone-weary and will take a fair bit of recuperation often in the form of you massaging and oiling him down thoroughly.

He’ll want to desperately be involved with his wingleader about formations and the plan of attack, and even if you don’t feel like butting in, he’ll suggest you do.

« Go ask her what formation we are flying. Has she taken into account the rocky terrain? That it’s a forward wind? Go on! »

If Chironath ever gets injured during a threadfall, or even suffers a close-call, he will revisit that situation over and over and over again, replaying the scenario in his head (and yours) until he ekes every possible lesson from it. To make sure if never happens again. D’yce, you might be driven a bit bonkers if this should occur, so try to steer clear of injury!

« Go ask the Wingleader again, what did she see when I got scored? »
“You’ve got me to ask her that 3 times, she wont tell you anything different”
« She might have remembered a tiny detail. It could make all the difference. »

Weyr Relationships:

Dakhanavarath might possibly be your arch nemesis. Possibly. He certainly is an opposite. With Dakhanavarth basically living a rather chaotic and unpredictable existence, he will be very, very hard for Chironath to figure out, if he even wants to. Seeing as the brown is nice and welcoming moment, and then suddenly changing the next, he might be a clutchmate that Chironath will find difficult to get along with.

Meliaith's ethereal existence is the stuff of leading ladies. Her spiritual and often flighty tendencies can easily be respected, if questioned somewhat. He will believe as she does in the protection of the world about them, in seeing to the championing of the weak and the innocent. If anything, he'll find an affinity with her in that respect.

Now Harquith is not quite the Villainess to Chironath the hero. She's more like the bratty little relative that's determined to ruin your day with her endless pranks and outright stalking to make you go crazy. Where as Chironath's all about the rules, Harquith is chaos and zaniness. While there are common goals when Thread is in the air, in those off hours she is bound to make Chironath's life interesting.

Einarth is the fighter not unlike Chironath, but there are differences. Rules are meant to be broken, he is the juggernaught, the berserker, the crazy celt that runs screaming into battle. Chironath's a bit stoic by comparison, but don't be surprised if this bronze bad boy will try to cheer you on and encourage the both of you to take on more risks and try to take a step out of bounds once in a while.

Veveshoth could very well be a clutchmate that Chironath will get along with best. Both have a deepness beyond their physical prowess, they have a code and a knowledge of what must be done in this world. They are thinkers, planning and intelligent, and should consult with each other often.

Gallifreth is closer to being the frenetic side of Chironath's inner scientist, like parts of a soul split and shared between them. They'll both have a mind for saving the innocent and having a sharp mind with great memories. That makes them work quite well together bolstering both of their innate talents.


Egg Inspiration:

Described by: Tyrar

Egg Inspiration: Finding Nemo. It's a great movie. SHARK BAIT SHARK BAIT SHARK BAIT, bruhaha! I love Dory. Did you know she's blue, and has about as much of a memory as I do? Did I mention I love Dory? She's blue, you know. And her memory's as bad as a goldfish. And did I mention that I lov— (Ahem.)


Dragon Name Inspiration:

The Hero We Deserve Dragonet is a hatchling name that was directly inspired by a quote from the movie Dark Knight.

Lt. James Gordon: Because he's the hero Gotham deserves, but not the one it needs right now…and so we'll hunt him, because he can take it. Because he's not a hero. He's a silent guardian, a watchful protector…a dark knight.

Your dragon is definitely a hero that Pern’s greatest weyr deserves to fly alongside, and you are a worthy candidate that definitely deserved to impress this dragon!

Chironath….. She-RO-nath or Khy-Ro-Nath. Say it how you prefer, D’yce, but we liked the name for your heroic brown because it rolled of the tongue, felt good next to ‘D’yce’, and if you say it like the first pronunciation with a soft “chi” sound, it sounds a bit chivalrous!

We tried out quite a few names but Chironath was one of the original names we kept coming back to. It actually came from the scientific name for a black capped fruit bat- Chironax melanocephalus. Since your dragon did spring a lot from the Dark Knight himself, it was fate!

Dragon Inspiration:

The theme for this clutch was movie genres, and since you gave us some good direction and specifics in your candidate questionnaire, it really help whet our appetite for all things complicated Hero. I mean, who wants a shiny and perfect hero? Who can really get into the Knight in Shining Armor who is completely lacking in flaws? We want our heros complicated! We want them with backgrounds and pain and that human factor that we can relate to. We want our heroes to tug at our heartstrings… and then save us from all of the evil in the world! There are so many 'flawed' heroes out in the world, the kind of heroes that are actually realistic: Batman, Iron Man, The Hulk, Wolverine.

As you can tell, he leans heavily on Batman/Dark Knight and as there was already a budding Dr-Who sibling out there. And it is a sibling that Chironath can relate to so well. But we looked at what you liked, and found the perfect mirror in Dr Daniel Jackson from SG. And we can't help to think that he did an amazing job at that!

There is just so much to these complicated sorts, from the personalities to their very build. Batman/Bruce Wayne is stoic and mysterious, he is often a creature of the night and a creature of his own experiences. He has rules (and often bends and breaks those rules), he has panache, he has mystery, and he is a 'good guy with an edge'. This is undeniably Chironath, and we built upon this and more to give him such an amazing background.

Dr. Daniel Jackson has that touch of thought and science that we see just as easily in Daycen, giving Chironath that grounding and linking to his very own lifemate. Intelligence is key! Being smarter than your average dragon, and thinking of things that so many others wouldn't. Oh yes, this is certainly Chironath as well!

Once we got writing, he became an easy character to envisage, and we hope we captured most, if not all, of your desires. Of course, feel free to embellish and add to him so he suits you positively perfectly!

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Roll the credits!
Your Chironath was brought to you by Gotham’s finest: Rachel Dawes (Zerra), Lt Gordon ( S’tao) and Harvey Dent (Rh’iad). I’d like to say one did more work than the other, but it was truly a joint collaborative effort- Zerra searched through science for a name we all liked, S’tao brought Chironath to life with his desc, Rh'iad is guilty of adding a few odd movie quotes, and we all gave him breath through messages and personality! He was so fun to work on, and we dearly hope you have fun with him now.

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