Dragon: Bronze Aboleoth
Name: N'ano
Egg: Fruit Gone Rancid Egg
Egg Desc: Naomi
Dragonet: Fearless in Battle Bronze
Dragonet Desc: N'ano; Hytiaf tweak
Messages: N'ano
Inspiration: Hytiaf, N'ano

Clutching Message:
Dhiammarath shifts to one side, her movements becoming a tad quicker with this oncoming egg, almost as though desperate to rid her body of it. In preparation, her posture contorts in /just/ the sort of way to make it seem as if, perhaps, this egg has overstayed its welcome within her. She gives a final, reverberating bellow to announce its arrival, even as she proceeds to expel it from her very being. Pern, meet the Fruit Gone Rancid Egg, and do cover your noses.


Egg Desc:
A darling wretch of an egg, this one's coloration and patterning gives the effect of dents and bulges on the shell, as though it has been beaten to the point of disfiguration. Lime predominates, as only the brightest of hues would do! Noxious yellow, violet, and magenta battle violently from the center outwards to each end. But muddy smoke coils upward throughout, entwining itself among the striking colors in such a way as to offer a subtle rotting appearance, as if each of those drastically attention-commanding shades has been wasting away. Other eggs might be ashamed to be so foul, but not this one! Proudly does it wear its design, bright and bold in the most eye-aching of ways.

Hatching Message:
The Fruit Gone Rancid Egg starts the customary shakes, stopping after a moment. But it's within this moment that egg shards start splintering through fissures along the egg's surface, bursting in an explosion as the Fearless in Battle Bronze Dragonet emerges from the depths of its nourishing niche. Damp wings spread to steady as limber legs take their first steps into the new world, ready to explore with quickened haste, this new world he has been thrust into. As to /why/ he has to leave his home to strut in front of a bunch of white clad-things, he has yet to figure. They're too scrawny to nurture his newborn hunger.


Fearless in Battle Bronze Dragonet:
Antiquity shades a narrow muzzle, copper and bronze intermingling between eye ridges and running down a sharp and almost hooked snout and mandible. Eye ridges and facial bones seem to jut out from the rest of his head, colored brass and mahogany and beaten around the circumference of his skull into flawless coverage and protection. Sharp spears of dark brown and greened copper rise from his neck and spine regions, covering his neck ridges with an armor of sorts, and weapons of warfare. Strength ripples across his shoulders and down through his drilled limbs, golden veins divining individual muscle in a sea of bronze and brown. His thick hindquarters give way to a stout, yet sturdy tail, lending him more than adequate leverage for balance. Wings flex in their own demeanor, speckles of sterling glisten within their transparency when flaunted and unfurled to a considerable length compared to the rest of his body.


Impression Message:
The Fearless in Battle Bronze Dragonet takes a few more awkward steps towards the white-clad individuals, sniffing them with distinct petulance. They're no good, none of them. But wait, there's a few more he's yet to make an attempted selection for. Hunger is more than overwhelming at this point, thus resulting in a quickened paced trot across the black sands until he stops just in front of a small group of young men. A head-bang here, a tail lash there, and voila, there leads a path to a sole individual. This one seems just about right, though there's something peculiar about him… perhaps he's not meant to be eaten, but rather, for companionship. Alas, he has chosen what he had been looking for all along, Kilbane.

Personal Impression Message:
Something strong engulfs your mind… it could almost be considered a feeling of abstractness with a powerful pull to it, luring you closer and closer. All that surrounds you becomes a blur with a single exception; the small figure just ahead with a cocked head and a somber expression upon his bronzen face, in which he bespeaks you with « Kilbane, you are the one for me. I am Aboleoth. We are together now… and I am -very- hungry. »

Name Inspiration:
To appropriately name your dragon, we stuck with our theme of war and started looking up words in Latin that would fit. We found aboleo: to destroy, abolish, annul, do away with, obliterate, efface. It’s the word we get abolition from. Your dragon's name is Aboleoth, the God of War. You can pronounce it ah-BO-lee-oth, or however you please. He's your dragon after all! We're just offering suggestions, that's all. :)


Description Inspiration:
We started on the Roman theme and the colors and tried to come up with a dragon that almost looked like he was wearing a suit of armor. You had mentioned that you wanted him to also resemble an eagle, the symbol of the Roman Empire. We tried to emphasize a hooked muzzle, very much like an eagle's. His head is covered by a built in helmet that is passed off as a bit more hearty bone structure in his face. The rest of him is beaten metal.

Mind Voice:
His voice is like the sound solid metal makes when it is struck. The tone resonate clearly like bells on distant hills or muddled like when warriors strike their shields in challenge. It's unique in its own way - something that could distinguish him easily from another, even if he speaks to you solely. Though it's tinged with the softly vibrating clang, there's a peace mixed with power which gives it an over all vehement tone.

He's a natural fighter like Mars, god of War, therefore having the stereotypical build of one. With the qualities that you gave us, we were able to mold them together to form Aboleoth - working the armor into his hide with the colors like mentioned. His head forms the helmet with the way his snout is shaped combined with the tarnished colors whilst neck ridges and other specifics along his back form the body shielding. His internal demeanor is just as strong, reflecting a charismatic heart of gold, which only toughens his overall deportment. Size is just as average as another - not too big, not too small, but just right there in the middle. Though the way he works himself up, it's no wonder he couldn't be twice the size as any of them. Wings have a powerful upbeat to them, allowing him to carry himself with ease, certainly a factor to his advantage whether it be essential for flights, Thread or travel.


He's certainly not a match to most. Strength is one characteristic that works to his advantage - a strong heart, will and soul that is, protected by the toughest of bronzen hides like armor. Though aggressive in situations when need be, he beholds one of the most caring hearts especially towards you. When Thread is in the air, he'd risk anything if it means protecting his life-mate from the deadly spores. He'll attack them like one of those ferocious Southern felines, leaving nothing but dust as a souvenir from a job well done. He knows what needs to be done and that remains his primary objective, putting everything else first before him.

He's certainly Opinionated, and not afraid to share a few words with you, as disgruntling as they may seem to yourself. He's only looking out for you, after all. He's confident with his choices, knowing that they will be the best in the short or long run - what's best for you, most of all. Beneath all of this is of course, the flesh of a soft heart. His loyalty is something to respect because he means well, knows well, and wants well and would do anything for you, as challenging as it may be. Seriousness is his prime factor, though his canned humor and dry wit can lead to some of the most entertaining of times, even in the most somber of times.


When proddiness is looming and springing to the skies, he won't hesitate by any means to be one of the lead chasers, despite his objective to get other more important things done first. Movement is fluid, containing utter grace that litheness obliges. When taken to the sky, wings pump with ease—furl and unfurl with simplicity especially when maneuvering through thread, drills and mountains alike. His speed is exceptional, though quite comparable with other dragon-kind his size, making him a perfect match for synchronization.

Harper's Tale's 31st PC Clutch
Ista Weyr
Hannah's gold Dhiammarath and R'ley's bronze Tynabith
Saturday, December 15, 2001

M'er's green Suith
Nya's green Iredith
Zeja's green Esmeyath
Kia's blue Valanth
Kazra's brown Xylyth
J'den's bronze Heliuth
D'baji's bronze Nverath
R'ian's bronze Bralath
Yulianna's gold Miyakath

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