Name: Ai'den (Baiden)
Title: Ista Weyr Weyrling
Dragon: Bronze Kaijuth
Father: Baycoulf
Mother: Rashida


Baiden is the first born and only son of Baycoulf and Rashida, minor holders of a small estate connected to Bitra, and from day one the rules of law and life were drilled into the boy. From a tiny infant alone in his cradle, to a stout young lad with a quarter staff in hand, he has been trained by his stern, often overbearing father, to be strong, and independent. To be a hunter, a fighter, and a survivalist. His father’s favored phrase as he beat the wits out of his son, through combat or just a good pummeling, was, “The world’s hard, boy, but I’ll make you harder.” It was a difficult lesson, but one well learned. One believed in it’s entirety, because there were no other opinions in his life to the contrary.

Aside from the training he received from those tutors selected by his father, Baiden learned more subtle arts from his quiet, gentle, but far from meek mother. He learned the mending of his clothes, the selection of special plants and herbs that could be used for cooking, or those with more toxic applications. He learned first aid and how to care for minor ailments. He learned that sometimes, even in such a harsh world, one could occasionally smile and get away with it.


Duty and moral fiber were honed like a finely sharpened blade within the boy, dug deep into his character. He didn’t play like other boys, he learned to serve the ‘greater good’ of his family’s small home. He learned sword play and hand to hand combat, and his teenage years were spent in focus and discipline. He learned politics, and how to wedge himself into the good favors of those with stronger alliances and greater holdings.

Baiden never questioned his father’s teaching, or his father’s resolve. He grew into a man Baycoulf could be proud of. Strong, stoic, and honorable.. and merciless. Without humour. Without tenderness. One can wonder if Baiden remembers the lessons his mother, now gone, once taught him about smiling.

To forge connections outside of his homestead, Baiden has recently traveled to a distant Weyr, Ista, and taken up life in the only nitch he truly fits: as a guard.


Around twenty or so turns old, this young man is of average height, well-built, but not overly bulky. Likewise, there is nothing wiry about him, his muscles having filled out well during his adolescent years. His hair is kept short cropped, and is a brown that appears nearly black with sandy tips in dark lighting, and a lighter, cream-brown under the sunlight. His eyes are nearly identical in hue to his hair. His nose is fairly large, and looks just a tad bit naturally crooked. His jaw line is nicely squared with a slightly cleft, beardless chin. His frame is square, with broad shoulders and a strong-seeming center of gravity, giving his movements balance and sharp focus. He can be considered handsome a rough, rugged way.


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