Rh'iad's Green Atsuth
Dragonsfire's 53rd PC Clutch - Ista Weyr
Naomith and Rhyolith’s clutch
Hatching Date: June 22rd, 2008
Egg theme: Freezeframes! Everyday moments as captured by a camera.

There are big dreams and little ones.

In the attics of my life
Full of cloudy dreams unreal
Full of tastes no tongue can know
And lights no eye can see
When there was no ear to hear
You sang to me

I have spent my life
Seeking all that's still unsung
Bent my ear to hear the tune
And closed my eyes to see
When there were no strings to play
You played to me

In the book of love's own dream
Where all the print is blood
Where all the pages are my days
And all my lights grow old
When I had no wings to fly
You flew to me

You flew to me

In the secret space of dreams
Where I dreaming lay amazed
When the secrets all are told
And the petals all unfold
When there was no dream of mine
You dreamed of me

There are big dreams and little ones.

In the attics of my life
Full of cloudy dreams unreal
Full of tastes no tongue can know
And lights no eye can see
When there was no ear to hear
You sang to me

I have spent my life
Seeking all that's still unsung
Bent my ear to hear the tune
And closed my eyes to see
When there were no strings to play
You played to me

In the book of love's own dream
Where all the print is blood
Where all the pages are my days
And all my lights grow old
When I had no wings to fly
You flew to me

You flew to me

In the secret space of dreams
Where I dreaming lay amazed
When the secrets all are told
And the petals all unfold
When there was no dream of mine
You dreamed of me

— Lyrics: Robert Hunter Music: Jerry Garcia

Wrought Upon By Tempest
This one is stormy, captured by the spirit and essence of a violent element in action. This egg is larger in size, shell wrought with frantic beats of grays and browns, with a shot of yellow mixed with white strung through. But what's this? Down, near the lower edge of the shell, there's a lone spot of red, as though a brave soul weathering the storm.

Hatch Message:
Wrought Upon By Tempest Egg is wracked by a thunderbolt crack, splitting the shell northeast to southwest as the turbulent commotion rages on across the outer landscape. The scar widens to show a hint of what lies beneath the grey haze of roiling clouds: a patch of green that could only mean fairer skies ahead. Time whittles away at the hardened shell until with one last blustery explosive burst, all is revealed.

Hatchling Name:
Sumi-e Secrets Green Dragonet

Dragon Description:


Long and lean this peridot green, with nature hewn elaborate tones that splash across dragon's hide, from the wedge of her head to glissade in rich cascade down the lissome lengths to a limber tail. The austere quintessence is but a mirage of imperfections, from chiseled angled muzzle to roughly etched talons painted an incorrect hue of periwinkle blue. A myriad of mysterious markings, like fleeting penned thoughts in a language of their own, brush whispered patterns beneath thin sail membranes which stretch taut across drooping willow wings.


"What I do and what I dream include thee, as the wine must taste of its own grapes…" - Elizabeth Barret Browning

Impression Pose (what the audience sees):
Sumi-e Secrets Green Dragonet found it! Or rather, she found /him/, who is wearing /it/. The one who shares her penchant for shiny things, and bucked the rules by keeping it on his person. Her still wet snout pokes into an ear, whuffling loudly at the tiny, almost invisible silver ring that dangles there. Pulling her head back, the lovely green peers into the mirror with love in those beautiful whirling eyes

Impression Message (what you see):

"I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach…" —Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The heat of the sands, and sensations of the world are sucked away, leaving behind an invasive haze that overcomes every thought until your mind is still. Slowly a confusing vision comes to mind, a mirror of your soul. The reflection warbles and fades, only to return, yet this time it has flipped to the reverse as if you were standing beside yourself. Little by little the manifestation reaches out to touch you, but once that connection is made, a cataclysm of color and texture erupts into a joyous melody ripped right from your memories. « Can we go there? » Baubles and beads flutter through your mind, and in the calamity a snapshot of a gather is thrust into view. « I am you, and you are me. We are "us". Will you take us there, Rh'iad? »


"Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies." —Aristotle

In some aspects you are yin and yang, perfectly complimenting opposites, mirror images of one another. While in other instances she is your exact match. Your twin. Two expressions of the same design. Same thought. Same gestures. It will be hard at times to differentiate between you, and that is when you become "we". It is no longer "her" and "I", but "we" and "us".

"You are just so ingrained with a collective consciousness about yourself in conjunction with another person in all decisions and motivations, that it really always was about "we"." —Anonymous

You understand one another. You understand the inner workings of each other because they are one and the same. You understand how she thinks, because you think the same. Most of the time. She will finish your sentences, and she will finish your thoughts, maybe speak them before you get a chance. It can be eerie, having that voice in your head, like a persistent echo, voicing your thoughts in a different tone. She may be your echo, but her take on the same exact thought is slightly different. A little more focused.

Perspective - even when we share the same experiences, we come up with our own and completely unique perspective. Atsuth and you do too, which may be frustrating at times, but will always keep life very very interesting. How you approach the same event will always be coloured by the sum of your experiences. Here you are the wiser of the pair. Being human, and having a longterm memory gives you the upper hand.

Because she is not artistically inclined does not mean that she doesn't try. You will just share a completely different perspective when you are looking at the same thing. This comes out in her obsessive behaviours. She has her own thoughts on what is symmetrical, harmonic and has balance. Remember that braid? Guess what, there is a method to her little bit of madness. It is not so much the way the braid hangs, but the thousands of individual hairs within the one braid. Rather then seeing the whole, she sees the individual parts.

The mirror aspect is even more complicated. He is Red, she is green. Rhikiad is easily distracted, while Atsuth can easily focus, if often on the wrong things. She fixates. Obsesses to a point. « Your braid is wrong. » « No, really, it's wrong. » « Hear me? It's /wrong/. » « Can't you stop now and fix it? » She'll watch that braid until it's fixed to her satisfaction. Then everything will be okay again.

One day when you come back dead-dog tired from lessons, you’ll find a stockpile of ‘things’. Shiny things, pretty things, useless things, strange things – not your things. Whose things? She has your habit of ‘collecting’, and yet she’ll take it one step farther and try and get you to arrange them into ‘artwork’ /she/ can understand. A project she will focus on until every detail is right. « No, no, no! Not there next to the green, you never put gold next to green! » « Put gold by — itself (Vivid vision of the pier) over there. » « Green goes next to blue, and brown, and bronze, and purple. » Yes, she has a devout love for purple. Everything must have PURPLE. « Those straps you are making are brown. Why not purple? »

You can almost hear an audible -snap- when she switches back and forth between the two, while other times it’s quieter, more the natural order of things. The pair of you will be flowing, in sync, tracing two paths along the same road, when you start to wander as you often do, and she remains solid on the path of thought.

So ingrained you are in one another, so lost in the world of “us”, you might find that you create a whole ‘nother language of your own. A secret one. A twin language. It is understandable only by you and encompasses thoughts, sounds and physical positions. She knows what putting your finger to your chin means, you know what the tilt of her head means, that clearing of the throat, that tiny hum of happiness, even the symbols and patterns of every day life become a language all to your own to share and communicate. It might even be as simple as the pillow tossed lengthwise, « Oh oh, someone's had a bad day. » The language will grow and evolve as the both of you do.

"I love you, not only for what you are, but for what I am when I am with you." —Roy Croft

Often times you will find that in the yin and yang of it you will balance each other in weakness. Your strength, her weakness, and visa versa. The focus, again, is a strength, but also a weakness. In other areas, she is obviously weak. Rh'iad has a steady hand, a gentle hand, while Atsuth is clumsy, and often fumbles with those blue talons, causing havoc that you need to put to rights. The body art? She doesn’t understand at all. Why would you poke needles into people on purpose to leave colored scars?!

There are several areas she is obviously the strength. Atsuth will understand the dragon healing with such precision, she becomes nurse. The nurse that studied harder than the healer and whispers the answers to complicated questions, and swoops in to correct some serious error before it’s too late.

"Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one." —John Keats

Where you are unsure, she is steadfast. Atsuth hasn’t gone through the trials and tribulations of you life, therefore hasn’t been affected by it in the same way you have. She’ll prod the memories, and mull over them, often asking you about why they affect you the way they do, but she is able to see them from a distance that allows her a wholly different perspective on the issue. She will not bend as easily as you do. She will not give in as easily to avoid conflict. Not that she enjoys conflict! No, she’ll avoid it by talking her way out of it. You do this too, but with less fervor, less confidence. That is the crux of it – Atsuth has significantly more confidence than you do. Unlike many though, she isn’t overly confident, and has no ego to foster with erroneous uses of that confidence. Her main use of this confidence is to bolster yours. Her goal in life is to give you the strength to stand as tall and proud as she feels you should. You are her life, afterall, and even your flaws are appreciated. She appreciates all that you are.

"No cord nor cable can so forcibly draw, or hold so fast, as love can do with a twined thread." —Robert Burton

That illustrious braid will find a partner in Atsuth’s tail. The gesture of yours seems to be directly linked into character traits, and these she will share. Each time you flip the braid, her tail with mimic the action. As a matter of fact, she will copy a lot of your typical actions, especially the nervous ones, just you wait and see.

The Twins

In form and feature, face and limb,
I grew so like my brother,
That folks got taking me for him,
And each for one another.

It puzzled all our kith and kin,
It reached a fearful pitch;
For one of us was born a twin,
Yet not a soul knew which.

One day, to make the matter worse,
Before our names were fixed,
As we were being washed by nurse,
We got completely mixed;

And thus, you see, by fate's decree,
Or rather nurse's whim,
My brother John got christened me,
And I got christened him.

This fatal likeness even dogged
My footsteps when at school,
And I was always getting flogged,
For John turned out a fool.

I put this question, fruitlessly,
To everyone I knew,
"What would you do, if you were me,
To prove that you were you?"

Our close resemblance turned the tide
Of my domestic life,
For somehow, my intended bride
Became my brother's wife.

In fact, year after year the same
Absurd mistakes went on,
And when I died, the neighbors came
And buried brother John.

—Henry Sambrooke Leigh


"She walks in Beauty, like the night
Of cloudless climes and starry skies,
And all that's best of dark and bright
Meet in her aspect and her eyes…"
—Lord Byron

Atsuth is, in a word, beautiful. She's lithe, with lean muscles that fill out her slender form in pure lady-like fashion - though she's not all lady; she's not afraid to jump, and run, and tumble, but she has a natural kind of physical grace that means she looks lovely while she does it. She'll retain her perfect proportions through her youth and into adulthood, never approaching too plump or too skinny, but treading the perfection of the middle ground with ease.

That hide of hers resembles the peridot pictured above, rough hewn but beautiful, and it's unnaturally silky and luxuriously soft. When freshly oiled, the color goes to the deeper hues. This will also bring out the pattern in the wing sails, like secrets whispered slightly too loud.

All of this she knows. Vanity is one of those attributes that you share, and Atsuth takes it a step further then you do, even. There is rarely a moment she isn't aware of how she is seen, and compensates for that by attempting to always looking her best. She might just drive you nuts during oilings because of it. « You missed a spot. » « No, no, under my tail too. I know they can't see it right now, but when I fly! »

Those periwinkle talons? The bane of her existence. She will do anything to cover them, including burying them in mud or sand, and the whining on it can just come out of nowhere. « You can make /their/ skin change colors, why can’t you do the same for my talons? » She will challenge you endlessly to find a permanent solution to the problem, and won’t let up until you do. You’re the artist, after all.

"I wished for nothing beyond her smile, and to walk with her thus, hand in hand, along a sun-warmed, flower-bordered path." —Andre Gide

Mind Voice:
It is the perfect day at a fair where a thousand voices all join together in a cacophony that becomes one and blends and twists both loud and hushed. The joyful cry of a child rises above the rest. A couple wanders by enthralled only in each other, their voices rising and fading, a group of teenaged boys (and) the cadence of their excitement, the querulous tremble of an older couple just not sure anymore.

And it's not just voices, but the sights, sounds, and smells as well. She, like you, is struck by details, and what lies underneath all that clatter. Dipping into your memories, it will be the adventures at the faire that will lock in her mind, and these she will use when communicating, because of their everlasting hold on her. Atsuth’s mind world will become a metaphor of carnival-like hues and textures.

The smells and colors of all the potions, lotions, notions, being bought and sold. Vendors with magical displays hawking goods, from knives and babbles, to exotic instruments and swords that gleam. Snake oil salesmen, and wicked scams galore, these are things you can recognize with your sly eye.

Sweets! Sweets of every sort, so visually tantalizingly you can nearly taste them before you buy. Spun sugar, popcorn balls, piping hot pastries, and candied syrup treats; anything you can imagine to torture the tastebuds is yours. Follow your nose to the spicy meats roasting on the fire that send up a scent that tickles the palate.

The people are abundant, in every shape and size, old and new, mingling, creating havoc that clambers long into the night. Gangs of kids on the prowl, unattended by parents half in the cask. There is a constant parade of pretty girls dressed to astound, with sauntering drunken boys sure of their success. Dancers in flamboyant attire, and music abounds, swirling around the theatre players dressed in whimsical costumes. Lost children bawling loud with alligator tears as they wander without a clue of what to do. Flags and standards of every hue, fanciful fabrics too, are all distractions from the milling crowd, some of which have stolen behind stalls for secret trysts that you surely won’t miss.

Physical Voice:
She likes to make noise, often times just to amuse herself. Very rarely, if ever, will it be blaring and unattractive. The melodious flow is her forte, and when Atsuth sings, as she frequently likes to do, it is a cello that is brought to mind. The scale and tones of a cello are her range, carrying off the strength of the lows, as well as the spine tingling highs. It is common to find her simply playing with sound, unabashedly mimicking the world around her as best she can. It’ll become familiar to hear her humming quietly to herself, very quietly, keeping herself company.

She will always be a bit smaller than average, with lean proportions. Which means unlike many of her clutch sibs, she won’t really have that awkward faze, what she does have of it, will be minimal. It’s almost if the vain girl willed it to be as such. At first, her growth spurts will drive you a little nuts since she will itch all the time (ALL THE TIME!). Most of all in the folds and creases of the soft hide that are currently filling out. When that growth spurt is finished, it will seem instantaneous. One size one day the next day just a larger size. Muscles will show smooth and subtle, leaning towards lean and limber — and agile. But along her jaw and down her neck, oh boy, you could stay there oiling for turns and she'll be happy, thrilled even, and has a tendency to just go limp with the pleasure of it.

Atsuth will have the big bursts of gorging herself because of the growth spurts. Lucky you, all things considered. There will some relief in the inbetween times, and her appetite will wane. Just be thankful she isn’t a gold!

What will also grow by leaps and bounds is her mind. Just like yours, and how much you’ve matured in the short time you’ve been at Ista Weyr, around all those people who influence and drive you to do so, even if you were driven by frustration. She will too. It’s unavoidable with Kyraceth around.

She will glide, constantly glide. It’s such a lovely action, and Atsuth looks so divine doing it, and she knows this. Just enough wing beats to get her back into a glide. In this, she becomes an expert on thermals, wind currents, and other such things like the best weather patterns to glide in. It’s like a sashay in the sky. The males will love to watch, and she will love to show them. Gliding is not about just hanging still in the sky and letting nature do the work for you. It takes work. Wingsails ripple freely beneath the kiss of the currents, and muscles undulate just so to catch and eek out ever nuance of the air. But she revels in both the effort and the feel of it. When she has to pump her wings, it'll always be to attain that extra height, so that she can slowly slide down through the troposphere and glory in the free fall. It is just a continuous motion of experience and sensation, from the chilling heights of through the various layers of sky before she is once again grounded.

On the ground, your girl is the complete opposite to how she is in the air. She skips, springs, bounds, hops in a rather odd and startling combination of awkward but enthusiastic motions. See, she starts out skipping and half way through decides it should have been a bound and then towards the end, a hop. It's not uncoordinated, she just applies her own unique rhythm to it.

No one ever said being a dragonrider was going to be easy. Time to face up to some of those things you hate doing. And feeding, well, that's where it all comes home! Atsuth only likes animals killed by your hand. /Only/ by your hand. That means, chase those suckers down, and fall the killing blow. Then cut it up for her in nice bite sized chunks. Enjoy the fresh blood, how it stains your fingers, gets under the fingernails. What a treat. « You love me though, right? It’s only a little thing. » Well, until she's grown and then she can hunt. But only in the wild. The feral taste of wild wherry is something she’ll crave, even obsess on at times. When you’re not around to haunt with, she’ll be perched somewhere watching the jungle, just waiting for some hapless fool wherry to buzz by. You might even find her side by side with a familiar bronze, on his ledge, both obsessing on the jungle for different reasons. It only comes to show that every experience in our lives prepares us for another later on.

Being that you are so completely and totally connected, when she glows, you will too. Bright! Awesomely bright, beaming the both of you, sharing in the experience every inch of the way. There’s no hiding for her, no turning away from the emotions and sensation of proddiness and flight. She will embrace it whole, using the grip of her sex drive, her mating instinct, to play off others. Atsuth will be a /tease/. If only to see how others react, to see what rise she can get out of them. When the sensual dance comes to the actual flight, she will play cat and mouse, especially with the slower males. One minute she will pretend to be the mouse, but in a blink the claws come out and she is pure feline « /Back/ /off/! » Mocking draconic laughter may follow as she dashes away. She is the epitome of the teasing bad girl that draws so much attention from the male of all species.

A lover, not a fighter – that is how we see Rh’iad, and in this she is your twin. It doesn’t mean she won’t be capable, you are a capable fighter, in fact she will look quite lovely out there fighting thread. Distractingly so that maybe, just maybe, one day you and she will be asked, once you have become well learned in Dragonhealing, to forgo fighting thread so that the pair of you can apply your talent where it is most needed – the wounded. Your skilled hands, and her proficient mind will be unstoppable in this area.

It doesn’t mean you will never fight! That you will never fly with your wing, but as soon as the casualties start to fall, you will be called home to do what you do best. Before this time, you and she will do quite well. Decently so. Not quit to the level of some of her siblings and your clutchmates, but in other areas they will not be able to touch either of you. That, and they will have the highest respect and gratitude for your healing hands that will banish their mistakes and leave them to live another day.

Weyr Relationships:
She will look to her big brothers in different ways. With Sephiroth she will linger in his shadow, like you do in S'tao’s, but only literally. She will enjoy his company. Whittle at him for his perspective, and whatever little things she can about S'tao. S'tao she does not understand, and wishes to, often mulling him over like one does a found artifact. « Why does he do that? Make those faces? » « Is he alright? His face is all red! » To you: « You love it when he does that, don’t you? I like how it makes you feel. »

Zhoreth and her will find a common ground in two places: the jungle, and appreciation for Rh’iad’s differences from everyone else. The bronze is a ‘watcher’ and a ‘listener’, and he listens and watches you a fair amount, trying to understand your motivations, and he will often ask Atsuth questions about you. She’ll find this amusing, especially when she can sense the question is coming through Zhoreth from Q’luin. The male also appreciates Rh’iad for purely selfish reasons « Yours is very good for mine. I can /feel/ the slight shifts in temperament that yours is directly responsible for. It’s good. »

Atsuth is a lot like you when it comes to others: laid back and amiable. Kyraceth and she might have a slightly awkward, if friendly connection because of their lifemates’ connections. As they get to know one another, they could possibly become good friends. It’s up to time and interaction. She’ll probably find Granaith and Evarinth interesting, and will notice the differences between her and them, and maybe puzzle over them. Koryuth will at the very least start out as someone she considers ‘cool’ – in the sense of the slang. Fascinating, and really remarkable from every direction. Torcoth! Now there is someone to watch. Maybe from a bit of a distance at first, but he’s a puzzle, and she likes puzzles. Especially attractive ones.


Egg Inspiration:
We couldn't give you any other egg after your plea. It was touching, and so, it's yours. Jacqueline is the one who wrote the lovely egg. Corana did the fantastic egg graphic. You know who did the emit. Jacqueline's inspiration for the egg: Based off of a picture of a storm with a single person walking in the torrent.


And just in case you'd wish to keep it connected, here is the pemit you spoke about:
It starts as a fog, riding up your arm as the storm grows, the humidity triples until beads of wetness accumulate and start dribbling from the sky. Eventually your mind is caught in a torrent of wind and rain, tearing at your thoughts, pulling at your raw emotions. All at once the grey sky parts to the consistent pristine blue that is your personality, and once again you are alone.

Dragon Name Inspiration:
The name scared us pretty badly. It was risky, but through name after name, it was the one we kept coming back to. Atsu is "twin" in Egyptian. It also reminded us a bit of a sneeze, which we thought was cute. You wanted cute! There are also a fair amount of choices in cutesy nicknames too: Atty, Ati, Susu, Ass (Oh wait), Tutu, etc… We hope you like it, and will probably still sweat this one for awhile.

Dragon Inspiration:
Wow, what inspired this dragon? You, mostly. Obviously. Well, Rhikiad. You and Rhikiad. What you said in your questionnaire, and what Rhikiad /is/. You wanted someone that your character could closely bond with, that had eccentricities, and was willing to experience all life has to offer – that had us thinking: sounds a bit like Rhikiad, so, a twin perhaps? Fraternal twins, obviously. We didn’t want to make her /exactly/ like him, just enough to make things really interesting, so we took both sides of twindom, with the mirroring aspect, and exact twin aspect. We did a lot of research, and Emilia lived the research with her siblings. With that, and a lot of sweating and nail biting, Atsuth was born. We hope you like her! If not, Zhoreth will take her. He’s been peering over Q’luin’s shoulder the whole time.

The symbol? The one repeated through the wing sails? That is just for you and she. It means 'love'. It's your secret.

The style of writing is called 'Sumi-e', and this is what we found to explain it:
The ancient art of Japanese brush painting, or sumi-e, is strikingly beautiful, simple and pure, yet strong and resonant. Closely related to Zen philosophy, the art of sumi-e is executed with black ink on white rice paper using bamboo brushes. Subjects in Japanese brush painting include landscapes, flowers, or animals, anything that suggests a closeness to the natural world. It's technically not, but I liked the complicated flow of the calligraphy character, so it seemed to suit. Each stroke can be practiced for years and years to perfect.


The colour of the dragon is peridot. Real gem quality peridots are extremely rare. We thought that appropriate. The name of the gemstone is believed to come from either the Arabic word faridat, meaning "gem", or from a Greek word meaning "gold stone". Peridot is one of the few gemstones that comes in only one color. The depth of green depends on how much iron is contained in the crystal structure, and varies from yellow-green to olive to brownish green.


Emilia found this and we both instantly went crazy over it. Eventually it was decided that we'd use it for inspiration, and maybe a suggestion of a future tattoo, or insignia for Rh'iad and Atsuth. Use it or not, but enjoy!

Your dragon's physical voice was all about music. The cello is a glorious instrument and has a marvelous range of sounds. Yes, we know you'll spend a day going through all the links we gave you, but just have fun with it.

Some of the techniques used to get these beautiful assortment of sounds are the Vibrato - an expressive oscillation in the pitch of a note. Typically, the lower the pitch of the note that is played, then the wider and slower the vibrato. The cello is all about harmonics, which are the distinctive flute-like sounds that the instrument can make (without the vibrato). The glissando (sliding) causes the pitch of the sound to rise and fall. Cello's vary in tone - the closer the instrument is played near the bridge then the more the bow is strung. This produces that bright tone - the excessive being the sul ponticello (a metallic, shimmery sound) or if done closer to the fingerboard, then sul tasto (softer, less defined and wonderfully mellow). Beats and rhythms are determined using Col legno (flip the bow over and use the wood to get that percussive sound), spiccato (hitting the bow against the strings for a very lively crisp sound) and staccato (tiny movements of the bow upon the string with silence intermittently after each note). Legato are those long glorious sounds that blend together and pizzicato is where the strings are plucked.

Q'luin's uneducated take:
One you may recognize!
And my personal favorite:

Em had to throw her two cents in for avant guard cello music and a few classical pieces as well (sorry she's been playing for over 20 years and hasn't fallen out of love with anything cello yet). Yes she went overboard but she wanted to show you the range, the absolutely glorious range that Atsuth could get to (and there will be a quiz) She suggests:
Adi Sappir's Eclipse which can be downloaded free at (her favourite )
12 Cellists at (Funckt) and (a really beautiful japanese piece with 12 cellos!) and finally (Lachner)
5 Cellists playing on sight (very raw and cool)
Julian Lloyd Weber (cool jazzy fusion) and then (Weber with Stephane Grapelli) and finally (Weber playing Fire Dance!)
Maurice Jarre's Barnraising theme for the movie Witness (ignore the dialogue and don't watch the scene unless you want to, but it's a classic)
Scarborough Fair
Rasputina at Faeirie World
Sean Grissom and
Dhrupad on Cello - Raag Bageshree Chautal
Pablo Casals

The idea behind developing your own language came because twins do often develop there own language. These languages are known as autonomous languages (technical term is cryptophasia or idioglossia). They are usually full of onomatopoeic expressions and some invented words, but we're going to let you decide just how complicated you want to make things, because it is after all, your own language!

While obviously we really had a great time writing this dragon, but ultimately she is /your/ dragon, and "we figured they were more actual guidelines" anyway. Like the 'Code of the Order of the Brethren".

Q'luin and Emilia worked on the desc and inspiration, with a fair amount of help from Abigail, Jacqueline did the egg and everyone helped tweak! Because we are a team!!!

This lovely drawing of Atsuth was created for you by Corana.

Tia and green Kyraceth
Rh'iad and green Atsuth
Carolyna and green Granaith
S'tao and bronze Sephiroth
Sharyna and blue Koryuth
Dia and brown Torcoth
Ly'nar and green Evarinth

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