Egg: Clandestine Promenade Egg

Dam: Niliath

Sire: Rhyolith



I wanted a musical sounding name and the word Allegro came to mind. At first I thought it was too feminine but I started descing the dragon and that was the name that stuck so I decided it was perfect.

Hatchling Name:

Serenade in Pale C Blue Hatchling

Hatching Message:

Not slow or careful, Clandestine Promenade Egg bursts at invisible seams, egg shards spraying out from the liberated creature within. Few shards land back on the blue dragon, his long form rearing up to spread over-sized periwinkle wings and creels in a bright soprano to announce his entrance.

Hatchling Desc:

Clear azure marks the face of this dragon; shadowed eyeridges in navy and midnight under his chin etch a masculine visage in dramatic fashion. From chiseled head to over-sized wings, cerulean and teals shade into periwinkle wing sails. More midnight along underbelly and down to tales spaded tip leave sharp contrast for the wiry muscles which wend their way over his body. This delicate seeming blue is longer than average but thin and has a demanding presence.

Impression Message (What others see):

Serenade in Pale C Blue Hatchling moves awkwardly but with a clear attempt at grace to a place in front of one group of candidates. Hazel eyes have promise, brown hair could do … yes, she will be his symphony, the perfect aria to complete his piece. Wings spread again and his glorious bugle goes with the whirling eyes that show his chosen is Yandra.

Impression Message:

THUD … THUD … the drum beat moves faster toward a crescendo that nearly overwhelms you. It was so quiet before, so empty. Into that emptiness comes a swirling cacophony of jewel toned colors, resin scents and an orchestra swamps your mind before you hear a beautiful lilting tenor voice «Yandra and Allegrith sounds just right.» There is pride and certainty and a fullness of love. «I am hungry though and very dirty … could you help with that?»

Mind Voice:

The bass of a timpani drum underscore much of what allegrith says, the touch of strings coming on when he is sad or pleading, and the thundering vibrato of a brass section when he is happy. The reedy pitch of woodwinds will be reserved all for you. along with the sounds will come jewel tones of color as well as the scent of bow rosin and brass oils. All these things in as dramatic a fashion as Allegrith uses them are going to take some getting used to so don't be surprised if you're overwhelmed the first few months, he'll tone down for you but his emotions can sweep over him and make him forget.


Allegrith is a lanky dragon, all long limbs and body and not a lot of real weight to him, this won't change as he grows but it will become less pronounced than it is when he is young. This lankness will play for and against him, he'll have quite a presence but in the beginning he won't quite know where all the parts are all the time, leading to stubbed wing and tail tips and some bruised legs. With his lighter weight Allegrith is more the marathon type though he is quite agile enough to have his own moments of speed, one will hurt the other though, slow and steady or quick and gone he can't quite manage to merge the two which will make training tough. You'll have to be the one to point out the faults as it's your voice he's willing to listen to and correct himself for. When Allegrith finally reaches adult size he'll be a match in length for some of the smaller bronzes but be as thin as the smallest blue, you'll have quite a time walking from one end to the other for bathing and oiling but at least from side to side he'll be a short trip.


Likes - Being Clean, Attention, Adoration

Dislikes - Being Dirty, Being Ignored, Wherry

Yes Allegrith is a somewhat simple creature, keep him clean and in the spotlight and he'll be thrilled. In public he wants the attention and acceptance of everyone and most of his movements are calculated to be grand and showy giving him quite the impressive persona. In private with you the contemplative dragon within will emerge and he'll love most to just fall asleep thinking with you, most likely in the midst of a really good thought.

Outside get used to his need for looking good, this will especially surface during training. He'll want to be out there with Ryskim's brown Seiketh many afternoons after training is over, though Seiketh will want to perfect everything Allegrith will be OK doing it wrong as long as he looks good. This will most likely bring him on a collision course with the Weyrlingmasters and don't be surprised if you'll have to salve his wounded pride when he's told he's not doing it right. You may also have to reign him in from over dramatizing the failure as he droops and drags his way about in excessive fashion.

Feeding will be a most time consuming affair, he'll need to pick just the right beast (no wherry, the feathers are a disaster, and that stringy meat … um eww) «But that one makes me seem so small … no that other is too big» He'll mince and moan but finally hunger will drive him to pick. You will be able to prod him along when you're in a hurry but you'll hear about it. While most dragons will eat quickly, the feeding process itself will also slow Allegrith down, he'll nip and nibble, a tender bit there and a juicy bite here and of COURSE you'll have to make sure he's quite clean afterward unless he's going for the gory look in which case he'll parade it around until it gets crusty and icky and beg you to help him get it off.

Flights are one area where you won't have much work to do, he'll be caught and captivated by greens, posing for them with peacock like zeal. «Oh she's just darling … if I stand like this do you think she'll notice how bright my wings look?» He'll fawn and follow and be one of the first to notice they're proddy ready well ahead of time for a flight he'll throw himself into with exuberance.

Allegrith will hardly have time for other dragons if they're not proddy. His clutchmates will be the first looked to for their acceptance and approval, he'll thrill at being able to match Ryskim's Seiketh on the training grounds. Be a marvelous courtier toward Naomith and steer well clear of any of Zhorith's plotting. They will be his family and depend on him needing to check in on them long after you've all be separated. The rest of the Weyr is there for him to pose at and impress and unless there is something specific that catches your eye or they respond most magnificently expect them to never cross his mind again.

You and Allegrith:

His rock, his comfort, the best of all the world wrapped in a little bundle if only you'd wear that nice red ribbon. No matter what anyone thinks Allegrith will look first to your opinions, any bad turn or put down can be smoothed over with just a few words from you. This does not mean that he will fall at your feet and obey, you'll have to work at it sometimes but he'll always come through to your way of thinking. There is one point you two will disagree on is how you both should look; Allegrith will want boisterous colors for his leathers and you may not always come to like his palette choices. «But puce and violet will go lovely with that chartruse!»


Allegrith formed slowly, first with Opera in my mind and showy and colors and it all coalesced from there. Keep in mind he's not snobby, he'll never look down on anyone he just wants to have their attention. In the end he's a kind of metrosexual dragon who i have come to adore through creating him and who I hope you appreciate when all is said and done. Remember though he's your dragon and you know him best, I've laid out a framework but feel free to tweak and twist to make him something you'll love and cherish and who'll keep you active since we're glad to have you here at Ista.

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